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Chapter 189

Chapter 189 – A Late Hunt

Qin Yu comforted Sang Yueyue and said some more words to her . Then, perhaps because the woman on the other side of the door might have been becoming a bit impatient, he smiled and sent Sang Yueyue out . Although it was very discreet, it didn’t escape Qin Yu’s eyes when the woman glanced at Snag Yueyue and looked over her . Indeed, she hadn’t been very rea.s.sured at all .

“Miss, we should leave . ” After discovering there wasn’t anything different, the woman’s heart calmed down . She nodded towards Qin Yu .

Sang Yueyue’s lips moved, as if she wanted to say something .

Qin Yu patted her shoulder . “You can have some confidence in me, okay?”

So the young girl forcibly nodded . It was just that as she boarded the carriage, she continued to look back .

After driving away from the Great Glory Gambling Hall, the woman thought about things seriously . She said, “Miss, I’m beginning to believe your initial judgment . This Mister Qin Yu isn’t too bad . ”

Sang Yueyue curled her lips . “Humph! Seventh Aunty, I think that you know Big Brother Qin Yu would never agree to be with me, so that’s why you’re saying this . ”

The woman wasn’t surprised that her thoughts were seen through by the young girl . She had already known that her young miss was smart and never doubted this . She simply nodded in acknowledgement . “That’s right . No matter how outstanding he is, he is inevitably just a human, so how could he match our young miss? I suppose that madam had already expected this earlier, so that’s why she allowed miss to take a trip here . Now, miss, it is time for you to fulfill your end of the bargain . Once you return to Sega City, you won’t take a single step out before you grow up . ”

Sang Yueyue bit her lips . “I will return…after Big Brother Qin Yu leaves . ”

The woman thought for a moment and nodded, thinking it was impossible to change the stubborn mindset of a young girl . However, she sighed inwardly . Perhaps there was something that the young miss didn’t completely understand; it wasn’t just the Whale Sovereign that wanted to kill Qin Yu . This was something tacitly consented to by many people . For instance, His Majesty, and for instance, Moon Praying Shrine’s old priest .

Qin Yu was a human who had displayed an impossibly dazzling performance . If the sea races couldn’t use him, then he should die . This might have been the common thought percolating in the hearts of many people . In the end, humans stood across from the sea races, and perhaps it was only their geographic limitations that made it so war didn’t erupt between the two groups . Still, weakening the other side was an instinctual desire .

In other words, no one would help Qin Yu . If so, could he rely on his own strength to escape the pursuit of the Whale Sovereign? If the woman were being honest, she didn’t favor his odds . To personally watch someone that you cared for or loved die was an incredibly cruel and brutal matter, but perhaps this might help the young miss mature as soon as possible .

Another day pa.s.sed .

Today was the deadline that Moon Praying Shrine gave to Qin Yu; they would leave tomorrow . If he stayed here, there would be one more day of calm and peace, but Qin Yu didn’t plan on waiting . So, he bid his farewells to the priest . When he stated his decision to leave, he discovered that this old man who changed faces so quickly, actually revealed a bit of pity and helplessness .

Following that, Qin Yu harvested an unantic.i.p.ated gift .

What appeared in the priest’s palm was a blue flower . It seemed as if it were carved from drops of water and emanated a verdant vigor . What it contained was an incomparably pure and boundless life aura .

“This old man had come to an agreement with the Saint Flower . As long as you choose to leave before the deadline, then this will be gifted to you . Otherwise, I would have taken it back . The Saint Flower’s strength – that is something which only the brave deserve to be matched with, and now at least, it seems that Little Friend Qin Yu is someone with courage . I hope that you will survive . ”

With a small flick of his fingers, the blue flower flew over . Qin Yu reached out a hand, and as if it had truly been formed from drops of water, it melted into his skin, fusing into his blood and flesh and vanis.h.i.+ng from sight . But, Qin Yu could feel its existence in his body; he gained a quiet and formidable vitality .

