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Chapter 225: Work hard together

As Lan Xuanyu grew older, he grew taller. Although he looked like a teenager, he still had the beautiful face from his childhood and became more handsome. There was also a reserved look in his big eyes. His outstanding appearance would naturally attract others’ attention no matter where he stood.

Bing Tianliang glanced at Liang Shus.h.i.+. “Shus.h.i.+, we are allies.”

Liang Shus.h.i.+ turned to look at him, her eyes turned gentler, and she replied obediently with an “en”. Then, she lowered her head and didn’t make another sound.

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help being amazed. It seemed like Liang Shus.h.i.+ and Bing Tianliang were very close indeed!

While on that trail of thought, a stunning face appeared in his head subconsciously and he wondered if she had reached Douluo Planet yet. They could find a chance to summon her later and ask.

According to the time, Dong Qianqiu should have already arrived at Douluo Planet and headed to Shrek Academy like them.

There were a total of 300 people taking part in this semi-final, and they were carefully selected from various major planets. Among them, Douluo Planet had the highest number of partic.i.p.ants, as the students here were more outstanding.

The students were led by the teachers. Everyone crossed the s.p.a.ce center pa.s.sage and went onboard a Soul Guidance airplane.

They had to take another three hours flight before they arrived at their destination.

Perhaps due to the long hours of boredom in the s.p.a.cecraft, these young people of the same age became very lively and began chatting after they went on the plane.

Many of thems gazes would often land on Bing Tianliang and Lan Xuanyu.

As the only four-ring Soul Master in Heaven Luo Planet this time, Bing Tianliang was naturally a subject of attention, but Lan Xuanyu was not to be outdone either. He got first place for both rounds of the qualifiers and even gave Bing Tianliang pressure, so how could the rest not notice him?

Even though they all came from Heaven Luo Planet, they were still compet.i.tors. If one person got through, it also meant one less vacancy on the list.

“Student Bing, how many people from your school got into Shrek Academy?” Lan Xuanyu asked Bing Tianliang.

The teachers must have arranged for them to be seated together.

On Lan Xuanyu’s left was Qian Lei, and on Bing Tianliang’s right was Liang Shus.h.i.+.

“None at all last year.”

“None?” Lan Xuanyu looked at him in shock.

Bing Tianliang nodded and said, “Last year, n.o.body got in from our Heaven Luo Planet. 21 out of the 30 people on the list came from the Mother Planet and the remaining s.p.a.ces were taken up by other planets. There was a senior from our school who got into Shrek Academy three years ago, and he happened to be the only one from Heaven Luo Planet to successfully get in in the past three years.”

Lan Xuanyu had always known that getting into Shrek Academy was tough, but he didn’t expect that it would be this tough. Also, from what Bing Tianliang said, he could tell how strong those candidates from the Mother Planet were. It was simply to a perverted level!

Bing Tianliang glanced at him and said, “That is unless one is specially recruited; otherwise, it would be very hard to say whether a few people could get in this time.”

Lan Xuanyu asked, “You’re also not confident?”

“Maybe a little but that’s if it was just me alone…” He paused. Although he didn’t turn to look at Liang Shus.h.i.+, Lan Xuanyu already knew his intention when he went to look for him to cooperate.

In other words, if Bing Tianliang couldn’t get Liang Shus.h.i.+ into Shrek Academy with him, he might give up? There was still Yu Tian and Lin Donghui though.

This chap was truly… loyal!

“Let’s work hard together. Who knows, we might be able to get in,” Lan Xuanyu said with a smile.

“You have a big appet.i.te! Where does your confidence stem from?” Liang Shus.h.i.+ blurted.

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “If I don’t even dare to think about it, would I have a chance at all? We need to pray right now that we’ll be able to work as a team. If we’re a.s.sessed individually, I’m afraid it would be a little troublesome.”

“That’s right, I think so too.” Bing Tianliang strongly agreed.

He was the strongest in his team and the three of them worked very well together, but they were fine individually as well. There were also four-ring Soul Masters among those who enrolled into Shrek Academy each year. After all, even on the Mother Planet, it was very common for 12-year-olds to have four rings.

For that reason, their deepest card was not Bing Tianliang, but Lan Xuanyu.

Bing Tianliang knew very well that if he simply relied on himself, Yu Tian and Lin Donghui’s strengths, they wouldn’t be able to get into Shrek Academy, not to mention helping Liang Shus.h.i.+ too.

However, if they had Lan Xuanyu, things would be different. His ability to enhance others in the Spirit Ascension Platform had already shown that its effect was even better than the legendary Seven Treasure Glazed Tile PaG.o.da. Then there was that combined move with Dong Qianqiu. It had simply shocked Bing Tianliang thoroughly; he knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand that Martial Soul Fusion technique.

With Lan Xuanyu, if it was a team a.s.sessment, a miracle might happen. Don’t forget that Lan Xuanyu had strong commanding skills too. He had already proven with his actions that he was someone who was great at creating miracles.

Bing Tianliang said in a low voice, “If all seven of us could get in, Lan Xuanyu, I will give you the prize that I draw.”

“Your prize?” Lan Xuanyu was taken aback.

Bing Tianliang said in surprise, “You don’t know? Every new student who enrols into Shrek Academy has a chance of drawing a prize from the Lucky Wheel.”

When Lan Xuanyu heard that, he was moved. Shrek Academy was truly generous! And the fact that Bing Tianliang was actually willing to give this precious opportunity to him, it was obvious how badly he wanted to get into Shrek Academy with his partner.

Lan Xuanyu could also tell that Bing Tianliang had excluded Liang Shus.h.i.+’s teammates. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to bring them along, but there were only so many places. There were only 30 seats available, and they planned to s.n.a.t.c.h up seven of them. It was already wishful thinking for seven people to get into Shrek Academy, let alone nine.

“Pray first, then work hard.”

Everyone on the plane gradually quietened down. Just how many of these 30 young Soul Masters from Heaven Luo Planet could get into Shrek Academy? Or would none of them? They would find out very soon. When the plane went silent, pressure arose.

Lan Xuanyu closed his eyes and felt the heat coming from his body continuously. In the dark, he could somewhat feel something, but he just couldn’t put his finger to it.

Although the others seemed to have gotten used to the rich life energy in Douluo Planet, he kept having this feeling. That rich life energy seemed to be going around his body non-stop.

He closed his eyes and tried to meditate. Very soon, he realized that he was right.

Usually, when he cultivates, a portion of his Soul Power would be absorbed by the gold and silver vortex in his bloodline. Although he didn’t know what for, he was very sure that it was something related to protecting the bloodline. When he arrived at this Douluo Planet and meditated, he realized that even though the bloodline vortex would absorb some of his Soul Power, it was much lesser than before. The life energy in the air seemed to help him replenish the energy needed by the vortex.

What did this mean? It meant that if he cultivated in Douluo Planet, his speed of cultivation would be evidently faster than in Heaven Luo Planet.

Although he still might not be able to match up with others, it was still a huge improvement!

Three hours was short compared to the long journey on the s.p.a.cecraft.

Someone suddenly exclaimed, “We’re here! Shrek Academy, it’s Shrek Academy!”


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