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Chapter 41: Clarification

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Chi Shuyan frowned. She actually didn’t quite understand what kind of hatred and grudge Feng Yanli had with her. She released her death grip and crossed her arms across her chest, then said coldly without whitewas.h.i.+ng the false peace, “I don’t know why you’re saying all these things; are we that close?”

Feng Yanli’s face stiffened and immediately said pitifully, “Shuyan, I didn’t mean it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know you didn’t didn’t mean it, because we aren’t close at all.” Chi Shuyan nodded.

“I… ” Feng Yanli was about to argue…

Chi Shuyan interrupted, “Feng Yanli, the last time I helped you, I got bullied on campus instead, but you’ve always watched indifferently. I was pushed down the reservoir when I went there with you, and almost died, yet you never came to see me in the hospital. I understand when you said you were busy, but this time I got kicked out of a cla.s.s and you didn’t seem to take exception to it either. So, what kind of friend are you to me?”

Chi Shuyan felt increasingly amused the more she spoke, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes, instead there was only the coldness of a blizzard.

“Shuyan, so is this how you see me? I’m quite carefree in nature, I-I didn’t know you felt that way.” Feng Yanli looked grieved and hurt.

“Carefree? Then, you’d better change this habit here.” Chi Shuyan showed her phone-screen in a matter-of-fact-way. “Look, you’ve only been here a few minutes and talked drivel and dumped another load of sh*t on me. Thank you.”

“Shuyan, I really didn’t mean to…”

“Oh, if you didn’t mean it, then I’m even more afraid of making friends with someone with your IQ,” Chi Shuyan said with unforgotten trepidation on her face.

Chi Shuyan’s words had just fallen when a senior student in Cla.s.s 5 cracked up, followed by others, laughing and snickering discreetly. Although everyone was writing their homework with their heads down, their ears were perked up, secretly listening to Chi Shuyan’s movements.

Feng Yanli’s face was completely stiff, bruised and white, choked speechless by Chi Shuyan’s comeback. What the h.e.l.l did she mean by that? Did that mean she was stupid if she wasn’t intentional?

Eyes drifted in all directions and landed on her, and she thought they were sympathizing with her. She was about to squeeze out a few heartbroken tears to gain sympathy, but when she saw the strange looks from the crowd, only then did she realize that they were looking at her like she was a monkey, which in a word had absolutely nothing to do with sympathy – even with a few streaks of contempt.

It was a h.e.l.l of a way for people to feel sorry for her. They didn’t feel much when Feng Yanli was speaking just now, but when Chi Shuyan spoke, it quickly dawned on them. She was clearly discrediting her and adding insult to her injury in the guise of a friend.

Feng Yanli reddened from their gazes and ran away with her tail between her legs.

After school, Gao Lingxue suddenly blocked Chi Shuyan. She yapped, questioning why Chi Shuyan wasn’t home often, and that her parents were looking for her. It should have been fine on other days, but at this juncture, it was akin to pouring fuel on the fire.

Many in the school knew that Gao Lingxue was Chi Shuyan’s cousin, so they were somewhat convinced of the contents on the forum. A large wave of onlookers watched the show, their eyes thick with derision and scorn.

Chi Shuyan was no pushover and directly pointed out that Gao Lingxue wasn’t really related to her family, yet she ate their food and used their things. Chi Shuyan’s quick-witted retorts drove Gao Lingxue into declaring, then never come back to my house!

Chi Shuyan was really surprised. It turned out that in Gao Lingxue’s eyes, she was dying to live in her house. But Chi Shuyan treated all of this as an insignificant episode.

Early the next day, Chi Shuyan saw that her Taobao store had pa.s.sed the evaluation, so she uploaded several photos of talisman products, divided into categories, as well as several types of jade pendants with magic array engravings.

Chi Shuyan held her chin in her hand and mused. Although these talismans couldn’t compare to the works she drew in her past life, they were also superior and genuine. However, considering that she wasn’t famous enough, she contemplated for a moment before quickly pricing the Peace Talisman at 8,000, the Sickness Ward Talisman at 9,000, the Ghost Ward Talisman at 10,000, and so on.

