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Chapter 1944 Swords Destroy Immortal Graveyard


The tyrannical immemorial dragon roared as it swung its tail and moved, its speed was so fast that it left behind a white afterimage at its original spot.


Demon Judgment Board was. .h.i.t head-on and fell like a meteor.

Duke Long immediately rushed forward to reinforce it.

Fang Yuan sneered and rose to the air suddenly, leaving behind an afterimage.

In the air, he suddenly changed from an extremely active state to extremely still and his aura erupted.

Sword path killer move — Triple Layered Sword Wave!

The offensive killer move that was amplified by at least fifteen hundred times had power that was completely different from the past.

Giant waves surged and filled the battlefield. Every drop of the silver-white waves had sword path’s strength and was extremely sharp.

The sword waves did not target Demon Judgment Board or Duke Long but attacked the immortal graveyard.

From the start, Fang Yuan’s main target was the immortal graveyard.

Duke Long clenched his teeth as he used self-moving dragon qi wall.

The qi wall could only hold back the sword waves for eight breaths of time before crumbling to pieces.

Duke Long let out a m.u.f.fled groan as blood flowed out of his nose.

He wanted to continue using the qi wall killer move but the towering sword waves had already reached the immortal graveyard.

Heavenly Court could defend with ease earlier because of Cang Xuan Zi’s s.p.a.ce path methods that could shorten and lengthen distance. This gave Duke Long enough time to repeatedly activate qi wall to put up defense.

But now that Cang Xuan Zi’s vitality was gone and was lying dead on the ground, there was no more protection of s.p.a.ce path methods, Duke Long had no time to activate the qi wall killer move again.

Duke Long was not a rank nine but a rank eight like Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan’s dao marks far surpa.s.sed his and he could only count on heavenly dragon’s last stand. But regretfully, till now, although Duke Long was becoming stronger constantly, there was still some gap between him and Fang Yuan. Especially when Fang Yuan revealed his trump cards and showed his strongest attacking form.

“No—!” Duke Long let out a sad and furious roar as he looked at the sword waves engulf and sweep through the immortal graveyard.

The Gu Immortals sleeping in the immortal graveyard could not resist at all, they were sliced into pieces by the sword waves.

Even the enormous vast heaven vine was being cut down repeatedly by the extremely sharp sword waves. Cang Xuan Zi did not wake up during the whole process, it seemed she was truly dead!

Demon Judgment Board rose to the air but Fang Zheng was dazed: “He really did it, he destroyed the immortal graveyard!”

“The immortal graveyard!!!” Compared to Fang Zheng, Fairy Zi Wei and Qin Ding Ling had a greater reaction. They were veteran rank eights and genuine members of Heavenly Court.

The immortal graveyard was not just an important area of Heavenly Court, it was even more a spiritual sacred land to them, it was defiled by Fang Yuan now. Countless predecessors sleeping inside were killed like chickens without being able to resist!

“Fang Yuan, I want you to die!” Qin Ding Ling cried out in sorrow.

“We have failed you all, seniors…” With a loud thud, Old Man Zheng Yuan fell as he knelt on the ground in Central Great Hall, crying silently.

Fairy Zi Wei felt her entire body turning numb, the immortal graveyard was heavily damaged, and as the leader and planner of Heavenly Court, she could not s.h.i.+rk this responsibility!

“It’s me, I am too incompetent…” Tears of sorrow trickled down Fairy Zi Wei’s face.

In Imperfection Regret Pavilion, the images began to fluctuate intensely.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s silhouette wanted to make a move but was firmly held up by Limitless Demon Venerable’s silhouette, she could only stare at Fang Yuan slaughtering Heavenly Court’s members and destroying the immortal graveyard.

Shock and anger filled Star Constellation’s silhouette’s face, her gaze was icy cold as she looked at her opponent: “Good, very good!”

Limitless’ silhouette smiled: “This is pretty good. Back when I invaded Heavenly Court, I also wanted to destroy the immortal graveyard. But bearing in mind that the scale of variant humans at that time was still enormous, and thinking for the humans, I did not make a move.”

“Hmph, so what if you destroyed the immortal graveyard or even the whole of Heavenly Court. As long as you don’t destroy fate Gu, with heaven’s will continuing to favor humans, Central Continent can still establish a second Heavenly Court, or third or fourth immortal graveyard!” Star Constellation’s silhouette retorted.

“You are right.” Limitless Demon Venerable’s silhouette heaved a sigh: “Fate Gu is the fundamental cause of your Heavenly Court, as long as it remains, your Heavenly Court will stand erect no matter how many losses you suffer. Instead, the more you suffer defeat, the tougher you will become, old will be eliminated and new blood will be brought in, you will be closer to the tides of the new era.”

Eras changed constantly and Gu Immortal cultivation also developed without stopping.

The prosperity and decline of qi path and strength path was proof of this.

Limitless Demon Venerable had not touched the immortal graveyard back then because of this consideration. It was better to spare the qi path and strength path Gu Immortals who were left behind by the eras than let Heavenly Court bounce back by absorbing large amounts of rule path, wisdom path, and other paths’ Gu Immortals who would emerge in response to this.

“I am really curious, how long can you last over there now that the immortal graveyard is destroyed?” Limitless’ silhouette said with a smile.

