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Chapter 1099: Transformation Path Grandmaster!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Eastern Sea.

This was a place with an aquatic terrain.

But it was not as vast as the Eastern Sea in the outside world, the deepest sea level was only sixty feet.

Most of the places were like mud pits to desolate beasts.

This was because the sovereign immortal aperture did not have enough water path dao marks yet.

Right now, in a particular location of Mini Eastern Sea, two desolate beasts were fighting.


The desolate beast shark fin wolf howled as it pounced. It opened its mouth, showing its fangs, if its attack landed, even mountains could be damaged.

But its opponent was a desolate beast flying bear. A crafty light shone in its eyes as it retreated.

The shark fin wolf exerted excessive strength, its attack was easily dodged by the flying bear.

Next, the flying bear raised its paws and slammed down at the shark fin wolf’s head.

Bam, a huge force threw the shark fin wolf onto the ground, it went into a daze from the impact, it could not get up.

However, Fang Yuan was not satisfied with this result.

“When I used flying bear strength Immortal Gu earlier, my strength increased. But the flying bear transformation had an issue. I am temporarily using this strength path immortal zombie body, it has a lot of strength path dao marks on it. Even though I have change form Immortal Gu, I can only change my appearance with difficulty. The strength path dao marks are resisting the effects of change form Immortal Gu.”

Transformation path Gu Immortals mainly had transformation path dao marks in their bodies.

These dao marks could transform into dao marks of other paths under the influence of Gu worms.

Change form Immortal Gu was the essence of transformation path, with it, the Gu Immortal could transform into anything. Flowers, birds, fish, insects, gra.s.s, trees, mountains, rivers, suns, stars, moons, they could become anything.

But this Gu only changes the form, other Gu worms had to be used to change the strength, speed, defense, and other aspects.

“Right now, the sovereign immortal aperture is inside my body, I can only use the strength path immortal zombies and train my transformation path methods. But strength path immortal zombies have strength path dao marks, it is hard for them to use change form Immortal Gu. But flying bear strength Gu gains an amplification from strength path dao marks, it has a greater effect.”

Fang Yuan a.s.sessed this, realizing the usefulness of his current body.

Non-interference and conflict between his dao marks.

This was an immense advantage!

Between all paths, they had clear boundaries that separated them. Even if one cultivated more than one path, there was a difference between the primary and secondary path. But for Fang Yuan, the boundaries were indistinct, he could cultivate all paths.

“It seems that using strength path immortal zombies can only train my transformation path methods to some extent. It cannot let me understand the true extent of my abilities!” Fang Yuan sighed, controlling the flying bear, dodging agilely.

As it turned out, the desolate beast shark fin wolf had gotten up, it attacked in a frenzied state.

But Fang Yuan had the intelligence of a human, he utilized battle tactics and manipulated the flying bear fluidly. The shark fin wolf could not even injure the flying bear.

Even though Fang Yuan had beast enslavement Immortal Gu and controlled this desolate beast before, after the earthly calamity, Fang Yuan had to return beast enslavement Immortal Gu.

Thus, before this, he had released his control over the shark fin wolf and spinefin star dragonfish.

This had a benefit.

Without beast enslavement Immortal Gu, the desolate beast shark fin wolf could unleash its true fierce nature, it was a good sparring partner.


With another loud sound, the shark fin wolf was slammed into the mud pit by the flying bear’s paws once again, as mud splashed all over.

This time, the shark fin wolf whimpered, it got up quickly, seeing that the flying bear was unharmed, it quickly escaped timidly.

Fang Yuan who was antic.i.p.ating the shark fin wolf’s attack was dazed, he thought: “Was it because I was too harsh when flicking it to subdue it in the past? Its ferocity is greatly reduced as a result?”

The shark fin wolf escaped, Fang Yuan lost all interest in continuing.

“But my practice these last days was not in vain. It proved that my transformation path attainment level has indeed reached grandmaster level.”

Transformation path grandmaster!

Right now, Fang Yuan was a grandmaster in blood path, strength path, wisdom path, and star path, a fifth path, transformation path, had also become grandmaster level!

The five hundred years of his previous life were not of much help to Fang Yuan here. His transformation path attainment could reach this level because of Reckless Savage’s true meaning.

Heaven’s will wanted to exterminate Fang Yuan, it planned and raised the power of his calamities and tribulations to the limits permitted by the way of heaven.

Fang Yuan had pa.s.sed two earthly calamities, but these earthly calamities were extraordinarily powerful, they were on par with heavenly tribulations. Thus, even Reckless Savage’s true meaning was drawn out in a greater amount.

Good fortune and misfortune came in turns.

Calamities and tribulations had a rule, that was the balance of fortune and misfortune.

The stronger the calamities and tribulations, the greater the danger Fang Yuan faced, but after pa.s.sing the tribulation, he would receive much greater benefits!

Fang Yuan’s transformation path grandmaster attainment was obtained after three infusions of Reckless Savage’s true meaning. The first was when Hei Lou Lan ascended to a ten extreme immortal, the latter two times were inside his own earthly calamities, drawn out using immortal tribulation tempering aperture. He could become a grandmaster because his foundation had been acc.u.mulated sufficiently.

“Becoming a transformation path grandmaster is good news, but my current situation is quite bad.” Fang Yuan was worried.

Calamities and tribulations grew stronger each time.

After the second earthly calamity, Fang Yuan could guess how much stronger his following calamities and tribulations would become.

