WebNovel Starting With 3 S-Class Talents Chapter 503 – The Demons Suddenly Appeared And Attacked First

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Chapter 503 – The Demons Suddenly Appeared And Attacked First

When Gary and the others saw the Origin Divine Earth flowing back into the well, they could not help but sigh in relief. They then turned to look at Linus and asked, “High Priest, were you the one who stopped the spell just now?”

Linus nodded and said in a deep voice, “Just now, I activated a Demon World spell based on the array’s instructions. Fortunately, the Fire G.o.d has given me power, allowing me to interrupt it! Now, you finally understand what is going on between the demons and the apostles, right?”

Gary and the others nodded repeatedly and said angrily, “They are stealing our Origin Divine Earth! They are trying to make the Elf Race suffer for all eternity! To think that we have always been believers of Gajero and wors.h.i.+pped the power of the demons. In the end, we are actually ganging up with the enemies who want to hurt us!”

Linus looked at Gary with gratification and murmured, “At first, when I heard the news, I didn’t believe it either. It was Vincent who asked me to come here personally to see it. He wanted me to see it with my own eyes. Now, you have all witnessed the crimes of the demons with me. Are you willing to come with me and spread the truth about the demons to the world so that more elves will wake up?”

Gary stood up and said seriously, “I am willing!”

The others also stood up and said to Linus in unison, “We are also willing!”

Linus nodded and said seriously, “Okay, you are all my brothers. Let us do something great for the Elf Race!”

Everyone was excited and nodded to show that they were willing to go with Linus.

Linus took out a piece of paper that showed the coordinates where the twelve apostles were collecting the Origin Divine Earth. He said, “According to the message I received, all the apostles have died. Their territories will be as chaotic as Rebirth City. We will take advantage of this opportunity and rush over to the other cities to explore all the coordinates! As long as we can find evidence of every apostle’s crimes, we will be able to expose Gajero’s true intentions. Every elf will then lose their faith in Gajero!”

Everyone replied, “Alright, we will listen to the High Priest’s arrangements!”

“Then we will set off immediately!” said Linus.

He then kept the piece of paper and took the lead to walk out of the cave.

No one knew how much time had pa.s.sed.

Linus led everyone out of the tree hole and exited Rebirth City.

In Serene Spring City, Vincent was dealing with government affairs in the City Lord’s meeting hall as usual.

A soldier suddenly walked in from outside the door and said anxiously, “Great G.o.d Vincent, something bad has happened. Imperial City has sent its troops! They are heading here now!”

Upon hearing this, Vincent immediately stood up and asked with a frown, “There are no longer any residents left in Imperial City, so where did these troops come from?”

The soldier shook his head, his eyes were filled with fear as he said, “I don’t know. We can only see a large ma.s.s of black fog approaching from the city walls. As for what is hidden in the fog, no one can tell. It feels like there are thousands of soldiers and horses inside!”

Vincent immediately said, “Then let’s not delay. We will head to the city gates immediately. Tell me about the current situation there!”

The soldier followed behind Vincent and they walked out of the City Lord’s residence together. The soldier then explained, “When I rushed over, G.o.d Horace had already started to gather the experts within the city. He was prepared to deal with the situation outside the city to prevent the flames of war from spreading to Serene Spring City!”

Vincent replied, “Very good, this decision is very good! But if this is a method arranged by someone in Imperial City, then it must be related to Ramirez. With Horace and the others’ strength, they are far from able to contend against him!”

Vincent nodded in praise of Horace’s decision, but at the same time, he was worried for him.

If Ramirez could not hold it in and wanted to attack the city alone, then Horace and the others who went to face the enemy would suffer!

After all, a level 75 creature was absolutely invincible in Elf World!

Plus, Vincent no longer had any helpers in Serene Spring City aside from Horace.

Melissa was in closed-door cultivation, and Kurt was still recovering from his injuries. Only the elves who had just changed their beliefs were left in the city.

However, these elves did not have any powerful means or experience in fighting demons. If they wanted to fight against Ramirez, they would have to pay a heavy price!

The more Vincent thought about it, the more anxious he became. He left the soldiers behind him, spread his flaming wings, and flew toward the city gate.

When Vincent arrived at the sky above the city gate, he saw smoke everywhere not far away from the city gate. From time to time, he could see lights flas.h.i.+ng. The lights symbolized the various elements. It seemed that the team from Serene Spring City was already engaged in battle.

When someone saw Vincent rus.h.i.+ng over, they immediately shouted excitedly, “G.o.d Vincent is here. Don’t be afraid, everyone. We will definitely win!”

