WebNovel Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 423 – Zi Yi Visiting the Dou Residence

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Chapter 423: Zi Yi Visiting the Dou Residence

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Zi Yi arrived at the Science and Technology Building she called Shadow.


Zi Yi pa.s.sed him the envelope in her bag and said, “Check the contents inside the envelope.”

Shadow took the envelope and his eyes turned red as a red scanning laser shot out. He then scanned the contents. “Master, other than a letter inside, there is a chip that will be stuck to one’s skin upon contact.”

Zi Yi said with a cold tone, “Check the properties of the chip.”

“Chip properties: Locating, Surveillance.”

“Ha.” Zi Yi sneered and said, “What’s written on the letter?”

“The contents are as follows: I have your old photos. You’re not to tell anyone and come alone too. 8 Hexi Road. Or else, these photos will appear before Patriarch Lu tomorrow.”

Zi Yi then thought about what kind of photos the original owner had in the past that were worth these people to threaten her with.

Even though the original owner liked to spend money, drive racing cars and show off her body, in fact, she did not have any bad habits.

After all, she was the child of a rich family. Therefore, she was proud, arrogant, liked spending money, and at the same time, was supercilious.

There were many people who wanted to hit on her back then, but they only had that thought. After all, the original owner was rich. Whoever dares to scheme against her, she would spend money to hire thugs and resolve them.

Zi Yi thought about it hard and the only photos that were out of line were when the original wore revealing clothes.

“Perhaps there might even be photoshopped photos.”

Zi Yi’s gaze turned chilly. “Since you wish to meet me, then don’t regret it.”

Zi Yi motioned for Shadow. “Change the function of the chip.”

“I understand.”

After she was done with these things, Zi Yi walked out and headed to one of the production rooms on the second floor.

There was basically no one on the second floor in the afternoon. When Zi Yi opened the door, only Dou Xiaoyong was there.

Zi Yi looked at Dou Xiaoyong who had his back facing her, as he was a.s.sembling one of the parts. She then called out. “Professor Dou.”

Dou Xiaoyong heard her voice and he turned over to look at her. He said in a solemn voice, “There’s no one here, you can call me Second Uncle.”

Zi Yi immediately changed the way she addressed him. “Second Uncle.”

Dou Xiaoyong could not maintain the solemn expression on his face as the corner of his lips slightly curled up. He nodded his head and put down the parts in his hands as he walked over he said, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to B1.”

Zi Yi tagged along with him.

On the other hand, Dou Xiaoyong was slightly surprised at her calm reaction. “You’re not going to ask why I’m bringing you to B1?”

“Why are you bringing me there?” Zi Yi blinked her eyes, which seemed to be filled with curiosity, as she looked at him.

Dou Xiaoyong was silent for two seconds before he said, “The research lab is planning to develop a super robot and you have been designated to partic.i.p.ate. I’m bringing you to B1 first to check the blueprints of the robot.”

“Super robot?” In fact, Zi Yi had already more or less guessed what was going on.

Sure enough, when they went into one of the rooms in B1 and Dou Xiaoyong handed the blueprints to her, she straightforwardly said, “I provided the blueprint to the country.”

Dou Xiaoyong had actually thought of this possibility previously, but he could not confirm his guess. Now that Zi Yi had admitted it herself, he could not help but show slight traces of pride on his face.

“You’re very talented in robotics. It is a good thing that you already thought of handing the fruit of your research to the country. Only when the technology of the country advances, will we not be looked down upon by others.”

In fact, Zi Yi did not think much about it, but since Dou Xiaoyong had already said that, obviously she would not say anything.

The two of them discussed what kind of materials they would need and what the core technology of the robot would consist of. After their discussion ended, Zi Yi still had to make a trip to the biology laboratory and she informed Dou Xiaoyong about it.

Dou Xiaoyong nodded his head and said, “Come back for dinner today. Your Grandfather misses you.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and left the Science and Technology Building.

At 4:30 p.m in the afternoon, Zi Yi walked out of the biology lab and gave Dou Xiangling a call.

It just so happened that Dou Xiangling had also finished her work. They then arranged to meet at the entrance and disconnected the call.

It was not time for lessons to end and so, there were not many people around the campus grounds.

The School of Science was somewhat far from the School of Liberal Arts and Zi Yi was too lazy to walk over. She simply gave instructions to the car parked at the School of Liberal Arts to drive over.

While she waited for the car, she started checking out the school’s forum.

Besides discussing studies, the most popular discussion post was about the upcoming campus belle election.

Zi Yi was not in the slightest bit interested and swiped away the post. Just then, two people who were walking over were chatting as they checked their phones.

“See, there are four candidates for this year’s campus belle. Other than the previous winner, Murong You, there’s also the freshman Zi Yi, the soph.o.m.ore of the School of Economics and Management, Meng Xiaowan, and the last candidate is Xiao Lu, a freshman from the School of Foreign Languages.

“Eh? There are two freshmen candidates this year?”

“That’s right. But if we base it solely on appearance-wise, I feel that Zi Yi completely wins.”

“But the selection of M.Uni’s campus belle isn’t only dependent on their appearance, but also their capabilities. I feel that if I must choose, Murong You is still the most suitable. She has won several international awards.”

“Zi Yi has also won an award though.”

“She only won a Painting and Calligraphy compet.i.tion. Can it be compared to all of Murong You’s awards?”

“You’re right.”

The two of them walked further and further away from Zi Yi as they continued talking.

Just then, Zi Yi lifted her phone again and found the thread about the campus belle election, and opened it to check it out.

At the top of the thread were the photos of the four candidates.

The photos of the other three candidates were obviously carefully selected and there were no bad angles.

Only hers were obviously secretly taken. Even though it was rather clear, she was clearly unhappy at that point in time as her expression was tense.

Compared to the other three candidates who were smiling, she appeared to be rather fierce.

Zi Yi touched her chin and muttered, “Are they trying to use me to compare with them?”

Even so, she did not care about it at all.

After she checked the photos, she continued scrolling down with disinterest and her car had also just arrived.

By the time Zi Yi arrived at the school entrance, Dou Xiangling was already waiting for her there.

“Yiyi, let’s go.”

Thus, the two cars drove in the direction of the Dou residence.

The Dou residence was located in an old neighborhood in the south of the University Town. Those who stayed here were leaders of various schools and universities. The neighborhood was known as the ‘Scholarly Community’ in the outside world.

The security guards in the neighborhood were all retired soldiers and special security booths were set up at the front and back of the neighborhood. It could be said that the security here was pretty good.

Dou Xiangling’s car had smoothly driven in with no problems. But when it came to Zi Yi, she was stopped.

Dou Xiangling could only park her car on one side and walk over to the security guard. “This is my cousin, my grandfather called her over to have dinner.”

The security guard was firm in his stance. “Miss Dou, there are regulations here and non-registered cars can only park at the parking lot outside. I ask for your cooperation.”

Dou Xiangling thought for a moment and looked towards Zi Yi.

Zi Yi nodded at her and drove the car to the parking lot marked next to the fence.

When she returned, she still had to head to the security booth to register herself before she was allowed inside.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling walked towards the latter’s car and Zi Yi said, “It’s better this way. As long as one is an outsider, everyone has to get down from their car and walk over to register with security..”


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