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Chapter 152: Three Years Time of Man and Things [Part 2]

GAL Research Inst.i.tute was the highest academic inst.i.tution in terms of science and engineering in GAL, and it was the integrated research and development center of the latest and most high-end technologies in the entire GAL. It was also the academic inst.i.tution with the highest reputation and consultation rate. In academic terms, they were the absolute authority and magnate.

Mo Heng himself was one of them. As a senior authority in academia who had been immersed in engineering technology for many years, Mo Heng was already a four star engineering scholar. This was also why so many people were respectful and in awe of Mo Heng.

The scholarly t.i.tles conferred by GAL Research Inst.i.tute were differentiated into five ranks from the initial one star scholar to a five star scholar. As the people continue to contribute to GAL, they would acc.u.mulate contribution points and increase their star rank.

Only those who possessed the t.i.tle ‘scholar’ could be said to have truly set foot into this circle of authority. At twenty years old or so, Ci Jincheng was already taking a shot at the t.i.tle of ‘scholar’. Such a case was extremely rare.

“That fellow truly is impressive.” Cillin agreed.

“Tsk, it was exactly because there was Knight and Ci Jincheng to make a comparison with that I was forcefully captured back home by my father to manage businesses. He even froze my private accounts. I’m poor now man, don’t you see that this is the only attire I can afford now?”

Bulls.h.i.+t, the reason you’re dressed like this is completely due to your own twisted taste. Cillin knew that this was just Lung making a grumble. If he really did object to the act, who on earth could freeze all of Lung’s private accounts so easily?

“What about you, Cillin? How does it feel to be a Hunter?” Lung never planned to hide the fact that he had investigated Cillin.

“It’s not bad. What did you find out about me?”

“There was too little time. I only knew that you’re a Hunter and that you’ve accepted a mission from the Feniers Family.”

“I did not accept a mission from them. The one who accepted it is the kid who’s with me. I was just earning some leisure cash along the way.”

“It seems that your treatment of that little girl is pretty well. I wonder what Ling Lung would think if she knew this.” Lung said while rubbing his chin.

Cillin raised a leg and kicked him once, “Get out, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. So much nonsense coming from you.”

Lung chuckled and dodged out of the way, “Hey, speaking of which, your strength has gone up again. You’re rank A now, right?”

“Mm.” Cillin nodded.

“No wonder you were able to find out Pascado. Oh, I forgot to tell you, but I am the one who sent the men to stir the pot at Planet Zafia. The person you found out is called Pascado. Before this, he had never been found out when he partic.i.p.ates in the action, but he didn’t expect that he would capsize* in front of you this time. Hehe.” Contrary to one might expect, Lung did not feel any embarra.s.sment and thus voiced the matter on his own accord.

*capsize in a drain, also means to fail when one least expects it or in their most confident task

“So that’s how it is!”

Cillin abruptly recalled the true nature of the familiarity he felt when he saw the tamer back then. Back then, when they had partic.i.p.ated in the Sector Champions.h.i.+p’s integrated warfare compet.i.tion, Lung had caught and knocked out the Second Military Academy’s Boen inside the lake. When Lung lifted Boen in front of Cillin, he had given him a tamer-like feeling back then. However, Lung didn’t manage to completely conceal his presence probably because he had just exited the lake. Still, that feeling had lasted for only a fraction of a second, so the impression it left Cillin was both short and blurry.

“You’re a tamer of the legends!”

“Surprised, aren’t you? Your young master is a legendary tamer who inherited the legacy of the sea G.o.d!” Lung said proudly before coming to a pause. Then, he asked in an exaggeratedly mysterious manner, “Which Hunter regiment are you in right now?”

“Vanguard Sixth B Squadron, Lieutenant Commander.”

“Holy s.h.i.+t! That’s one of the big fours, hmm? Wait a second, the Sixth B Squadron…” Lung’s mouth turned into an O shape, “The squadron that took out the largest terrorist organisation ‘Poison Fang’ in Sector V?”

Cillin nodded.

Lung lifted a thumb. When he heard of the news back then he already thought highly of the Sixth B Squadron. Perhaps in the not-so-far future, the Sixth B Squadron could become the number one squadron in Vanguard.

After stretching his back and moving his arms around for a bit, he raised his eyes and saw a certain cat above the statue. The cat was standing on top of the statue of the ‘Sea G.o.d’s’ head and looked to be revelling in the emotion where it was looking down arrogantly at the entire world.

“What’s going on with that cat?”

“It’s undergoing self-enlightenment at the moment.”

The reason Lung and Cillin could chat here without the slightest scruple was not without reason. There was a device developed by the Andrea Family in Lung’s pocket that ensured that no one beyond two meters of range could hear any content of their conversation. This was because the sound waves were put through distortion processing beyond two meters so other people could only hear some static noises.

“Come and take a seat at my place? I’ll show you my dearest sofa!” Lung stood up and pulled Cillin towards outside the public square.

Cillin beckoned for the gray cat to come back.

While Lung was pulling Cillin towards outside the public square, an extra long flying car was slowly driving towards the Sector government’s twin towers behind them. Suddenly, it came to a stop.

Inside the flying car, a girl wearing a fas.h.i.+onable sungla.s.ses looked outside the window.

