WebNovel Real Empress from a Noble Family Chapter 147 – The Skill Is Not Enough. The Integrity Can Complete it.

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Chapter 147 The Skill Is Not Enough. The Integrity Can Complete it.

“Zhuang Man, you have to follow the rules.” Gu E’nuo was at least the princess canonized by the Empress Dowager. Even without this extra grace, she was also a serious princess. How could she tolerate such a provocation from the daughter of the Fourth-tier official? She sneered and asked Jiang Qizheng, “You need to take care of your cousin when we talk!”

Jiang Qizheng was angry at this moment and said coldly when she heard her words, “Did my cousin wrong? You’ve been here for so long, but you don’t discuss serious things. You talk endlessly here. Do you think we all have nothing to do and listen to your nonsense?”

Gu E’nuo’s face darkened and was about to say something. A young girl in magenta skirt behind her smiled and said, “Her Highness Princess Chunfu is afraid that if we chat for a while, even these people will have to go. Will you take three games by yourself?”

“That’s right!” Gu E’nuo was in a good mood and immediately ignored the impolite words made by Zhuang Man and Jiang Qizheng and said with a smile, “I see. Although we used to talk impolitely when we met in the past, you didn’t rush me as much as you do today. Is that what you’re afraid of?”

“Do we have to call people together to deal with you native chickens and dogs?” Zhuang Man’s knife-like mouth shone brightly. She sneered and said, “I can call three people at random and let you back to where you come from. The eighteenth cousin is magnanimous. Considering that you also have a princess t.i.tle, she takes a few people waiting for you.”

Gu E’nuo’s face was full of anger. She wanted to say something, but she was pulled by the previous girl in magenta skirt and said with a smile, “Zhuang Man, you have a hard tongue. In that case, let’s discuss how to start the compet.i.tion as soon as possible. Otherwise, how can we go for an outing? It’s time to go home and say h.e.l.lo!”

“That’s right.” Gu E’nuo woke up that even if she had a big quarrel with Zhuang Man for three hundred rounds, according to her venomous tongue talent, even if there were more people on her side, she might not have the upper hand, so she might as well start abusing her directly. So she stopped arguing with Zhuang Man for the time being and said with a sneer, “In the first game, we play the pitch-pot game. Wenji goes first on our side. You can set the rules. However, if you asked to put the pot hundreds of feet away, no one could throw it in. You would be shameless! How majestic was Her Majesty when she compared the bow and arrow to my aunt? At least you are the family of Her Majesty, so you can’t play so despicably, do you?”

Jiang Qizheng said expressionlessly, “Ten steps away. Each person has five arrows. Whoever has more arrows in her pot will win.”

“Five Arrows? That’s too little.” A girl in blue on Gu E’nuo’s side heard what she said, she said with disdain, “According to etiquette, at least eight arrows are right.”

Jiang Qizheng glanced at her and said, “Now it’s up to us to make the rules. If you had to abide by ancient etiquette, you could go home and play by yourself.”

The girl in blue sighed, “I see. You are afraid that your people have insufficient wrist strength to shoot eight arrows. But do you think you can beat me with five arrows?”

Qiu Yelan who had been silent all the time took a look at her and thought that she was Duan Wenji. Her skin was a little darker than everyone else probably because she had learned to ride and shoot. Her facial features were pretty, but generally speaking, her beauty was on the low side among the people present at this moment.

“If I couldn’t win you with five arrows, I would follow your surname.” Zhuang Man glared at her and sneered, saying, “Do you think you are good after learning to ride and shoot for a few days?”

“You?” Duan Wenji was obviously very confident in herself. She glanced at Zhuang Man for a few glances. With a giggle, she looked away. The blind people could see her contemptuous look.

Zhuang Man was furious and was about to say something, but was stopped by Jiang Qizheng’s eyes, “It’s just a contest. Over the years, everyone has lost and won. Why are you so angry? Go and fetch pots and arrows!”

“Chunfu, do you feel sorry for your cousin?” Gu E’nuo wouldn’t allow her to break the deadlock like this and said impolitely, “Zhuang Man is betting on her last name. Since she is so angry, what if we play with her?”

Duan Wenji understood it in her mind, “If I lost, I would follow your surname!”

