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All of Grand Southern was engulfed by black clouds during this period. The Corpse Evils also returned to their citadel, more than a hundred million of them.

The citadel became an impregnable fortress. The Evil Woman wanted to start her fifth transformation.

The yin energy from all of Jin started gathering here. Other experts would definitely come in an attempt to stop her because, in the case of success, she would be the undisputed lord in this land.

Thus, everything needed to be perfect.

She and Yao Ji began building spirit stone platforms inside the city. Feng Feiyun also agreed to help her find allies. She promised that he could come to ask for a favor later on if necessary.

The promise of a fifth-transformation Corpse King was more valuable than a hundred million spirit stones.

A weakling needed strong backing in order to survive. Feiyun felt that she was a little cold but still reliable.

Feiyun tried to search for allies. The first was Monk Jiu Rou.

He wasn’t surprised to see the monk biting on a big piece of meat and drinking wine. He asked only to be refused right away.

“Not going.” The monk kept it simple.

“Help her and this might be enough to stop the incoming calamity. Don’t you want to save everyone?” Feiyun persuaded.

“Who gives a d.a.m.n about them?” The monk didn’t hold back.

“Help and I might let you cultivate in Heavenly Kingdom for a few centuries.”

“This place is great for training but what you’re asking me is too risky, just too risky.” The monk stopped eating his chicken drumstick and pondered for a bit before answering.

“Fine, if you don’t go, I’ll marry Nalan tomorrow.” Feiyun revealed his ace card.

The monk got up and slammed the table. He gritted his teeth and glared at Feiyun: “Brat, you win. Don’t forget, I want five hundred years in here afterward, not one fewer.”

“Haha, five hundred it is then.” Feiyun was in a good mood after catching one helper.

Time for the second one. He felt that Heavenly Witchcraft G.o.ddess was a good choice.

He used his vessel to reach Witch G.o.d City in no time at all.

He came to the temple and saw Luo Yu’er waiting by the entrance. She was the second G.o.ddess now, a disciple of Heavenly Witchcraft G.o.ddess. Her cultivation improved greatly.

She still didn’t dare to stare straight at Feiyun. Her red face looked down at the ground as she said: “Master knows you’re here and told me to let you in.”

“You’re standing in front of my way right now.” Feiyun smiled.

“Oh!” Yu’er realized that she blocked the entrance and turned red even more. She turned around, panicking. She walked without looking and hit a tree branch along the way.

Feiyun came over and rubbed her forehead with a smile: “Be careful now.”

During their second meeting, he saw the G.o.ddess standing on a celestial platform. The area above was filled with stars. They looked like lanterns floating on a cosmic river.

She was as transcending as ever. The starry lights s.h.i.+ned her jade skin, making her look like a fairy. She had ribbons around her shoulders. Auspicious lights surrounded her.

She wasn’t moved to see him at all. Her face remained calm as she spoke: “I can sense its presence.”

She was obviously talking about Yama’s corpse.

Feiyun looked up and said: “Clouds and evil affinity are everywhere. It’ll come soon enough with nothing but hatred. The first to die will be you and me, then everyone else.”

“You? You have a feud with him?” She didn’t care about her own life, only others.

Feiyun had commented on this before – that she was kind to the point of being stupid.

He had a nonchalant expression as well and took out the Ghost Sacred Bottle: “Because his other half is in my possession, he’ll naturally come to find me first.”

“Can’t destroy it?” Her eyes slightly s.h.i.+fted.

“There’s one way. When a corpse king is trying to reach the fifth transformation, we can use her “corpse rage” during that period to destroy Yama’s body, turning it into energy for her body.” Feiyun said.

“So you’re a messenger for the Evil Woman.” The G.o.ddess recognized this and pondered silently.

“Do you guarantee that she won’t become a second Yama?” She asked.


In order to reach the fifth transformation, the Evil Woman turned ten billion inhabitants of Grand Southern into corpses. She definitely would destroy a dynasty or two for the sake of cultivation.

“There’s something you don’t know though. Her real name is Xiao Nuolan, the purest type of daoist cultivation. She’s cultivating a strange daoist technique named three corpses to slay the dao. The one we know is the evil corpse. Right now, her good corpse and original form are fusing with the evil corpse. Once this fusion is complete, she’ll return to being Xiao Nuolan.” Feiyun continued.

However, he certainly didn’t agree with this. No way the Evil Woman would become Xiao Nuolan again. He was simply trying to convince the G.o.ddess.


“I’ve never lied before.” Feiyun took a deep breath and put on an earnest expression.

He felt much better after this successful convincing. They had Yao Ji and the G.o.ddess now.

Boundless Lord and the Grand Sovereign can come themselves and it would be fine. The only problems were the Enlightened Beings from Sacred Spirit Palace.

He knew that they had more than half of the Enlightened Beings in the five dynasties. There were more than just two palace lords.

“This is all I can do right now. It’ll be a top-level fight, anything less than Nirvana will be useless. They’ll die in the blink of an eye.”

Feiyun could sense that countless experts would come to stop her. He didn’t think he could win the fight. They just needed to buy enough time for her to finish the transformation.

He then prepared to return to the citadel to set up more powerful formations. He summoned his vessel and the G.o.ddess and Luo Yu’er tagged along.

They stood on the deck, looking calm like two beautiful lilies.

He glanced at the G.o.ddess and started thinking. After all, the two of them had done the deed previously. It was tough to act like strangers, at least for him. This didn’t seem to be the case for her.

He got bored during the journey and looked down at the land. They suddenly came to a familiar scene so he stopped.

“Why are we stopping?” The G.o.ddess asked.

“I just remember that a beauty owes me one. I might not stay in Jin after this matter so I can’t waste it, gotta make her pay me back now.” Feiyun said.

He was talking about Mo Yaoyao, the owner of Spirit Realm Inn.

He didn’t think of her in the beginning because she might not be that useful. No one extremely strong would have the time to start an inn.

However, he still wanted to get something back from her before leaving, at least a few spirit stones.

He didn’t expect her to be so enthusiastic after hearing the story. She asked: “You really know a secret pa.s.sage that can leave Jin?”

He knew that she was a demon and couldn’t use Sacred Spirit Palace’s portal. That led to Central and once she got there, the experts of that dynasty would instantly hunt her down.

On the other hand, the other side of his portal was secretive and she wouldn’t be spotted.

The question was – how did she get to Jin in the first place? What a mysterious demon.

“Of course, my mother set it up herself. That’s how she left Jin in the first place.” He didn’t need to hide it.

“Haha!” Yaoyao looked happy and agreed to go with him to the corpse citadel as long as he let her use the portal later.

She could finally leave this tiny place now, hence her excitement.

On the other hand, Feiyun was a bit disappointed. He only wanted to extort some spirit stones out of her, not actually bringing her along.

How much help can she be? Sigh, still gotta take her along.

Just like that, Feiyun’s s.h.i.+p carried numerous beauties back to the citadel.

Bi Ningshuai was there when he landed. He saw one beauty after another coming down and rolled his eyes.

He thought that Feiyun didn’t go to look for allies at all, only to flirt.


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