“A flower from the Saint Flower – this is something that only the most outstanding tribesman of Moon Praying can obtain . It will follow you for all your life . When you are injured, the vitality of the flower will surge out and autonomously regenerate your wounds . Moreover, its strength will recover on its own . ”

This was a flower but also a repeat use treasure that could store up a ma.s.sive amount of vitality . It was no wonder that this old fogy priest had such a pained expression when he handed it over .

Qin Yu solemnly expressed his thanks and accepted the flower .

The priest stood up . “Then, I won’t send you off . ”


Qin Yu turned and left . The wolf riders stood guard outside, as if they already knew what happened . Simultaneously, they all cupped their fists together and lowered their heads to express their respect .

This respect was their grat.i.tude for having treated the Saint Flower .

Xue Zheng stood there, not saying anything . He only quietly watched Qin Yu’s back as he put on a black robe and stepped out of the gambling hall .

Very soon, all the sound spiral stations around the capital city began to broadcast an urgent piece of news . A tribe’s guest priest had their status revoked, and from here on out they were no longer related . The ident.i.ty of this person wasn’t listed, but those who had the qualifications to know were well aware of what it meant, and just what would follow this transmission .

At the Council of Elders, the scarred Great Elder smiled . “In truth, I must say I admire this human junior . Just where does his confidence come from and why does he believe he can leave here alive?”

Below him, the group of white-haired old thieves all revealed sneers . Anyone that ruined their Day of Ancestral Wors.h.i.+p and offended the ancestors must die .

At Sea Spirit Pavilion, the Nine Layer Building was being rebuilt . Old Sea temporarily lived at a dwelling not too far away . As he heard the transmitted news, he waved his hand and left .

Clearwood bit her lips . “Teacher!”

“This Qin Yu, he has always been doing things that others cannot . To me and to you, although it might seem that he will surely die, this doesn’t necessarily mean a miracle won’t appear . This Qin Yu, he is someone that is always creating his own miracles, right?”

His voice was steady and light, but this steadiness didn’t always represent calm; sometimes it represented weakness, an inability to do anything . As a Purple Card sea spirit teacher, he had a revered status and possessed an incredibly formidable influence . But, he had no means to interfere with this .

In that quiet dwelling close to n.o.ble Court Avenue, Leon sat before a newly constructed grave . He spoke in a low voice, as if Qingqing was still sitting right beside him .

Not too far away, there was a sound spiral sh.e.l.l station playing some music . This was lively orchestral music, the type that Qingqing always liked to listen to . But suddenly, the music stopped and an urgent emergency broadcast began . The delicate voice of a woman announced, “Bringing to you the latest news . Because of unknown reasons, a guest priest has parted ways with Moon Praying Shrine today . From here on out, they officially sever relations with each other and are no longer related . In the last 10 years, this is the first time that this station has reported on news related to Moon Praying Shrine . According to this station’s special judgment, this might be explained by the easing in relations between Moon Praying Shrine and the capital city…”

There was still a great deal of news after that, but Leon didn’t hear any of it . He sat there stunned, slowly revealing a pallid face with a disheveled beard . He muttered to himself, “Teacher, is that you…?”

At the princess’ palace, Princess Lushy was stunned for a long, long time . She slowly lowered her head . She had already learned that she had been refused by Qin Yu, so his life or death shouldn’t have anything to do with her . But, why did she feel so empty in her heart? Why did she worry so much?

She clenched her teeth and scolded herself for not being ambitious enough . That unsightly, arrogant, hateful, abominable, b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a human that lacked any sense of judgment; if he wanted to die then he should go ahead and die! Why did she need to care about him!?

She used a number of adjectives to describe him, but perhaps lacking in judgment was the most important .

He looked at the edge of the capital city and listened to the sound spiral stations that were playing all around . He wryly smiled, sighing over the priest’s control of things .

