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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 35: Hidden Emperor Star

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Arezs (Formerly known as Mcdonald)

After a long time had pa.s.sed, Qin Yu opened his eyes and felt a slight headache. He knew that he had drank too much wine in a drinking frenzy. Even his powerful and resilient body became drunk, so he was able to imagine how much he had drank.

“Drank too much, drank too much.”

Qin Yu dispelled the hangover and then stood up.

He swept his eyes on the surrounding. It was an elegant room. He then used his Immortal Awareness, he came to know that this was a only a room in Wuming Dragon Mansion and that Jun Luoyu was still asleep in a room next to his.

“How many years has it been…” Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. “since I drank and relaxed like this?” After that, Qin Yu slowly walked out of the room.

Numerous winding corridors were outside the room. Qin Yu followed the complicated zigzagging corridors and arrived at the garden where he drank alcohol with Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu. The cus.h.i.+on like green meadows vaguely caused Qin Yu to remember the scene of him laying on it drinking.

“Haha… Qin Yu, you woke up earlier than Luoyu.”

Ao Wuming’s clear and loud laugh was heard. Qin Yu immediately turned around and smiled. “Big brother Wuming, I was a bit loose after being drunk that day.”

“That’s what it means to let your true nature out.” Laughed Ao Wuming.

“Oh, that’s right, Qin Yu, that day when I was almost drunk… I somewhat remembered that you brought me to see your Immortal Mansion. That Immortal Mansion of yours was actually even a slightly bigger than my Wuming Dragon Mansion.” Said Ao Wuming.

When Qin Yu and Ao Wuming were drunk, they were both somewhat muddleheaded. Their memory about the time was also pretty fuzzy. When Ao Wuming remembered the incident with the Qingyu Immortal Mansion when he became sober, he immediately started to puzzle over it.

“Qin Yu. There’s a matter than I had buried in my heart the whole time and didn’t dare to ask. Now that I consider you as my brother, I will not longer attend to it too much…” Ao Wuming asked curiously. “Qin Yu, your original body’s power wasn’t that strong, so how did you managed to escape the White Haired Blood Devil?”

Ao Wuming was very curious.

When Qin Yu was with them, he did not bother to conceal his strength. How could a man with the strength of a level two or three Golden Immortal be able to escape a level seven Devil Emperor and survive?


Qin Yu was a bit too embarra.s.sed to mention it.

“Not only this matter, there’s also the matter with your Immortal Mansion. That day, I was drunk and didn’t think too much about it. However now, I found it very strange. There’s less than ten Immortal Mansions of my size in the whole Immortal,Devil and Demon Realm. How did you managed to obtain one?” Ao Wuming once again asked.

Qin Yu was at a loss as to what to say.

He was a bit conflicted.

That day when he was drunk, he let his sectret, the ‘Qingyu Immortal Mansion,’ out to Ao Wuming. However, he was still confronted with numerous dangers; especially people like Emperor Yu who wanted to gain something from him, they especially wanted that so called number one treasure of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the ‘G.o.d Bewitching Painting.’

Qin Yu had a good impression toward Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu. After drinking with them, he had considered them to be people that he could become good friends with. Merely, a secret of this level was something that’s hard for Qin Yu to immediately tell.

“You don’t have to make things difficult for yourself.” Ao Wuming laughed and waved his hand, he didn’t mind in the slightest. “You probably had some important secret. All people have some secrets that they cannot tell outsides. I simply asked because I was curious. I am a bit too straight forward when I speak, if there’s anything that you’re puzzled over, you can tell me directly.Qin Yu, you also don’t have to be too mindful of me.”

With a lack of better option, Qin Yu promptly apologized. “There’s some secrets that I still cannot tell others yet. When the times comes, I will most certainly tell you.”

“It’s all good.”

Ao Wuming didn’t mind it at all, he then opened his eyes wide and said. “Qin Yu, to be honest, that corporeal body of yours really did surprised me. Its defense was very strong.”

Qin Yu knew that Ao Wuming was referring to his Sword Immortal Puppet.

“However, it’s still nothing too surprising. When compared to that girl Jiang Yan’s ‘Heavenly Phantom Gauze,’ the gap was very big.” Ao Wuming sighed. “That girl’s grandmother… how could there be such a powerful person? Exactly how many hidden super experts were there in this Immortal,Devil and Demon Realm?”

“Not a lot!”

Jiang Yan’s voice sounded. Jiang Yan who was pink from head to toe were hopping over. Behind her was the gentle beautiful madam, Ao Wuming’s wife.

“Big brother Wuming, did you think that Hidden Super Experts are radishes that you can have as many as you want?” Jiang Yan puffed her face, pointed her finger and said. “The strong people in the Immortal Realm include the Cyan Emperor, Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor and the Hidden Emperor who doesn’t really bother with things.”

Ao Wuming interrupted and said. “There’s also your master.”

“My master?” Jiang Yan laughed. “Grandmother doesn’t like to bother with things. In the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, those whose strength was close to my Grandmother was only those two or three people.”

Qin Yu was overwhelmed with shock.

