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Chapter 751: Reinforcements Descend

The leader of the White Crow Guard suddenly sent an attack behind him. He watched in disbelief as Lin Xuanzhi wielded Zhige.

When Lin Xuanzhi killed someone, he would never use two moves if he could deal with someone in one. The Black Crow Guard’s leader, on the other hand, didn’t even have time to see his killer’s ident.i.ty before he fell to the ground and became a corpse.

Lin Xuanzhi pushed aside the White Crow Guard’s sudden counterattack, and before the latter could react, Lin Xuanzhi’s sword had already sliced his neck, as fast as lightning.

Only before his death did the White Crow Guard truly realize why everyone called Huarong Sword Immortal the “Light of Daoism” when he first entered the Nine Lands.

Even though he saw Lin Xuanzhi’s attack and his brain had already issued orders for his body to retreat quickly, his four limbs couldn’t keep up with the speed of his eyes and brain at all.

Blood splashed three feet into the air.

The battle was over.

Lin Xuanzhi stood in the air and said coldly as he looked at the White Crow Guard who had fallen to the ground. “You overestimate yourself.”


“Your Highness, Your Highness, it’s terrible!” The chief manager of King Ye’s Palace hurriedly ran in. When he saw Yan Zhonghua, he suddenly knelt on the ground and said tearfully, “Just now, Myriad Dao Academy sent news that the Prince actually killed himself to apologize for his crimes, and has died!”

You Ming froze in shock at first. The blood all over his body turned cold, then all rushed towards his brain at once.

“What did you say? What the f.u.c.k kind of nonsense are you talking about? How can Ah Hen apologize for his crimes with his life? What crime does he have? What happened to Ah Hen, what in the world happened to him!?”

“Prince… Prince is already dead,” the manager cried.

You Ming: “…”

You Ming’s legs turned soft, and he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Yan Zhonghua caught him from behind.

You Ming had been feeling apprehensive and anxious all day for fear that something might happen to Yan Tianhen while he was inside Myriad Dao Academy. However, at this time, his worst fear actually came true.

“I-Impossible. The news must be mistaken. Something must be wrong with the information!” You Ming roared.

Yan Zhonghua asked coldly, “Who did this news come from?”

The old manager answered tearfully, “Myriad Dao Academy’s Sword Saint Tianshu.”

Right this second, they heard the sound of the funeral bell from a distance.

Dong– Dong– Dong–

You Ming cursed, “Bulls.h.i.+t!”

Both of his hands were already filled with dark flames, and he looked ready to rush out while cursing, “I’m going to dismember that b.i.t.c.h into ten thousand pieces!”

The manager persuaded, “Consort, our palace has already been surrounded by the Black and White Crow Guards. If you go out like this, you’ll walk right into their trap and throw your life away ah!”

“Ha, throw my life away?” Flames of hatred danced in You Ming’s eyes. “I’d like to see just who is the one throwing his life away!”

With a boom, the gate of the palace was kicked open from the inside. The Black and White Crow Guards who had brazenly surrounded the palace were suddenly pushed back by boundless spiritual Qi and crashed into each other.

When a deputy of the Black Crow Guard saw this, he immediately took out his weapon and pointed it at You Ming. “King Ye’s Consort, don’t be impudent, or else we will kill everyone without mercy. We won’t be polite!”

You Ming laughed madly. He raised his hand, and a whip of flames wrapped itself around the deputy Black Crow Guard leader’s neck. You Ming said sternly, “I advise you, by all means, please don’t be polite!”

Just like that, a severed head fell to the ground.

After an instant of stunned silence, the ambushers cried, “Kill him!”

A great battle was imminent.

You Ming was one of the demon realm’s three great Demon Venerables. Although he hadn’t lived in the demon world for many years and didn’t even show his face, he still had his own demon palace, along with his own demon generals and soldiers.

The fact that he could make the demon clans bow down and serve him despite his ident.i.ty as King Ye’s Consort was already enough to prove just how terrifying his cultivation was.

It’s just that usually, You Ming didn’t like to show off excessively and also followed Yan Zhonghua all day, looking like he was obedient to Yan Zhonghua’s every word. Gradually, this made people mistakenly believe that his cultivation was nothing much, and his reputation was exaggerated. However, this impression was about to be completely overturned today.

The Black and White Crow Guards, who were called the top shadow guards in the world, could do nothing more than take a beating in the face of You Ming, who had recovered the peak of his power. After a stalemate for an hour, the wide road in front of King Ye’s Palace was already covered with a layer of corpses. Blood flowed like a river, and torn limbs piled up quickly.

Empress Jing Shui, who was staying in her palace feeling confident about the effortless victory, was suddenly angered by the news that You Ming had killed almost one-third of the entire Black and White Crow Guards. She sent all the imperial guards as reinforcements.

You Ming killed every time he clawed at someone. He seemed to have killed so much that his eyes became bloodshot, while Yan Zhonghua just stood behind him and protected him when people launched a sneak attack on You Ming.

Before long, a large array descended from the sky. Yan Zhonghua slapped out a palm and destroyed a corner of the array. However, this large array that had been refined by dozens of people had already covered the entire King Ye’s Palace.

An array master stood high in the air and sneered confidently, “I’d like to see whether you can break out of my Demon Subduing Array!”