Indeed, it really was time to leave the capital city .

Suddenly, Qin Yu had a feeling in his heart . He turned and looked towards a tall building in the distance . It was so far away that even with his keen senses, he couldn’t make it out clearly . But, with that ruthless and powerful aura as well as that arrow-sharp gaze that was pointed his way, he immediately understood that the Whale Sovereign was there .

Perhaps the Whale Sovereign had noticed him the moment he stepped out from the Great Glory Gambling Hall . It was only when Moon Praying Shrine relayed their new stance that he truly revealed his dark intent .

Bang –

Qin Yu stepped up and shot into the skies . The black robes he wore were immediately reduced to powder by the powerful acceleration force . Blood red flames ignited and he howled into the distance like a meteor .

This sudden scene drew the eyes of countless people . There were some that couldn’t clearly see him, but there were also some people who did . Those that did all widened their eyes, their faces full of shock .

Within the royal palace, in that grand hall, a faintly helpless smile appeared on the edge of the Sea Sovereign’s lips . “This Qin Yu, he is deliberately revealing himself to stir things up . It’s clear that he’s harboring some resentment towards us for allowing this to happen . ”

The old turtle groaned . “He deserves it . Who made him not know how to separate the good from the bad? He refused the princess and also refused that brat Yueyue . Does he really think he is some indispensable figure?”

The Sea Sovereign smiled . “Does mister believe he can live?”

The old turtle fell silent . He said, “There’s a 20% chance . ”

“There’s actually 20% . It seems that mister unexpectedly favors him . But, this Solitude believes that he doesn’t even have a 10% chance . ”

“Why does Your Majesty say this?”

“The Whale Sovereign is even stronger . ” On the dragon throne, his voice was light and filled with emotion .

His words were simple but the meaning behind them wasn’t, especially when spoken by the Sea Sovereign . The old turtle’s complexion instantly turned solemn . “Your Majesty, are you saying he made a breakthrough…?”

“Mm . This is something this Solitude discovered not too long ago . This Solitude cannot help but acknowledge that this cousin of mine is a truly fierce character . Unfortunately, he cannot be used . ”

The old turtle bitterly smiled . “If that’s so, then this time Qin Yu is truly dead . ” He spoke with some regret . After all, if he ignored Qin Yu being a human, then whether it was in cultivation, methods, or character, Qin Yu was the junior he appreciated the most .

There was no one that could compare . At least not now .

In the tall building, the Whale Sovereign was wreathed in black armor . His gaze was faint as he looked at the brilliant red beam of light that shot into the skies . His face was as cold and indifferent as stone, without any fluctuations in mood . He peacefully watched Qin Yu run away, seeming as if he didn’t care at all . He was like a G.o.d observing from the highest heavens, with the grace and poise of everything being in the control of his hands .

Suddenly, from leaning on the railing, the Whale Sovereign’s figure swayed slightly and then vanished from sight . Following that, a crack appeared in the place he vanished from . A second crack, third crack…cracks instantly spread out like a dense spider web .

The entire building immediately collapsed in a breath of time . The formidable strength that was released instantly pulverized the remnants into powder . Then, as stone powder sprinkled down, there was a horrifying, earth-shaking sound that rang out – it was the sound of air being torn apart .

The Whale Sovereign had made his move . From where he stepped in the air, his figure flickered in and out of sight . Countless afterimages of the Whale Sovereign appeared in the skies, leading from the interior all the way to the outside, slowly vanis.h.i.+ng in turn .

One red, one black, like twin bolts of lightning piercing through the skies, they howled far off into the distance .

Countless seafolk watched on . Some people cried out in alarm, and some people also knew that this was a hunt which had started late .

However, they didn’t know whether or not the incomparably formidable Whale Sovereign, who had been defeated several times before, would be able to successfully catch his prey this time .

Because maybe, this might be his last chance .


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