Jiang Qizheng’s face suddenly darkened. Originally, she was not optimistic that Zhuang Man could win Duan Wenji. Duan Wenji learned to ride and shoot. Zhuang Man whipped the servants with a whip. Could they play the pitch-pot game at the same level?

At first, she promised Zhuang Man to take over this game. Firstly, Zhuang Man asked for the compet.i.tion herself. Secondly, they were forced to take this game, and they really couldn’t find a suitable candidate. Thirdly, it was because of Zhuang Man’s temper. There was a good example that even if she lost, she could still scold her to win the momentum.

As a result, Zhuang Man’s ruthless temper got her into it.

Jiang Qizheng quickly thought about the countermeasures, but Gu E’nuo had a bad heart to put the situation to death. How did she break this game?

A moment later, the servants hugged the pots for the pitch-pot game, asked the bodyguard for the arrows and dealt with them, and began to decorate the venue in the enclosure.

While everyone was retreating and giving way to the middle position, Qiu Yelan crept up to Zhuang Man and whispered in her ear.

Zhuang Man was stunned for a moment, and then her eyes were bright. She turned around happily to say something to Qiu Yelan, but was stopped by a gesture of her. She had to restrain her joy and said with a low smile, “Thank you later.”

“Just now you said I was polite?” Qiu Yelan pursed her lips and said, “Who is an outsider now?”

“Yes, I am wrong.” Zhuang Man couldn’t wait to say, “Why isn’t the venue set up yet? I can’t wait to kick Duan Wenji’s a.s.s!”

Her voice was slightly higher, which happened to be heard by Gu E’nuo. A young girl in a goose yellow shirt sneered, “We can’t wait to see Zhuang Mo’s daughter change her surname to Duan. It’s a pity that the Spring Festival is over, or else you can go to the a.s.sistant minister Duan to get some lucky money.”

“You have bad intentions when you say that.” When it came to bickering, Zhuang Man was a fighter among the girls. She said directly, “Are you indirectly asking Zhuang Wenji for lucky money?”

“We haven’t have the compet.i.tion yet, but you’re confident.” Hearing what she said, Duan Wenji came over and said slowly, “When you become Duan Man, you can only talk hard for a while.”

The reason why she was not angry was that she had absolute confidence in her own strength.

Zhuang Man spoke harshly now. In her view, it was like a dying struggle. There was nothing to worry about.

Qiu Yelan looked at the magnanimous Miss Duan with a faint smile, she thought in her mind, “I wonder if you could be so magnanimous later.”

Obviously this was impossible!

The venue was set up a moment later. Both sides had carefully checked the pots, arrows, and even the red beans in the pot. Zhuang Man volunteered to throw first. Out of trust in Duan Wenji, Gu E’nuo agreed generously with the winner’s unique tolerance for losers. Zhuang Man failed to disappoint them. Two of the five shots were made, and one of them almost rebounded and jumped twice at the mouth of the pot. It took luck to get in.

Everyone only looked at the relaxed face of Duan Wenji who came on the stage later, and knew that the result must have been a tragedy.

Then, the moment Duan Wenji threw the arrow, Zhuang Man suddenly went over and gave her a big push.

“What do you mean? Can’t you afford to lose?” Duan Wenji was caught off guard, and the arrow was naturally not thrown in. But in this case, Gu E’nuo and others all stood up and glared at Zhuang Man.

“Chunfu, aren’t you going to give me an explanation?” Gu E’nuo saw Zhuang Man as if nothing had happened, glaring at her fiercely and blaming Jiang Qizheng.

Jiang Qizheng was actually shocked. But from her standpoint, she definitely wanted to protect Zhuang Man. She hadn’t come up with a reason yet. Zhuang Man asked leisurely, “Didn’t you just say we set the rules? Did my eighteenth cousin say not to disturb others when playing a pitch-pot game?”

“!!!” Not to mention Gu E’nuo, even Jiang Qizheng, except for Zhuang Man and Qiu Yelan, all had the impulse to vomit blood. That was right. Jiang Qizheng didn’t say not to interfere with others, but was it need to say? If interference were allowed, it would be better to let the bodyguards fight together rather than playing a pitch-pot game.

“Do we have to talk about such rules?” Gu E’nuo and his people were almost mad. The girl in the Magenta skirt, who had reminded Gu E’nuo for twice and looked like very calm before, shouted with clenched teeth, “Are you shameless?”

