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Chapter 615 – Exterminate The Traitor And Set Off Again

Vincent brought Alexia to the top of the volcano in the Purgatory of Nature. He placed her on a huge rock and said softly, “Rest well here. Leave the rest to me!”

Alexia looked at Vincent’s tired face and could not help but ask worriedly, “Your physical condition is getting worse. Don’t push yourself too hard!”

Vincent smiled and said confidently, “Don’t worry! I still have my trump card available to play. Besides, how can I do something that I’m not sure of?”

As Vincent was confident, Alexia could only nod silently in response. She did not speak anymore because she knew that Vincent was powerful, and she did not need to worry about him!

Vincent turned around and walked down the volcano. He strode toward the place where Hades and Charlotte were fighting.

The situation of the battle had changed.

Charlotte was uncertain about Hades’s strength at first as Hades had scared her with his terrifying aura. However, when they started fighting, Charlotte realized that Hades only had the strength of a level 50 creature. Therefore, he was not as powerful as she had imagined, and he could be defeated.

Charlotte proceeded to activate her scarlet form again and continued to fight with Hades. She was on par with Hades and even had the upper hand!

Vincent rushed to them, but he did not join the battle immediately. Instead, he stood behind Hades and shouted, “Charlotte, I’ll give you another chance. If you tell me who your backer is, I can let you lose with dignity. But if you persist, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”

Charlotte had activated all of the Berserker bloodlines in her body. Her elegant and easy-going temperament was gradually overshadowed by her madness. When faced with Vincent’s warning, she replied with disdain, “I’ve already seen what you can do. You can say whatever you want, but your combat strength is insufficient! Even if you partic.i.p.ate in the battle, you’re still no match for me!”

Vincent shook his head, raised his hand, and snapped his fingers. A s.p.a.ce door behind him slowly opened.

Vincent waved his hand to signal Hades to retreat to the side. He then said to Charlotte with a smug look, “I’m sorry but Hades is only my subordinate, not my true trump card. Now, I’ll show you what I am truly relying on!”

Charlotte originally thought that Vincent was bluffing, but before she could mock him, her expression instantly became serious. This was because she suddenly felt a terrifying cold air coming from the s.p.a.ce door behind Vincent!

Two heavy footsteps were heard. The entire fire domain fell silent. It was as if everyone was shocked by the sounds of those footsteps.

Shortly after that, two figures walked out of the s.p.a.ce door. They looked a little injured, but the broken parts of their bodies had been replaced with metal. 

“Let me introduce them. These two are the commander and deputy commander of the 1st Demon Corps, Gaia and Benson. They are level 80 creatures and will be your next opponents!”

Vincent pointed at the two figures behind him as he spoke to the giant-like Charlotte. 

Charlotte’s face was filled with shock as she exclaimed, “That is impossible! The members of the Demon Race are extremely proud. How could they be controlled by you? Plus, Gajero, the leader of the Demon Race, is in the prime of his power. How can you take away his generals?”

For the first time, Charlotte’s eyes flashed with helplessness and fear.

Vincent smiled as he said in a deep voice, “That’s because the injuries on my body were left behind by Gajero! And the price he had to pay was the annihilation of his 1st Demon Corps, the death of his commander and deputy commander. They have all become my puppets!”

Vincent then commanded Gaia and Benson to rush forward.


Gaia was the first to let out an angry roar, and his body began to expand. In the blink of an eye, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Charlotte. He had successfully suppressed his opponent in terms of momentum.

Benson waved the magic staff in his hand, and he began to move forward. He soon arrived at a mountain in the distance and began to build an array. He was ready to release the Black Demon Arcana spell. 

As the black circular array lit up, countless death rays started to gather and were all aimed at Charlotte. They were ready to kill her on the spot.

Charlotte did not notice Benson at all because Gaia had launched a fierce attack on her.

As the commander of the 1st Demon Corps and the most trusted general under Gajero, Gaia had rich combat ability and combat experience. At that moment, Gaia’s body was covered with a demonic aura. He could transform his limbs into the sharpest weapons. He could cause terrifying damage with just a raise of his hands. 

As a Berserker, Charlotte’s physical strength was strong. She was ready to start a close-range battle of endurance with Gaia. 


After colliding, Gaia stood on the spot and shook his head twice. After that, he looked forward and sneered with disdain. 

Charlotte held her right wrist and retreated more than ten steps with a terrified expression. She was the one who attacked, but she did not cause any harm to Gaia. Instead, she was attacked repeatedly and had no choice but to retreat. She almost injured her wrist in the process.

“Death Ray Cannon!” shouted Benson from the distant mountain top. Pitch-black light pillars pierced through the sky and struck Charlotte’s shoulder. Charlotte was drowned by the many death rays. 

Charlotte felt powerless under the attack of the death ray cannons. Her entire body was enveloped by a huge black light. She did not show any signs of movement.

