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Chapter 509 Caught Him Openly

Xue Tao’s words were dripping with hatred.

And the two old farts of the Xue Family had had enough of Song Yunxuan’s scorn.

If Song Yunxuan had not interfered with it, they would have eradicated Song Yunying from the Xue Family without any difficulty.

They felt scared that their son was going to a.s.sociate the Shao enterprise with dealing with Song Yunxuan, but they were also kind of looking forward to it.

They were afraid that the Shao Family would refuse him and Song Yunxuan would know about it.

If so, Song Yunxuan wouldn’t have let the Xue Family live in peace.

Meanwhile, they expected that the Shao enterprise would help them to deal with Song Yunxuan.

If so, the Xue Family would not have been afraid of Song Yunxuan anymore.

And it would have been easy for them to eradicate Song Yunying from the Xue Family.

Xue Tao directly hung up the phone without hearing any objections from his parents, leaving a sentence, “I’ll call you back.”

After Xue Tao’s parents hung up, they still felt worried.

Xue Tao’s father said to his mother, “Do you think Song Yunxuan will get anyone to track Tao?”

Xue Tao’s mother shook her head, frowning, “No… Song Yunxuan can’t be that slack.”

“But if Song Yunxuan knows that we begin to curry favor with the Shao enterprise, she will absolutely…”

Thinking of the Xue Family’s business, Xue Tao’s father became quite serious.

Xue Tao’s mother calmed him, “Come on, don’t be touchy. Tao is not a little kid. He will never underestimate the scale of such a problem. He will not let Song Yunxuan find out that he is going to visit Shao Tianze.”

Being calmed by his wife, Xue Tao’s father pressed his lips and nodded, “I hope Song Yunxuan will ignore Tao. Otherwise, we cannot beat her.”

Even the whole Xue Family was not able to deal with Song Yunxuan, not to mention Xue Tao alone.

It was the second time that Xue Tao thought of turning to Shao Tianze for help.

Less than two hours after Shao Tianze returned from Thailend, his secretary called him, “Xue Tao from Sheng Da Enterprise wants to meet you, Chairman Shao.”

Hearing the two keywords Sheng Da and Xue Tao, Shao Tianze instantly felt a lot less tired.

He knew Xue Tao and Sheng Da Enterprise.

Xue Tao was spoiled by his parents and always on the tiles, and he married Song Yunxuan’s second eldest sister Song Yunying.

But their marriage didn’t seem to be happy. But as Song Yunxuan was Song Yunying’s sister, Xue Tao dared not make trouble.

Song Yunxuan had once taught her brother-in-law a lesson.

What did Xue Tao want to meet him for this time?

Shao Tianze felt strange. But it wouldn’t hurt him to meet Xue Tao, so he told the secretary, “Let him in.”

Being allowed to enter Shao Tianze’s office, Xue Tao walked in.

As soon as he entered Shao Tianze’s office, he saw Shao Tianze, seating behind the desk.

“Chairman Shao.”

“I wonder what you want me to do?” Shao Tianze asked with interest.

His intuition was telling him that Xue Tao would talk with him about Song Yunxuan.

Sure enough, Xue Tao replied with embarra.s.sment when hearing the question, “Actually, I came here to talk with you about my sister-in-law.”

Shao Tianze wore a cold smile.

Talking about his sister-in-law?

His sister-in-law was really something. Perhaps Xue Tao wanted to use Shao Tianze to deal with Song Yunxuan.

“What’s wrong with Song Yunxuan?”

Xue Tao didn’t know what to say. After pondering, he said, “If you are willing to cooperate with Sheng Da Enterprise, I will offer you Song Yunxuan’s movements and plans.”

Hearing this, Shao Tianze felt amused as if he saw a funny clown.

“You are not working with Song Yunxuan. How can you do that?”

Shao Tianze did want to know Song Yunxuan’s movements and plans.

However, he didn’t believe that Xue Tao could help him get them.

As if he wanted to prove that he could do it,

Xue Tao said immediately, “My wife is Song Yunxuan’s second eldest sister, and now she has had a baby for me. Our family and the Song Family are in-laws. If I follow Song Yunxuan’s every word like a lamb, she won’t be suspicious of me.”

Hearing Xue Tao’s words, Shao Tianze slightly raised his eyebrows.

However, he didn’t show that he trusted him.

Sensing that, Xue Tao made up his mind, adding, “Please trust me.”

Shao Tianze tapped the desk with boredom, replying, “You should bring something as a welcome gift since you want to cooperate with me. Without it, how can I trust that you can help me?”

Hearing that, Xue Tao felt embarra.s.sed as if he was foxed.

Seeing that, Shao Tianze said, “If you don’t bring anything, I can’t cooperate with you. Please return.”

Xue Tao felt upset as he was driven away by Shao Tianze.

He stood still, remaining silent.

