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Chapter 335 Second Great War of h.e.l.l Part 4

“Do not worry, leader of the Church of d.a.m.nation, I am here specifically to kill you once and for all.” Said Daniel, while showing a confident smile. He then turned his head in the direction of the Parasite Lord, and added “And you.”

Aside from the Devil, Lady Night, Xargy, and the demons who had been put in charge of capturing him, no other person present was aware of who Daniel truly was. He appeared like a human cultivator whose power was disgustingly high for his age, but still too weak to pose any threat to them.

Daniel’s words caught the Parasite Lord off guard, who after turning to look back at him, he said, “Do I know you, young one?” to which Daniel responded with a faint smile, and a nod of his head.

“I was lucky enough to witness a judge smite one of your vermin a few years back, after he tried to kill me.” He said with feigned politeness, and undisclosed contempt.

Of course, for a judge to kill a faction’s elite was not that rare of an event. The judges were thousands, and the factions were even more. In the vast and boundless universe, for a situation that would ultimately end with someone’s execution, was a common thing.. But when taken individually, not many elite members per faction would be killed in a year, if any at all. It was due to that, that the Parasite Lord was able to realize who Daniel was.

This realization, however, was of great shock to him. For as small the event was, he remembered to have sent one of his low level elite members to capture the outcast of the Psionic Dimension, an action that had ultimately caused his death. To this result not only had partic.i.p.ated the mental warrior, but also the much talked about first and only outcast of Iewah’s faction.

“Oh, it is you then.. To think that h.e.l.l would be the place where we would finally met.” He said with a wide and creepy smile. “Maybe this is the day you pay for causing the death of an innocent and good man of my faction.” He then added, suddenly turning serious.

The words of the Parasite Lord had a comedic effect to Daniel, who broke out in laughter, and said “Ha! I a.s.sume he wasn’t any more innocent than the other three I have killed. But at least you are the one with the most room here..”

Daniel’s words were enough to convince the parasite lord to drop his dignified act. He instead turned towards the devil, and said with a menacing tone “I am afraid I will have to claim that kid for myself.”

Almost as if amused by this, the Devil turned to look back at the Parasite King, and said with a face devoid of any expression, and while tightening his grip on his sceptre, “How about this.. As soon as we get rid of all of them, you and I can.. ‘Discuss’.. About who will have the kid.” His tone was cold, and as emotionless as his expression was.

After a faint smile, the Parasite King nodded in agreement, and after turning to the other human leaders, he said, “Friends, let’s fulfill our purpose here, so that we can go back home.”

“Maybe you should explain better what you are implicating them in, Lord of Worms.” Said Daniel with a loud and clear voice.

The plump woman who spoke earlier in support of the idea of killing h.e.l.l’s historical keeper, now curious about what her two peers were talking about, turned to look at Daniel, and said with annoyance, “You do not possess the power, nor the influence to speak here.. But please, enlighten us on the matter.. Start with telling us who you are.”

These words were enough for the eyes of all of the demon lords and powerful humans to turn in Daniel’s direction.

“I am a n.o.body.. I only used to be a chosen of Iewah.”

It is important to understand one thing. What made Iewah’s children so feared was not their pure strength, or at least, that was not the case for most of them. What was truly terrifying about them, were their hidden abilities.. The abilities they gained from Sewah’s gifts. These abilities would turn them into terrifying foes for anyone, even for cultivators whose cultivation was much higher than theirs.

An example of this, was the Tamer, who had been able to force the entire draconic race to slavery, when he was nothing more than an immortal cultivator, still far from reaching the stages of high immortality. The king of the draconic faction, who was also Xargy’s grandfather, was at the same level that Daniel was right now, and had only grown more powerful in time.

Nevertheless, what was truly impressive about this story, was how the vast different in the cultivation of the two, was of no importance to the Tamer’s mysterious powers.

As soon as these human cultivators and demon lords heard Daniel’s words, their jaws shut tight. The entire scope of the battle changed, as they were not going to battle an inferior number of warriors, along with a beast and a lowly human cultivator.. But six demon lords, a powerful demonic beast.. And finally, a monster.

Not all of these cultivators were leaders of their own factions, as a few of the human representatives present were only right hand men of much more powerful, or even legendary figures through the universe.. but no matter which powerful faction they belonged to, or lead.. they would all follow the same guidelines for when they would encounter a children of Iewah.. and that was, ‘if you are not sure you can kill them, don’t provoke them’.

This rule was deeply imprinted in the minds of most of the cultivators which inhabited the outside universe, and the demon lords who had just fought to open h.e.l.l, were not an exception.

Unfortunately, some had already gone past the point of becoming enemies with Daniel, like for example Lady Night and her Law of Mimicry, who had taken part in kidnapping him and his friends, the Church of d.a.m.nation, whom he fought dozens of times in the past, and the Parasitic faction, who had tried to capture, and kill him.

The entire area quieted down for a good minute, when finally, one of the human cultivators stood up, and said, “This fight has nothing to do with us, we will not take part in it.” Following this cultivator’s words, were the nods of every other human cultivator aside from the parasite king.

They then left the area along with the rest of the fighters that hadn’t reached the hundredth phase of high immortality, or the demon lord stage, and therefore, would not be able to survive the shockwave of the attacks.

The most shocked of all of the people present, was the old demon that led the faction of the beastmasters. He had decided to take Daniel with him in the unlikely chance that he was speaking the truth, but he had never truly believed that Daniel’s presence would be able to change things in their favor.

Now, only the parasite lord, and eleven demon lords were left. Lowering the numbers of their enemies from three to one, to two to one.