Star Constellation’s silhouette could no longer be indifferent: “You are disregarding the big picture and bringing demise to the rule of humanity! You are unworthy of being a human venerable.”

Limitless’ silhouette smiled coldly: “My main body was bound by this responsibility back then, but now… hasn’t humanity already achieved this goal? Humans should now pursue an even greater goal. You should know what I mean.”

Star Constellation’s silhouette narrowed her eyes, falling into a rare silence.

“Fang Yuan, I will tear out your tendons and burn you to ashes!!” Duke Long roared, his anger and hatred had acc.u.mulated to an extreme level and he charged towards Fang Yuan without regarding anything.

Fang Yuan dodged and did not fight with Duke Long, he continued to activate triple layered sword wave.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The immortal graveyard was completely covered by sword waves, the sword waves even dug into the ground, not letting go of any hibernating immortal.

Heavenly Court’s millions of years of acc.u.mulation was destroyed overnight!

“Ahhhhh!” Duke Long’s hair was a mess, his face was distorted, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Every attack to the immortal graveyard was like a strike to his heart; he was bleeding internally and overwhelmed with grief.

Immortal killer move — Dragon Offspring.

At this critical juncture, Duke Long roared with fury; his purple dragon scales flew out and mixed with his blood, transforming into dragonman Gu Immortals.

They were of all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of appearances. There were rank six, rank seven, and even rank eight dragonmen.

Duke Long was not an enslavement path Gu Immortal but he had a similar killer move.

“This is a transformation path killer move that contains human path profundity!” Fang Yuan’s pupils shrunk as he ridiculed: “Duke Long, oh Duke Long, you ma.s.sacred the dragonman race back then, so the reason was to refine them into a killer move. Hahaha, how is your action any different from a demonic immortal? You disregarded morals and ethics, you trampled on your own blood and kin. Not only did you kill all your children and grandchildren, you even refined them into puppets to fight for you!!”

Duke Long did not refute Fang Yuan’s accusation, deep sadness showed in his eyes as he charged towards Fang Yuan again.

At the same time, the large number of dragonman Gu Immortals spread like a blooming flower, blocking the sword waves as well as countless year beasts.

At the level of Duke Long, there were indeed no apparent weaknesses.

A huge chaotic battle unfolded in Heavenly Court.

Demon Judgment Board was paving paths of blood through the year beast army. But the atmosphere inside Demon Judgment Board was stifling, Qin Ding Ling and Fang Zheng were both silent.

Duke Long’s dragon offspring killer move was indeed using the members of the dragonman race, Fang Yuan’s accusation was not false. It was no wonder Duke Long rarely used this move, he was forced to use it now because of Fang Yuan.

Many dragonman Gu Immortals surrounded the immemorial sword dragon.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, he had already activated triple layered sword wave, he now activated another immortal killer move, golden thread sword.

Immediately, the sword dragon’s body turned hazy and its every scale emitted soft yellow light.

Each scale suddenly shot out a golden thread.

The number of scales on the immemorial sword dragon was the number of golden threads shot out, they were incomparably fast.

The golden threads pierced every obstacle in their way, the encircling dragonman Gu Immortals resembled honeycombs as the countless golden threads pa.s.sed them.

Bam bam bam…

Suffering such a heavy injury, these dragonman Gu Immortals were unable to maintain their shape as they detonated softly, returning to scales and blood droplets.

Fang Yuan cleared all the enemies in his surroundings, the sword waves which he had activated just before were still spreading as he rode the waves down.

The immortal graveyard was already wiped out, the greatest variable was destroyed, and now, Fang Yuan charged towards Duke Long.

Cang Xuan Zi had no vitality, her vine body was also in a miserable state. Demon Judgment Board was unable to fight Fang Yuan by itself, if Duke Long fell, who could stop Fang Yuan?

Immortal killer move — Five Finger Fist Heart Sword!

Dragon claws clenched tightly, Fang Yuan’s aura suddenly fell to almost a negligible level.

However, warning signs were ringing in Duke Long’s mind. He shot forward, his purple-gold dragon-shaped qi flickered constantly and his figure appeared and disappeared, moving in all directions as he tried to evade crazily.

First sword!

Fang Yuan’s dragon pupils let out a strange light as a sword light shot out of his claws.

Fast! Fast! Fast!

The sword light’s speed was beyond belief.

Duke Long had just seen the light shoot out of Fang Yuan’s claws when he found the sword light was already in front of him.

In an almost impossible situation, he forcibly turned his body to one side.

The sword light brushed past him.

Blood splattered, a large cut spread from his left shoulder to his left chest. The cut was clean; bones, scales and even a part of the left lung were gone completely.

Five finger fist heart sword was truly horrifying!

If this had struck Duke Long’s head, it would have been severed immediately.

Since the start of the battle, this was the first time Duke Long felt a fatal threat. It had been a long time since he felt such a feeling.

Duke Long gave a loud roar and shot towards Fang Yuan like lightning.

Fang Yuan applauded inwardly.

Every sword in five finger fist heart sword required time to prepare. Duke Long saw through this weakness and took the chance to attack.

Fang Yuan’s dragon body moved as he retreated, trying to pull some distance from Duke Long.

Sword path’s offensive advantage was obvious, if it were an ordinary opponent, Fang Yuan could directly smash through them. But Duke Long was an extremely powerful expert, he could not be careless.


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