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He thought that he didn’t come here tonight and Lin Mengya would be a little depressed.

But he didn’t expect that she could play these weird cards and spent the night happily with others.

He felt a little uncomfortable.

Why did his princess act so strangely?

“Miss, will our Prince not sleep with you frequently in the future?” Ruyue waved Lin Mengya’s arms and her eyes were bright.

If there was nothing special, he might not come here.

Lin Mengya thought for a while and said, “Yes, you might be right. If Prince doesn’t come here in the future, you can sleep with me in this room. We three can be freer without him.”

What? What did she mean? Did she dislike me?

Long Tianhao’s face darkened. He narrowed his eyes and was irritated.

Since ancient times, there was no girl who was as unconscious as her. Was it a pleasure to be left alone by her wife?

“You know? I can’t sleep and eat well with Prince being here.” In the room, she was complaining while on the roof, Prince Yu was furious.

Can’t sleep and eat well? He snorted in his heart. Every night, he practiced the martial arts on the couch while she was sleeping on their bed!

“Besides, Prince was terrifying and I dare not look at him every time. I’m too scared and it’s too difficult to live with him.”

What! Was she scared?

Long Tianhao left with anger. He was afraid that he might kill this woman if he heard more information.

He had never had such a strong desire to kill a woman in the past 27 years!

In the study room, Long Tianhao, who left and turned back, was anxious and depressed.

The woman was so plausible that he was irritated by her words. A cold and sinister smiled appeared on his face. He wondered whether the dried dates could make her silent.

“Prince? Prince?” Night was following him all the time and interrupted his master’s thoughts.

From an early age, he became the shadow of the prince, but he had never seen this terrible expression on the prince’s face.

As the daughter of Marquis Zhennan’s wife, the young lady was really powerful.

“Well? Nothing. You can leave.” He suddenly realized that his quite heart suddenly became restless because of this woman.

No, maybe there were too many things for him to handle in those days, so he was so abnormal.

His heart became quiet once again after breathing deeply.

He was always a ruthless person and even that woman was just an instrument for him.

Lin Mengya didn’t know that her words had been eavesdropped by the topic of her talking. She changed a soft pajama under the service of Ruyue.

The moonlight was bright and she became more excited after playing cards for half the night.

She leaned against the window and her fingers unconsciously circled around her hair. Looking at the full moon which was like a disc, she felt upset and this was rare for her.

“Miss, are you sleepless?” She brought a small round stool, sat at the foot of Lin Mengya and ma.s.saged her calf expertly. The strength was just enough to ease the numbness of the legs.

“No, I just remembered something in the past by chance.” Perhaps it was part of the memory of the real Lin Mengya.

She suddenly found that her life was so boring when she was Su Qingge.

Her life included two points and one line and she became a precise alarm clock. Although she would not make any mistakes, she could only rotate in her small world.

Compared with Lin Mengya’s fifty years, there were not so many schemes in Su Qingge’s life. But it was also less wonderful.

“Miss, are you missing Madame?” Ruyue also missed her deeply and she continued to say, “Although I have never seen her, the old servants told me that the Lin family was like a paradise on earth when she was alive.”

Lin Mengya was simple and innocent. Even if she was persecuted by Shangguan Qing, she still held the happy memory deep in her heart.

But she was not Lin Mengya, who was optimistic about her life. She was Su Qingge and she had a thirst for revenge!

“Ruyue, you and I will stay in this place and I must tell you something.” After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya decided to trust this silly girl.

“Miss, what’s the matter?” she listened carefully. In her heart, Lin Mengya was everything for her and she would follow all her orders.

“After a few days, there might be some new servant girls and women in our mansion. But you are my only servant who comes here with me, so you must find a good place to hide my property and important things. You can’t tell anyone else about it, do you understand?”

After hearing that Lin Mengya handed over such important things to her, she nodded repeatedly.

“Besides, don’t use the name Ruyue anymore and your name is Baizhi from today on. You are my first-cla.s.s servant girl and in charge of all important affairs. You need to forget all the things in the past and we’ll lead a new life.”

Ruyue, no, she was Baizhi now.

She nodded desperately. The Lord saved her life and she treated Lin Mengya as her master for her whole life when she was only five years old.

Maybe she was not smart but it was true to follow Miss. Lin’s orders.

Now, Miss. Lin became smart, which was excellent. No one could bully them easily in the future.

It was a difficult journey and she was not sure that she could be the winner at the end.

But those who had harmed her would be dragged into the most terrifying nightmare by her!

