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Chapter 627A – Transformation of Will

After carefully putting away the stone beads, Qin Yu rummaged through the other items. In the storage treasure of the spell-casting cultivator, he found a crystalline rib.

This bone gave off an unexpectedly familiar yet constraining feeling…G.o.d bone!

This was a rib left behind by a dead G.o.d. It had to be known that a spiritual G.o.d was the highest level of cultivator Qin Yu was aware of. At the very least it was two whole realms above the highest level that existed in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Even if this was only a rib, it couldn’t be underestimated!

After investigating it with his divine sense, he made further discoveries. This G.o.d rib actually had a vague fluctuation of energy hiding within it.

It wasn’t a divine sense of remnant soul, but a strength that was purely used to store and hold information. Qin Yu carefully probed it with his divine sense. Several breaths of time later, he opened his eyes and a strange look came over his face.

The information stored within was a cultivation technique of the soul. By using a cultivator’s hair, flesh, or blood as a medium, one could utilize an invisible killing curse. After cultivating to a sufficiently high boundary one could even condense an aura in the void that could be used to cast a killing tribulation down upon someone. It was a tyrannical and strange method.

It was clear that the methods the cultivator used just now came from this G.o.d rib. However, there was a limit to this law formula. Only a woman could cultivate it. A man could forcefully try to learn it, but their cultivation speed would be much lower and their disposition would be altered in a strange direction…it was no wonder that this person just now had such strange behaviors…

Qin Yu shook his head and put the rib away. He didn’t care what others chose to do, but he absolutely wouldn’t cultivate this kind of technique.

Mm…giving it to You Qi was about right. Yes, let’s do that!

To avoid future troubles, Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and destroyed the corpse. His body flickered and he flew far away. He chose another sealed stone and started to cultivate again.

Half a day later, in the place Qin Yu had left, two beams of light howled forth. When they arrived the light dissipated to reveal the figures of two cultivators. They glanced around and their complexions darkened at the same time. As they thought, that cultivator had already left. How hateful!

The person on the left said, “Song Zhongyi, Lord Frostfire’s demand for stone beads is increasing. During this time you’ve already failed twice. If this continues, once the lord is angered even I will be implicated by you!”

Across from them, Song Zhongyi’s complexion sank. “Did you think I wanted things to be like this? Okay, we’ll take some stone beads out from the stockpile to meet Lord Frostfire’s needs first. I will try to figure out a way to make up for it as soon as possible.”

“Humph, you had better do so!” The other person left after they finished speaking.

Song Zhongyi clenched his teeth. He had no idea what was going on. Ever since he met that abnormal newcomer, his luck had been so bad that it almost killed him.

On that day, disregarding him fleeing in distress, he had also encountered an old enemy of his. They had engaged in a vicious battle, and while he didn’t suffer a loss, he had no choice but to leave the region ahead of time. In the end, he had obtained nothing in his ‘hunt’.

Now another high-grade stone bead had slipped out of his grasp. Perhaps Lord Frostfire was already becoming unhappy with him.

He had to find some way to obtain high-grade stone beads as soon as possible. Song Zhongyi turned to leave, but at this time he suddenly furrowed his eyebrows together.

His five fingers opened up and grasped forward. Some fluctuations that had yet to dissipate began to rapidly condense in his hand, gradually taking out a faint outline of a person.

Song Zhongyi’s eyes widened and he cursed out loud, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it’s actually you again!”

Enough was enough. If this could be tolerated, what couldn’t?

This was going too far! This was bullying to the extreme!

Song Zhongyi’s lungs nearly exploded with rage. At this moment, the only thoughts left in his mind were that he wanted to grab a hold of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and tear him apart!

After hopping around in anger a few times, his heated thoughts gradually cooled back down. When he thought back to their first meeting and where they were now, Song Zhongyi’s expression immediately turned into that of a frostbitten eggplant.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really was a freak. In just a single year he had come from the very edges of the sealed stones to this area. The intensity of his will must have risen by an astonis.h.i.+ng degree.

Song Zhongyi had no choice but to admit that if he were to fight with Qin Yu today, he likely wouldn’t even be able to escape. His face darkened. After a long period of contemplation he clenched his teeth and a cruel light surged in his eyes.

If he could kill this person, not only could avenge his old grudges but he could obtain high-grade stone beads. That man had to have at least three high-grade stone beads if not more!

That’s right, he wasn’t a match for that person. But in this Sealed Stone World, fairness and justice was never a consideration to begin with.

As long as he put forth sufficient benefits, killing someone was simple enough.

Song Zhongyi turned and walked away, soon vanis.h.i.+ng from sight.

Qin Yu had no idea of the commotion that was about to arrive. As time pa.s.sed, the blurry figure in his mind became increasingly clear.

An intuition appeared in his heart that as long as he could clearly see this form, he would obtain the approval of the sealed stones. But like water that was about to boil, he was just a step away from reaching that boiling point.

Qin Yu opened his eyes, a dignified expression on his face. His will was sufficiently tempered. He had enough acc.u.mulations. What he lacked now was a turning point to serve as the catalyst for the qualitative change he needed.

