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Chapter 119 – Love

The Yu family ball was an upper-cla.s.s affair, and there weren’t any media reports on it. Those who attended were all tight-lipped and wouldn’t say much. However, the fact itself that the Yu family was holding a ball got out earlier on, and the online users were more or less aware of it. Both Yu Tang and Song Xiao also hadn’t posted anything new on their Weibo accounts for several days after that, so everyone was very worried.

【Empress, don’t be sad. Perhaps the emperor had no choice, wuwuwu…】

【What sc.u.m, isn’t this marriage infidelity? He already came out of the closet in front of the nation, but is now going on blind dates!】

【Is there anyone who went to the ball? Come reveal some information wa!】

Yu Tang was cursed out by a bunch of people on his Weibo for being a sc.u.m top, and one after another, they sighed that sure enough, the emperor’s feelings were unreliable. Everyone gradually woke up from the beautiful dream of reincarnation; in the end, there was too much that couldn’t be done in reality – it couldn’t be as perfect as a fairy tale.

Even worse was that when the national station was about to air the last two episodes of ‘Golden Age of Jinghong’, they suddenly received the instruction to stop airing the show. Viewers immediately exploded. Why stop airing the show all of a sudden? Only the ending was left, just let people watch it!

Fortunately, the other two stations were still airing the drama, and everyone scrambled to tune in to the regional broadcast stations.

In the last few episodes, Great Yu was already a peaceful and prosperous dynasty. The common people lived in peace and worked happily, and the four seas were calm. Emperor Hongyuan, the winner in life, had also grown old, and he walked into the imperial ancestral shrine with grey hair. He stood before the portraits of Emperor Jingyuan and Empress Duanhui and slowly gave his salutations.

“Your Majesty, you’ve ruled Great Yu so well. The previous emperor must be happy in Heaven.” The old eunuch had already pa.s.sed on, and the person by Yu Jinlin’s side was a newly instated head eunuch.

Emperor Hongyuan glanced at him and laughed derisively. “What do you know? If it wasn’t for imperial brother and imperial sister-in-law, how could this age of prosperity have been created?”

His respect for his elder brother and sister-in-law was already engraved into his bones. Emperor Hongyuan feared that the history books would treat them unfairly, and thus personally saw to it that the historians weren’t allowed to vilify them even a little.

The final scene was of Emperor Hongyuan in civilian clothes as he strolled down a noisy street and bought a tanghulu.

“What kind of country can be considered prosperous?” The scene cut to his youth, as a small Yu Jinlin held Song Xiao’s hand and walked down the main street of the capital. The person half a step ahead of them was Emperor Jingyuan, who was out doing inspections in civilian clothes.

a.s.sistant Minister Song pa.s.sed him a tanghulu, and pointed to a peddler in ragged clothes. “When the seas and rivers are quiet and calm, the four oceans are at peace, and the peddler selling tanghulu can smile without a care…”

The peddler selling tanghulu was now dressed in neat and tidy attire. After selling the last tanghulu, he chuckled and picked up the empty stand as he turned toward the street where meat was sold. Looking at the peddler’s back, the elderly Emperor Hongyuan smiled slowly.

‘The End’ appeared, and the moving melody of ‘Flourishing Period Song’ rang out.

Unwilling to accept that it was over, the audience watched all of the end credits. The end credits song for the final episode was edited with scenes that looked back on the entire show: from young Emperor Jingyuan kneeling on the snow-covered ground to his desert battle campaign; from the emperor and empress’s grand wedding to the blood from Empress Duanhui’s suicide splattering across the screen; and from an underaged Emperor Hongyuan ascending the throne all the way to the end, when an elderly Yu Jinlin looked into the distance, both hands behind his back.

【Yingyingying, fairy tales are all lies, even the history books are lies…】

When the Internet users finished watching the show, they went online to complain tearfully. The Xiaotang Moon forum was also miserable and gloomy. If Song Xiao and Yu Tang broke up like this, everyone would feel like their dreams had been shattered.

The production team for ‘Golden Age of Jinghong’ released the conclusion notice. During its run, the ratings for this show completely crushed all other TV shows in the same time slot. It even surpa.s.sed the ratings for all TV shows aired in the past two years, breaking the record for the two TV stations. At the same time, numbers for the online stream also hit an unprecedented high.

This post was forwarded on Song Xiao’s Weibo, and he expressed his congratulations to the crew.

Once everyone saw that this Weibo had been revived, they immediately rushed over to surround it as they knelt and begged for the truth. Song Xiao didn’t reply at all; instead, there was a discussion that attracted everyone’s attention.

【All of you are worrying for nothing. It’s all well with the two of them; they blinded this laozi’s single dog eyes at the ball!】 Attached was a tiny photo. Everyone clicked on it curiously, and instantly felt their eyes hurt.

This photo was very quickly saved and reposted on Weibo, accompanied by the words ‘I cannot be the only one to be blinded’. The crowd who didn’t know the truth immediately clicked on it. Then, millions of netizens fell silent all at once for three seconds.

It was a photo from the Yu family ball, which showed a bunch of glamorous and beautiful men and women standing around. In the center of this crowd was a luxurious dance floor, and only two men were dancing on it. One black and one white, both suits were in an identical design, and the two men were holding each other’s waist and dancing the male part. Two pairs of eyes were looking at each other, and the happiness at being connected simply spilled out of the screen!

【AAAAAHHHHHH, I’ve exploded!】

【The history books truly didn’t deceive me! I can die without regrets, hohohohoho!】

【Mommy asked me why I’ve picked up a torch.】

Yu Tang sent fourth uncle and ninth uncle to prison. Yu laoyezi didn’t have the energy to care about him anymore, but he was still fuming. He only agreed to give him the power in China, and brought seventh uncle back to America to take over Dayu Capital.

The now idle Yu Tang began to update his Weibo. He put up a photo of Song Xiao’s figure from the back. This was the very first time he had directly released a photo of Song Xiao, even though it was only of his back.

Wearing a slim-fitting windbreaker, Song Xiao was walking in front, one hand stretched out behind him as the photographer pulled on it. The morning sun shone on their clasped hands, enveloping them in a soft, golden yellow light. The post said: Meeting father-in-law for the first time, a little nervous.

After successfully reaping a pile of ‘aaahhhhhhs’, Yu Tang closed his phone in satisfaction and reached out to give Song Zicheng, who had a dark expression on his face, a prawn. “Dad, I booked an island for the wedding ceremony. Think about who you want to invite, and I’ll have the butler sort out the namelist.”

“Did I say I agree?” Song Zicheng’s lips quirked. This call of ‘dad’ was really smooth.

“Then if you think it’s better to have it in the country, the two of us will hold the ceremony on the island with our friends, then we’ll have another one when we come back,” Yu Tang said with a serious face.

“Cough cough…” Song Zicheng immediately choked on his food. He was saying that he didn’t agree to the marriage – who said he was referring to the marriage venue?!


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