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333 – Ruyi’s Marvelous Effect

TL : GoldenLung

Lan Mengqin looked at Dong Qianqiu, and said, “No problem.”

Although it was only one day, today’s gains were really great. Of course, they would not be able to replicate today’s results in the Douluo World within the next few days. But this already added up to more than one million Douluo coins, a huge enough income.

With one million Douluo coins, during the promotion period that meant that they could exchange for a whopping one thousand white emblems ! Or about seventy yellow emblems. For these new students, it was definitely a huge amount of wealth. After dividing, there were as many as two hundred white emblems for each person. For freshmen, white and yellow emblems were undoubtedly enough to buy whatever they needed.

Only Lan Xuanyu felt that the gains were not that much. If everyone shared equally, it would be equivalent to a dozen yellow emblems. Every time he cultivated in the Sea G.o.d Lake for an hour, it cost three yellow emblems, and those dozen would be gone after only a few times. Even if he needed half a month to a month of time to digest the energy, it was only enough for him to last for two to three months. Earn money… The road to earning emblems was really a long one !

Teacher Xiao was already so strong, but even he was still very eager to earn emblems.

When he returned to Douluo World, Lan Xuanyu felt extremely excited when he saw the nine hundred and eighty thousand Douluo coins on his team’s account. At the same time, he also received the tickets’ share. There were more than 40,000 Douluo coins, which was quite a lot. From this one could guess how many spectators watched the game.

Their total a.s.sets exceeded 1.02 million Douluo coins.

Lan Xuanyu kept the remaining 20,000 Douluo coins, and the 1 million Douluo coins were evenly distributed. Each person had two hundred thousand coins. His only regret was that he felt it was a pity that Fatty didn’t come. If Qian Lei was there, he would get an extra share. It was an amount of two hundred white emblems, more than ten yellow emblems ! Lan Xuanyu’s total harvest during the previous a.s.sessment was about that amount.

And this was not over yet, they still had six days to continue earning Douluo coins. Starting from nothing or from 200,000 Douluo coins, their speed of earning money was definitely going to be different ! Douluo World was very complete : it even had a lending system. Even through short term loans, they could still make profits. Although not much, it was better than nothing.

He didn’t yet try to plan about how to make money in the future. Instead, he first sealed the video, then exited from the simulation pod, and pa.s.sed the video to Xiao Qi through his Shrek communicator.

Xiao Qi told him that he would watch it by himself first, and then hang it up at the exchange center for sale. The cost of each viewing was set at three white emblems.

The reason for this pricing was to allow more people to buy. Yellow emblems were absolutely scarce and precious for students from the Outer Court. Correspondingly, they were relatively more white emblems, and a lot of secondary occupations paid enough to afford it. Like the one Lan Xuanyu and the others had seen earn money through driving before, they were all low-level students in the academy. They were relatively weak and had no other means of completing tasks. Most students still had a few lingering white emblems.

Although three white emblems weren’t too cheap, it wasn’t too expensive neither. If yellow emblems were set as the price, then the only potential purchasers were probably the teachers. As there weren’t as many teachers as students, after weighing the pros and cons, small profits but quick turnover was the best choice.

Xiao Qi told Lan Xuanyu his thoughts very patiently, not without the goal of instructing him at the same time, and Lan Xuanyu felt enlightened.

Only then did he understand why his Twin Martial Soul cultivation method that he had put up for sale before hadn’t yet been bought by anyone now, it was probably because of the high price.

He himself got quite a lot of resources right at the beginning, and he still had a dozen yellow emblems in his pocket. However, there were actually very few people in the Outer Court who had as many yellow emblems. Even if everyone could earn that much, they would use it to purchase cultivation resources, and very few would have anything left by then.

After learning from Xiao Qi, Lan Xuanyu felt that giving half to Teacher Xiao this time was not worth it. He now only had to wait for the check.

This day was extremely tense and stimulating, and at the same time also extremely rewarding. Once again, today’s battle also made him fully aware of his shortcomings.

The difference in strength was still too big! Although they won in the end, the strength of Tang Yuge and her team was in fact overwhelming.

If it wasn’t for a coincidence, the two light and darkness soul masters blowing themselves up, they probably didn’t have the slightest chance. Yuanen Huihui’s outburst was only the power of one blow. If the two Black Tortoise s.h.i.+eld soul masters were there, they might have been able to withstand it at full force. Tang Yuge was not specialized at defense after all.

The most important thing was that they had a Battle Armor. They won the Tang Yuge group of five without their Battle Armor. What if they wore it ? They would have been completely crushed.

As the pillar of the team, apart from buffing, in fact, he did nothing at all. It’s not that he didn’t want to do it, his strength was simply too weak. Against opponents at the five-ring level, he couldn’t intervene !

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but clench his fists. In any case, he had to enter the three-ring level quickly. After becoming a Soul Elder, he should be able to completely turn a new leaf.

While thinking about it, he arrived at his meditation room. In the room, a thick and dense life aura could be felt, and the black-level emblem lied there quietly, still absorbing the life energy in the ambient air to restore itself.

What could a black emblem be exchanged for ? This thing should be very precious and rare. Lan Xuanyu picked up the black rank emblem and closed the lid. The next moment, the life aura in the meditation room intensified.

Suddenly, a warm sensation flowed out from his chest, as he subconsciously raised his hand to touch it, he suddenly understood, and he quickly took out something from his pocket.

The little emerald ruyi appeared in his palm. At the very instant he took it out, Lan Xuanyu suddenly found that the entire meditation room seemed to light up, and its brightness increased sharply.

Looking down, he saw that on the ground of the meditation room, the soul arrays began to emit a stronger halo, and then he was surprised to see that the bits of life energy were almost swarming from outside to the meditation room. Scrambling, fighting against each other to be the first to arrive, as if afraid of missing up on something if they were late.


Lan Xuanyu looked at the green ruyi in surprise. In his perception, even when the black rank emblem was in its heyday, its traction of life energy was not as intense as this little thing. After being stimulated by the life aura, the green ruyi began to emit a softer green halo, and the influx of life aura then quietly coiled around it as the center in the meditation room.

The bloodline vortex in Lan Xuanyu’s body suddenly began to show signs of stirring up, even his soul power seemed to be drawn by the strong life force of the outside world, and it started to spin slowly on its own.

This effect could already catch up with his cultivation session of soaking in the Sea G.o.d Lake. What kind of material was this ruyi made up of ?

Lan Xuanyu looked at it in astonishment, and then carefully placed the green ruyi at the place where the black rank emblem was located, which was the center of the entire meditation room.

Suddenly, the soul array on the ground of the meditation room was covered by a faint green halo, giving it a strange texture.

Sitting cross-legged, Lan Xuanyu silently felt the changes in his body. The soul power in his body was actually very full now. What he needed was to compress and completely absorb it in order to transform it into his own soul power to improve himself.

Currently, he really didn’t dare to absorb any more of these life energy, but he soon discovered that the life aura emitted by this green ruyi was different from the rest.


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