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Chapter 284 The Meaning of Going All-In

Planet Venom, thirty minutes earlier.

“We are screwed.. They will eradicate us.. Why did we have to lie to the government.. d.a.m.n it!” Said one of the Twelve Natures of Poison, while in a state of extreme anxiousness and shock. The middle aged man had just finished explaining the situation, and one thing was clear.. things could not get any worse for them.

Noticing the looks of panic on the faces of his strongest allies, the middle aged man sighed gently, and while raising his hand in a calming manner, he said “Calm down. We don’t have much time. I didn’t call you here to go into a collective panic.. I have called you here so that we can all go to the universal government, and give our word that we will give up on capturing the brat. If we are lucky, they will listen to us.. And if we aren’t.. We are dead anyway.”

He then turned towards an empty part of the room, and prepared himself to open a portal for Alcazar.. He was stopped by one of the other elites, which said “Are we really going to give up on the kid?”

The man was expecting this question.. And the moment he heard these words coming out of the mouth of one of his companions, he smiled, and said “Never.” He then became serious once again, and added “It’s time for you to learn about something.” As he said these words, a small bead appeared in his hand, which he promptly shattered with the tips of his fingers.

The shattering of this bead caused for a portal to open immediately next to him. From it emerged a valiant-looking young man. His power was not on par with the rest of the twelve elite individuals, but his poison, was nowhere less dangerous. “Father.” he said to the middle aged man with affection.

“What.. He..”

“.. No way..”

“Amazing.. At such a young age..”

“Rohan, your son.. He pa.s.sed the final trial.. He is one of us.” Muttered the woman that spoke earlier. The group was shocked by the fact that the son of the middle aged man called Rohan had managed to pa.s.s the trial. He did not possess their level of cultivation, and that meant that the chance for him to survive their Lord’s trials, were much lower than theirs.

The man looked proudly at his son, then turned to look at the rest of the group, and said “He pa.s.sed the trial two days ago, thanks to the help of one of Iewah’s children.. n.o.body knew about it except for me, him, and the Toxic.” Rohan said, causing his companions to once again fall into deep shock.

There was a great variety of powers amongst the children of Iewah.. So much so, that in the end, the powers that a host acquired during the activation of their gift, could be relatively similar to those possessed by another faction.. But stronger.

An example of this was the Elementalist, which like the members of the elemental faction, had full control over elemental essences. The only difference between him and the elite members of the elemental faction, was that he was able to control not one, but all of the elements, as well as being completely immune to them.

Despite their pure desire to wage war and cause mayhem, the lives of a cultivator were long.. And in the end, most of them would seek company at some point in their lives. The children of Iewah were no exception. They would travel for tens of thousands of years, and whenever they found someone which they could stand to have a conversation with, they would befriend him.

That, was how Rohan’s son had met the Toxic. A being whose power he couldn’t understand, and that he considered a genius with a comprehension of the world of poison and alchemy only second to the leader of the Garden of Death.. The ent.i.ty from which all of their gifts came from.

“He should come with us then.. Showing ourselves with a new peak level elite which the government isn’t aware of yet will show our sincerity.” Said a plump and well dressed man from one of the room’s corners.

“No.. he won’t.” Said Rohan before turning towards his son, and saying “Find the brat that put us into this mess.. Find him, take all of his secrets, and tear him into pieces.”

“Yes, father.” responded his son before opening a portal, and leaving as fast as he had arrived.

As the portal closed, Rohan said with a faint voice “Good luck, my son.”

The opportunity was too big to pa.s.s. The chance of obtaining the high level poison immunity pill was enough for them to risk everything. Even though being immune to high tier poisons and toxins would not increase the chance of becoming a peak level elite of the garden of death, being able to produce an infinite number of high level elites was enough for them to come out of their hiding, and gain their place into the rooster of the strongest factions within the universal government back.


Planet Alcazar, present time.

“…” The Grand Judge was speechless. Just as he was issuing an extermination notice for one of the factions underneath the government, and summon the army, that very faction had showed itself openly, and surrendered immediately.

Their decisiveness had left the mind of the Grand Judge blank, and he now had to process what had just been said to him, and formulate another course of action based on the current circ.u.mstances.

“You have tried to fool the government.. This matter can’t go unpunished.” Said the Grand Judge while trying to gain the control over the conversation. Lying to the government was not a rare event, and most factions would omit the circ.u.mstances of their actions in the same way that the Garden of Death did, so that action would usually not be punished with extermination.

At most, a good portion of the faction’s territory would be sequestered, and the faction would be banned from partic.i.p.ating in the wars for the unexplored territories.

“As I have said, our plan was to capture him due to the problems he caused in our territory. The only detail that we did not specify, was that we wanted the recipe of the mid-tier poison pill. It’s undeniable that that pill would help us take our place back into the most powerful groups, but we had no ill intentions towards the government, and had no idea of the existence of a high level pill.” Responded Rohan with a polite tone.

