WebNovel Starting With 3 S-Class Talents Chapter 557 – Was Full Of Sincerity, And The Fierce Dragon Wept

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Chapter 557 – Was Full Of Sincerity, And The Fierce Dragon Wept

When Wilson saw Vincent, he said lightly, “Vincent, you shouldn’t have come back here!”

However, his entire attention was on Alexia.

Alexia was worried and terrified. She did not expect there to be a dragon living in such an inconspicuous alley. Plus, she had also spoken rudely about him earlier. She had mentioned that Vincent’s friend who lived in the alley was a lowlife!

Dragons were quite rigid and stubborn under any circ.u.mstances. They would not accept anyone’s apology for insulting them even though it may be unintentional.

Vincent noticed Wilson’s gaze and quietly distanced himself from Alexia. He said, “Mr. Wilson, I know it’s not appropriate to suddenly visit at this time. After all, the capital of Ultimate Evil no longer welcomes me! But I came here especially to look for you this time, just to complete a deal, and with sincerity!”

Wilson continued to look at Alexia. He looked as if he was looking at prey. He said to Vincent in a deep voice, “Let’s talk about the grudge between you and the Ultimate Evil Lord later. She actually looked down on my residence just now. This is the greatest humiliation to the Dragon Race. I want to settle this with her first!”

Alexia’s face turned as pale as a ghost when she heard that. She looked at Vincent in panic and begged him for help using her eyes.

Vincent wanted to use Wilson to teach Alexia a lesson, but he did not want Wilson to actually kill her. Therefore, he could only quickly say, “Mr. Wilson, please forgive this little girl for being short-sighted. She is the princess of the Demon Race, the daughter of Gajero. Since she was young, she had been following Gajero to invade the various worlds. She does not understand the wealth and good taste of the Dragon Race!”

“So what if she is Gajero’s daughter? Whoever that insults the Demon Race has committed an unforgivable crime!”

Wilson did not accept Vincent’s dissuasion. Instead, he stood up from the mountain of gold coins even more angrily. He waved his pair of huge wings and let out a thunderous roar.

Alexia was so scared that she screamed and quickly went behind Vincent.

Although Alexia was a proud and confident princess, she also knew how terrifying the Dragon Race was. Therefore, she did not care about her relations.h.i.+p with Vincent at that point. She only wanted to find spiritual support in the tense situation.

Wilson saw Alexia staring at Vincent. He turned to Vincent and growled angrily, “What? Do you want to protect her? Could it be that you’ve been working for Gajero all this time? No wonder you’re doing everything you can to cause trouble in the capital of Ultimate Evil! But I want to remind you that even the current you can’t stop the Dragon Race’s fury!”

Vincent shook his head indifferently, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing going on between me and Gajero except that I’ve been trying to think of a way to kill him! As for this demon princess, she’s just my trophy! If you really want to kill her, I won’t stop you. But I want to remind you that Gajero is in the capital of Ultimate Evil right now. He is currently fighting with the Ultimate Evil Lord outside. If you hurt his daughter at this time and if Gajero wins against the Ultimate Evil Lord, then the trouble will fall on you!”

Wilson asked in great shock, “What did you say? Gajero is here?”

Vincent nodded and said, “I was initially being chased by Gajero. I had no choice but to escape back to the capital of Ultimate Evil. Gajero followed me all the way, but as soon as he showed up, he was caught by the Ultimate Evil Lord!”

Wilson raised his head and took a deep breath. He then nodded and sighed, “As expected, it’s the disgusting aura of the demons! I was wondering why the Ultimate Evil Lord was crazy enough to create such a big commotion outside. It turns out that it’s his sworn enemy!”

Vincent immediately asked, “Then, what do you think of the final outcome between the two of them?”

Wilson said with a serious face, “No matter how strong Gajero is, as long as he is in the territory of the Ultimate Evil Lord, he would definitely be at a losing end! Unless something special happens, it will be very difficult for him to leave alive!”

Vincent could not help but feel a little disappointed when he heard that. This was because he hoped that Gajero would be the final victor so that he could personally kill Gajero in the future.

The Ultimate Evil Lord had given up on invading other worlds and had remained in the capital of Ultimate Evil because of the psychological trauma of losing to Gajero. However, once he got rid of Gajero with his own hands, his ambition would grow once again. From then on, he would become a second Gajero!

At the same time, everything that Vincent had acc.u.mulated so far was regarding the demons. If Gajero died, then everything that he had done would be in vain.

However, no matter what happened, as long as an evil creature died, it would be good news for Vincent. This way, he would have one less powerful opponent pursuing him relentlessly.

Alexia, who was hiding behind Vincent, gently tugged the corner of his clothes, reminding him to protect her safety.

Vincent came back to his senses. He could tell that the pampered girl was scared out of her wits this time, so he quickly said to Wilson, “Respected Mr. Wilson, this girl spoke rudely to you just now because she was short-sighted. I’ll ask her to apologize to you now. Please forgive her this time! If you still have any anger toward her, you can wait until the battle outside is over!”