The second earthly calamity was pa.s.sed after an extremely dangerous process.

Along the way, the snow moons started appearing, if Fang Yuan was not resolute and attacked them immediately, the outcome would be disastrous. Towards the end, Dang Hun Mountain was reduced to a small mound, he had so little immortal essence he could not even use one immortal killer move, he only pa.s.sed because of the desolate beast he prepared.

It could be said, Fang Yuan expended almost all of his trump cards.

“During the first earthly calamity, Reckless Savage’s true meaning took over half of the calamities and tribulations’ power. The snow monsters created by heaven’s will did not hold the initiative.”

“But during the second earthly calamity, heaven’s will planned and plotted while involving Reckless Savage’s true meaning, making use of it, influencing it to become the snow moons that amplified the power of the wind flower tribulation.”

“Heaven’s will can think, in the third earthly calamity, it will definitely consider Dang Hun Mountain, my current immortal killer moves, and my desolate beasts, as well as even subordinates like Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong.”

Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated.

Fang Yuan had gone through some tribulations, he gained a deeper understanding towards heaven’s will.

Conversely, the same applied to heaven’s will, it gained more and more information regarding Fang Yuan.

Currently, Fang Yuan had seven main methods against the tribulations.

The first was to undergo tribulation in the northern icy plain, using immortal tribulation tempering aperture to lure out Reckless Savage true meaning, weakening heaven’s will’s control over the tribulations.

The second was Dog s.h.i.+t Luck, using luck path to weaken the tribulations.

The third was using att.i.tude Gu, dark limit Gu, change form Gu, and familiar face to transform into various things that could confuse heaven’s will.

The fourth was his strength path, sword path, and blood path Immortal Gu, as well as immortal killer moves that could resist it head on.

The fifth was Dang Hun Mountain, it gave him an advantage in terrain.

The sixth was his status as a complete otherworldly demon, heaven’s will could not influence Fang Yuan’s cognition.

The seventh were external forces. Like the spinefin star dragonfish, shark fin wolf, featherman Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong, Lang Ya Sect’s hairy man Gu Immortals, and others.

“Heaven’s will knows clearly about these methods and trump cards. At most, the seventh point has greater room for variance.”

“But these external forces are unreliable.”

“My enslavement path attainment level is not high, I am not skilled in enslavement path methods either. Even though I can enslave the shark fin wolf and spinefin star dragonfish, heaven’s will can also use the tribulations to grant them freedom, thus, during the tribulation, I can only set them up as a trump card, to prevent heaven’s will from making use of them.”

“And the featherman Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong, he is a variant human Gu Immortal, he has abundant intelligence, if he regains freedom, he would be a bigger threat than desolate beasts. Unless I have no choice, I will not expose the secret of my sovereign immortal aperture to him. And most importantly, he had once used heavenly wish to descend into Tai Bai blessed land as an earthly calamity. If he was manipulated by heaven’s will like those snow monsters and betrayed me, that would be problematic.”

“At this rate, my third earthly calamity will be a near death experience, and the fourth earthly calamity would be a certain death situation.”

Fang Yuan was deeply aware of his circ.u.mstances.

Even though he pa.s.sed the second earthly calamity, treasure yellow heaven was not open, he could not use any cultivation resources to increase his strength.

This was the problem with Gu Immortals undergoing tribulation.

The calamities and tribulations get stronger each time, they had to work hard and cultivate, to ensure that the growth of their strength could match the increase in strength of the calamities and tribulations.

Gu Immortals with lower potential would face weaker calamities and tribulations, there was a long time between each one, it was not hard for them to cultivate. But Fang Yuan’s potential was unprecedented and possibly never surpa.s.sed, he had the sovereign immortal aperture that could cultivate all paths!

Thus, his calamities and tribulations were so terrifying, the growth in their strength was unheard of, and there was only two months between each tribulation!

Other Gu Immortals would have died already, because Fang Yuan had a deep foundation and a huge amount of resources saved up, he could last until now.

Look at the number of Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves Fang Yuan had, his grandmaster attainment level in multiple paths, and even Dang Hun Mountain and Lang Ya Sect, these external forces that he could use.

But even so, his future was bleak.

“Treasure yellow heaven is closed, it completely breaks my plans and momentum. At this rate, I cannot survive.”

The problem was treasure yellow heaven.

If treasure yellow heaven opened, he would have a smooth journey ahead!

But when was treasure yellow heaven opening?

n.o.body knew.

It could open in the next moment, or several months later.

In Fang Yuan’s case, if it took a few months to reopen, he would be dead already. Unless he had a fortuitous encounter and gained a huge boost in strength.

Days pa.s.sed, but there were no signs of treasure yellow heaven opening.

Fang Yuan’s injuries had recovered, but his immortal aperture could not develop.

Lang Ya Sect’s development was also halted. Lang Ya land spirit had asked Fang Yuan many times to settle the matter of the falling star hound. But Fang Yuan did not agree, their relations.h.i.+p was getting worse.

Lang Ya land spirit reduced the rewards of Fang Yuan teaching the hairy man Gu Immortals combat skills to the lowest, he was making almost no gains.

Under Sixth Hair’s instigation, the other hairy man Gu Immortals were also turning cold to Fang Yuan, they even started hating him.

Even though the second earthly calamity was over, Fang Yuan’s situation was getting worse.

Should he wait until treasure yellow heaven opened, or attempt to take the initiative and find a breakthrough?

Fang Yuan was faced with a difficult problem.


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