“What is it, miss?” a bodyguard beside the girl asked.

“Nothing. I just saw an old friend.” the corner of the girl’s lips curled beautifully.

She did not need to see the front. She only needed to watch his back – even if that back was completely different from the back in her mind – to know, that it was that person.

Lung pulled Cillin all the way to the suspended parking area beside the plaza. He then summoned his hot dog* of a car in sea blue color and headlights that looked like red phoenix eyes.

*picked up from urban dictionary as a slang for show off. Correct me if I’m wrong.

After driving out of the public square, Cillin asked, “Why were we in such a hurry to leave just now?”

“Yoho, you found out?” Lung shrugged, “Do you want to meet up with Ling Lung?”

Cillin smiled bitterly, “I actually am not prepared for that.”

After Cillin had faked his death and left Seven Lights, the Galois Family had suffered a little bit of hards.h.i.+ps. Aiflon told him that Ling Lung was the one responsible for it.

“Therefore, let’s avoid her for now. But Cillin, Ling Lung really is a remarkable woman, but you know, she really seems to be interested in you.” Lung said while making winky eyes.

Cillin threw a slap right over, “Drive your car!”

Lung’s flying car was driven directly into the floor where Lung’s office was in the Andrea’s building. It wasn’t far away from the door to the office, and the bodyguards outside the door were currently standing still with a serious expression. The fierce light in their eyes were in full display, and they appeared incredibly intimidating.

The gray cat crouching on top of Cillin’s shoulder glanced at the bodyguards with a c.o.c.ked head. Then, it raised a hind leg and scratched its ears before letting out a sigh, “They look even stupider than the dolphin statues beside the sea G.o.d!”

Lung echoed with profound understanding, “Yeah, they look stupid as h.e.l.l!”

The bodyguards’ faces twisted, and they roared in their hearts while wis.h.i.+ng that they could flip a table: We know this looks stupid, but what can we do, Grandpa Ber is the one issuing our salaries!

Lung showed off his dearest sh.e.l.l sofa to Cillin. Cillin expressed his extreme disdain towards it.

Meanwhile, the gray cat was now transfixed by the aquarium within Lung’s office and scooped the fishes while it crouched above the aquarium. Feeling that it hadn’t enjoyed itself fully, the gray cat jumped directly into the aquarium and teased the fishes, causing the poor things to all holed up at a corner and tremble like a leaf.

Lung exclaimed repeatedly at the sight, “This cat is truly outrageous.”

Now that he knew that Cillin was in Vanguard Sixth B Squadron, it would be a lot easier to find him when it was necessary.

“Before you return to the Sixth Squad, you can seek out the manager of any company under the Andrea Family if you need to contact me or get help. Just pa.s.s this to them and it’ll work.” Lung took out a card and pa.s.sed it to Cillin. The word ‘Lung’ was written in twenty or so languages on the card.

Cillin accepted the card. With this card, Cillin would be able to seek help in any places where the Andrea Family was involved. This was a sizable help for a Hunter who travelled and drifted between the line of life and death often.

“This is for you.” Cillin raised a hand and tossed Lung a green, round ball. It was one of the five huge green pearls he had acquired from Sector Z.

“This is good stuff!” Lung held it in his hand and exclaimed. With his observation skills, naturally he could deduce the green pearl’s value, “This is too valuable.”

That’s what he said, but Lung’s expression was something else: You better don’t turn back on your word, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I’ll never return it even if I die!

Cillin couldn’t hold himself back from giving the b.a.s.t.a.r.d another kick.

When Cillin and the gray cat had left the Andrea Family’s building, Berzett walked over and watched his young master staring at the green pearl in his hands like he was staring at a treasure. He frowned and asked, “Why?”

Berzett was asking why had Lung brawled with Cillin at a public area like the Eternal Square. With Lung’s intelligence, he shouldn’t have so recklessly created an embarra.s.sing commotion like that.

“Nothing much. I’m just tell a certain people that I know this guy and we’re quite well acquainted with each other, and that they should moderate the dirty tricks they have in their minds.”

“You’re not afraid that he will expose us to the Feniers Family?”

“Nope, I am not afraid. He won’t.”

Seeing that Berzett’s frown hadn’t dropped, Lung gave him a smile and said, “Berzett, do you know that back at Seven Lights University, our accommodation was called the sickest accommodation in Seven Lights?”

Lung Andrea, Knight Feigler, Ci Jincheng and now Cillin. How could a person who was thought highly by the first three people be weak?

“Is it worth it?” Berzett asked.

“It’s worth it!” Lung turned around and looked at Berzett, “What, you don’t believe me?”

Berzett smiled and shook his head, “I believe you. Everyone of you Andreas are a bunch of weirdos. But you guys haven’t met each other for three years. Shouldn’t you chat a little more with him? If you’re willing, young master, you can invite him a couple more times as a guest. Our negotiations with the Feniers Family will last another two days.”

“It’s fine. He has his own matters to deal with, and I do not want that woman Ling Lung to knock on my door either. Plus, I believe that we will be cooperating with each other very soon after this.”

Berzett’s eyes flashed, “Young master, you mean… the matter at Sector S?”

“Yeah, it’s been fifty years. It is time to begin.”


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