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First, in order to be able to send CB-1 away toward Melroe, Eisen created a few more items. First, he created another receiver for CR-1 so that he could give it to the camera bat, so that conversation with others would be possible. Since sound was also being transmitted through the cameras, albeit only that in immediate vicinity, Eisen could basically talk to whoever was looking at the receiver that CB-1 would be holding.

Other than the second receiver, Eisen also made a small pouch that would be able to hold that receiver as well as the gem, if necessary. Eisen is going to try and ask Ailren to personally bring Kirisho’s gem to them, but he would fully understand if he wasn’t going to do that. He would also understand if Ailren felt reluctant to hand it over to Eisen just like that as well, although he was hoping that it worked out.

The group was reaching the place where the last of the three shards of Kirisho’s amulet was being kept, and Eisen didn’t want to have to go all the way back to Melroe in order to fix it and let Kiris…o…b.. herself again, instead wanting to just be able to do that as soon as possible. So it was a good idea to do that, wasn’t it?

After all, he doubted that the last of the three shards would be too hard to get, considering how easy it was to get the first and second ones.

Either way, once that pouch was finished, Eisen quickly attached it to the bottom of CB-1 and added another small item to the back of its body. A few small propulsory tubes that would push out large amounts of air for a boost toward high-speed travel.

Luckily, the soul generator would provide enough mana to constantly have everything that was needed active.

“Alright ‘lil guy. Get going toward Melroe now.” Eisen commanded, throwing CB-1 in the direction that it needed to fly toward, and immediately it began flapping its wings and began to fly there at high speeds. Of course Eisen didn’t expect the Camera-Bat to simply reach Melroe by just being told to fly there, but since he knew the general direction, he was able to at least make it fly toward the mountains and stop there once it reached them. After that, Eisen would maneuver it around in more detail.

“So? What are you going to do now, Eisen?” Komer asked curiously as he looked at CB-1 flying away into the distance, and Eisen chuckled lowly.

“I’ll just make some more potions. We still have half a day left till I have to sleep again, after all. Ah, and I actually wanted to try out some new kinds. The potions I’ve been making so far have been just low-grade potions, so I wanted to go for a higher grade, and make some other types as well.” Eisen explained as he grabbed some crates that were standing in the corner as well as some of his tools, and set them down on his worktable while Komer looked at everything excitedly.

“The materials for High-Grade potions or higher are relatively expensive for us right now, but I’ve got a good amount of what I need for Average-Grade, and the barrels are basically all empty right now, so I can-” Suddenly, while Eisen was trying to explain to Komer what he was going to do, a notification popped up in front of his face, accompanied by a certain Myconid yelling out in glee.

[Crowned Queen Bee Melissa has created a new type of worker-bee with the a.s.sistance of Lesser Myconid Druid Caria]

[New Species Found – Amran Bee]

“Yes, yes, yes, yeees! Eisen! Caria and Melly did it! We did it! We made a new Bee for you!” The young Myconid yelled out as she jumped over to Eisen with Melissa on her shoulder, while holding a small, bright red Bee in her hands, trying to show it to the old man desperately.

Confused, Eisen leaned forward and looked at the small creature as it was tilting its head to the side ligthly, leaving him to chuckle. “Well, this is quite amazing, isn’t it? Good job, you two!”

With the praise of their master, both Melissa and Caria began to laugh happily, the prior simply buzzing loudly in a rythmic way, while the latter began to basically giggle like a mad-girl.

“So, how did the two of you do this?” Eisen asked them and sat down on the bench, with Caria immediately climbing up to sit on his lap, while he continued looking at the small Amran Bee that was now climbing over his fingers, before Caria began to explain what they did.

“Hehe, it was super duper smart, right? Caria and Melly are always just watching Eisen make things, but we can never help, and that is a no-no for us! Eisen showed Caria how to make the pretty Amran flower that makes people not be in pain anymore, and Melly told Caria her babies can make this cool sticky stuff after they hug flowers a lot… And Caria saw Eisen use that sticky stuff for that icky liquid in Melly’s old home, and even put some of the pretty Amran flowers inside! So Caria had the super duper smart idea of making the sticky stuff from the pretty Amran flowers, and Melly thought that she could make babies that were even betterer at making it!” Caria explained with overly exaggerated hand-gestures, while Melissa buzzed loudly, as if she was agreeing what the Myconid just said.

Of course, both Komer and Eisen couldn’t help but smile at the happy little girl as she was telling her story, and Eisen rubbed both her and Melissa’s heads after she was done. “Oho, you two are pretty amazing, huh?”

With a smug grin on her face, Caria placed her fists onto her hips and nodded, while Melissa also tried to stand up on her backmost legs, imitating her elder sister. “Mhm! Caria and Melly are the amazingest!”

“I’m guessing that the two of you leveled up quite a bit, huh? You’ve been doing this for a while, after all.” Eisen said with a smile as he quickly opened up the status windows to both of his tamed monsters, and was surprised to see that Caria’s level only increased by 4, while Melissa’s increased by a whole 80. That was the difference between Rank 2 and 3, huh?

