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Chapter 950: Alliance’s True Son

The night pearl small world was completely empty of cultivators but for one spot. Everywhere else, only the birds and beasts roamed around the land.

All the cultivators had gathered around a certain forest. The factions of the four emperors had chosen to make camps in four different directions, as far away from one another as possible. The other cultivators in the area, a whole three thousand of them, had gathered at a spot beyond them.

Regardless of whether it was the Nine Palaces and the taoists, or Yin Manor and Buddha Clan, quarrels frequently broke out between their disciples soon after they established their base camps. Often, when the quarrel commenced, the leader of each faction would summon their disciples within the palace hall for a time.

During that time, no quarrels broke out between the disciples of the four emperor factions, and they only looked at the disciples of other factions from the corner of their eyes as they coldly snorted.

When the three thousand cultivators saw that, they sighed inwardly. Everyone hoped that the four factions would continue quarreling, and the best scenario would be if they actually attacked one another.

As long as the four emperor factions did not unite, the other cultivators would gain an advantage. But if the four factions did unite, or even a few of them allied together, the other cultivators wouldn’t stand a chance.

Each of the four factions had a true immortal, while everyone else was only in tribulation pa.s.sing stage.

In truth though, even if the four powers allied together, they would only have four true immortals together with several tens of disciples. That would make them unable to contend against the three thousand tribulation pa.s.sing cultivators. Everyone hoped that they could suppress the four emperor factions using the advantage of numbers, but was it even possible?

It was completely impossible.

The four emperor factions were the peak powers of the Goumang Real World, and their founding ancestors were quasi sages, who were existences that could cover the entire heavens. Underneath them were forty-five great princ.i.p.al golden immortals.

In contrast, the most formidable power behind the three thousand cultivators only had one great princ.i.p.al golden immortal, while the most formidable experts of the rest of the sects were golden immortals or quasi golden immortals.

How could they contend against the four emperor factions? Even if they were able to s.n.a.t.c.h the G.o.dhoods in the forest, after returning to the Goumang Real World, they would face interrogation and suppression from the four emperor factions. With such a fate awaiting them, which cultivator would dare to plunder the G.o.dhoods and crossing the four emperor factions?

Although the four emperor factions weren’t fond of each other, the true immortals of the four factions gathered in one hall in order to divide the G.o.dhoods. All the ordinary G.o.dhoods were divided into four portions while the owners.h.i.+p of the G.o.dhoods of ancient G.o.ds would depend on everyone’s ability.

Each of the four immortals then chose ten G.o.dhoods to be left behind for the tribulation pa.s.sing cultivators to contest. After negotiation, they dispatched disciples to explain the rules to the three thousand tribulation pa.s.sing cultivators.

When they heard about the forty G.o.dhoods, the complexions of the cultivators turned ashen. But even if they were angry, they didn’t dare to voice it out. If only forty were left for three thousand cultivators, most people wouldn’t receive even any dregs.

Everyone gathered together then. They were sure that the only way out for them was to wait until the true son of the Alliance arrived. He alone could be their support.

The Alliance could contend against the four emperor factions, and its true son was similar to the young masters of the four factions. The most crucial point was that the forest had appeared in the night pearl small world, which was under the management of the Alliance. As long as the true son appeared, the three thousand cultivators could rely on him and fight for the G.o.dhoods without any apprehensions.

Even if they would need to pay a share after the matter, it would still be better than submitting to the four emperor factions who only left forty G.o.dhoods for everyone else.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

The sky turned black from white in the night pearl small world, and stars began to s.h.i.+ne high above. A strong gale blew from a distant place, and it had an immortal presence within it.

It startled all the birds and beasts, while the three thousand cultivators stood up to look. A hint of happiness appeared on their faces when they realized that the true son of the Alliance had finally arrived.

Li Yunmu, who was standing on the ancient tree in the forest, also took note of the strong gale, and a hint of astonishment appeared on his face.

“What is this? Only one person came from the Alliance! Do they only want to watch from the sidelines?” he asked with suspicion.

That was completely different from what Yan Wanqiu had said.

When they were in the mountain cave, she had shared the plan of using the G.o.dhoods to lure in the tribulation pa.s.sing cultivators of the night pearl small world. She also pointed out that a peak disciple of the Goumang Real World was managing the night pearl small world for the Alliance.

Almost everything went as expected. After Li Yunmu created the forest and spread the news, the four emperor factions and three thousand cultivators were attracted over.

From the people Yan Wanqiu had told Li Yunmu about, only the true son of the Alliance hadn’t arrived.

Although many factions had united to form the Alliance, its main backbone was the lineage of Da Luo patriarch. Every generation’s heirs were called true sons, and the present generation had seven true sons.

One of the true sons was responsible for managing the night pearl small world. Thus, Yan Wanqiu had inferred that he would come to the forest.

Once something important was discovered, he would always come together with the four true immortal managers. But what concerned the four managers of the night pearl small world, one of them had been killed by Yin Qi, while the remaining three were dealt with when they went after Jue Qingzi.

Without the three true immortals, the true son of the Alliance should have brought an army from the Goumang Real World once he realized that there was going to be a fight over numerous G.o.dhoods.

But against Li Yunmu’s expectations, the true son of the Alliance came unaccompanied by anyone. Even if it seemed illogical.

The violent gale that could be seen on the horizon outside reached the location of the three thousand cultivators within a flash. When it descended, a clear figure was revealed. It belonged to a young man wearing a golden gown and surrounded by a domain of a starry river, which had countless flickering points inside. After careful observation, it could be seen that each star was a piece of treasure.

A muscular man wielding a cudgel made from wolf teeth revealed a cheerful expression. A smile appeared on his face when he saw the youth, and he respectfully said, “Respectful greetings, True Son Duo Bao.”

True Son Duo Bao nodded, then asked with a calm expression, “En, what’s the situation here?”

The muscular man narrated all of what had happened, then finally came to the point where the four factions had dispatched people to tell them about leaving behind forty G.o.dhoods for the three thousand cultivators.

When he said that, True Son Duo Bao snorted as he looked at the palace hall at the edge of forest and said in an unpleasant tone, “Hmph, the four emperor factions have resorted to tyrannically abusing people. They even dare to behave atrociously in the territory of my Alliance!”

As he said those words, a projection shot out from the starry river domain surrounding True Son Duo Bao’s body. The stars were all emitting the pressure of numerous treasures, and it was enough to make the s.p.a.ce distort.

Moments later, peak stage true immortal presence spread out from True Son Duo Bao’s body. It was followed by various events in the palace hall.

Faint golden light came from the bodies of the monks sitting on the ground, and a shadow spread out in the air behind the buddha son who had the lotus imprint on his head. The shadow transformed into an enormous projection of Buddha, whose appearance was exactly the same as that of the buddha son.

One after another, seals, who were on the brink of turning illusory, flew out from the bodies of taoists and formed an enormous ‘Tao’ symbol, from which an ancient and formidable pressure spread out.

Rays of light flew out from the pure white palace which spread out midair to form the projection of a spell formation. Great danger existed between the lines.

Finally, waves of spirits flew out from the palace surrounded by yin fog. They spiraled and howled in the air among two true immortal stage fiends.

Once True Son Duo Bao made his move, the four emperor factions immediately reacted. It was completely different from before, when the three thousand cultivators appeared at the edge of the forest.

At that time, the four emperor factions didn’t have any reaction. They didn’t put the three thousand cultivators in their eyes, even if they had an almost dominating advantage in terms of numbers.


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