After saying that, the array masters cast spells at once and activated the array they had placed down long before this, while thousands of archers on the outer layer heard an order and sent thousands of arrows imbued with Daoist attacks towards the two people inside the array, trying to kill them in one stroke.

Silver-green streaks from the large array rushed towards You Ming, first trapping both his feet, then going up to his waist and shoulders. Just when it would completely imprison him–

“A group of people attacking two people — can you still have some shame? To think you don’t even feel ashamed when saying this! Son, if you dare to learn from them in the future, your dad will break your dog legs!”

At the same time as this voice, several brilliant and vibrant talismans streaked forward. They quickly surrounded the array and instantly isolated the spiritual Qi around the array.

Even arrays required spiritual Qi to achieve the desired effect. All the spiritual QI in King Ye’s Palace was blocked by talismans, so the array was naturally rendered useless for a while.

You Ming broke out from the array’s shackles and waved his sleeve, arriving in front of the chief array master in an instant. He stretched out his left hand and crushed the array master’s neck with a crack.

“Dad, even if you break my legs, my legs still won’t be dog legs.” The youth standing next to Yuan Tianwen had a taut face as he rolled his eyes at Duan Yuyang, who was throwing out explosive talismans left and right.

Duan Yuyang just laughed. “Foolish son, it’s fine if you know what it means. What are you nitpicking for?”

Yuan Chuheng: “…”

Yan Zhonghua looked at Duan Yuyang. “You’ve come in time.”

Duan Yuyang waved his hand. “I’ve been lying in ambush around here for a long time, just waiting for the chance to appear at a critical moment. The items in the Nine Lands are too expensive. I can’t miss this opportunity to become famous and show off my products.”

Yan Zhonghua’s lips twitched.

Duan Yuyang looked at You Ming, who was still slaughtering enemies everywhere. “You’re not going to help him?”

Yan Zhonghua shook his head. “From beginning to end, I’ve kept Ah Hen’s matter from him, so just let him vent first. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be the one being violently beaten in the future.”

Duan Yuyang: “…”

The archers fired their arrows in turn, but suddenly dark clouds pressed on the sky, and war drums and thunder sounded. Thousands of demons appeared under the leaders.h.i.+p of the demon generals with imposing momentum. They fought these archers.

The four demon generals under You Ming knelt in front of him and said in unison, “Demon Venerable, please forgive your subordinates for arriving late.”

You Ming pointed to the enemies. “Kill them for this Venerable. Show no mercy for those who refuse to surrender!”

You Ming retreated and destroyed the array.

Yan Zhonghua came to his side. “Ah Hen, he…”

“He’s still alive and didn’t die, I know. I guessed that.” You Ming kicked Yan Zhonghua. “I’ll remember this and settle this with you later!”

Yan Zhonghua smiled. “How did you know?”

You Ming rolled his eyes. “If Ah Hen really is dead, you would never be so calm. Is it fun to watch me make a joke of myself? What kind of stupid plan are you guys thinking? Tell Laozi truthfully!”

Right then, a soldier in armor hurried to Yan Zhonghua. “Reporting to Your Majesty, the Royal Heavenly Capital has been completely subdued. All 20,000 rebels outside the city have been ambushed and killed!”

Yan Zhonghua was stunned. “How can it be so fast?”

The soldier’s eyes were filled with uncontrollable excitement. “Two people descended from the sky. One of them held a brush that cut the throats of thousands of rebel soldiers with a single wave. The other one is a divine phoenix! He burned the rebel army to ashes. The rebels retreated in defeat and directly surrendered!”

You Ming and Yan Zhonghua looked at each other and both showed surprised expressions.

“Uses a brush?” Duan Yuyang raised a brow and walked forward. “Is he a white-haired man dressed in purple with a clean and handsome face, but you get the urge to beat him as soon as he opens his mouth?”

That soldier hurriedly nodded. “That’s right, that’s right. Does this immortal gentleman know them? They’ve helped us greatly!”

Duan Yuyang suddenly became excited and shook his fist. “Truly great. I didn’t expect to still see old friends, even after thousands of years. This world really is full of happy events!”

Yuan Tianwen was confused. “Who is that? Why don’t I remember him?”

Duan Yuyang answered, “The world calls him Gentleman Jinghua. He died in the Great Immortal-Demon War ten thousand years ago. Later, he experienced eighty-one reincarnations and was finally able to return to the Nine Lands. Then, after he sealed the Divine Devil a few thousand years ago, he went all over the world to look for the scattered souls of the phoenix who died. Looks like he must’ve found him!”

Yuan Tianwen asked in shock, “Gentleman Jinghua? Isn’t this the name of the previous Phoenix Empress?”

Duan Yuyang nodded. “That’s him. And that phoenix should be the Divine Phoenix, Feng Jiushao. To think they’ve returned. The Heavens really are generous!”

“That’s right.” The white-haired purple-robed Master Jinghua descended from the sky, followed by a man whose face was 70% similar to Feng Jingyu but looked more brilliant.

Gentleman Jinghua studied Duan Yuyang and raised an eyebrow. “To think that you’re still alive; truly surprising.”

Duan Yuyang tilted his head. “To think that you can collect all of Feng Jiushao’s souls and spirits. That’s truly a surprise as well.”

Jinghua smiled. “It’s been ten thousand years. No difficulty is insurmountable if one is sincere. Eventually, I’ll find them all.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

Everyone else: “…”

What just happened?


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