Although Wilson did not say it out loud, when he heard that Gajero had arrived, he felt somewhat fearful in his heart. As Vincent had given him a way out, he just simply said, “Apologize? Then let me see her sincerity first!”

Vincent nodded. He flashed to the side and shook off Alexia’s hand that was holding onto his s.h.i.+rt. He then picked up the scabbard on his waist and whipped Alexia’s bottom fiercely.

Vincent scolded angrily, “What are you waiting for? Apologize to Mr. Wilson!”

Alexia felt the burning pain on her bottom. She could not help but take two steps forward. She stood under the pile of gold coins and quickly said, “Respected Mr. Wilson, I was just talking nonsense outside the door. I didn’t expect your home to be so luxurious. It’s like a legendary fairyland. You’re really the richest dragon I’ve ever seen!”

After hearing Alexia’s compliment, Wilson could not help but squint his eyes. He then climbed back to the top of the mountain of coins with a satisfied look on his face. He laughed and said, “Well said! I am the richest dragon! Since you’re so good at giving compliments, I’ll let you off this time. Don’t let it happen again!”

Upon hearing that, Alexia immediately let out a sigh of relief. She turned around excitedly, wanting to share the joy of surviving the disaster with Vincent. However, she suddenly remembered that Vincent had slapped her bottom earlier. She glared at Vincent with an angry face.

Vincent ignored Alexia and raised his head to look at Wilson. He said with a smile on his face, “I came here to make a deal with you. Please do not doubt my sincerity. I am the most outstanding Dragon Race merchant in the capital of Ultimate Evil!”

Wilson shook his head stubbornly and said, “No, I can’t make a deal with you!”

Vincent asked with a puzzled face, “Why? Could it be that the Ultimate Evil Lord has threatened you?”

Wilson said with a hesitant face, “They said that I was deceived by you. You approached me only to use me!”

Vincent suddenly laughed and replied sincerely, “I admit that I have deceived many creatures in the capital of Ultimate Evil, including the Ultimate Evil Lord himself, but I have never deceived you. This is because the deal between us is real gold and silver, and it is always a hand-to-hand transaction. How can there be any deception between us?”

Wilson suddenly raised his huge head and looked at Vincent excitedly as if he had found a confidant.

Wilson said happily to Vincent, “Look! I thought so too! But the others were not able to understand my thoughts. They kept running to my door, saying that I had been deceived by you, and they promised me that they would not deceive me and wanted to sincerely make a deal with me. But how could they be worthy of making a deal with us dragons? I’ll scare them off with a single fire!”

Although Vincent still had a smile on his face, he had a layer of cold sweat on his forehead. He did not expect Kaeger and the others to be so unkind. They took advantage of the time when he had escaped the capital of Ultimate Evil to frame him.

Fortunately, the dragons are simple-minded and would not be deceived by conspiracy theories!

Vincent struck while the iron was hot and quickly said to Wilson, “Mr. Wilson, it has been proven that only I can understand you. I am the most suitable material merchant for the Dragon Race. I think we should continue our business. We can’t let the comments of the outside world affect our friends.h.i.+p!”

Wilson no longer reacted coldly like before. He said with curiosity, “Of course, the business can continue, but you have to let me see how sincere you are. What items did you bring to move me? You have to know that my appet.i.te has grown a lot during this period of time!”

Alexia stared at Wilson, who wanted to pretend to be a profiteer. However, he acted like a child. She could not believe that the intelligence of the Dragon Race would be so low.

Even if she did not know what Vincent had done before, Alexia was sure that Vincent must have deceived and used Wilson. However, those methods of deception were not worth mentioning in Wilson’s eyes. He only remembered the benefits that Vincent had brought him. He was simply pure to the extreme!

Vincent had long guessed that Wilson would have such a reaction, so he patted Kurt beside him and said softly, “Take out all the gold coins and jewelry that we collected before!”

Kurt nodded. He took two steps back, opened his mouth, and spat out all the gold coins stored in his body.

In the blink of an eye, there was another mountain made of gold coins in the room and it was much higher than the gold mountain that Wilson was originally lying on.

Wilson looked at the gold mountain of coins in front of him. Tears started to roll down from the corners of his eyes. He was very moved as he muttered, “You are indeed a good friend of the Dragon Race! The treasure you brought this time is actually more than what I have acc.u.mulated over the years! Do you know how stingy those b*stards of the Feathered Monster Race and the Bards are? They actually came to trade with me using a small box of gold coins. They can be said to be insulting me!”

Vincent could not help but feel relaxed. This was because the gold coins circulating in the capital of Ultimate Evil had long been bought by him, and all of them had been sent to Wilson. Even if Kaeger, Marcus, and the others wanted to curry favor with Wilson, they simply could not find enough to trade.

Vincent said with a smile, “Mr. Wilson, please don’t let those who don’t understand you affect the trade between us. Now the wealth is all yours, I hope you like it!”

Wilson nodded and immediately stood up. He jumped onto the other pile of golden coins in front of him and laid comfortably. He said with a face full of enjoyment, “What do you want to exchange? Just say it! During the time you are not here, none of the Dragon Race’s materials have been sold. I can definitely meet your needs!”