After Chi Shuyan finished filling out the system and uploading her product page, she packed her bag and left the house. She didn’t really want to go to school at all, all the more because of the annoying things going on.

Sure enough, as she made her way to school, there were more judging and scathing looks far and near. She endured these eyes until the end of the second period between cla.s.ses.

An exception was made today, where Physical Education lessons were cancelled. Students were given an extra 25-minute break, so many students were ecstatic.

Chi Shuyan finished her homework and intended to lie for a brief nap on her desk, when she suddenly heard a loud squeal. Many students swarmed towards the corridor, and even Li Xiaoting and Zheng Shujun shoved in to watch the fun.

Chi Shuyan didn’t think much about it, and thought it was a leader inspection. Just lying for a moment, Li Xiaoting started screaming in excitement.

“Wow, Shuyan, Shuyan, come and see! There’s some luxury cars driving in!” Li Xiaoting poked Chi Shuyan.


“Shuyan, even someone like me who hasn’t seen much, can recognize them. That one looks like a red Ferrari and that one’s a blue Lamborghini. They cost hundreds of thousands and millions.” Zheng Shujun also pulled Chi Shuyan. “It’d be a pity to not go and see them.”

“Go ahead, I’m not really interested.” Chi Shuyan chuckled.

“That’s it.” Li Xiaoting sighed and pushed the excited Zheng Shujun. “Go see and take some more pictures for us. I’ll stay here with Shuyan.”

Zheng Shujun clenched her fists. “You wait, I’ll show you the highest definition pictures I’ve taken later.” She stomped excitedly and ran off.

“You don’t have to stay behind to keep me company.” Chi Shuyan smiled. Zheng Shujun was a little quieter than Li Xiaoting, but with her so excited like this, Li Xiaoting had to be dying to go outside and take a look.

“That won’t work. You’re uncomfortable, so how can I have fun?” Li Xiaoting firmly sat down.

Five minutes later.

Chi Shuyan looked at a certain someone, who was blus.h.i.+ng and giddy with excitement as she kept swiping on the forum, with a black face: “…” I feel pained with your agreement. Don’t you feel upset?

Chi Shuyan smiled faintly. It wasn’t easy for a crazy character like Li Xiaoting to listen to her and willingly sit to keep her company. With her poor musical energy, she had never spoken so vivaciously. She was dismissive, but iron-stuck at heart.

“Shuyan, Shuyan, the ID of the person who posted those allegations about you has been hung up. His sockpuppet has been blown out and someone else posted on the forum to… make clarifications.” Li Xiaoting was pleasantly surprised and blurted incoherently, “The previous posts were deleted and this clarification is so clear-cut. But… What are these people saying? You have a secret backer?”

Chi Shuyan nodded, knowing that it must have been the people from Su Yeran, who helped her out. They had a wider network, so they could definitely deal with this kind of thing more neatly than she could. Besides, she didn’t have much energy for it right now. With exam preparations on the one hand and opening a store on the other, it was already a feat that she hadn’t yet collapsed.

She took a few glances and the clarification of the rumors above was clearer than the previous real and fake pictures. The real and fake pictures were circled out and the a.n.a.lysis was sharp and on point, even clearer than the previous rumors.

And the last line was particularly powerful: ‘There will be no tolerance for this premeditated slander and defamation! See you in court!’ With a stamped subpoena thrown out.

Chi Shuyan looked awkwardly at this subpoena, which was simply more serious than a celebrity PR. Su Yeran and the others might have looked frivolous, but she didn’t expect them to be so reliable.

Sure enough, when people saw the last page, most of them shut up, though some still had questions.

Li Xiaoting was also thrilled. “Wow, Shuyan, who exactly do you know? Are they so powerful? Is there really a lawyer?”

Chi Shuyan was about to speak when someone knocked softly on the door. She unconsciously turned her head and saw four big, handsome guys at the door grinning at her, accompanied by the screams of many girls beside them.

Chi Shuyan blinked: “…”


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