However, Caria’s skill ranks rose quite a lot, and even her Mana Manipulation, a skill that she seemed to neglect a lot lately because of how much practice it took to raise it, seemed to be close to reaching rank 2.

But what made Eisen even more happy to see was that Melissa gained a new skill! It was called ‘Bee Creation’, which seemed to simply be a skill that allowed her to create and edit different species of Bees!

If that was the case, and Melissa could create Bees that could specifically fertilize specific flowers and only collect their pollen, then those flowers would surely gain some sort of benefit to it as well, right? Whether it was just a benefit to size or speed of growth, or possibly even to the efficiency when used in the making of different potions, that would simply be amazing! But that would require a proper plot of land as well, something that seemed more and more like something that Eisen should just hurry up and acquire.

However, it wouldn’t be in this region, that was for sure. The closer that they got to the Magic City, the more tropical the weather seemed to become, and if Eisen had to choose a place to work at and set up base, then it would be an area that could actually experience all four seasons.

If not for the variety of things that Eisen could do throughout the seasons, then simply for the beauty of a Tree’s leaves starting to drop in Fall, or the first flowers blooming in spring. Not to mention the feeling of waking up in the morning and seeing a blanket of snow wherever you could see.

But then again, there was a problem with founding a town in the first place, wasn’t there? Since there were proper countries all over the world in this game, and with the level of realism even in social structures that Eisen experienced, that for sure meant that Eisen wouldn’t be able to simply ‘Claim’ a plot of land for himself. And he didn’t want to necessarily work together with a specific country either, considering that he didn’t want to be dragged into some kind of conflict, on top of the obvious limits that being part of a specific country would bring to him.

If possible, Eisen would like to find a place with four beautiful seasons that wasn’t claimed by any country yet, although it seemed rather improbable that they would be able to find such a place easily.

Maybe that was a possibility on one of the other continents, but as mentioned, Eisen couldn’t go there yet, for different reasons.

So, Eisen quickly called for the group cartographer. “Sky, can you come over for a second?” Eisen exclaimed, and after a few seconds, the young Fey-kin boy turned around and climbed through the opening at the front of the carriage, patting the dust off of his clothes. “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Sky, Komer, do you know of any regions of this continent that hasn’t been claimed by any country?” He asked the two of them, knowing that they both spent some time looking at maps of the world. For a little while, they both looked at each other before then beginning to talk about it with each other, coming to a few different conclusions.

“There’s one continent that’s basically completely unclaimed, simply because it’s too dangerous for people to properly live there. There are towns here and there, but n.o.body formed any countries. Other than that, there’s only one spot of unclaimed land in this continent, and it’s actually not directly part of this continent. Rather, it’s right inbetween the three largest, and most important continents.” Sky then explained as he jumped up to sit on one of the barrels, and then continued. “It’s an island, with dozens of smaller islands surrounding it. The main island is about 10 times larger than Ornier, I think… And it’s all been turned into multiple Field Dungeons.”

Eisen began moving his fingers through his beard in thought, before asking some questions. “Hmm, do you know the climate of those islands? And could we handle those Field Dungeons?”

“Erm… It’s just normal there, I think? Like, it’s not tropical or freezing there or anything, just regular weather. And you’re not thinking about going there, right?” Sky asked with a deep frown as he scratched the back of his head, and simply stared at the old man in front of him when he chose to nod.

“Actually, I think we should go there as soon as possible. Do you know how far away it is from here? Because if it’s not too far away, we can build a boat when we get to town, and then sail there, right?”

“Why are you saying that as if it’s the same as just walking from town to town..? It doesn’t matter if we get there or not if we can’t even clear the Field Dungeons! Listen, the central island isn’t that big a deal, sure. It’s like a ‘country’ for low-rank monsters that each like to form large groups. Like Goblins, Kobolds, Gnolls, and a few others… Nowhere else but there do they form interracial groups like that, and they all live their together, probably even creating whole new races… And their King is a Rank 5 monster, Eisen. We have basically no chance against that! We have one person that’s specialized in combat, and Kiron can’t handle that… And I know you’re strong, but you’re the Original of Mechanical Arts, not of Combat. We just can’t deal with that right now…” Sky hurriedly yelled out, as if trying to convince Eisen in pure fear not to go there, but the old man simply chuckled.

“So it’s a place with numerous, Unique species, where one can fight to their heart’s extent, and where you can find all kinds of special materials? With that alone, you have three Originals convinced, me included of course. And I doubt it would be hard to convince Evalia to come along either, and we’ll have to talk to Xenia about it when we get to our destination.” The old man explained as he smiled at Sky rea.s.suringly, reaching out to rub his hand through the boy’s short blue hair. “Just trust me, alright?”

Slowly, the level 15 Fey-kin, and with that sharing the spot of weakest person in the group with Komer, nodded with a scared sigh. He was weak, and scared that he was going to die if they were to enter such a scary place, but nonetheless, he felt safe when he was around this weird old man. And as such, he only had one thing to say.



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