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Chapter 669: A Trick Or Two

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Pope looked at the people from Frontline Heavens, he was unable to restrain his anger. “So you were really pretending in front of me! Now you have finally revealed your true colours! Didn’t your Frontline G.o.d say that you people do everything in an honest and truthful manner?”

Pope ruthlessly stabbed his scepter into the chest of one of the flux experts of Frontline Heavens. That single attack was enough to send that flux expert close to his death. He instantly felt faint and lost consciousness.

When Frontline G.o.d, who was at the gate of Lucky Wind City, heard the news, he was stumped for words. When Divine Religion confirmed their hypothesis, they were naturally going to launch a formidable counterattack at Frontline Heavens.

The people of Divine Religion instantly attacked, and Frontline G.o.d led Frontline Heavens to meet the attack. The two sides began to fight outside Lucky Wind City.

Frontline G.o.d still tried to persuade Pope. “Is it worth the trouble? Because of your actions, Lucky Wind City will be the fisherman reaping all the profits!”

Pope sneered at him. “Frontline G.o.d, today you will die. You just need to wait with your hands tied!”

“Ridiculous! Pope, you do know that if Lucky Wind City dispatches some people right now, we will all be finished!”

“I would rather fall into the hands of Lucky Wind City than allow you to become the overlord of Earth! I won’t allow your trickery to prevail!”

Upon hearing Pope spout such crazy words, Frontline G.o.d was completely shocked. Pope was truly a complete idiot. He might as well have been handing over all the advantages he had obtained to Lucky Wind City!

What level of stupidity was this?

Clearly, that earlier matter hadn’t been his fault. But Pope wasn’t willing to overlook or spare him. Because of a misunderstanding, the two sides engaged in a battle leading to the present situation.

Frontline G.o.d felt some regret. Wasn’t this the so-called one wrong step leads to more mistakes?

He was no longer able to persuade Pope to turn around and could only accept the situation.

At that moment, troops appeared at the gates of Lucky Wind City. They looked at the battle between Frontline G.o.d and Pope as if they were watching a play.

Frontline G.o.d and Pope stopped their fight and looked at the female figure gazing at them from some distance away. Seeing them, the woman gave a faint smile.

“Two leaders of different factions who began to battle each other for personal interest. This violates all principles of military strategy! Both of you need to wash your necks and get ready!”

Lin Yuerou didn’t advocate the use of force. Her flux experts and supreme transcending level experts surrounded Frontline Heavens and Divine Religion from all sides. They had clearly come prepared.

Frontline G.o.d and Pope fell into despair.

“You placed a mole in my city, and I used a little trick for you to begin suspecting one another. Just a trick or two from me caused you to suspect, mistrust, and even fight against each other. Even if you join hands, you aren’t an opponent of my Lucky Wind City!” Lin Yuerou said indifferently.

Frontline G.o.d and Pope were startled upon hearing her words. This was the true meaning of utter defeat!

The girl had somehow already gotten everything under control. It seemed like he had been patiently biding her time. Once they started infighting, she took advantage of the opportunity.

Actually, Pope had guessed that it might be a possibility, but at that time, he was being chased by Frontline Heavens and thought that Frontline G.o.d was the true enemy!

Lin Yuerou had predicted all of that a long time ago. Right then, the troops of Frontline Heavens and Divine Religion were waiting quietly for Lucky Wind City to deal with them.

Who could have thought that Geb would become terrified suddenly. It was completely opposite to his usual style. Ra and Osiris couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. What exactly was going on there? How could the youngster in front of them suddenly turn into a monster?

It was completely abnormal, and Ra couldn’t accept it. He angrily yelled, “Why exactly are you terrified of him?”

But Geb had already turned around and left.

Ra, however, didn’t intend to let Li Yunmu go, even if the power released by him just a moment ago was quite formidable!

“As the leader of the three Egyptian G.o.ds, I will certainly kill you today!”

Ra had already united with the Winged G.o.d Dragon, and a ball of flame suddenly came out from its mouth.

That flame attack didn’t possess any threat towards him in Li Yunmu’s eyes. He simply devoured the raging flames!

Once there wasn’t even a trace of them left, Ra was completely dumbstruck. How was that possible? The youth had surprisingly…

Ra couldn’t help but gulp while Osiris on his Sky Dragon furiously shouted, “Summoning Thunder Bolt!”

Another lightning bolt fell from the sky, but it was also devoured by Li Yunmu.

Osiris and Ra were dumbstruck. How could this person devour the powers of others? How could he possibly be a half step G.o.d when he clearly was…

After devouring their powers, Li Yunmu attacked them using them.

The Sky Dragon instantly fell down to the Land of Ice. The Winged Dragon G.o.d, in the meantime, went alight with flames.

The three Egyptian G.o.ds were startled. Was that the youngster’s ability? It was simply too terrifying!

But Ra still sinisterly looked at Li Yunmu; he had already gone crazy. Winged Dragon G.o.d charged into the sky with his entire body on fire like a phoenix.

“Ha ha ha ha… The Winged Dragon G.o.d is a phoenix. It won’t ever be defeated!”

Li Yunmu indifferently smiled and said, “True! It was unexpectedly a phoenix, but in front of me, it still cannot resist a single blow!”


Ra furiously gazed at Li Yunmu.

Geb stopped and tried to persuade him, “We aren’t his opponents. I’ve noticed this some time ago.”

Osiris stood up with difficulty. “But even he cannot save Scandinavia right now.”

Osiris’ words were very strange, and Li Yunmu couldn’t help but look at Scandinavia. Not far from them, Scandinavian G.o.d Council and Heavenly G.o.ds Council were fighting with each other. At that moment, many ancient G.o.ds suddenly appeared all around them.

Ra stood up and said, “What day is today? Surprisingly so many of them have gathered.”

Li Yunmu was faintly startled, since he hadn’t seen those ancient G.o.ds before. Who were they? Were they also the enemy of Scandinavia?


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