In the cabinet of the Art Courtyard, Concubine De, who had just been groomed, sat in the main position.

Because she was at Prince Yu’s Mansion, she didn’t wear the dress for the imperial palace.

Instead, she wore a dark damask short gown with b.u.t.tons down the front and a red pomegranate skirt. There was a gold-inlaid jade long-life lock on her neck and she had her hair in an ordinary lady’s bun.

In addition to the phoenix-shaped jewelry in her hair, she was completely dressed as the wife in an ordinary bureaucratic family.

Lin Mengya brought Baizhi to kneel down cleverly and pay respect to Concubine De.

“Get up quickly. You are so thoughtful. You don’t need to pay respect to me every day and you can visit me at the beginning and middle of the month.” Although she said like this, she deeply felt that daughter-in-law was very clever and considerate.

After hearing that, Lin Mengya stood up and smiled and gave Concubine De a cup of fragrant tea.

Compared with Concubine De, Lin Mengya was still a girl who was tender and immature.

Most of her clothes were of bright colors such as pink and leek green.

But she dressed up in her best this time because she was the wife of the prince and went here to pay respect to her mother-in-law.

So she chose the bright red wide-sleeve skirt with hundreds of b.u.t.terflies on it and wore the peony head-ornaments. This made her look more cute and friendly. She looked more like the daughter of this house than the hostess.

“I’m young and ignorant, so I need your advice for everything.” Lin Mengya rolled up her sleeves, took the china bottle from Aunt Jinyue to collect the fragrant tea which was used by Concubine De to rinse her mouth.

“Besides, I want to something and I hope you can approve.”

Concubine De’s eyes alighted with understanding.

She knew her son very well. They got married several days ago while he left his beautiful wife alone now.

But she could do nothing to change his indifference.

“Just speak out and I’ll help you.”

“Yesterday, after talking to the majordomo, I know that we don’t have any other maidservants except for some old women who are in charge of the affairs. These people are good enough to serve the prince, but now we have your gracious presence. Although you bring some maids from the imperial palace, it’s not appropriate for them to do the heavy manual labor. So I want to find the brokerage and buy some servant girls to do the rough work, what do you think?”

Concubine De didn’t expect that Lin Mengya did not come here to complain.

At the moment, she was warmed up by the consideration of her daughter-in-law. She smiled and nodded. She didn’t notice this problem while she also didn’t expect that this girl was so careful and considerate.

She began to appreciate Lin Mengya. She had the ability to run the affairs of Prince Yu’s Mansion and could be taught. Then, her son didn’t need to worry about these things.

“Well, I agree. Aunt Jinyue entered the imperial palace early and she has considerable insight into different people. I’ll ask her to come with you.”

This was exactly what Lin Mengya wanted.

“Yes, you are right. That’s also what I think.” With Jinyue’s help, she believed that she could find the right ones.

The atmosphere here was quite harmonious. Before Concubine De was married, she was also a n.o.ble lady. Therefore, Lin Mengya told her some stories about gifted scholars and beautiful ladies.

She was good at telling stories, and the story she told them was also complex and nail-biting. After a while, all the people in the Art Courtyard were attracted by her story.

This time, Lin Mengya prepared Shakespeare’s love tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

Listening for a while, Concubine De could not help but wipe her tears with silk.

“Miss. Zhu and Mr. Luo are love-struck. But it’s not appropriate to elope. Since ancient times, marriage was made by the command of parents and the words of a match-maker. Fortunately, it’s just a story. Otherwise, it’s a big sin to get married without the agreement of parents and match-maker.”

But Lin Mengya tried her best to withhold her laughter. It was a good story of pursuing true love while Concubine De took the hero and heroine in the story as the man and woman in an indecent relationship.

Well, if Shakespeare knew this, he must crawl out of the grave and fight with her with the fire gun.

“Mother, I’ll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow. Now, you should eat your breakfast, I will not bother you.” Lin Mengya bobbed and went back to her own Qinglan Courtyard with Baizhi. Jinyue also left with them.

Inside the cabinet, there were only Concubine De and the maids who waited to serve her.

“Your Majesty.” Concubine De heard a slightly low voice and a middle-aged woman in a black palace dress stood in front of her.

This woman was only thirty or forty years old, but compared to Jinyue and well-maintained Concubine De, she seemed a little older.

“What’s the matter?” After hearing the story, Concubine De, who was immersed in the plot, was very sad. But now, she found that her maid stood in front of her and looked serious.

“Your majesty, I notice that this story is very similar to the things happened to the King of Chongshan.”


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