The other soldiers and ordinary elves gathered at the city gate began to kneel down. They prayed to Vincent devoutly whilst singing and cheering.

Vincent looked at the elves below, and quickly asked, “Where is Horace? How is he now?”

“Sir Horace is fighting with the enemy, and the battle situation is remarkable. As soon as he left the city, he exchanged fire with the enemy, and up until now, he still hasn’t shown any signs of defeat!”

“Everyone, defend the city gate. You must not simply leave. I’ll go and take a look myself!” said Vincent.

After Vincent gave instructions to everyone, he turned around and flew toward the battlefield outside the city.

If it was Ramirez who was fighting them, then Horace and the others would not be in a stalemate with him for such a long time.

However, if Ramirez did not take action personally, then how did he gather an army? Imperial City was empty when he left.

There must be an explanation for this!

Vincent was burning with anxiety. He did not want to see any accidents happening to Horace and the elf experts.

When Vincent was less than a hundred meters away from the battlefield, he suddenly heard waves of screams.

“Lord Horace, I can’t take it anymore. Please let me die!”

“This is worse than death. I want to die together with him!”

“Everyone, you must hold on. You must not die so easily. G.o.d Vincent is in the city. He will definitely come to save us!”

Waves of desperate and painful screams rose and fell. They were mixed with Horace’s encouragement and comfort for everyone.

“Horace, where are you?” shouted Vincent.

He then rushed toward the black fog in front of him.

“Sir Vincent is here, we are saved!”

The elf trapped in the black fog cheered excitedly when he heard Vincent’s voice. He even forgot to answer Vincent’s question.

Horace spoke again, “Sir Vincent, don’t come over! Be careful of this array, it can drain the energy from one’s body!”

After hearing this, Vincent immediately stopped moving forward. He stopped right outside of the black fog. He was very worried about the situation inside the black fog.

Vincent stood outside the black fog and asked loudly, “Horace, what’s going on? What kind of trouble have you encountered? Have you seen any powerful demons?”

Very soon, Horace replied, “There’s nothing inside. It is just that the black fog is blocking our vision. We haven’t seen any demons, but the energy in our bodies is constantly being drained. Many soldiers can’t hold on any longer!”

Vincent pondered for a moment and instantly thought of the array built under Imperial City.

The array could extract the energy from the Elf Kings and convert it into the purest demonic aura, helping Ramirez to improve his cultivation.

Ramirez, who was also injured, must be anxious to replenish the energy in his body. However, as the residents of Imperial City had evacuated, Ramirez, who wanted to fight back, must have set his eyes on the residents of Serene Spring City as they are closest to Imperial City. He wanted to use this array to convert the energy of the residents and kill everyone in the city.

After thinking about it, Vincent did not dare to hesitate anymore. He immediately took out the Cup of Fate from his storage ring. He was prepared to break into the array using force.

The Cup of Fate could convert any energy into the purest psionic power, and the aura of the Demon World was no exception!

As Vincent raised his arm, a vortex suddenly appeared in the Cup of Fate. The Cup of Fate sucked up all the black fog in front of it and transformed it into psionic power. Everything happened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Vincent relied on the magical effect of the Cup of Fate and began to move around in the black fog. Every time he moved, the surrounding dark aura would automatically flow into the cup, leaving nothing behind.

Vincent soon found a large number of elves within the black fog. The elf soldiers who appeared in front of him at that moment were like old men who were about to die. Their faces were wrinkled and were like dried wood.

“Everyone, rest immediately. No matter what happens, do not stand up and try to maintain your current condition. After I help Horace escape, I will help you recover!”

Everyone did not dare to hesitate after hearing Vincent’s order. They immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and began to meditate. They absorbed psionic power from the vast world and refined it into energy. They soon began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When Vincent walked to the center of the black fog, he immediately saw a very familiar figure in the dissipating black fog in front of him. It was Horace!

Horace was not in his best state at that moment. Although he did not look as bad as the other soldiers on the surface, his staggering footsteps and turbid eyes showed that he was very weak!

Horace knelt in front of Vincent with a weak look and muttered to himself with great remorse, “Great G.o.d Vincent, it’s all my fault! It’s my fault that everyone fell into such a trap!”

Vincent walked forward and helped Horace up. He said, “It’s not entirely your fault. It’s the demons who are too cunning! Moreover, your reaction was right in the face of the sudden situation.. If we let this black fog array enter Serene Spring City, then the consequences would be unimaginable! The most important thing now is to rescue the elves trapped here and find a way to completely eliminate the black fog. Only when we are no longer afraid of any attack from the demons will we declare war!”


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