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618 – Return

TL : GoldenLung

As they walked, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but say, “Teacher Nana, that guy is always looking at you so lecherously. I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Nana knocked on his head. “You’re still so young and you already know what lecherous means?”

Lan Xuanyu: “In any case, he’s up to no good.”

Bai Xiuxiu remained silent and didn’t rebuke Lan Xuanyu.

They had to go back tomorrow morning. Although there were still two days before school reopened, they had to go back earlier to prepare for the new term.

Upon returning to Nana’s dormitory, Nana called the two of them in front of her. “Both of you will be leaving tomorrow. When you return to your academy, you must cultivate more steadily because you have a lot of things to learn now. Don’t rely on your spiritual power to squeeze yourself too much just because you have a certain foundation. Acc.u.mulation is the way to go. Xuanyu, especially you. You’ve improved quite a bit in terms of control over the elements. Your speed of improvement in this aspect will definitely slow down. But maintaining a control of over 80 percent is enough for you. There’s no need to be anxious about breaking through in your soul power, it’s best if everything goes smoothly. When you break through, I will come and protect you. Tell me in advance.”

Nana continued, “Xiuxiu, you’ve improved a lot too. In terms of cultivation, you’re actually better than Xuanyu. You specialize in cultivating your own strength and don’t spend much energy on other things. This is very good. However, you’ve fused with another bloodline and you need to get used to it. You also need to combine your own characteristics to continuously improve yourself. When your bloodline can evolve once again, you’ll have stabilized completely. In terms of elemental control, you’re behind Xuanyu, only about 70 or so. But this is also related to your spiritual power. So, for the next period of time, I hope that you can strengthen your spiritual power and increase it faster. Improving your bloodline power is not urgent, the evolution and changes of your bloodline require time.”

“Teacher, I can’t bear to leave you.” Bai Xiuxiu threw herself into Nana’s embrace with reddened eyes.

Nana smiled and stroked her hair. “Teacher will visit you guys next month.”

She then turned to look at Lan Xuanyu. “Remember, stability is the most important thing for both of you right now. You can also tell this to your teammates. You guys relied on various methods to improve too quickly in the past year. It’s not a good thing to have an unstable foundation. In the next year, I suggest that all of you try your best to suppress the speed at which your soul power increases. You can replenish your soul power in other aspects, but don’t rush to break through. You must suppress your soul power for the following year and not break through to the next realm. Wait until you’re in your third year before you break through. Don’t eat any Heavenly Treasures for now. Digest well the past ones. Sea G.o.d Lake is a good place to cultivate and you can continue. You must practice your Purple Demon Eyes. The Spiritual Abyss realm requires you to stabilize your spiritual power for a long time before you can truly control the power of this level.”

“Alright.” Lan Xuanyu went closer to Nana reluctantly and hugged her arm.

Although it was only 10 days, he was really happy during these 10 days. This made him miss his parents a little. He would prepare to call his mother when he got back and see if she and his father could visit him at the academy and stay for a few days.

“Go and rest. Both of you used up quite a bit of energy just now, especially Xuanyu. Recover from your injuries.”

Farewells were always sad. The next morning, Nana personally sent them to the bus stop. At the same time, she gave them the latest cutting-edge alloy that Yao Lilin gave them and told them how to use it.

Due to their reluctance to part with Nana, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu didn’t really care much about the precious alloy.

It was only when they got into the car that their mood gradually improved.

‘I have to suppress my cultivation’s improvement for the coming year. Then I’ll work hard to make my One-Word Battle Armor first. I’ll do it well for myself and for the other first years too. For graduating my second year, I’ll need a One-Word Battle Armor anyway.’

He had to continue training in soul fighter piloting. Safely returning from Heaven Planet this time was largely due to his ability to pilot a soul fighter.

Also, he had to train more in mecha piloting.

The second grade would be a year of laying solid groundwork. When he’ll break through to the four-ring in his third year, his overall strength would definitely increase by a large margin.

“You look very smug, huh?” Bai Xiuxiu suddenly turned to look at Lan Xuanyu.

“That’s right! As the cla.s.s leader, I’m thinking about how to lead our Star Wars Experimental Cla.s.s to become stronger. Aren’t you very impressed?” Lan Xuanyu said proudly.

Bai Xiuxiu said indifferently, “I think the first thing you need to consider is how to face the academy’s wrath. Can we turn on our soul communication device now?”

Lan Xuanyu froze. He had really forgotten about it. That’s right! They still had a big problem to resolve. The Tang Sect’s s.p.a.cecraft was still lying in his Ring of Fate. It took up a lot of s.p.a.ce…


Shrek Academy.

Outer Court, in the Dean’s office.

Ying Luohong was seated behind her desk, handling some work. There were two people standing by her office. They were Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge.

The two stood there obediently without moving.

Right at this moment, the soul communication rang and Ying Luohong answered.

“Liu Feng and Qian Lei’s s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p is here? Alright, bring these two little things back for me. Lead them straight to my office.”

Upon hearing Ying Luohong’s words, Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge, who were the first to return, looked at each other. ‘Why are they back? Do they want to be punished too ?’

Right at this moment, Yin Luohong’s soul communication device rang again. This time, when she picked up the call, her expression was extremely respectful.

“Teacher. En, Lan Xuanyu isn’t back yet.”

“Notify me immediately when they return. The Tang Sect people are still waiting for me.” w.a.n.g Tianyu’s cold voice came from the other side.

Standing in the corner, Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge felt their scalps going numb.

This matter had really gotten quite big this time! Even Pavilion Master w.a.n.g was alarmed and didn’t seem too happy…

Xuanyu, when are you coming back! Can you handle such a huge pressure?


On the soul train.

“Achoo, Achoo! Who’s talking about me? I’m back, I’ll be back soon. Xiuxiu, don’t turn on your communication device. Even if we get scolded, let’s talk about it after we get back.”

Bai Xiuxiu: “…”

When Bai Xiuxiu and Lan Xuanyu stood in front of Shrek Academy’s gate, Bai Xiuxiu hesitated. “Are we really going back just like that? Have you thought about what to do? This matter is a little big, isn’t it?”

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry, I’m prepared. We didn’t do anything.”

‘You didn’t do anything? What else do you want to do?’

Author’s note :

The story during this period was centered on the theme of “excessiveness”. Following that, it’s time for Lan Xuanyu and his teammates to grow up. As they grow up, they will have to bear more and more responsibility. At this point, the first third of the story has been completed. Next, it will be the hot-blooded youths from the younger generation that will face the entire world. Everyone, just wait and see. The next part will be even more exciting with our characters grown up.


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