There’s only a couple people who could compete with Jiang Yan’s Grandmother. Clearly, her grandmother was an expert at the apex. When he thought about that, he found it to be truly frightening.

“Young lady Jiang Yan, your master was truly powerful.” Uttered Qin Yu.

Jiang Yan said grudgingly. “What’s the use of being powerful? I want to come out to play and Grandmother refuse to let me regardless of what. After we finally ended up in an argument did I managed to get an agreement from Grandmother to come out.”

“An argument?” Ao Wuming was also shocked.

“Wuming, in order to leave her Grandmother and come outside, little sister Yan’er had a huge resolution.” The gentle Ao Wuming’s wife, ‘Lian Zhu,’ said smiling.

“Oh, what happened?” Ao Wuming looked toward Lian Zhu.

Lian Zhu’s eyes narrowed from her smile. She rubbed Jiang Yan’s head and said. “Yan’er got into a huge argument with her Grandmother and then her Grandmother said she will no longer bother with her in the future.”

“Grandmother, humph.” Jiang Yan raised her nose up.

And at this moment, Jun Luoyu also walked out. Amongst all those present, Jun Luoyu was the one who knew the most about what happened with Jiang Yan. “Yan’er, if you Grandmother really meant what she said, why would she do those things? If she really didn’t care about you, why would she give two Divine Weapons to you?”

“Divine Weapon Sky s.h.i.+fter and Divine Weapon Heavenly Phantom Gauze, these two Divine Weapons were extraordinarily miraculous. Had I had those two, then even if it was my dad, I’d still dare to fight him.” Ao Wuming praised in admiration.

Qin Yu was however not familiar with the two Divine Weapons.

“Luoyu, what does those two Divine Weapons do?” Asked Qin Yu.

Jun Luoyu laughed and said. “These two Divine Weapons; the Divine Weapon Sky s.h.i.+fter could allow for teleportation. It means that you can teleport in the middle of a battle. Even if the s.p.a.ce was to fluctuate, with the Divine Weapon Sky s.h.i.+fter, you’re still able to teleport.”

“That powerful?” Qin Yu immediately understood why this Divine Weapon was so powerful.

If it was an expert of the same level, then with this Divine Weapon, then he would be able to teleport and a.s.sa.s.sinate the enemy.

Even if the you’re a lot weaker, you can still use this Divine Weapon and escape.

“The other Divine Weapon, ‘Heavenly Phantom Gauze,’ was even more powerful. Not only could the Heavenly Phantom Gauze could create all kinds of illusions when attacking, it’s attacking power was also extremely exceptional. However, the most powerful aspect of this Heavenly Phantom Gauze is in its defense. Once the Heavenly Phantom Gauze surrounded oneself and created a barrier, then its defense… even extreme experts like Emperor Yu were unable to break through it.” Said Jun Luoyu admiring.

Qin Yu was at a loss for words.

Who exactly was this Jiang Yan’s extremely frightening Grandmother?

Aren’t these two Divine Weapons a bit too awesome? The Heavenly Phantom Gauze could both attack and defend. When it’s used for defence, even Emperor Yu could not break through its defense. That other Divine Weapon, Sky s.h.i.+fter, was equally abnormal.

“Even Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s Divine Weapon was inferior to Jiang Yan’s Grandmother’s.” Unable to help himself, Qin Yu came to this conclusion in his heart.

Qin Yu didn’t know if Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was inferior to Jiang Yan’s Grandmother in terms of strength or possessions. However, just by exposing a little bit of their power, these hidden super experts were already terrifying enough.

Ao Wuming laughed and said. “Enough, let’s stop admiring. There is no need to doubt Yan’er’s Grandmother’s strength. I only recently learned of the existence of super experts at the level of Yan’er’s Grandmother through my father.”

“Within the past millions of years, I had never knew of the existence of Yan’er’s Grandmother. Compared to the Hidden Emperor, Yan’er’s Grandmother was the real hidden expert!” Ao Wuming praised.

Qin Yu also nodded in approval.

Although the Hidden Emperor was known as the Hidden Emperor, his reputation was well known throughout.

This Jiang Yan’s Grandmother was extremely powerful. Just from the conversations, Qin Yu became aware that she was certainly a top-notch existence within the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, even the Prince of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming only recently found out about her. One could imagine exactly how hidden Jiang Yan’s Grandmother was.

“Well, grandmother doesn’t like to be bothered by others. She gave me these two Divine Weapons and appeared and greeted those Emperor Yu, Profound Emperor and whatnot so that I could be safe and won’t have to bother her in the future.” Said Jiang Yan with a frowning expression. At the same time, her mouth was mumbling nonstop.

Qin Yu shook his head, smiled and then said. “Young lady Jiang Yan, your grandmother gave you the two Divine Weapons. People lower than the level of Emperor Yu were simply unable to harm you. As for experts who’s at the level of Emperor Yu, your grandmother had went and greeted them. She was so concerned about you, you ought to appreciate her.” Qin Yu was very concerned about the appreciation of elders.