Vincent was not in a hurry to stop Benson. Instead, he stood quietly on the spot and carefully observed the destruction left behind by the death ray cannons.

“I’m not sure about the talent of a Berserker. However, based on the exchange earlier, I can feel that Charlotte’s defensive ability has reached a terrifying level! Therefore, I’ll let her remain under the baptism of the death ray cannons for longer!” sighed Vincent. 

Gaia, who was standing in front of Vincent, was just a puppet. He could not respond to him at all.

On the other side, Hades, who was waiting respectfully, appeared to be very dull even though he had gained sentience. He was unable to respond to Vincent, causing the atmosphere to become much quieter.

Vincent was not bothered by it. He slowly turned his gaze to the horizon. Suddenly, he noticed that at the edge of the domain, there was a dark purple ball floating quietly. It looked like violent energy but it was temporarily dormant.

Vincent frowned and asked, “What is that thing? It doesn’t seem to belong to the domain!”

Hades suddenly said, “That is the Ultimate Evil Lord! After Master subdued his soul, he entered the domain under your control! He has been in that corner ever since!”

Vincent could not help but ask curiously, “The entire domain was built by me, and you are the living creature who I have appointed to dominate the domain. Therefore, you should be able to dominate everything here. Can you control the Ultimate Evil Lord now?”

Hades shook his huge head and said in a deep voice, “The fire domain is a king’s kingdom that Master has constructed. I can control almost anyone that Master imprisons here! However, the Ultimate Evil Lord is an exception. His strength is too powerful, and he also has a G.o.d-level ability. Therefore, I can only communicate with him, but I can’t control his actions!”

Vincent nodded and said quietly, “Then, if I continue to keep him here, will he pose a threat to you?”

Hades shook his head without hesitation and said, “No! As long as the domain is not destroyed, I will never die! Even if the Ultimate Evil Lord recovers to his peak condition, he will not be able to do anything to me, and he will not be able to deprive me of my rights in the domain! Currently, neither of us can do anything to the other. However, as long as Master’s strength increases in the future, my strength will increase accordingly too. Sooner or later, I will surpa.s.s the Ultimate Evil Lord. At that time, he will have to listen to my orders! Moreover, based on my previous communication with the Ultimate Evil Lord, I discovered that he doesn’t have any ambitions. He only wants to repair his soul as soon as possible. Perhaps he is still waiting for the day when he can meet Master face to face to negotiate!”

Vincent immediately heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Since that’s the case, then I can be at ease! In the past, I didn’t notice that my domain has the function of imprisoning souls. In the future, if there is an opportunity, I will capture some souls. All of them will be under your control, and this fire domain will be transformed into a kingdom of the undead!”

Hades put down the huge sword in his hand and respectfully said to Vincent, “Yes!”

After arranging the recent tasks for Hades, Vincent then turned to Gaia and Benson and said, “Stop, you can go back now!”

The death ray cannon immediately stopped. Benson ran toward the s.p.a.ce door behind Vincent.

Gaia’s body instantly shrunk back to its original size, and he returned to the s.p.a.ce tunnel.

Vincent then closed the s.p.a.ce door. The death ray cannon disappeared into the tunnel as well. 

Charlotte knelt on the ground. Her skin and flesh were split open. Some of her bones could be seen.

Vincent walked forward and placed the blade on Charlotte’s shoulder. He asked softly, “Are you convinced now?”

Charlotte slowly raised her head and squeezed out a smile. She was unrecognizable. She said helplessly, “I’ve lost! I did not expect you to have such a terrifying trump card. It seems that my mission ends here. There are reasons for my actions, but none of this has anything to do with me!”

Vincent looked left and right. He shook his wrist lightly and stabbed the tip of the blade into the flesh on Charlotte’s neck. He asked coldly, “Now it’s your turn to fulfill your promise!”

Charlotte could not help but suck in a breath of cold air after feeling the immense pain in her neck. Her chest began to rise and fall violently until she slowly recovered from the pain. She then said, “Our world of the Berserkers is on the other side of the Black Hole World. The difference is that in my hometown, the demons are the ones who are waging war and launching countless invasions!”

She continued, “The Berserker World has long been conquered by the Ghost Race and has become dependent on the Ghost Race. As the Princess of the Berserker Race, I was chosen by the Ghost Race to become their spy. I went deep into the region ruled by the Demon Race to gather intelligence, thinking that in the future, the Ghost Race and the Demon Race would one day be at war. The lives of my entire family and Berserkers are in the hands of the Ghost Race. Therefore, I cannot refuse any of their orders! I had no choice but to betray the mission team this time. Now that I have been defeated by you, I feel much more relaxed!”

Vincent frowned slightly. He had only heard a little about the ghosts. He had once dealt with a member of the Ghost Race, but he did not have a detailed understanding of the mysterious race. After listening to Charlotte’s explanation, he could not help but ask, “Since the Ghost Race asked you to gather intelligence on the Demon Race, what does our operation have to do with the Ghost Race?”

