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Chapter 664 – Bragging

Edited by Ea and NZRose

Zhan Fengting said, “Yes, if not, how could Huarong Sword Immortal be willing to take you there? Or did Master figure out that place had a great connection with Huarong Sword Immortal before he thought of going? Otherwise, you think that he would let you guys take such a big risk if it was just for a blood cypress sap? Isn’t it a bit of a fuss? It doesn’t make sense.”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, a little stunned.

Lin Xuanzhi coughed lightly and said, “I did want to look for the blood cypress sap, but the Tomb of Youshan had a really great opportunity for you and me.”

Hai Kuanglang laughed and said, “It seems that the opportunity for Ah Hen is his high cultivation, isn’t it?”

Yan Tianhen just felt a thump in his heart, but now he was grinning. Hai s.h.i.+xiong, you really are my own elder martial brother. He was just worried that Lin Xuanzhi might doubt something. He didn’t expect that Hai Kuanglang would come around and accidentally cover for him. Tsk tsk tsk.

Yan Tianhen laughed and said, “This cultivation is more important to me than any other opportunity. If I was outside, I don’t know how many years it would take for me to cultivate to such a realm!”

“You sure are self-aware,” Hai Kuanglang said.

“Little Lang, how could you talk to our s.h.i.+di like that?” Zhan Fengting was a little helpless.

Hai Kuanglang opened his hands and smiled. “I’m just telling the truth, you do know what he looks like.” Hai Kuanglang always looked c.o.c.ky and indifferent when he was in front of others. But when he was in front of Zhan Fengting, he was very lively.

After a few words, they somehow started talking about the establishment of the Dragon Clan’s crown prince.

“There was indeed an abnormality in the land of the Dragon Tomb.” When Hai Kuanglang talked about the affairs inside his clan, his tone became colder, “If there is no accident, he will issue a dream edict to the Dragon Emperor, saying that the dragon clan is about to encounter the greatest crisis and he needs to establish a crown prince immediately. Yet the position of the crown prince can not be established at will. He needs to gather all the blood of the dragon clan and enter the Dragon Tomb. Whoever can get the inheritance of the Dragon G.o.d is the one who can truly lead the dragon clan to prosperity.”

Yan Tianhen squeezed his chin thoughtfully and said, “It seemed that s.h.i.+xiong will definitely go.”

Hai Kuanglang said, “Yes, I am sure to win the position of Dragon Emperor.”

Zhan Fengting sighed and said, “Although I don’t want you to fight for this position, I know you can’t do without it. If you let other people become crown prince, I’m afraid you will be pursued.”

Speaking of this, Zhan Fengting raised his eyes to look at Yan Tianhen. “In two months, it will be the day of the Dragon Clan Compet.i.tion. At that time, I will go to the North Land with Little Lang. According to the regulations issued by the Dragon Clan, every Dragon Clan main branch member can bring one to three people together, but are you willing to go with us?”

“Yes, I am definitely willing.” Before Lin Xuanzhi could answer, Yan Tianhen already responded with a pair of eyes lit up. “I have heard that in the Dragon Tomb, there are all kinds of rare and precious treasures, and it is not easy to get them to open the array to the Dragon Tomb. With this opportunity, of course I will not let it pa.s.s.”

The Dragon Tomb was not really a tomb, but a treasure mountain that resembled a mysterious land. Although it was not as closed-off as the Tomb of Youshan, it still wasn’t accessible to ordinary people. It was said that the Dragon Tomb was the place where the Dragon G.o.d buried his bones. The spiritual energy was very strong. The dragons have always liked s.h.i.+ny things, and it was said that in the Dragon Tomb, there were hidden gems and sparrow spirits collected by the Dragon G.o.d throughout his life.

It was a great benefit, but Yan Tianhen thought, Don’t tell me this so-called Dragon G.o.d is the little kid from back then who cried after I beat him up? Of course, they would know whether it was a mule or a horse after they take a look.

They decided to gather in the East Land first on the tenth of the next month, and then rush to the North Land together. Sure enough, Fuyao Sect left Myriad Dao Academy the next day. In the words of Tianshu Sword Saint, it was like their a.s.ses were on fire, which made the elders of Myriad Dao Academy feel that they were not hospitable, or that they were vicious. The Yin Family also bade their farewell soon.

On this day, Yan Tianhen was doing his daily bragging.

“….The ghost of the giant snake spits out a flame, which was as high as 100 Zhang, and in a few moments, the tree that covered the sky and the sun was divided into ashes. There were beasts in front and ghost soldiers were chasing behind. At this moment, I一”

The wooden block in Yan Tianhen’s hand suddenly knocked on the table, making a “pop” sound, and everyone was shocked.

“What happened to you?”

“Come on, say it quickly!”

“What’s the rush?” After Yan Tianhen baited their appet.i.te, he chuckled and continued, “I…”

“…First I stabbed the fierce beast as tall as a small mountain with a sword, and then used a back hand binding technique to strangle the fire breathing mouth of the giant snake, so that it can’t spew fire, and then….”

Gu Ruyu sat in the distance, expressionless and speechless, watching the group of people excitedly surrounding Yan Tianhen listening to the story. This was already the third day.

Every day, Yan Tianhen could tell three different versions of the battle, and each version would be more dangerous than the previous one. But what happened was that he could save himself from danger every time, fight enemies from much higher cultivation realms, and slaughter all the monsters. Yan Tianhen’s ability to come out of the Tomb of Youshan without any injuries meant that he was still very powerful, however, it did not mean that Gu Ruyu believed his words.

Qi Feiqing was the one who listened with the most interest. Every day he would gather in the first row, the place closest to Yan Tianhen, to listen to his story. However, today’s story may not be finished until dark.

