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Chapter 855: Gathering Of Half-demons

“I can rest a.s.sured then.” An old man from the Meng emerged from the clouds with many others. They were old with starry eyes, looking like immortals.

Everyone made way for them while thinking that this half-demon managed to bring out so many old experts from the Meng.

Of course, some keen souls also knew that it didn’t matter whether this Feng Feiyun could beat all the geniuses today. He wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive.

The Meng would definitely kill him since he had crippled several of their historical geniuses.

“This is what happens when you don’t have any backing. You’ll be eliminated after showing your fangs.”

“The half-demon alliance is just too weak, they can only win back a little bit of dignity. The Meng is just too much for them.”

Most pitied the excellent half-demon since he wouldn’t live past today.

Meanwhile, the old men from the Meng had incredible auras. They glanced at Feiyun while standing outside the realm of death.

One of them wore a yelllow crest; his hands were hidden in his sleeves. He said: “Xinghen, make this a good victory. Show the half-demons the style of a real genius.”

“I will.” Meng Xinghen was completely confident after seeing through Feng Feiyun. He stepped inside the realm of death.

Feiyun also entered once more.

Xinghen wasn’t a stickler for formalities and immediately attacked the moment Feiyun got in with his clan’s sword technique. Energies condensed into an invisible sword.

Feiyun had golden ripples around him. They turned into a golden silkworm to stop the sword.

“Boundless Buddhist Art.” Feiyun pressed his palm down and created a golden seal.

“A firefly can’t compete with the moon.” Meng Xinghen floated in the air and a white flame surrounded him.

“Pop!” A ray flew out of his sleeve, looking like a shuttle with a human head.

“Blood King Shutter.” He pierced through the Buddhist seal with it and engulfed Feiyun in its b.l.o.o.d.y radiance.

A majestic force emanated from this artifact and trapped the entire realm. Boulders exploded from the force regardless of their size.

“Rumble!” Xinghen seemed to be the ruler of this place now. Everything must obey his command.

The power of the shuttle increased continuously. Lighting bolts emerged and turned this into a prison.

An elder of the Meng stroked his beard and laughed: “Well done, Xinghen didn’t let me down.”

“Just a half-demon yet he caused so much trouble and harmed our prestige. At least he’s dead right now and can’t continue this joke.”

“Using a fifth-ranked treasure to take down a half-demon, so glorious, huh?” An opponent of the Meng sneered.

So it turned out that Meng Xinghen used a fifth-ranked treasure secretly handed to him by a supreme elder.

“So what? The path isn’t only about cultivation, weapons matter too.” A supreme elder of the Meng barked back.

Suddenly, the image in the mirror became unstabilized. A red glow rushed out of the white radiance, only as big as a grain of rice. However, its speed was fast enough to elude some of the older members of the Meng.

“Heavenly weapon essence.” It pierced Xinghen’s forehead and came out from the other side. It returned to Feiyun’s palm and disappeared from sight.

“Boom!” Xinghen’s body fell backward. Blood poured out of the hole.

The fifth-ranked treasure lost its controller and fell into Feiyun’s hand.

Feiyun showed himself, unstained even by a speck of dust. His long hair and robe fluttered to the wind. He rubbed the shutter and said: “Not bad at all.”

The elders of the Meng were frozen, the same with their opponents. Everyone thought that Feiyun was dead but the opposite actually happened.

“Impossible… Impossible!” A Meng elder became crazy while looking at Xinghen’s corpse. His eyes were bloodshot, wanting to enter the realm of death to tear Feiyun apart.

Feiyun carried Xinghen’s corpse in one hand and the shuttle with the other. He walked out of the realm and said: “Any other genius from the Meng wants to die?”

“You’re dead, Junior!” The seventh supreme elder of the Meng turned into a shadow and unleashed a palm strike straight for Feiyun’s head.

“Utterly disgraceful, can’t even handle losing.” The young n.o.ble in purple walked out of the battle palace and sneered. His followers also left with the exception of one.

It was an old man wearing a leather hat; his face was covered in wrinkles. He easily used a palm seal to force the seventh elder to the ground.

“Boom!” The seventh elder fell in front of Feiyun like a dog, causing dust to go everywhere.

Feiyun was surprised and stared at the young n.o.ble.

“Who dares to oppose us?!” The seventh elder flew up; his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with murderous intent.

However, he calmed down right away. The opponent must have been strong to easily push him down.

The hat-wearer pushed his hat down to hide the upper half of his face. He laughed: “I’m not opposing your clan, I’m actually saving your life.” With that, he left with the young n.o.ble.

The seventh elder realized that this was the battle palace. Killing the half-demon would mean suffering a punishment.

“Hmph, brat, don’t think about leaving this place. I’ll cut you to pieces if you do.” The seventh elder knew that the guy earlier wasn’t easy to mess with. He directed his anger towards Feiyun.

Feiyun withdrew his gaze and glanced at the elder: “I shouldn’t have agreed to those fights if I had known that the Meng were a bunch of sore losers.”

“You!” The supreme elder was livid but couldn’t do anything. After all, they egged Feiyun to fight in the first place.

“The death clause means that both sides are willing to fight to the death. The battle palace will help me against any seniors wanting to take revenge.” Feiyun said.

“You’re too naive, little one. We won’t do anything to you but if you don’t surrender, we’ll kill these half-demons later.” An ancestor of the Meng snorted.

The half-demons present have been captured, unable to move by this point.

The Meng thought that no one would stand up for the half-demons. They weren’t afraid of the alliance either.

“How shameless.” Feiyun’s expression turned cold.

“Shameless indeed. Actually trying to threaten a junior by taking our members captive?” A group of old half-demons entered the battle palace.

Some were strong; others were weak. However, they seemed fearless.

“Brother Feng, I got Grandpa Mu here to help you.” Feng Wanxia pulled Feiyun back into the group and stood in front of him. She stared straight at the Meng, undeterred.

Feiyun looked at the large group of half-demons. Even the first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators still took out their weapons, ready to protect him. A few had lowly status; their clothes barely covered their body. However, they were still here to support him.

This might not be enough to save him but he was still moved by it.

“You’ve done well, a great role model for half-demons. We will guarantee your safety even if we all die here today. We will not bow to the Meng.” Elder Mu smiled approvingly at Feiyun.

Feiyun nodded. Suddenly, an ominous feeling struck him as if he was being spied on.

He turned around and saw a girl in white standing on top of a tall building with old architectural style. She held a zither and was covered in fog, looking like an immortal. She disappeared in the next second.

It’s her. Feiyun began to think about his next move after noticing this development.


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