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The three princes and Feiyun were taken to four different areas of the fifth continent.

At this moment, Feiyun was located at the most eastern place. There were lightning and thunder as far as the eye can see. Occasionally, some large mountains would be destroyed while the earth cracked to pieces. This landform was very unstable. In fact, the entire place could collapse at any moment.

This was a mid-level spatial realm so it was very unstable, not suitable for human habitation before terraforming.

“The royal clan has been around for more than six thousand years so there are too many main and side branches. Even blood-brothers could turn into enemies. Moreover, since there are so many generations, it doesn’t matter who becomes the Divine King to them as long as it could strengthen the clan. I have obtained the support of the ancestors after the first two rounds so they told me the truth.”

“Since I have the highest score, the three princes will definitely work together to kill me so I must find and eliminate them one by one before they gather.”

Forty divine intents shot out from the middle of his brows. These powerful and gigantic intents directly covered half of the continent. Two people entered his radius of detection – the eighteenth and seventh princes.

The eighteenth was at the far western, finding a location to hide. He wanted to wait until the other three kill each other before coming out to take advantage of the situation.

Meanwhile, the seventh prince didn’t stop. He was trying to find the other three because he had the lowest point. He needed to kill the others in order to become the king.

“Let’s take down the eighteenth prince first.”  Feng Feiyun took out two spirit stones from his spatial storage and held them. Next, he used his Swift Samsara to swiftly run westward.

Due to the pristine nature of this continent, there was virtually no spirit energy here so one needed to absorb them from the stones for battle. Without doing so, one would deplete their physical reserve and die in this place.

Feng Feiyun picked the eighteenth prince because he had fought the guy before and had an understanding of his cultivation. Thus, he wanted to kill the eighteenth prince as fast as possible.

“After I start, the other two will certainly notice. Given their cultivation, they’ll get through thousands of miles in just an hour and I’ll lose for sure fighting against all three. Gotta finish it in one hour then.” Feiyun became even faster, just like a ray of light crossing through the continent.

A bit later on, several top ancestors from the clan also ran to the boundary of the continent. Their divine intents were strong enough to cover the whole place, capable of sensing the four’s actions.

“Each examination for this position is always a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.” The fifth ancestor lamented.

“We must have the strongest as the Divine King. Remember the astronomical phenomenon? The new Divine King and new emperor must be incredible heroes in order to subdue the world.” The second ancestor spoke with a cold and determined glare.

“Long Chuanfeng wants to abdicate since his lifespan is running out. He wants to cultivate in isolation here and reach the Enlightened Being realm by taking on the Heaven Tribulation within three years.” The third ancestor spoke.

The first ancestor nodded: “He had submitted his abdication request to the Ancestral Committee. Right, one more thing, the Rex Compet.i.tion between the five dynasties is imminent. The emperor also wants to retreat behind the scene in order to focus on cultivation. After each Rex Compet.i.tion every five hundred years, the throne might have a new ruler. There are two or three top prodigies capable of shouldering this responsibility right now.”

The other ancestors became serious. The third ancestor said: “The Rex Compet.i.tion is indeed a grand matter, relating to the prosperity of our dynasty. We should value it more. Looks like the chaos this time isn’t just a coincidence. Some people have calculated the inevitable generational s.h.i.+ft in the dynasty and started this whole mess. This will be an unprecedented challenge for us.”

“But it will also be an opportunity for the young ones. Real talents will only s.h.i.+ne in a time of chaos. Only someone who had weathered the storm would be able to lead the dynasty to a new height.”

The first ancestor stared at the floating fifth continent with a profound glare: “This successor battle might also determine the potential candidates for the emperor position, to a certain extent. The next Divine King and Jin Emperor must be closely related in order to work together and maintain our prestige.”

The other ancestors all shared the same contemplative look.

Back at the fifth continent, the eighteenth prince was standing at the western edge of the continent. There was a powerful pulling force in this place in the form of flowing strands. These pus.h.i.+ng forces emanating from top and bottom acting as a barrier would crush an ordinary person instantly to smithereens.

“Hehe, Seventy-second Brother is so ambitious now, thinking that with the Grand Chancellor and the Crown Prince as his backing, he could take the position of the Divine King for sure. He’ll be the first to be attacked by Feng Feiyun. I’ll wait till both of them are weak then come out to finish them off.” The eighteenth prince raised both hands. A light screen came out of his palms and hovered around his head to protect his body. He then headed for the border of the continent.

He wanted to hide here so that he could escape from the divine intents of the other three.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was also at the far western side. His eyes had a mocking glint: ‘Here I thought that I might be alerting the other two, but here you are, walking to the edge. Blame no one but yourself then.’

Feiyun took out his stone saber and gave chase. The aura on his body became increasingly purer.

“Boom!” One slash opened a hole in the boundary barrier. He jumped through it and saw the eighteenth prince.

The prince was like a bat at the moment, attaching himself to the continent several thousand meters below. He suddenly felt a monstrous aura and looked up to see a huge slash wave coming down: “Feng Feiyun!”

“That’s right! Dragon King’s First Slas.h.!.+” Feiyun was primed to kill. His saber looked just like a white dragon and he was grabbing the head. This incoming momentum seemingly could split the continent apart.

The prince was still a young king so his reaction time was impeccable. He channeled all of his power to form a light screen above his head.

“Boom!” The wave cut through the energy s.h.i.+eld and slashed the continent, taking down a huge section of the cliff. The broken debris started to flow in s.p.a.ce.

The prince leaped from one floating boulder to another before taking out a disk and throwing it at Feiyun.

This was a spirit treasure as large as a millstone. It had two shades – black and violet. There were many runes flowing on the surface and seven formations. This resulted in an immense lacerating power.

With his current cultivation and a spirit treasure, the prince could take down half of a city from several hundred miles away.

Only a spirit treasure could take on a spirit treasure.

“Boom!” Feiyun unleashed the Infinite Spirit Ring. It was refined into a second-ranked spirit treasure so its power became several times greater. The prince’s first-ranked treasure wasn’t a match for it.

The ring caused the disk to quake. The energy on its surface began to dissipate quite a bit.

“Boom!” On the second slam, the disk was blown away into the cliff of the continent, outside of the prince’s controlling radius.

“Can’t even take a single move.” Feiyun activated the six diagrams on the ring and attacked the prince with full force. A destructive power poured out of the ring.

“Feng Feiyun, you think this second-ranked treasure can kill me?! You’re looking down on the royal descendants, I’ll send you off today!” The prince’s body suddenly exuded a golden glow. Both his skin and bones had this shade, just like a golden man.

“Dragon King Physique, Perfect Gold!” The prince opened all 360 of his fate meridians. 360 strands of dazzling golden light came out and surrounded his body. This royal aura gathered around him and turned into a dragon coiling around his body.

“Rawr!” The dragon roared.

“Boom!” The ring slammed into the prince and issued a metallic clank. There was a tiny broken spot on the prince’s chest with a small stream of golden blood dripping down. However, this broken hole quickly recovered.

“Feng Feiyun, even a second-ranked spirit treasure won’t be able to break the Dragon King Physique. The entire cultivation world thinks that the Beiming Clan’s Northern Profound Ice Armor is the strongest defensive technique within the same realm, no, they do not know that our Dragon King Physique is just as resilient. Moreover, it is far superior in terms of offensive potential!”

Those who were called young kings were all extraordinary powerful, far exceeding their peers.

With a dragon roar from above the shoulders and a golden glow all around his body, the prince began his attack.

“Take this!” He shattered the diagrams and unleashed a palm at Feiyun’s head.


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