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Chapter 2163: Endless Learning

The two of them had deduced something earlier, thus they worked together and explored deeper into qi howling painting world, in order to find and communicate with Heavenly Court’s enemy at the depths of the painting.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend.

But even after Shen Shang and Fang Di Chang did their best, they could not reach the deepest part of the painting.

Qi howling painting world was too huge, Fang Di Chang’s strength was at a limit, even though Shen Shang had rank eight cultivation level, it was severely restricted in here, the difference between mortal and immortal was not evident.

The only good thing was that Shen Shang’s illness was greatly alleviated here. Ever since he entered the painting world, he had not relapsed again.

According to Shen Shang’s estimations, the dense human path environment here was helping him.

“Sigh, the ten children of human path have left. Without their help, how can we get through this painting and meet the one suppressed at the deepest part of the painting?” Fang Di Chang sighed.

Shen Shang was about to speak when his expression changed suddenly, he shouted: “This is?!”

Next, Fang Di Chang also sensed the aura of a rank eight Immortal Gu rapidly spreading towards him.

The two no longer cared about qi howling painting world, they quickly returned to the central area of the original painting world.

The two of them saw a rank eight Immortal Gu at the same time, it was floated in the air, s.h.i.+ning with radiance.

“Divine Emperor City is truly deep, it actually contains this legendary Immortal Gu!”

“If I am not wrong, this should be the learning Gu recorded in >!!”

The two conversed, seeing the shock on each other’s expressions.

“Learning Gu is a human path Immortal Gu, this is likely the highest ranked human path Immortal Gu in the current world.” Fang Di Chang sighed.

“I get it now!” Shen Shang’s eyes suddenly s.h.i.+ned with bright light: “Why did beast tamers and qi cultivators appear earlier? It was the result of this learning Gu’s effect. Of course, this should not be the only Gu used, it is likely a killer move. Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had such grand ambitions, his arrangements were truly deep.”

Fang Di Chang frowned: “But why did this learning Gu activate on its own now? Did something happen in the outside world?”

Shen Shang was troubled, he did not know about the situation outside.

But he quickly reacted: “This is a prime opportunity! Learning Gu must be one of the cores of Divine Emperor City, regardless of what is going on outside that caused this core to be used alone, at this point, Divine Emperor City’s intact structure has a crack in it, we can find this weakness and make use of it!”

“Good idea!” Fang Di Chang’s pupils expanded as he looked at Shen Shang excitedly: “Let us work together and explore the secret of Divine Emperor City.”

At the same time.

Crazed Demon Cave.

Eighth layer.

Green Lotus Dao field, above Book Mountain.

Fairy Yu Xiu sat at the peak of Book Mountain, within her immortal aperture, Divine Emperor City’s learning Gu spread out its radiance, cooperating with Fairy Yu Xiu’s other Immortal Gu to form a human path killer move —

Endless Learning!

At the middle and bottom of Book Mountain, there were countless Gu cultivators.

The killer move’s radiance was light blue in color, it spread down and covered all of these Gu cultivators.

Their bodies shook intensely.

“This is?!”

The immortals’ expressions changed, they were filled with deep shock.

An indescribable profundity of the Great Dao flowed into the depths of their hearts like a gentle river.

The attainment levels of these immortals started to rise!

“There is actually such an incredible killer move in this world, if I am not experiencing this personally, I will not be able to imagine it!”

“This is the teaching of the sage, the sage is merciful and benevolent!”

Many Gu Immortals were so touched they shed tears on the spot, others knelt down on the ground, kowtowing to Fairy Yu Xiu at the peak of the mountain.

These were all non-standard Gu Immortals, but they were receiving the most traditional Gu cultivation method now.

They were all clear about how hard it was to raise attainment levels!

This was truly an unprecedented fortuitous encounter for them!

“In this world, there are indeed other methods to raise attainment level other than dream realms. Human path… Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had already made his arrangements to this degree. It is definitely not wrong for Heavenly Court to develop human path!” Qin Ding Ling was very excited internally.

Heavenly Court’s members, with her at the lead, sat down together and closed their eyes to comprehend calmly.

Fairy Yu Xiu opened her eyes slightly, looking down below her with a glance.

Sweat had gathered on her forehead, all the thoughts in her mind were used to sustain this move.

Endless learning was a human path method of strategical value, its benefit for any super force was huge beyond imagination.

Its greatest advantage was that it did not expend the user’s true meaning, it created true meaning in the mind of the targets instead!

Rule path and wisdom path Gu Immortals were more adept at extracting their own true meaning compared to other paths.

When other Gu cultivators take the true meaning, their attainment levels of the corresponding path would rise sharply.

But the Gu cultivator who extracted their true meaning would experience a fall in attainment level, the losses could not be regained.

This was why true meaning was so rare in the world.

Endless learning was a killer move that made use of Fairy Yu Xiu’s attainment level, the secluded domain of heaven and earth Book Mountain, as well as learning Gu.

This move could create new true meaning in the mind of the targets.

Once the true meaning was created, it would be instantly absorbed by the Gu cultivator and cause their relevant attainment level to rise.

This was the greatest advantage of the killer move endless learning, it did not consume anyone’s attainment level.

But at the same time, this advantage was also its weakness.

Because the true meaning created by the killer move had limitations.

The limitations were the Gu cultivator themselves.