As each of these warriors prepared for battle, Daniel turned to look at the old demon, and before disappearing in the darkness, said, “This is not like any other fights you’ve fought.. Keep an eye out for openings.. There won’t be a lack of them.”

As soon as Daniel disappeared, a half moon axe of impressive dimension came down on him.. A blow which the old demon was prepared for, and therefore, able to avoid by quickly backing away. The impact of this axe, however, was enough to turn the entire coliseum, as well as the entire city that surrounded the area, into nothingness. Not even dust particles were left of it.

While all of the demon lords were able to avoid this blow, Daniel wasn’t that lucky. He had tried to disappear in the area in an attempt to give support from the darkness, but the power of a single one of these demon’s attacks was enough for the area where he was hiding to be wiped out, and for him to be torn into pieces..

“Ha! So much for one of Iewah’s children!” Said the demon lord with tree branches that came out of his body, in amus.e.m.e.nt. Daniel was laying on the ground, dismembered, and lifeless.

However, the amus.e.m.e.nt of these demon was short lived. From the injures present of Daniel’s body came a thick healing essence, which reached for the rest of the body parts, and connected them back together. The whole process lasted less than five seconds.

“Body regeneration!” Shouted one of the demons in an attempt to understand better what Daniel’s gift could be. Unfortunately, he had other things to focus on. In the surrounding area, numerous spherical storms had been created by the powerful shockwaves of the attacks, and inside each of them, two or three demon lords were engaging in battle.

After Daniel’s body became whole again, he looked around, and quickly found himself to be the target of the Devil, and the Parasite Lord, who had already transformed into their true forms.

The body of the leader of the Church of d.a.m.nation had turned into an exaggerated version of himself. His horns had grown to twice the size, and his body had become extremely muscular. His sceptre now looked like a toothpick in his hand, and his wings, now completely unfolded, bloated the oddly colored sky almost completely.

The Parasite Lord, on the other hand, was still human. What had changed, was that instead of his hands, from within his sleeves, came thousands of extremely long worms.. Each different from one another, and with its own disgusting-looking mouth.

Daniel had no chance of winning this fight, so instead of thinking of an intricate plan to fight head on, he looked at the ma.s.sive rock in the middle of this battlefield, and threw something at it.

Unsure of what the object that Daniel had thrown was, the Parasite Lord followed its trajectory in an attempt to grab it before it could reach the stone. At the same time, trillions of sorrowful souls began to emerge from the skin of the Devil. The two couldn’t afford to allow Daniel to complete any of his actions, as they knew nothing of his gift.

These souls quickly left the Devil’s body and immediately penetrated into Daniel’s skin, then moved directly into his mind, only to bombard him with all of the suffering, pain and desperation that they had had to endure during the lifetime of torture that preceeded their death.

Daniel’s mind was more powerful than ever before, but this was still too much for him to bear.. And if he could have chosen whether to go through the physical pain of reaching high immortality, or having to feel the suffering of trillions of people, he would have chosen the former without a shred of a doubt.

Unable to withstand the psychological pain, Daniel fell to his knees right in front of the Devil, but before the Devil could strike him down, the heavily injured body of the Parasite Lord was thrown at him with enough power to send them both flying for a few thousand meters.

Just before the Parasite Lord could reach the item that Daniel had thrown, the remnant power of the combined attack of two demon lords who were fighting on his side, caught him by surprise, striking him directly, and injuring him heavily.

As a consequence of this. .h.i.t, the flying body of the Parasite Lord had been thrown right against the Devil, which had been stopped right in time from killing Daniel one more time.

This event had only allowed for Daniel to gain a few seconds, which he spent looking around at the results of the other fights, before being struck one more time by screams of horror of the souls summoned by the devil, and being bitten into pieces by the worms of the Parasite Lord.

This went on for a few minutes, a period of time in which the battle was gradually going downhill for Daniel and his allies.

During this time, Daniel would either die by being torn to pieces, or become crazy due to the immense sufferings that the trillions of souls summoned by the devil were causing to him.

Ironically, Daniel’s two opponents were covered in injuries. All of these injuries were caused by attacks that had come out of nowhere, bad timing between their own attacks, and surprise attacks that came whenever they would be distracted, even if only for a moment. Luckily for Daniel, these unlucky events were enough for his destroyed body and mind to regenerate.

After a few long minutes of torture, Daniel looked at an empty point in s.p.a.ce, and noticed that there, floating while covered in injuries that dirtied her snow white fur with a dark red color, was the Lupa.

It was only after finally noticing the injured Lupa, that Daniel looked at his two opponents, and after smiling, he opened a portal behind him, and jumped into it.

According to what the demon lords knew about h.e.l.l, teleporting during this period of time was, for some reason, a risky action. There was no a.s.surance that a simple teleportation would go as planned, as the spatial essence of h.e.l.l would periodically become unstable.

However, Daniel had luck on his side, and reappeared into the area covered by the boulder’s strange power. At his feet, was the object he had thrown a few minutes earlier.. A spatial ring.

After picking up the ring, Daniel smiled once again at the two warriors that had killed him so many times, and before they could reach him, he stepped into the rubber-like barrier that prevented anyone from approaching the stone. His body was covered by spatial essence which curved the power of the stone, and pushed it around, and past his body.

When the attacks of the devil and the parasite lord arrived, they bounced right back against the stone’s barrier.

One final smile emerged from his face before he turned towards the direction of the stone, which was now towering in front of him, and looked at the ring in his hand. He then injected a wisp of his own essence into it, and from inside it, he pulled out a small wolf cub with a fully black tail, and a mouth still full with dark essence spheres.


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