Qin Yu’s elders, rather it’s his father, Grandfather Lian or Uncle Lan; they were all individuals that he deeply respect. He was unwilling to see a younger generation not respecting an elder’s concern.

“The reason why she did that was just because she don’t want others to disturb her.”

Jiang Yan tried to continue to justify herself in a low voice. “You don’t even know grandmother’s character. Grandmother doesn’t like to interact with people and doesn’t like to see strangers. Had it not been for the fact that I came outside this time around, then those people like Emperor Yu and the Dragon Emperor would not know of her presence in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.”

“What you said is true.” Ao Wuming nodded in approval.

“We all had been sitting and looking at the sky. The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is boundless, there might just be another expert at the level of Yan’er’s grandmother in some other place.” Said Jun Luoyu.

“Regardless of how strong they are, they were still at one point weak and raised their strength step by step.” Qin Yu was actually not very mindful about it.

“You’re right.” Ao Wuming nodded. He then looked toward Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu and said. “Qin Yu, Luoyu, recently, I wanted to go to the Hidden Emperor Star. If you don’t have anything going on, how about joining me and have some fun?”

Hidden Emperor Star?

Qin Yu’s eyes s.h.i.+ned.

Leaving aside the so secretive that one don’t even know where she lives at Jiang Yan’s grandmother, this Hidden Emperor was someone that Qin Yu had heard of. A level nine Immortal Emperor, he’s most definitely a top-notch existence.

After a short while of consideration.

“I don’t have anything major, might as well join and roam around in the Hidden Emperor Star. I’ll randomly find a place there and train in seclusion. My strength… is too weak.” Laughed Qin Yu.

Hearing Qin Yu saying ‘train in seclusion,’ Jun Luoyu’s expression changed.

“I’ll join you too.” Jun Luoyu had a hint of agony on his face. “I only came to realize when I saw big brother Wuming battling against Zhi Bai and Xue Yileng that I am still a lot weaker than them.”

As he continued saying, Jun Luoyu suddenly came to a halt. “Big brother Luoyu, you needn’t grieve.” Said Jiang Yan as she lightly shook Jun Luoyu’s arm that she was pulling. Her large eyes were also staring at Jun Luoyu. The one who’s most familiar with Jun Luoyu amongst all those present was her.

Jun Luoyu gave a bitter smile. “I have vowed to cause that Blood Devil Emperor to wish he were dead. I had vowed to kill all his vicious and merciless subordinates. However, my current strength is nowhere near enough. Nowhere near.” As he said those, Jun Luoyu looked toward Qin Yu with a burning gaze. “Qin Yu, after we arrived at the Hidden Emperor Star, I shall join you in the seclusion training. I will not leave the training unless I make a breakthrough.”

Sensing Jun Luoyu’s determination, Qin Yu smiled and nodded. “Yes, we shall train in seclusion together.”

Ao Wuming started laughing. “Haha, good. We three shall go to the Hidden Emperor Star together. To be together with my brothers is simply a delightful thing. Even drinking wine, I would still have someone to keep me company.”

“Wuming, you should drink less.” Ao Wuming’s wife, Lian Zhu said softly.

Ao Wuming’s smile immediately turned into a bitter laugh, he repeatedly nodded his head. “Yes, yes. drink less, I will drink less.”

Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu started to laugh. Seeing how loving the Ao Wuming couples are, they began to recall their own matter and grew a bit sentimental. ×××

Hidden Emperor, the number one expert in the Indigo Bay Star Field, so much that he’s known as the number one expert of the Immortal Realm. He resided in the planet Hidden Emperor Star. The Hidden Emperor Star had ten Conveying Arrays.

The Conveying Arrays were stationed on the waist of a large mountain on the Hidden Emperor Star. The name of this mountain is ‘Mount Green Bamboo.’

Vast mountain range, the spring water runs. Numerous plain palaces arranged irregularly yet charmingly covered the whole area of the waist of Mount Green Bamboo. These palaces were the locations where the experts who defend the Conveying Arrays lived at.

In the middle of several palaces was the Interstellar Conveying Arrays.

By the side of the ten Interstellar Conveying Arrays were numerous experts. Even the weakest amongst them were a Golden Immortal. THe strongest amongst them, the leader, was at the level of an Immortal Emperor.

Chances are, only the Hidden Emperor Star would dispatch an Immortal Emperor to guard the Conveying Arrays.

Occasionally, the ten Conveying Arrays would flicker with radiance. It was evident that the traffic of the people in the Hidden Emperor Star was very large. Everyday, the amount of people who arrived at the Hidden Emperor Star was very many. Soon, an Interstellar Conveying Array was flickering with radiance.

Qin Yu, Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu emerged.

Ao Wuming’s wife, Lian Zhu, doesn’t like the noisy situations and decided to remain in the Wuming Dragon Mansion. As for Jiang Yan, she stayed in the Wuming Dragon Mansion to accompany and chat with Lian Zhu. In any case, since the Wuming Dragon Mansion was taken into Ao Wuming’s body, if Jiang Yan wanted to see them, she can come out at anytime.


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