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Chapter 3: Recovery (1)

Sand Source Star

Fengyun, after nearly a century of human construction, has been an extremely prosperous planet, is the capital of the starfield, and an important commercial hub of the Siloam overseas dominions.

But now the once glamorous commercial pearl has been reduced to a devastated, dilapidated junk planet! The natural, relaxing, beautiful, and magnificent atmoshpere of the city has become a ruin, in the deserted old main street, from time to time you can see the destroyed tanks and a variety of air defense facilities.

From a large s.p.a.ce station in synchronous…o…b..t, as well as a connecting grounded orbital elevator tower, various types of floating buildings, urban agglomerations, or even in the ecological residential area, there were traces of war left everywhere!

In other words, the planet has been fundamentally ruined! Wanting it to be restored to a state of prosperity, in addition to the amount of capital investments, more importatly, healing the critically injured, and the rebuilding of the imperial army regiment, required a significant amount of time to complete.

Somewhere in a neighborhood that has been reduced to ruins, two Gang Binuo soldiers were walking on the desolate streets, thick tails were dragging behind, a set of alloy infused claws and hind legs that stepped on the floor tiles, issuing a dull “bang bang” sound.

Their backs each carried a human, with the intent to bring them back to their camp as evening snacks.

The two beastly people walked side-by-side, casually talking, voices dull, hoa.r.s.e, like two rusty blades constantly colliding.

“Shaq, tonight we can have a feast!” one of them said gratefully.

“Ah, yes! After so many years, my family has finally reached the territory of civilization!” The other one carefully put away the high-frequency oscillation particle knife in his hands, as he spoke in affirmation.

The Gang Binuo peoples’s individual strength is generally more powerful, but their level of equipment manufacturing is very unflattering, so each time when hara.s.sing a human world, they make sure to plunder the goods and equipment of every human soldier. The standard equipment seized from an Imperial Army regiment would be sent to their elite soldiers.

“To be honest, these humans taste really good too, more than those meats we used to eat before! Just like that last time we ate those human infants, the taste was really……” Shaq smiled, one slimy red tongue protruding, licked his thick lips, with a faraway look.

They did not notice the purple brilliance in the air above their heads, slightly flashing for a moment, then quietly enter into the back of the apparently fainted juvenile human body.

“Of course, who told us they are intelligent beings? Ah, maybe we should look again, there should also be hidden humans we didn’t find, try to grab a few more within the next few days so we can eat delicious……” He said, and began to look around.

Shaq hesitated, then followed behind, walking for some time along the sidewalk: “Okay!! You look here, I will go over there and hope we get a good harvest.”

Then, the two people began to split up.

Shaq searched everywhere along the streets tens of meters away, then his flat ears suddenly moved, and seemed to have realized something. His hideous ugly head turning left and right a little, big b.l.o.o.d.y eyes staring at a dilapidated roadside building.

He waited a few seconds, slowly put down the teenager that was on his back, hiding the body in a pile of debris, then extracted the particle knife, closing carefully on the suspicious area and began a thorough search.

The planet was captured within several days, basically all the humans had entered captivity, as a rare delicacy stockpiled for the superior n.o.bles to enjoy. And their underling soldiers were left behind, they could only search the city ruins repeatedly for a lucky find, in hope to discover a few who slipped through their net, to sneak a fresh taste.

Just after Shaq turned around, the eyelids of the boy on the ground suddenly moved, his eyes opened and looked at the creatures back, then immediately closed them.

About half an hour later, it happily came back, its hands carrying an unconscious middle-aged man, blood trailing from the knife on his waist.

‘Todays luck is really good, I can go back for a feast!’ It was happily thinking, hand streching to grab the teenager on the ground.

At this point, the young man suddenly opened his eyes, a glaring reed flower shot from his eyes.

Caught off guard, Shaq felt dizzy, its body became very stiff, unable to make even the most basic reaction.