He had no idea what this turning point was. But if he couldn’t find it, he would likely be stuck here for a long time.

He furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought. Then, Qin Yu suddenly turned around. Besides the numerous sealed stones, there was no other figure.

He had a strange feeling just now that someone was spying on him. But after sensing it again, that feeling had vanished.

Was it an illusion?

Qin Yu shook his head and suppressed these thoughts. He faced the sealed stone and continued his meditation.

The Sealed Stone World was a ma.s.sive void. In this void, countless sealed stones of varying sizes floated about. These sealed stones were sorted in circles. The smallest sealed stones on the outermost edge formed a circle, then the slightly larger ones formed a second circle inside, and the ones larger than those formed a third circle inside, continuing onwards.

Sealed stones of the same level had a relatively fixed position. Thus, after Song Zhongyi vowed to kill Qin Yu, all he had to do was wander in a circular path with the last point as the beginning. By doing this there was a high chance he would find him.

And reality proved that Song Zhongyi’s thoughts were correct.

“Brother Song, I’ve found him!”

In front of a 10,000 foot tall sealed stone, four figures sat down cross-legged. One of them suddenly opened his eyes, a smile appearing on his face.

The person who found Qin Yu could obtain a medium-grade stone bead. As for killing him, that was another reward.

But that person’s sensing abilities were astonis.h.i.+ngly sharp. His supernatural arts could be called almost traceless, but he had almost been discovered.

Still, looking at the three people beside him, Ji Yun’s restlessness soon calmed down. If the four of them joined forces, then besides some heaven-defying great figures here, they could freely rampage across the Sealed Stone World. To kill someone whose will was at a lower level was naturally easy.

Moreover, that fellow Song Zhongyi had used some unknown benefits to convince that crazed witch Mei Ruyu to join them. With her help, their success was almost guaranteed.

Song Zhongyi’s eyes brightened. He said, “Brother Ji, lead the way!”

Ji Yun nodded, “Alright.”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The four figures flew out like arrows. They left the sealed stone they were at, flying off in the direction of Qin Yu.

They all had Calamity Immortal realm cultivations. Even if they couldn’t use teleportation here, their speed was still amazing.

Around two hours later, Ji Yun said from the front, “He’s right ahead of us.”

Song Zhongyi’s aura rose and his speed quickened. A figure soon came within line of sight.

It was him!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d. After ruining his work again and again, he would teach this person how to spell the word ‘death’!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. As he glanced at these four people that were menacingly coming his way, a cold chill percolated in his eyes.

He recognized Song Zhongyi with a single glance. With that, he understood that these people didn’t come here with good intentions.

“Fellow daoist, I never imagined that we would meet here again today!” Song Zhongyi coldly cackled. “I would like to see whether you can escape from the hands of us four together.”

He turned around, “Fellow daoist Mei, I’ll have to trouble you.”

She was the only woman in the group of four cultivators and her appearance was particularly outstanding. She took a step forward, a powerful will breaking free from her body. It was wild, cruel, destructive…this was no longer pure suppression but a direct attack – the attack that came from an incomparably powerful will of a higher level.

It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful bag of skin had a hateful soul hiding beneath it that wished to destroy the entire world.

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. As if falling into a swamp, his thoughts became slow to move and revolving the strength in his body also became more difficult.

“Kill him!”

Song Zhongyi roared out loud and was the first to move. He pointed a finger forward and crystalline motes appeared, condensing into an ice sword. Then, like a flash of lightning, the ice sword pierced through s.p.a.ce, leaving behind a series of afterimages as it thrust at Qin Yu’s chest.

Ji Yun moved his fingers together in hand seals. Faint traces of gray energy appeared around him, rapidly gathering into the phantom of a small altar.

He raised his hands and thrust forward. The small altar phantom vanished from sight. In the next moment, loud rumblings appeared from above Qin Yu’s head.

An incomparably grand altar projection appeared from nothingness, so thick and dense that it took on an almost tangible form. It emitted a terrifying aura.

The suppressive strength fell onto Qin Yu like a million mountains!

The last of the four people was a man with a young, babyish face. At this time, the young cultivator faintly smiled. He took out a flute, placed it near his lips, and started to play.

No sounds came from the flute but his eyes were filled with an intoxicated infatuation. His eyes were half-lidded as if he were entranced by some strange music.

Within Qin Yu’s mind, the sounds of countless collisions of swords and spears appeared. The countless sounds gathered upon each other, making it seem as if he had arrived onto a battlefield. The vast and endless killing intent charged at his mind with endless roars, wanting to collapse his consciousness.

In order to kill Qin Yu smoothly, Song Zhongyi had expended a great deal of thoughtfulness. These three helpers might not be the strongest, but when combined together, they could erupt with the most terrifying killing strength.

Mei Ruyu’s suppression of will made Qin Yu unable to display his complete strength. Ji Yun’s summoned alter cast down a terrifying suppression. The baby-faced cultivator attacked the mind, tearing down Qin Yu’s consciousness.

With all three combined, it was enough to diminish Qin Yu’s strength by five levels or even more.

As for him, he would complete the final killing blow!


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