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Chapter 585– Take Away The Good Stuff

TL : GoldenLung

A glaring white light shot out and a huge cannonball shot out. But a strange scene occurred. That black shadow swept across and actually covered the entire cannonball. In the next moment, the black shadow soared into the sky and the white light was flung out and exploded in the sky with a deafening boom.

In an instant, the entire Black Horn Plaza was in chaos.

After firing the soul cannon once, it was necessary to recharge the battery before it could be fired again.

“You guys are courting death.” The middle-aged man in the air was already enraged. A layer of pitch-black armor gushed out from his body and a pair of black bat-like wings spread out behind him.

“Phantom Martial Soul,” Lan Xuanyu reminded his teammates.

This was a type of evil Martial Soul. It wasn’t particularly evil, but during the cultivation process, one had to hunt a large number of living creatures to nourish the evil spirit that was being nurtured in his sea of consciousness and merge it with his body to successfully improve.

Evil Martial Souls were strong and its cultivation speed was fast. The only problem was that its foundation was unstable and it might go berserk.

They didn’t expect to encounter an evil soul master here.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were already filled with blood. These little things actually wanted to use the soul cannon to attack the Black Fang store—this was a death grudge. He no longer cared about the other party’s background and directly pounced towards Lan Xuanyu.

His body left a series of afterimages in the air. The illusory afterimages were so fast that they looked as fast as lightning.

Soul Sage, Two-Word Battle Armor Master. It was no wonder that this middle-aged man didn’t have any implants on him because he was already a rather powerful expert.

This was the first time Lan Xuanyu and his team had encountered an enemy of this level.

When they were in the academy, it was just a compet.i.tion and the seniors wouldn’t really kill them. Furthermore, there were many teachers watching. But it was different now. They were facing real opponents, enemies, and even an evil soul master at that. If they were careless, their lives would be in danger.

But it was also under such pressure that their potential would be most stimulated.

A pair of deep blue eyes lit up, and that was Bai Xiuxiu’s Deep Blue Daze. As the gaze flickered, the middle-aged man who descended from the sky felt a chill around his body and froze for a moment. The series of afterimages merged into one.

However, he was only controlled for a moment. The Battle Armor on his body spewed out a layer of black airflow and he forcefully broke free from the extreme cold.

But this moment was enough for Lan Xuanyu and the rest to do many things.

Qian Lei threw out his Summoning Coin, and Fatty Jin roared towards the Summoning Gate. Three Behemoths covered in black charged out from the three Summoning Gates. They didn’t attack the middle-aged man but went straight for the Black Fang implant store.

At the same time, the Purple Star Spirit Bow trembled and a thunderbolt exploded, hitting the middle-aged man. It was Yuanen Huihui’s fifth soul Skill, Thunder Spirit War Drum.

Even with the defensive abilities of his Two-Word Battle Armor, being struck by a soul skill at the level of Thunder Spirit War Drum was definitely not a pleasant experience. His entire body was enshrouded in lightning and he paused.

A five-colored light covered Tang Yuge as she stepped forward and unleashed her Five Elements Divine Light without holding back. With a punch, the Five Elements Divine Light enveloped her entire body.

One must know that Tang Yuge was a six-ring Soul Emperor. Although the other party was an evil Soul Master and had seven rings, he might not be much stronger than her in terms of cultivation. His only advantage was his Two-Word Battle Armor.

But under the control and attacks, the middle-aged man could only defend pa.s.sively and was struck by Tang Yuge’s punch.

All of a sudden, the Battle Armor on his body emitted a five-colored light. The black airflow released by his Battle Armor was completely dissolved by the Five Elements Divine Light.

An elegant figure appeared out of nowhere and an ice-cold sword ray flashed.

The white spear let out a valiant dragon roar.

There was also a deafening dragon roar that was accompanied by a golden light that gushed out from Lan Xuanyu’s body.

The middle-aged man knew that he was much stronger than these youths, but at this moment, he was like a small boat amidst a raging sea and didn’t even have time to catch his breath.

“Boom boom boom!”

His figure flew out and fell into the distance. From beginning to end, this seven-ring Soul Sage, who had unleashed his Martial Soul Avatar, was actually sent flying without being able to retaliate.

A golden figure appeared silently in the direction where he was thrown. He clenched his fists above his head and smashed down brazenly.

“Boom!” The middle-aged man fell from the sky and landed on the ground. One of his Two-Word Battle Armor’s wings had been torn off.

All of this happened within a few seconds. Everything happened too quickly. A seven-ring Soul Sage was actually completely suppressed and unable to move.

The dragon roar resounded once again as golden bullets poured down one after another. The bullets that were filled with penetrative power could shoot over a kilometer away and bombarded the Two-Word Battle Armor with one dragon roar after another, creating a deep depression on the Two-Word Battle Armor.

The middle-aged man yelled but he couldn’t even get up.

If it was a head-on battle, he knew that he wouldn’t have suffered such a huge loss. But he was being controlled from the beginning. As an agility-type soul master, he was most afraid of control. Furthermore, the control-type soul skills of these young people were simply too strong. Even with the protection of his Two-Word Battle Armor, he wasn’t able to completely offset the control. Starting from Bai Xiuxiu’s Deep Blue Gaze, he was suppressed to the ground.

Fatty Jin grabbed his remaining piece of Battle Armor wing and lifted him up, smas.h.i.+ng him to the ground.

At this moment, the plaza, in front of the Black Fang store, was already crowded with people.

This was Heaven Planet, a place filled with evil, and there had never been a lack of fights. But there were definitely very few people who dared to cause trouble in Black Fang store!

What shocked the spectators the most was that the Soul Sage from the Black Fang store was actually suppressed to the point of being helpless and didn’t even have the ability to counterattack. Who were these youths? They were actually so strong.

Inside the store, figures were being tossed out one after another. They were the cyborgs inside.

When Lan Xuanyu and his team entered the store again, the interior was already destroyed beyond recognition. There were already more than ten holes in the huge counter. Three Behemoths were smas.h.i.+ng everything inside, and it was a mess.

“Don’t break them, let’s take away the stuff that look not too bad.” Lan Xuanyu gestured to his teammates.


Qian Lei agreed and immediately gave the order through his spiritual power.

All of a sudden, exquisite-looking implants flew towards Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu raised his left hand, and the Ring of Fate on his index finger flickered with silver light as he absorbed the flying implants.

He only found out how precious this ring was after obtaining the Ring of Fate a few days ago. Other things aside, the terrifying s.p.a.ce that could accommodate 10,000 cubic meters was enough to shock Lan Xuanyu.

He even went to look for Tang Yue and asked if he had given it to the wrong person. It was a 10,000 cubic meter storage ring! Its value could not be measured by money. It was enough to accommodate a soul wars.h.i.+p, let alone a mecha.

If not for the fact that Lan Xuanyu didn’t have the financial resources, he really wanted to get a soul wars.h.i.+p and place it inside. It was simply too convenient to have such a ring. In the future, any form of transportation could be placed inside. Soul cars, mechas, soul wars.h.i.+ps, all of them would be fine!

It was naturally very convenient to use it to store the implants.

Even a Soul Sage was no match for them, so the cyborgs in the shop were obviously also helpless in front of them. The three Behemoths’ powerful defense and strength were something that their implants were unable to withstand. In an instant, the Black Fang store was completely destroyed.


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