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Chapter 123 – The Heavenly Law of Reincarnation

Because seventh uncle’s entire family moved to America, the whole of the China region was now managed by Yu Tang. It just so happened that Yu Lin was about to enter primary school and Yu Miao would be going to high school, so the Yu family also followed and moved to the capital.

The capital’s circle of respectable young ladies comprised the young misses of upper-cla.s.s rich families. They had known each other since young, and it was very hard to integrate into the group, but this wasn’t a problem for Mother Yu.

Song Xiao had given Mother Yu a purebred Ragdoll cat which was especially beautiful. Mother Yu liked it very much, and using the cat as a point of entry, held a pet party at home. She invited the wives, both those that were familiar and unfamiliar to her, for tea and a chat, and to show off their pets.

Yu Miao was also wearing a new Western-style dress, and stood beside Mother Yu with a smile as she got to know new friends.

“Your dress is so beautiful. I’ve never seen this design before; is it custom made?” the Zhou family young miss asked Yu Miao with a smile.

“En, this is what my two older brothers ordered for me when they went to France,” Yu Miao replied. Seeing that there were several other girls of around the same age behind the Zhou family young miss, she invited them to take a look at her dog in the garden.

When she mentioned her family’s two elder brothers, Yu Miao raised her chin slightly and proudly. Sure enough, she received the envious gazes of a few young ladies. Some of them also had elder brothers, but it was rare to have such an outstanding one like Yu Tang, who furthermore doted on his little sister this much.

The Yu family was very powerful, and had been handled very well by Yu Tang for the past two years. Before they came here, these young ladies had been repeatedly exhorted to get along with Yu Miao, so naturally, they flattered and complimented her on her clothes.

“Don’t you only have one older brother? Why did you say two?” the Zhou family young miss asked, confused.

Yu Miao raised her hand to call for the husky that was running around crazily in the courtyard. “Don’t you know? The other one is my saozi.”

“Aiya, did you forget? Her brother is the emperor ah! Naturally, the other one is the empress ah!” the Qian family young miss said with a laugh on the side. She bent down to pat the husky’s head. “What’s it called?”

“Zhang Xiaoren.” Yu Miao introduced her dog to everyone. “It’s very smart.”

“What?” The Qian family young miss widened her eyes. “You’re saying it’s called Zhang Xiaoren? Hahahahaha, who gave it this name, hahahaha…”

The Qian family young miss was called Qian Wei, and her grandfather was a Manchurian; she was tall and her temperament was very bold and straightforward. Upon hearing the dog’s name, she couldn’t help bursting out in laughter.

The husky looked at the group of young ladies in front of it with a frown, the whites of its dog eyes showing as it glared in an unfriendly manner. With that furry face, however, it wasn’t the least bit fierce, and instead looked utterly foolish.

“Hey, is this dog neutered?” Young Miss Qian was very interested in this dog, and asked Yu Miao the question as she stroked its head.

Taken aback slightly, Yu Miao then recalled that her dog was already several years old, and unexpectedly had never been neutered. “No.”

“My ge also got a husky recently. I’ll bring it over in two days, and the two of them can mate ba!” Young Miss Qian said excitedly.

“Okay, okay.” Yu Miao nodded and agreed. She didn’t notice that on the side, Zhang Xiaoren had a thunderstruck expression on its dog face.

That night, Song Xiao and Yu Tang came over for dinner, so Yu Miao went over to ask her two brothers what they thought.

“Gege, can we find a wife for Zhang Xiaoren?” Yu Miao was somewhat embarra.s.sed. This dog was her brother’s, and her brother had to agree first before it could be mated. She had been excited, and had agreed on the spur of the moment.

“Pfft k2014;” The water Song Xiao had just drunk nearly spurted out.

Yu Tang looked outside the window at the forlorn husky staring at the moon, and his lips curled in a sneer. “Of course you can.”

“Speaking of which, Zhang Xiaoren hasn’t gone into heat in the last two years.” Mother Yu gave Song Xiao a chicken drumstick, then gave Yu Lin another.

Yu Lin quietly took a bite of his drumstick and looked sympathetically at the dog, who diligently ran in to beg for a bone to chew on. If Zhang Xiaoren knew he would fall to this extent a thousand years ago, who knew if he would still have the courage to oppose the emperor for taking a male wife.

The online drama of ‘Xiaotang Under The Moon’ had recently become especially popular. Some people couldn’t help slacking off at work to watch it.

“Your Majesty!” In the show, Qiao Su, wearing the attire of an a.s.sistant minister, was called to the imperial study alone. He had thought that there was a serious matter to be discussed, but to his surprise, Mu Chen, who was dressed in his court robes, gripped him by the wrist.

“It’s cold today; does Song qing not have more to wear?” The emperor’s large, slender and powerful hand was firmly wrapped around the young a.s.sistant minister’s, and it slowly caressed its way upwards.

The young a.s.sistant minister clearly wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Trembling faintly, he wanted to retreat, but was caught by the emperor, who pulled him into his embrace.

“Your Majesty, don’t!” Qiao Su let out a cry of alarm and was pressed down on the table…

This was filmed, but was later cut during post-production. In the end, it was too explicit and wouldn’t do, even for an online drama. Sitting in the boss’s chair, Yu Tang’s face was serious as he gazed at the computer screen.

“You came here just to watch the show?” Sitting on the sofa, Song Xiao looked helplessly at Yu Tang. This fellow ran over in the middle of the day, claiming that he had a matter to discuss with him. When he saw the production team arrive with an edited copy, he unexpectedly just started watching with gusto.

Yu Tang expressionlessly turned off the computer and crooked his finger, indicating for Song Xiao to come over.