‘d.a.m.n, its a spirit attack!’ It only had time for that thought to emerge in its mind, before it felt its waist become loose, the particle knife had been grabbed by the boy, followed by a heartrending pain coming from its abdomen.

The pain stimulated its nerves, and its rigid body began to recover its freedom.

Shaq made a howling sound, then fiercely tossed its stout tail, with a ferocious momentum heavily sweeping over! Its enemy had a weak human body, as long as it hit, the fight would be over!

The juvenile withdrew the knife, but because it soon regained consciousness, even though its physical coordination could not keep up, its giant tail is fully lethal had lightly rubbed him, immediately his blood reversed out!

The boy just felt stars, his brain made a “buzzing” sound, a burst of powerlessness. .h.i.t, at any time he was likely to faint!

But he also understands that if he really wants to faint, hes completely finished! So he bit his lip hard, trying to force himself awake, hands clutching the knife, forcing himself towards the Gang Binuo soldier.

Looking at the blue skin, and body with a set of simple metal armor, it could be concluded that this guys status is not high, it should be the lowest level of soldier, at least with a first level Yuanxing strength. But because of the inherent advantages of its const.i.tution, if ordinary soldiers do not rely on powerful Imperial equipment, then one can not be its opponent.

What to do? Right now he is just an ordinary person, also seriously wounded, with only a knife in his hands, wanting to kill the other is impossible. The other side is also injured, but Gang Binuo have a huge body type, and a tough tenacious vitality, so trying to make him fall through effort alone is impossible! The pale juvenile wiped away the blood on his mouth, his mind rapidly thinking up countermeasures.

“Abominable human, you actually did not die!” Shaq looked at his huge belly wound, and could not help feeling angry, fiercely growled:

“When I kill you, I will definitely make sure to tear you apart slowly, and then soak you in your blood as wine to drink!”

The juvenile coldly smiled, although he knew the Gang Binuo understood human language, but he was too lazy to talk to the other, just used his eyes, watching carefully, looking fro opportunities to attack.

Shaq seeing he did not speak, tossed his tail, and once again rushed forward.

If you can, lets see you attack me! When the teenager managed to dodge the attack, his heart felt some regret.

As many people involved in the war fought against Gang Binuo, he was naturally familiar with the habits of their race, concerning the lower soldiers, about the location of the brain and neck, and where the vital organs are located, this was also a source of strength, as long as he imposes a heavy blow to those two places, it would be bound to immediately lose their combat capability!

Shaq had attacked a mere few rounds, then the teenager felt the situation was becoming unsustainable.

In desperation, his eyes lashed out a reed flower. The other painfully roared, covered his head, the body became stiff slowing down again!

Right now!

The juvenile quickly went behind it, aiming at it neck portion, then suddenly leaped, severely slashing the knife down, taking advantage of the situation, the high-speed blade cut through like tofu, easily breaking open the inferior alloy armor on its neck, leaving a half-meter long terrible wound, spurting out purple blood!

The shattering sound lasted only a few seconds before it halted! The tall body finally fell, its eyes heavy with resentment and anger!

Looking at the man lying beside him, the teenager hesitated, then checked him, he found the other had his mind shattered, and could only regretfully give up.

After casting two spiritual attacks, together with his original injury, the juvenile’s body was at the point of being burnout, but had to leave immediately, following his mind’s memories, quickly stumbled to his original sanctuary.


Deep in the bas.e.m.e.nt, Xiao Jun Ling slowly opened his eyes.

After regaining consciousness, he did not hurry to stand up, but first extending his spiritual sense, began to scan all around.

For a short time, he carefully checked the underground s.p.a.ce again, finding no abnormalities. He then ventured with his spiritual sense, revealing strata, and slowly expanded to the open surface.

Ten minutes later, stopping the observations with satisfaction, his taut nerves relaxed a little.

It seemed those d.a.m.n Gang Binuo have temporarily left this neighborhood, so he is now somewhat safe.

