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“How is that possible?”

Li Yunmu was astonished by the terrifying rate of flux energy absorption. He forcefully halted his cultivation and awakened from the meditative state.

“System, how many times higher was my absorption rate of flux energy compared to the ordinary absorption rate in the Origin World?” he asked in complete astonishment.

[Reporting to host, if your usual rate of absorption of flux energy in the Origin World was represented as one unit, your speed here would be eighteen units,] the system calmly replied.

When it had discovered a large amount of high quality flux energy on the tree leaves, it had done a complete scan.

“Eighteen times? You mean that the cultivation efficiency on the ancestor tree’s leaf is eighteen times compared to the outside world?”

Li Yunmu almost went crazy.

[Wrong. It’s just the absorption rate that is eighteen times that of the outside world. If the cultivation efficiency as a whole was taken into account, it would be thirty-two times higher.]

The flux energy absorption speed of eighteen times had caused Li Yunmu to go crazy, yet the system presented him with another astonis.h.i.+ng fact. Apparently, the actual cultivation efficiency was thirty-two times that of the outside world.

“What is the meaning of this? How have you calculated that?”

Thirty-two times higher cultivation efficiency truly frightened Li Yunmu. What was the meaning of it?

If any cultivator knew that the cultivation speed here was thirty-two times higher than in the Origin World, they would probably go crazy.

It has to be known that in the Origin World that if a cultivator attacked a flux points by relying on the flux energy in the world and had no outside a.s.sistance, then opening it in a dozen years was just a pipedream. That was why cultivators in the outside world wouldn’t simply engage in bitter cultivation; the life expectancy of humans was finite.

Because of that, the majority of them would use various means to acc.u.mulate contribution points to purchase flux binding pills and increase their cultivation speed like this. Yet in the Origin G.o.d Sect people only needed to stay on the leaf of the ancestor tree to cultivate, and their cultivation speed would be thirty-two times higher.

In other words, they didn’t need to bother about collecting contribution points. They needed to just concentrate on cultivating, and within half a year, they would have opened all one hundred and eight flux points.

This was an outrageous fact which would leave people astonished!

It was then that Li Yunmu understood the reason why Origin G.o.d Sect acted in such a low-key manner. As well as why they guarded their sect’s entrance so thoroughly.

After all, if this secret was leaked outside, they would become the target of all the powers in the Origin World who would attack them without any hesitation.

It showed up that the threat of the insect devils wasn’t the main reason why Origin G.o.d Sect stayed quiet in the outside world.

“So what you’re saying is that the flux energy absorption rate here is eighteen times higher. But if taken as a whole, the cultivation efficiency in this place is thirty-two times higher than in the Origin World. On top of that, the absorbed flux energy is extremely pure, so the process of opening and filling the flux points is smooth and easy, unlike outside where it could fail many times.”

The system’s precise a.n.a.lysis was reliable. Since it was certain of its calculations, Li Yunmu was convinced that the number thirty-two was only a conservative estimate and definitely not an exaggeration.

After learning this, his heart sank.

Origin G.o.d Sect possessed World Ancestor twig which was simply too terrifying. They could create a great flux expert from a physical expert within half an year.

It was the same as creating soldiers with ease. They could increase their number of great flux experts at a steady rate.

It has to be known that a great flux expert, even if they were just of the first rank, would be equivalent to a nirvana expert of Earth.

When ten such nirvana experts joined hands, then even ordinary flux sages couldn’t fight back.

Terrifying, truly terrifying.

[Host doesn’t need to worry too much. It is impossible for Origin G.o.d Sect to cultivate great flux experts at this speed. You mustn’t forget that the Origin World is the main thing restricting their growth. After all, for each cultivator they produce, they must send it to be nurtured in the Origin World.

[As long as they are being restricted by this factor, then regardless of whatever magical techniques they possess, they can’t develop quickly. Not to mention that the Origin G.o.d Sect is still being threatened by the insect devils. These creatures from the outside surely kill many cultivators of the Origin G.o.d World every day,] the system said.

Its words sounded like they held the truth of the matter.

After thinking about it, Li Yunmu’s heart finally calmed down, and he began to cultivate once more, silently entering the meditative state again.

Nine days pa.s.sed in no time. During them, Li Yunmu remained immersed in cultivating on the tree leaf until he finally broke through the heaven frost point. This was the first time he’d absorbed flux energy naturally and opened a flux point without using flux binding pills.

As a matter of fact, his speed was only a little slower than when he’d used flux binding pills. But even so, this was still unusually terrifying.

After another five days, Li Yunmu filled the heaven frost point with flux energy. It meant that he’d finished with the one hundred and first point and only four flux points remained before he opened the one hundred and five points.

Li Yunmu rested for a night and then at dawn rushed toward the next flux point’s holyland.

“Hanchi point is also one of the guardian points of the chest sea.”

After experiencing cultivation on the tree leaf for the first time, he had become quite proficient.

After eight days, he opened the hanchi point and used another three days to quickly fill it up. After it he began to attack the one hundred and third point.

Just when Li Yunmu was moving toward the holyland of one hundred and third point, Yuan Biyao came out of seclusion.

After making some mental calculations, she realized that it had been exactly one month since she’d brought Li Yunmu, no “Lin Qingyang”, to the Origin G.o.d Sect. In this month, her presence had changed completely.

If Li Yunmu would’ve been in front of her at this moment, he’d definitely be astonished. What sort of cultivation speed was that? In just a month, Yuan Biyao who had been a mid stage flux expert had crossed two thresholds and entered the great circle of flux expert realm.

She had already surpa.s.sed Li Yunmu and opened all one hundred and eight points in the same time. She only needed to take the final step to congeal the great flux expert armor, and she would enter the great flux expert realm.

But before returning to cultivation, she asked, “What is he doing?”

“Reporting to princess, apart from the first three days which he used to make enquiries in the town, he has been engaged in bitter cultivation in the eleventh layer. He is quickly advancing toward opening the one hundred and five point,” a serving woman answered.

“Oh, that’s pretty good. With him cultivating so quickly, it seems like after learning about the Origin G.o.d World, he is h.e.l.l-bent on staying here.”

Yuan Biyao smiled.


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