A disciple came over and said, “Is Junior Martial Brother Yan here?”

Gu Ruyu raised his eyes, stood up to meet him, and said, “What’s the matter, s.h.i.+xiong?”

This disciple said, “It’s Elder Tianshu of Sword G.o.d Hall, he wants Yan s.h.i.+di to go for a visit.”

Gu Ruyu asked, “Can you tell me what’s the matter?”

The disciple shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I only know that it may have something to do with his sword.”

Gu Ruyu nodded, divided the flowers and swept the willows as he pulled away the people who were gathered around Yan Tianhen. He grabbed Yan Tianhen’s collar and said, “Tianshu Sword Saint asked you to go to Sword G.o.d Hall, probably to ask what happened to your rusty sword.”

Yan Tianhen was just telling his story with great enthusiasm, and suddenly he became dispirited. Speaking of this rusty sword, it was a long story. He knew that someone would ask about it, and they would not be as easy to fool as his Dage. Yan Tianhen sighed with regret and said to all the senior martial brothers, “Unfortunately, something came up today. Let’s continue to talk about it tomorrow.”

These elder martial brothers who were listening to the play for free left regretfully.

Qi Feiqing was lying on the table, looking at Yan Tianhen with bright eyes, and said, “Ah Hen, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. I want to admire you.”

“Easy, easy. Anyway, these are all bragging. If there were so many strong monsters in the Tomb of Youshan, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.” Yan Tianhen pinched his chin happily and said, “Say, if I go to write a book someday, will I be able to earn a lot of money?”

Gu Ruyu glanced at him. “You’d better think about why you came back dragging a rusty sword even though you went to the Tomb of Youshan and obtained the blood cypress sap.”

Yan Tianhen went to the Sword G.o.d Hall anxiously.

In the Sword G.o.d Hall, in addition to Tianshu Sword Saint, Lin Xuanzhi was actually there as well.

It’s over.

Yan Tianhen’s heart sank down.

“Tianshu Sword Saint, Huarong Sword Immortal.” Yan Tianhen bowed and said, “I don’t know why you are looking for me?”

Tianshu looked at Yan Tianhen, squinted his eyes, and said, “Don’t pay attention to these false ceremonies, just now Huarong Sword Immortal and I mentioned the matter of the Tomb of Youshan, I heard him say that you have found the blood cypress sap, but you don’t want to temper your rusty sword. I just want to ask, why is this?”

After all, Yan Tianhen spent so much effort to go to the Tomb of Youshan in order to find the blood cypress sap for the rusty sword that the Hidden Sword Peak gave him. He was only half a step away from giving the rusty sword a new life, yet Yan Tianhen had not explained the reason for not de-rusting.

Yan Tianhen settled down. When he was walking to the Hall he was thinking about what to say. At this time, he arranged the words in his heart and said them one by one without stumbling一

“In recent years, my cultivation has been quite mixed. I use not only a sword, but also a whip, chain, longbow, and so on. I also control corpses, so in this respect, the sword is not the most useful for me. Secondly, I found that the sword move 《Decline and Prosperity》 I practiced doesn’t require the weapon to be sharp. After all, this move emphasizes the harmony of Yin and Yang.”

Yan Tianhen touched the rusty sword and sighed. “This sword is really too temperamental. When I don’t use it to practice the sword, it will lose its temper. It’s already like this when it’s half useless. I’m only worried that this sword has consciousness. If I use the blood cypress sap to return it to its original appearance, it might become a big bucket of vinegar, let alone a sword. I’m afraid I won’t even be able to use my Yin Flame Whip and Yin Flame Bow.”

Tianshu Sword Saint didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Your thoughts are simply nonsense. You are quite talented in sword cultivation. How can you give up a peerless sword because of these inconclusive speculations?”

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips. “Elder Tianshu, how do you know that this sword is a good sword behind the rust? What if it’s still a piece of sc.r.a.p metal? It’s enough for me to lose face once, and I don’t want to lose more face.” In the latter words, his voice was very small, but it didn’t prevent them from being heard.

Tianshu Sword Saint pulled his mouth back and turned to look at Lin Xuanzhi, who was always smiling, and said, “Huarong, he is actually afraid of embarra.s.sment. It’s rare. It’s truly rare.”

Yan Tianhen’s face was hot, and he said, “I want to save face too, okay?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with a smile and said, “If he doesn’t want to get rid of the rust, let’s put it off for a while. Ah Hen’s cultivation base today is enough to protect himself even if he doesn’t use a sword. In the future, if he figures out when he wants to use the sword, it will not be too late to remove the rust then.”

“Look at you…Tsk.” Sword Saint Tianshu had an expression like he couldn’t bear to see this anymore. “You just give in to him and spoil him like this. Let me see how spoiled this kid will become in the future.”

Yan Tianhen was very happy and grinned. “Elder Tianshu, don’t be jealous. The big deal is that you’ll find someone who loves you.”

Tianshu scolded with a smile, “Brat, you’re going against the sky.”

Naturally, Yan Tianhen didn’t dare to go against the sky. He just didn’t want to let people pester him about the rusty sword. He knew that Tianshu Sword Saint and other people who cared about his sword were all had good intentions, but he just didn’t want to let the sword see the light of day ever again. That day, Lin Xuanzhi once proposed to smelt for him and remove the rust on it. Yan Tianhen also laughed and changed the subject.

When it was not a last resort, this sword would be sealed up like this, and would never see the sun — even if this sword always protested such treatment, but who cares what the sword thinks?

Big deal. Worst case scenario, I just won’t use a sword for the rest of my life.


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