Charlotte took a deep breath and said with a serious expression, “The Ghost Race is a race with an extremely long heritage. They seem to have had some relations.h.i.+p with the Immortal Race, so they are very curious after hearing the news of the Immortal ruins. Since the Wanderers a.s.sociation had announced a mission related to the Immortals, the Ghost Race ordered me to join this team and find the route to the Immortal ruins for them. It seems that the Ghost Race’s team has circled in front of you. Perhaps they have already found the Immortal ruins. So, I have let you down!”

Vincent gently pulled the blade out of Charlotte’s flesh. He said, “Fortunately, I know that no one has successfully found the Immortal ruins yet. Otherwise, I would have torn you into pieces long ago! Now that I have the information I need, you can leave!”

Charlotte took a deep breath, and she smiled. She suddenly raised her hand to grab the blade in front of her, and forcefully stabbed the tip of the blade into her chest.

Vincent did not expect Charlotte to suddenly take her own life. At the same time, he did not expect the strength of the Berserker to be so powerful. Even though he was trying his best to restrain it, he could still clearly feel the blade slowly rotating in Charlotte’s hand. She had crushed her own heart. 

“My ident.i.ty has been exposed. If I return alive, the Ghost Race will not let my family and the Berserkers go. Therefore, the only ending for me is death!”

Charlotte spat out a mouthful of blood. Her voice trembled as she spoke to Vincent. There was not a trace of resentment in her tone. There was only relief after letting go of everything.

Vincent could not help but sigh helplessly. He said, “After I exterminate the Demon Race in the future, I might continue to wander into the depths of the Black Hole World. If I can find the Berserker World, I will help your men get rid of the control of the Ghost Race. Since you are tired, you can rest here. This happens to be a kingdom that belongs to a king!”

Charlotte nodded in satisfaction after receiving Vincent’s promise. She slowly closed her eyes.

Vincent casually pulled out the blade and looked at Charlotte’s corpse. He sighed softly, “Spirit capturing and commanding!”

Charlotte’s soul slowly rose from her corpse. She looked at Vincent in confusion and shock.

Charlotte could not help but exclaim, “You can control my soul? From your ability, it seems that you can control all souls!”

Vincent nodded slightly. He smiled and said, “I said that I would let you rest here. Naturally, I will extradite you to this kingdom of the undead! Moreover, one day, if I want to go to the Berserker World, I will need you to be a guide!”

Charlotte could not help but nod with antic.i.p.ation. She replied, “I believe that you will achieve your goal. Since you are enemies with the Demon Race, then I believe that the Demon Race will be eradicated one day. I will also wait for the day you go to the Berserker World. I believe that you will be the savior that the entire Black Hole World looks forward to receiving!”

Vincent shook his head and said softly, “I’m not trying to be a savior. I just want the entire Black Hole World to maintain peace so that my world and race will not be disturbed!”

Charlotte nodded and then suddenly thought of something. She quickly said, “Since you want to deal with the demons, then I have a piece of news that you might be very interested in!”

Vincent frowned slightly, and asked softly, “What news?”

Charlotte’s face was solemn as she said, “Previously, you asked us to go to the surrounding worlds to gather intelligence. I infiltrated the Lingluo World and I discovered a big secret. The Demon Race is sending men to negotiate with the Lingluo Race, and the two sides seem to be starting cooperation! At first, I didn’t know what they were talking about, but now it seems that their target is most likely you!”

Vincent fell into a daze. He knew that the matter was related to him. 

Gajero had suffered a great loss when fighting with him and he had also recognized his authority to modify. Therefore, it made sense for him to go to the Lingluo World to inquire about this matter.

As for the Lingluo Race’s leader, Jackson, he would also want to retrieve the tunnel token that Vincent had taken from him. After speaking with the demons, the Lingluo Race would no doubt partic.i.p.ate in their plan against Vincent!

Vincent could not help but realize that his current situation seemed to be even more dangerous than he had imagined!

Two enemies who wanted to get rid of him quickly were plotting in the vicinity. If they were to discover that he was right in front of them, he was afraid that his mission would be delayed for even longer. 

“Since those who have a grudge against me have arrived, then I have to continue moving forward. You can stay here for now. I’m going to take everyone and continue on our journey!” said Vincent to Charlotte. 

He then snapped his fingers and put away the fire domain. 

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding environment vanished like bubbles, and Vincent returned to the original camp.

At that moment, only Vincent and Alexia were left in the camp.

“Is it over?” asked Alexia as she looked at Vincent curiously. 

After going through thick and thin together, her att.i.tude toward Vincent had changed. She sounded concerned. 

Vincent nodded and said in a deep voice, “Although the battle is over, the danger has only just begun!”


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