Seeing that, Shao Tianze pondered and said, “If you do want to work with me, I will give you a chance.”

Since Xue Tao wanted to be his p.a.w.n enthusiastically, why would he waste such a great opportunity?

Anyway, the Xue Family was not too stupid to use.

Hearing that Shao Tianze was willing to give him a chance, Xue Tao immediately showed his smile.

For him, as long as Shao Tianze agreed to help him deal with Song Yunxuan, he was willing to do anything.

Seeing Xue Tao’s reaction, Shao Tianze said, “Recently, Changle and I went to Thailend to visit temples. I’ve heard from someone that Chu Mochen and Mei Qi have been to Thailend and they both went there to meet White Dragon King.”

“White Dragon King?”

Xue Tao repeated the name.

Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes, asking him, “What? You don’t know who White Dragon King is?”

“Of course I do. White Dragon King is a renowned master in Thailend who can read faces, tell fortunes, and know some strange witchcrafts.”

“Since you know who he is, find out why Chu Mochen and Mei Qi went to his temple.”

“Does this have anything to do with Song Yunxuan?”

Xue Tao frowned.

Shao Tianze let out a sigh.

Sensing that something was wrong, Xue Tao hastily added to remedy the situation, “Chairman Shao, please rest a.s.sured. I will find it out.”

Shao Tianze nodded, “Manager Xue, you don’t have to be like this. If you can make it, we will officially be partners. And we’ll meet each other often in the future.”

“You are right.”

Xue Tao was used to being with those spoiled playboys who were always on the tiles.

So he felt like being looked down upon when confronting Shao Tianze.

Therefore, he wanted to get out of Shao Tianze’s office as soon as possible.

Shao Tianze didn’t want to talk too much with Xue Tao, either.

After telling him that, he said to Xue Tao, “Hope I can get good news from you soon.”

Xue Tao nodded, replying, “I’ll find out soon. You have my word.”

After that, Xue Tao said when sensing that Shao Tianze wanted to end the conversation, “If you don’t have anything else to say, I’m leaving, Chairman Shao.”

Shao Tianze had no good feelings for Xue Tao.

Hearing that, he didn’t even look up at him.

Though Xue Tao saw Shao Tianze’s reaction clearly, he couldn’t care less about it.

Shao Tianze was his backer.

And Song Yunxuan was his enemy. As long as Shao Tianze could help him eradicate Song Yunxuan, it didn’t matter even if he looked down on him.

He walked to the gate of the Shao enterprise.

After walking out of the head office of the Shao enterprise, he instantly called his parents.

He wanted his parents to know the good news.

However, before the phone was connected, a limousine was coming quickly towards him.

But as Xue Tao had seen too many limousines, he took no notice of it. After glancing at it, he kept on calling his parents.

On the other end, no sooner had Xue Tao’s parents picked up the phone than it was cut short.

Before he was able to say anything, Xue Tao was. .h.i.t on the back of his neck.

The phone was hung up before the two old farts heard anything.

And Xue Tao had already pa.s.sed out because of the hit and been thrown into the limousine.

In the car sat Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi.

After putting Xue Tao into the car, Mei Qi said helplessly, “Manager Song, isn’t it inappropriate to do such things right under Shao Tianze’s nose?”

But Song Yunxuan took no notice of it. She turned to look at Xue Tao, grabbed his hair and looked at him with disgust, “That’s just as it should be. I want Shao Tianze to know that no one can betray me.”

Mei Qi knew that Song Yunxuan was not a woman to be trifled with.

Now seeing Song Yunxuan looking at Xue Tao coldly, he began to feel sympathy for the stupid loser Xue Tao.

Song Yunxuan did suppress the Xue Family, but she had never gone too far. The fool actually came to Shao Tianze for help.

Did he think that Song Yunxuan knew nothing about his movements?

What a blockhead!

Though the two old farts received their son’s call, they didn’t hear his voice.

They instantly felt something was wrong.

Recalling that their son said he would go to the Shao enterprise, their blood froze.

Xue Tao’s father guessed, “Could it be Song Yunxuan found it?”

Xue Tao’s mother also felt scared, “If Song Yunxuan knows that Tao does such things, who knows what she will do to him.”

The couple felt scared.

But Xue Tao’s father still had hope, saying, “Call him now. Maybe he hung up because there was an emergency.”

The two old farts immediately called Xue Tao, taking a chance.

However, no one answered the call.

Xue Tao’s mother instantly got worried, saying, “Something must have gone wrong. Otherwise, Tao will answer the call.”

Xue Tao’s mother worried herself to death about it.

Xue Tao’s father added, “Let’s call Shao Tianze and ask him what’s going on.”

Xue Tao’s mother almost went crazy, “What’s the use of doing that? You’d better call Song Yunxuan.”

Hearing that, Xue Tao’s face clouded.


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