He closed his eyes and rested for a few minutes, because of the psychological stress, the consumption of spiritual power was exceptionally a lot more then normal, more than 30 points each time, equivalent to one third of his bodies total spiritual power!

“This boy’s body, is really fragile isn’t it……” He thought in his heart, with a slightly wry smile.

In the depths in his consciousness, a cube covered in patterns of quirky runes was slowly spinning, sheathed in a touch of brilliant purple colored aura, moving unsteadily along a particular track, as if it was life in general.

When using spirit sense to focus on the runes, you can see on the surface of the mysterious rune patterns were numerous small irregularities that were extremely complex and delicate, it seemed to have an exquisite, gorgeous atmosphere.

As the runes rotated, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was a wonderful place free of interaction, but occasionally there would be the slightest nuance emerge from the ‘Crystal Mountain’ rune, quietly entering his body. Immediately, he felt a sense of warmth, as if he soaked in warm water, it was extremely comfortable. The recovery rate of spirit power was also several times faster than normal, and would soon again reach full status.

Gently touching the switch on the left hand side, the translucent hatch silently slid open. The place is a nearly abandoned hospital accommodation, and it was his refuge now, from which would guarantee his survival!

After more than ten hours sleep, his body’s injury was basically restored, his feet once again set foot on the cold floor. Sensor lights on the wall would automatically light up, a soft orange glow bathed every inch of the interior.

The interior furnishing were simple, a steel bed, two chairs plus a little square table, on it were some fragmented objects, there was also a small cabinet made from an extremely common material. It could be determined that this was not a wealthy family, or even poorer.

As Xiao Jun Ling took some clothes to wear around, his eyes inadvertently glimpsed at the table mirror, which shone a pale, slightly decadent face, could not be called handsome, at best, only somewhat handsome looks, but looked like a thirteen-year-old.

He shook his head, in concentration, thought for a moment, sitting down on the bed.

He had been hiding here for more than thirty days, in addition to sneaking out twice,to an abandoned supermarket in a nearby neighborhood, bringing back food and drinks, other times basically hiding here to recuperate.

However, this was not the right way to go, eventually all the food would have been consumed one day. The planet has been fully occupied, if the Imperial Legion delays to fight back, he did not know how long he would still be able to survive here.

Because of the war, he decided to die with determination, thus detonated the residual energy in his body, in the siege he dragged his enemies to h.e.l.l together with him, but as it was about to end at that crucial moment, a single rune on the artifact of the ancient ruins finally reacted!

The energy of the explosion was easily absorbed by the mysterious rune pattern, together with his body that had lost consciousness stored inside, when he finally opened his eyes again, he found himself sitting at the administrative planet Fengyun on the northwestern border of the empire, and became a thirteen-year-old juvenile.

He was seriously injured and dying, the Gang Binuo person was carrying his body back to camp, it seemed to have intended to have him as a delicious meal that evening.

Although this body was extremely weak, without any genetic enhancements, but with his solid experience and thorough memory, he aimed for an opportunity, lauched a violent attack, and finally killed the disgusting creature!

Of course, he was able to escape from from death, mainly due to the magical rune pattern, he was exhausted often at the time, but there was always a warm energy that pa.s.sed through him, continuing to support him! Otherwise, he really cannot imagine that he would have the strength to defeat an elementary Yuanxing level Gang Binuo warrior, and be the one to live in the end.

Dying he found the old station close to the medical retirement s.p.a.ce in the bas.e.m.e.nt, he barely got through this weak period, but with the power of the mysterious rune, he fully recovered in a short time.

Then he practiced crazily, though the foundation on the body was really bad, but in order to survive, he can’t let go of any chance to become strong! Last time he was lucky, there was only a single Gang Binuo, but if there were two or more than he could give in to the fate of being food!

But there was a surprise, the rune pattern occasionally released bursts of strange energy, integrating with his body. After observing, he found when he regained consciousness his physique had improved significantly, of course the biggest change was in his spiritual force.


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