Song Xiao walked over and was embraced by Yu Tang, who pressed him down on the table. “Hey!”

“After that ne? Did the two of them continue filming?” Yu Tang buried his face in the hollow of Song Xiao’s neck and breathed in. However, the smell was too enticing, and he couldn’t help licking it.

“How is that possible?” Song Xiao pushed at him. This was a decent online drama, and clothes couldn’t come off!

“Tsk tsk.” Yu Tang was somewhat disappointed. “When we go back, let’s act out the rest of the book, hm?”

Song Xiao’s ears turned red and he glared up at him. ”What on earth are you here for? If it’s nothing, I’ll be going to my meeting.”

It was then that Yu Tang recalled why he was here, and he dragged Song Xiao out with him.

Qian Wei pulled her own dog out of the car, and the Yu family butler courteously invited her in.

“Awoo —” The dog she was holding was a young husky. Its coat was sleek and glossy, its body was robust, and it was extremely beautiful.

“This is your family’s doggie ah, what’s it called?” Yu Miao smiled and greeted the dog.

“Niannian,” Qian Wei said helplessly. “My older brother gave it that name because it was especially sticky with people when it was young. Actually, it’s still like this now.”

Before she could finish speaking, Niannian had begun to rub its head against Yu Miao’s leg and circle her.

“So cute.” Yu Miao smiled.

Sitting in the nearby pavilion and sipping his drink, Yu Lin looked at Zhang Xiaoren, who was dead asleep at his feet, and shook his head.

There was the rumble of a car, and a beautiful sapphire-blue convertible stopped at the entrance, before one long leg stepped out.

“That’s…” Qian Wei saw two extremely handsome men, dressed in similar suits, walk over slowly.

“Brother! Xiao ge!” Ever since Yu Miao learnt that Song Xiao didn’t like to be called ‘saozi’, she began to call him ge.

“h.e.l.lo, gege.” Qian Wei got up to greet the two of them.

“Awoo!” When Niannian saw Song Xiao, it began to run around him as well.

“Sorry, this dog just has this weird thing where it’ll stick to any good-looking person it sees.” Qian Wei’s lips quirked. This foolish dog was really such an embarra.s.sment!

Yu Tang was a little unhappy, and glared at the dog.

However, a common husky couldn’t be like Zhang Xiaoren, who was able to understand when His Majesty the emperor was happy or angry. It still ran around in gleeful circles, and tried to stick its head on Yu Tang’s leg.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to matchmake Zhang Xiaoren?” Yu Tang spoke up. He had told Yu Miao to tell him when the huskies were going to be mated, claiming that he was afraid Yu Miao would run into trouble; in reality, he just came back to watch the fun.

“That’s right; Yu Lin, bring Zhang Xiaoren over!” Yu Miao recalled the business at hand and raised her head to call for Yu Lin.

Yu Lin put down the drink in his hand and kicked the dog next to him, grabbing hold of it. “Zhang Xiaoren, you’ve gotten yourself a wife.”

Zhang Xiaoren was rudely jerked awake, and it looked confusedly at Yu Lin. It was pulled over to be greeted by the sight of a young, sleek and foolish dog.

When Niannian saw Zhang Xiaoren, it immediately pounced in excitement, energetically sniffing the other dog’s b.u.t.t. Zhang Xiaoren bristled and gave a low growl to warn Niannian to back off.

As a persistent husky, Niannian wasn’t affected in the least and chased Zhang Xiaoren’s tail, that excited expression still on its face.

“Female dogs nowadays are so proactive ah.” Yu Lin had a rueful face that said ‘public morals are degenerating with each pa.s.sing day, and men today are sadly so’.

“Niannian is a male dog ah.” Qian Wei blinked.

“Ah?” At that moment, it wasn’t just Yu Lin, but even Song Xiao and Yu Miao widened their eyes. Zhang Xiaoren was also a male dog ah!

As soon as Qian Wei said that, they saw Niannian excitedly grip Zhang Xiaoren’s flanks and lift its gun, ready to enter. A dog tragedy was about to occur before their eyes. Zhang Xiaoren couldn’t help howling loudly as it turned its head, ready to tear into Niannian with its teeth.

“Awoooooo!” G.o.dd.a.m.n idiot dog, look properly, laozi is a male dog, a male dog!

“Awoo?” Niannian tilted its head in confusion and didn’t seem to understand. Why wouldn’t this new wife it had just met yield? It stuck out its tongue and ran over to lick Zhang Xiaoren’s face, covering it in spit. Then, it tried to climb onto Zhang Xiaoren’s body again.

The two dogs then started a frantic game of tag around the Yu family’s expansive lawn and all over the courtyard.

“c.r.a.p…” Qian Wei couldn’t bear to look, and covered her face. She hadn’t asked what Zhang Xiaoren’s gender was before, and also didn’t check her brother’s dog’s gender before dragging it over. On the way here, she discovered that it was a male dog, and thought that it would be fine for them to play for a day if they couldn’t mate. Who would have guessed that her brother’s dog… was so G.o.dd.a.m.n awesome!

“Pfft hahahaha…” Yu Lin couldn’t take it anymore as he crouched down on the ground and laughed heartily.

Song Xiao also couldn’t help leaning against Yu Tang’s shoulder as he smothered his laughs.

Yu Tang patted Song Xiao on the back and said in his ear, full of mirth, “This is called heavenly law will determine reincarnation.”

Chased by the male dog, Zhang Xiaoren’s eyes were filled with hot tears. Good and evil would be repaid in equal measure, and heavenly law would determine reincarnation; if you don’t believe it, look up and see who karma has ever pardoned, awoo!

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