“Good, then you know that I have no choice but to-” tried to say the Grand Judge, before being interrupted by Rohan, which bent forward, and took a small simbol from his spatial ring and offered it to the Grand Judge.

With the tone of a subject that was relying the words of his emperor, he said “We surrender half of our galaxies, and refrain from partic.i.p.ating in any war to claim a territory for the following ten thousand years. This is my Lord’s message.”

One again, the Grand Judge was left with no words. The token was a symbol of the lord of their faction, and it could not be faked. Once this token was shown, it meant that the words came directly from the lord, and if used without authorization, the lord would be able to feel it, and the elite would be forcibly stripped of his gift, and die a painful death.

After relying the words of the leader of the poisonous faction, Rohan straightened his back once again, and with a hint of sadness, he said “There is something else.. We would like to report that.. My son.. Has been expelled from our faction. From now on, he will be an outcast.”

This was too much. What had happened was akin to a lord demanding a subject’s head, but before the order could be followed, the subject had presented himself in front of the lord, and while apologizing, he had cut his own arms, legs, tongue, and pulled off both his eyes.

What they had renounced to, was a lot more than their crimes would cost them if the circ.u.mstances were different.

The reason why the Garden of Death had expelled the middle aged man’s son, was to justify the fact that he would not be around in case the universal government decided to stick around them. His son would never be able to join the faction back, and his expulsion, was the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the faction.

After forcing their own power down the drain, the Grand Judge was not able to order their extermination anymore.. All that remained, was the second approach.

Slightly irritated, he turned towards the judge which had reported to him the presence of he elite members of the Garden of Death, and said “You are in charge of making sure that the garden of death respects their words. Go see Grand Judge Heti and request for a division of the army to take possession of half of their territory, and control the other half. Place a bounty on the head of Rohan’s son. He has to be killed on sight, and whoever captures him, must bring him to me.”

After hearing the words of the Grand Judge, the Twelve Natures of Poison took a collective breath of relief, and finally relaxed.

Once he finished to give the instructions to the second Judge, the Grand Judge turned to look at the woman judge, and ordered “Go see Iewah. I want him to order to one of his people to find that d.a.m.n kid. I don’t care about his rules.. Tell him I want the kid, or his faction will have to pay for this whole mess.”


Base of Karmic System’s group.

Daniel’s planet was streaking through s.p.a.ce at a speed that, considering his large size, was quite odd.

When it was only Daniel, Aeron, and Xargy, the planet would usually be the size of a building, while now, it was as big as one of the smaller empires of Daniel’s world of origin.

Also, instead of being in its primitive state of floating rock, it was now composed of a natural atmosphere rich of oxygen, forests, mountains, and even a sea that surrounded the single continent.

Daniel was currently sitting inside of a small house placed at the feet of a mountain, and surrounded by a large forest. A quiet and clean river came down from a distant waterfall, and flowed all the way to the sea, just a couple of kilometers from the house.

The view was heavenly, and it had a perfection that was beyond what nature would create.. In fact, this patch of terrain had been created by Daniel himself, which had absolute control over everything that was within his world.

Inside this house, sitting on a second chair placed right in front of his, was the mute kid. He was quietly looking at Daniel with eyes swollen red due to the past couple of days of mourning, and now was wondering who this man was, and what would happen to him.

After the kid had woken up, Daniel had helped him organize a proper funeral for his family. The place where the kid had decided to bury his parents and brother, was a small patch of terrain about midway up the mountain. He had lived in the city within the asteroid for all of his life, and he had never seen a forest, a mountain, a sea, or anything like that.. So when he finally found that place, he had decided that that was the place where he wanted his family to rest.. As that was the most beautiful place he had ever seen.

After the funeral, Daniel gave a couple of days to the kid in order to recover.. and now, it was time for him to move on.. And find a purpose.. But before that, Daniel took a small object out of his spatial ring, and showed it to the kid.

The moment the kid saw this object, his eyes became watery, and his small face contorted with pain. He then touched its smooth surface until a clear click sound was heard. One piece after the other, this object morphed.. Until it shaped into what looked like a mirror.

Daniel knew what this mirror was for, so he said nothing, and waited.

A feeble white smoke came out of a few microscopic holes placed on the frame of he mirror, and concentrated right above the reflecting part of the mirror. It then changed shape, and after a few moments, it took the shape of a middle aged couple.

The two were one next to the other, and seemed very happy.. After a few moments of smiling in silence, the woman placed her hands in front of her chest and formed a few signs with her fingers, causing the kid to start bawling.

Daniel had learned the sign language which the kid know.. And was able to understand what the signs said.. They said “Mom and Dad love you very much.”


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