Vincent shook his head and said softly, “I don’t want the Dragon Race’s materials for this transaction. As long as you can temporarily protect us and let us safely leave the capital of Ultimate Evil, the transaction will be completed!”

Wilson looked at Vincent in disbelief and said in surprise, “Only these?”

Vincent smiled slightly and said, “Of course! This is the first transaction after a long time. I naturally have to give you more benefits. Moreover, I have a presumptuous request. I hope you can give me a channel to trade with you at any time. After all, I can’t continue to stay in the capital of Ultimate Evil, but I don’t want to lose a partner like Mr. Wilson!”

Wilson was so touched that he had tears in his eyes again when he heard that. He quickly said, “No! As a friend, it is my duty to protect your safety. As for the trading channel, it is for the benefit of both of us. How can this be part of the deal? Although the Dragon Race likes treasures, they will never exploit their friends! I will fulfill all your requests, and I will give you Dragon Race materials of equal value. You must not refuse!”

Vincent pretended to be embarra.s.sed and sighed reluctantly, “Mr. Wilson is really the best partner I have ever seen. If you are so generous, I can only repay you with more gold coins next time!”

“More… gold coins?”

Wilson’s eyes immediately shone with golden light. He created a teleportation array in the air and threw a handful of gold coins into it.

Soon, a large amount of Dragon Race materials s.h.i.+ning with different lights floated out of the teleportation array. There were scattered dragon scales, bottles of dragon blood, and some dragon horns.

Finally, a complete set of dragon bones fell out of the teleportation array. Vincent could not help but be shocked!

The Dragon Race was a very proud race. The materials they usually sold were only the parts that had fallen off their bodies during their growth process. Selling dragon bones was equivalent to selling the remains of their own race. This was the first time Vincent had seen such a scene!

Wilson then pulled off an extremely large dragon scale from his body. He used his sharp fingertip to hand it to Vincent.

“These dragon bones belong to a traitor in the Dragon Race. According to the rules of the Dragon Race, he doesn’t deserve to be buried on the land of the Dragon Race, so I’ll leave it to you to handle! This dragon scale is a two-way teleportation array. You only need to use dragon blood to maintain the spirituality of this dragon scale. Every time you pour psionic power into it, you can activate the teleportation array on my body. As long as you pa.s.s me the gold coins, I’ll give you Dragon Race materials of equivalent value. If you have a specific request, you can also write it on a piece of paper and send it to me together with the gold coins!”

Vincent stored the fiery scales in his storage ring. Then, he patted Kurt and pointed at the Dragon Race materials all over the ground.

“Put them all away!” said Vincent.

Kurt opened his mouth again and stored all the Dragon Race materials in his body.

After witnessing the entire process of the transaction, Alexia was once again shocked and did not know what to say.

She initially thought that Vincent had suffered a great loss, but in reality, he was extremely profitable. He had only used a bunch of worthless gold coins to exchange for a large amount of rare Dragon Race materials and a two-way teleportation array, as well as the trust and protection of a dragon!

If Alexia had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed it to be true.

Vincent had even managed to make Wilson have a good impression of him and and even made him feel apologetic toward him.

In Alexia’s heart, not only was Vincent a despicable and sinister b*stard, but he was also the biggest liar and profiteer of 10,000 races of the Black Hole.

“Mr. Wilson, thank you for your generosity. It is too dangerous outside now, so we can only continue to disturb you for the time being!”

Vincent watched Kurt collect all the Dragon Race materials before turning to thank Wilson.

Wilson was currently immersed in joy after obtaining the gold coins. He said happily, “It’s okay. You guys can stay in my room. Even if the sky outside collapses, I can guarantee your safety. When you want to leave, I will build a teleportation array exclusive to the Dragon Race. I guarantee that I will send you out of the capital of Ultimate Evil without the Ultimate Evil Lord noticing!”

When Vincent heard this, he was delighted. So, the Dragon Race’s teleportation array could ignore the Ultimate Evil Lord’s s.p.a.ce laws. Then the array carved on the dragon scale was worth studying carefully!

Alexia mustered up her courage and quickly walked up to Wilson. She said, “Respected Mr. Dragon, our Demon Race can provide you with more gold coins. As long as you go out and help my father defeat the Ultimate Evil Lord and tell him that I was brought here by Vincent, he will definitely give you all the gold coins in the Black Hole World!”

Vincent’s expression changed drastically when he heard that. He did not expect that this demon girl would actually cause trouble for him at this time. He immediately wanted to wipe away all of her thoughts.

However, Vincent did not dare to act rashly at this time. After all, it was Wilson’s decision to make.

Wilson lowered his head and sized up Alexia. He said coldly, “In the past thousand years, a total of 126 dragons have died at the hands of Gajero. As a result, the Demon Race has been listed as an enemy race that the Dragon Race can never forgive. All dragons are not allowed to trade with the Demon Race. This is the iron law of the Dragon Race!”

Upon hearing this, Alexia staggered two steps back with a disappointed expression.. At the same time, she turned her head to look at Vincent with an embarra.s.sed expression.


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