Zhuang Mann calmly said, “If you can’t afford to lose, don’t promise anything ‘you can set the rules’!”

This sentence was no different from a fatal blow at this moment. Everyone on the other side of Gu E’nuo was not good, “You! You are despicable!”

“You are so shameless! You are really shameless! It’s a pity that you are all ladies of your families, and you are so shameless.”

“How can we still play this game? Just call the bodyguards for a fight!”

Listening to Gu E’nuo’s angry condemnation, Qiu Yelan raised the corners of her mouth and smiled silently. Girls, did you think having a good player was the guarantee of victory? You guys were so naive and young. Under the great unscrupulous strategy, all the opponents who had not completely given up their integrity were rubbish.

“Of course, thanks to Miss Zhuang. Her moral integrity is not good either.” Qiu Yelan looked at Zhuang Man, who was surrounded by the crowd. She looked complacent as if she had defeated her completely by real strength. This was not right. It was as if she had crushed Duan Wenji. How could she feel a little bit guilty after messing around?

“She’s a real talent.” Qiu Yelan sighed heartily.

It was Zhuang Man. For another person, even if Jiang Qizheng went on by herself, she would rather lose this game than lose face.

Since Zhuang Man seized Gu E’nuo’s sentence of “you can set the rules”, even though Jiang Qizheng vomited blood for her “wit”, she could not embarra.s.s her own person with Gu E’nuo, so she had to lose her integrity with her. So after quarreling for a long time, Gu E’nuo had to admit that she had lost the game.

“No one can interfere with the next two games! No interference!” Gu E’nuo stressed with a sullen face, “And no more messing around!”

Jiang Qizheng and others saw that she promised to throw in the towel, but she would continue to compete. They were unhappy and worried, “She is obviously sure of winning the next two games.”

Sure enough, in the second game, they competed in painting. Even if Jiang Qizheng chose the landscape that the young lady Mi Yinyin was best at as a topic, she was still indisputably defeated by a grand splash ink landscape created by the girl in magenta skirt that was bitten in the ear by Zhuang Man so that Qiu Yelan knew that she was Tang Xinyao. Qiu Yelan had told Jiang Yashuang about her two days ago, and she was the second daughter of the Changping Princess who was one of the unfortunate descendants of royal families.

When it came to Mi Yinyin, she was also very tragic. In terms of the true level, she was actually similar to Tang Xinyao. The problem was that her psychological quality on the spot was too poor.

A few words of surprise came out one after another from the opponent, which immediately messed her up. Even if Jiang Qizheng and others couldn’t help comforting her, she still couldn’t draw well, which made Jiang Qizheng feel a little regret that she didn’t draw it in person. Although the level of her normal painting was not much higher than the one that Min Yinyin made a mistake.

After losing this game, Mi Yinyin dared not to raise her head and kept whispering apologies. But Jiang Qizheng and others really did not blame her. All the people including Empress’s people here who hated Jiang Qiyun and Jiang Qisheng the most. In fact, the people who painted best on their side were actually He Shuijin and the lady, Xin Fubing.

If Gu E’nuo didn’t see that the opponent was weak and deliberately hid their strength, any one of He Shuijin and Xin Fubing could easily win this game here. In that case, they no longer needed to compete in the third game. The Jinxiu Slope must be Jiang Qizheng’s side today.

“It’s time for the third game.” Gu E’nuo made a comeback. Unlike the resentment on everyone’s face just now, she was in the mood to smile, “So…” Before she finished her words, a maid suddenly came in outside the enclosure and announced after the salute, “The second young lady of the Xue Family and Miss Nongqing are also going to Jinxiu Slope for an outing. Their carriage is blocked by our team. They are waiting to see you outside.”

Jiang Qizheng was stupefied and said, “Then tell our people to make way for them.” She didn’t finish her words, but she found the playful expression of Gu E’nuo and others. Her heart suddenly sank.

In the third game, they competed in filling in the words. No one on both sides was good at it, so even if Zhuang Man lost her integrity to win the first game, Jiang Qizheng didn’t think there was no hope on her side in the third game. However, Xue Fangmi, the second young lady of the Xue family, was known as the first talented woman in the Jing City.


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