The Gu cultivator’s apt.i.tude, talent, comprehension and personal experiences were conditions that restricted their production of true meaning.

Attainment level profundity of the same level would vary across the different people who were comprehending them. If one reached their limit and could not comprehend the profundity, they would start to develop illusions.

As expected, not long after, Gu cultivators on Book Mountain started to see illusions.

Some of them saw surging golden lotuses, some saw azure rain, some saw surging b.l.o.o.d.y water, some saw bone forests, or rainbow colored phoenixes that growled loudly.

“I, I can’t persevere anymore!” A moment later, someone spat out blood and fainted.

More and more people followed.

But some Gu cultivators were still enduring.

With this, the talent, personal experiences and comprehension of the Gu cultivators were also clearly distinguished.

But by the time, those among Qin Ding Ling’s group started to waver as sweat appeared on their foreheads, about ninety percent of Green Lotus Dao field’s native Gu Immortals had already fallen.

“Even if these natives become Gu Immortals, they are still inferior to humans, who have the highest natural talent and intelligence.” Fairy Yu Xiu nodded to herself.

After some observation, she had already gained a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Gu Immortals from Green Lotus Dao field.

When Qin Ding Ling and the rest started to waver, the other Gu cultivators on the mountain had already fainted.

Bai Cang Shui fainted, Zhou Xiong Xin also fainted, followed by Jun Shen Guang.

Eventually, only three Heavenly Court members were left.

They were Qin Ding Ling, Che Wei, and Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

“Brother?” Gu Yue Fang Zheng’s eyes were filled with blood, he grunted before fainting.

Thereafter, Qin Ding Ling smiled bitterly as she lost consciousness as well.

Che Wei lasted until the end.

Fairy Yu Xiu nodded to herself: “As expected of the creator of weapon path. Hmm? I actually misjudged.”

Fairy Yu Xiu’s expression suddenly changed as she s.h.i.+fted her gaze from Che Wei to a meteor at the bottom of the mountain.

This meteor was large as an elephant, it was also a Gu Immortal.

Earlier, it had fallen into a state of semi-unconsciousness. Even Fairy Yu Xiu did not expect that a certain strength would gather within the rock.

At this point, the mystical strength reached its limit, there was a qualitative change occurring.


With a thunderous sound, the meteor shattered as golden light s.h.i.+ned in all directions.

From the piercing and blinding light, a rock monkey flew out.

The rock monkey landed on the ground and scratched its ears, shouting: “Brilliant, truly brilliant!”


At the other end, Che Wei could no longer endure it, he fainted on the spot.

Fairy Yu Xiu’s expression became even more peculiar: “This rock monkey is born from heaven and earth, it is extraordinary. It even has incredible talent surpa.s.sing Che Wei. With such potential, it will definitely reach great heights in the future!”

“Amazing, amazing.”

“What a pity, what a pity.”

Fairy Yu Xiu sighed continuously.

She was referring to Limitless Demon Venerable when she said ‘amazing’.

Limitless Demon Venerable created Crazed Demon Cave, the derivation of new heaven path dao marks went on for over a million years, the results were huge. This rock monkey was the proof of it!

This rock monkey’s potential and comprehension ability even surpa.s.sed Heavenly Court’s members, it defeated Che Wei!

If this rock monkey was nurtured well and grew successfully, it might create its own path in the future.

But this rock monkey was destined to have a pitiful ending, it could not live for long.

It was meant to be Limitless Demon Venerable’s sacrifice!

Even Heavenly Court could not let it off.

Because it was not a pure human.

This was also why Fairy Yu Xiu said ‘what a pity’.

The rock monkey lasted for a few more minutes before falling on the ground, unconscious.

Fairy Yu Xiu stopped using the killer move, she started to rest.

Even though she did not consume her attainment level, the price of using this move was quite high. Be they thoughts, immortal essence, or her own lifespan, they were expended.

Not long after, the Gu Immortals started to wake up.

They started to cheer, unable to control themselves.

Their attainment levels had all risen, the problems that they faced normally with killer moves or incomplete Immortal Gu recipes were all resolvable now.

Many Gu Immortals even had new ideas regarding the modification of their current killer moves.

“Thank you, sage, for imparting the Dao to us!”

“Sage has unsurpa.s.sed virtue for imparting the Dao to us!”

The Gu Immortals knelt on the ground of their own will.

Fairy Yu Xiu smiled, her voice spreading throughout Book Mountain, before spreading to the entire Green Lotus World: “Three days later, I will hold another session to impart the Dao on Book Mountain again.”

The immortals were stunned, at the next moment, a thunderous cheer resounded.

Three days later, not only on Book Mountain itself, even a large number of Gu Masters gathered near the base of Book Mountain.

Gu Masters could only surround Book Mountain but not ascend it, on the mountain base and the sides, many new Gu Immortals showed up.

These Gu Immortals came from various small worlds, hearing that a sage was imparting the Dao on Book Mountain, they came of their own accord to benefit from it.

Fairy Yu Xiu used endless learning again.

As illusions started to show up, everyone saw different sights.

“I can see many flowers!”

“So many pig heads are flying in the sky…”

“Fairy, don’t run, you can’t escape from me! Hehehe…”

“That rascal is dead meat, I’m telling you, even a Gu Immortal cannot save him!”

“The man of my dreams is an unparalleled hero who will come and marry me while riding on a rainbow cloud, even though I am also a man.”


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