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Since Lin Mengya came back from the study room, she always stayed in the Qinglan Courtyard and looked distressed despite that she still smiled at them.

Jiang Ruqin and Lin Mengwu didn’t leave Prince Yu’s Mansion. But they dared not behave like a tyrant in public because Lin Mengya had come back.

Servants in Prince Yu’s Mansion were satisfied with this result except for those in the Qinglan Courtyard.

“I think that Miss Lin and the Prince have quarreled. What do you think?” Baishao lowered her voice and asked. She looked at the door of the main house worriedly.

They had nothing to do now. The four people, including Lin Zhongyu, were sitting in the small pavilion of the Qinglan Courtyard and talking secretly.

“I don’t think so. The Prince and Miss Lin are on good terms. Don’t worry about them. Besides, Miss Lin will be angry if she heard us talking about her.”

Baiji was the eldest and was very popular among these servants. She always helped to mend the worn clothes and shoes of these three little guys.

As a result, she had the greatest say.

“Sister Princess is not so narrow-minded. I believe that she must have been irritated by the two shameless women!”

Lin Zhongyu’s pretty face turned red with anger. Recently, he realized that Sister Prince’s life was far from glamorous as it looked.

But there was nothing he could do to help her.

If only he was more capable and could help her.

Compared with the gossip group outside, the combination in the room was even weirder.

Lin Mengya sat at the desk and wrote and painted while Qinghu lay on the couch cozily.

“Little girl, I think I’m quite handsome and charming. Why do you always neglect me every time I come here? You’re so ungrateful.”

Qinghu still sounded frivolous but Lin Mengya had already got used to it. Now, she didn’t care about his words anymore.

In the past few days, Qinghu was still busy stealing the imperial edict from different families. But he had more and more spare time.

He told Lin Mengya that the buyer became impatient, so he didn’t need to run errands.

“If you really want to change your profession and choose to be a rapist, you have to stay away from the servants in my courtyard.” Otherwise, I don’t mind castrating you and sending you to the imperial palace to be a eunuch. ”

Lin Mengya warned him without raising her head and Qinghu finally shut up.

After a long time, Qinghu became bored and walked carefully to her side to look at the paper on the desk. Lin Mengya had been drawing and painting something on it since the morning.

But it was filled with words that he didn’t understand.

Qinghu touched the piece of paper filled with script and symbols with his slender and white finger and asked curiously.

“What language is this? I can’t understand.”

Lin Mengya raised her eyes and removed his fingers with a pen.

“Well, because you’re an illiterate man.”

It was not surprising that Qinghu couldn’t understand this. Lin Mengya was using the mnemonics of her previous life to sort out recent events.

Firstly, someone spent a lot of money on asking the killer of the Peach Blossom Dock to kill her.

Later, the Empress gave her the sandy soil statuette as the gift.

In the end, the customer asked Qinghu to steal the imperial edict from different families in the capital city.

All these events seemed to be unrelated, but her instincts told her that these were not as simple as they looked.

In fact, she may know the answer to all these questions if Qinghu could tell her the name of the mysterious customer.

But she didn’t expect that this guy valued the spirit of the contract.

Lin Mengya had resorted to both mild and severe measures but Qinghu still refused to tell her the name. Besides, he always came here to chat with her in his spare time.

Fortunately, the three servant girls and Lin Zhongyu were her confidants. Otherwise, everyone in Prince Yu’s Mansion would know that she had an affair with a mysterious man.

“What’s the meaning of illiteracy? How can I understand these characters? Where did you learn this language?”

Qinghu’s eyes widened as if he had found something interesting.

Lin Mengya smiled with resignation and answered his question after thinking for a while.

“If someone is ugly, he must read more books. If he reads more books, he will shake off illiteracy.”

Lin Mengya rolled this large piece of paper into a ball and threw it into the paper basket.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you call me an ugly man! I don’t want to talk with you anymore!”

The smiling face that was close to her disappeared in an instant.

Lin Mengya looked at the paper basket. Not surprisingly, she found that the paper filled with scrawly handwriting disappeared.

In fact, she had known that Qinghu came here to collect more information.

Qinghu was not a qualified spy and he could never successfully deceive her.

“You four stay here and I need to go outside for a while. I’ll come back soon.”

Qinghu finally left and Lin Mengya walked out of the Qinglan Courtyard.

Lin Kui had already been waiting for Lin Mengya in the dark. He nodded and two of them quietly walked to the back door of Prince Yu’s Mansion.

They got on a small and insignificant carriage and disappeared into the crowd.

The carriage moved very fast and Lin Mengya secretly looked out of the window. Finally, they stopped at a small inconspicuous door.

“This used to be the biggest teahouse of the capital city. But it went broke because it was rumored that this place was haunted. So the Prince bought it at a low price. The corpse of the old woman is reserved in the icehouse.”

Lin Kui whispered to her. Lin Mengya looked around and found that they were at the back door of this teahouse.

“Have you prepared what I need?”

Lin Kui’s face slightly changed and took out a delicate oilskin packet from his arms.

“I asked the best craftsman to make this. Princess, do you really want to…”

Lin Mengya nodded and took over the oilskin packet.

“The corpse is the last message that someone leaves to the world. I have to study it and get this message correctly.”

One of her cla.s.smates worked as a legal medical expert and always said this. Lin Mengya hadn’t cared about it before, but now, she realized that it really made sense.

But Lin Kui, who followed behind her, suddenly felt cold. The Princess was too bold.

They entered the icehouse under the ground one by one. And there were several people standing in this cold and dark place.

Long Tianhao stood in the innermost place, and he was carefully examining the swollen and deformed body. He looked cold and gloomy.

“Pay respect to the Princess.”

Everyone looked at Lin Mengya and greeted her. She was informal and walked forward and finally stood in front of the corpse.

“You’d better stay away from me. I will dissect the body after a while. You can go out if you can’t stand it.”

The faces of these men suddenly changed after hearing Lin Mengya’s words.

As a weak woman, the Princess was not afraid of it. They would definitely be laughed at if they were scared and left this place.

But they could never forget the things happened next.

She asked Lin Kui to prepare a cleaned casing and made it into a rubber glove.

There was a row of scalpels tailored by the skilled craftsman in the oilskin packet.

Lin Mengya made the mask by herself. She put a layer of plant ash inside the cloth.

She carefully observed the unrecognizable corpse and didn’t want to miss any clues.

“Prince, the Princess is…”

Although Zhu Qiang was a military commander and had killed countless people on the battlefield, he had never observed the corpse so carefully.

“Shut up. Be quiet.”

Zhu Qiang heard the cold voice and immediately shut up. He decided to ask the Prince a favor. If he died on the battlefield, he didn’t want to be treated like this by the Princess.

She cut the clothes of the woman with scissors and dissected the corpse with ease.

In the beginning, she was a little hesitant. But she became proficient after a while.

She was very skilled as if she had done it many times before.

“Princess, have you finished?”

Zhu Qiang once complained about the Princess, but he was completely amazed at her skills and ability this time.

He also became respectful to Lin Mengya.

“I’ve finished. You can come over and have a look.”

They looked as white as a sheet. Lin Mengya looked at them with disdain. These men were too timid.

She sorted out the internal organs. She had got all A’s on anatomy lessons in her three years of study at the medical school. It seemed that she hadn’t forgotten all the skills and knowledge.

“The dead is a female. She ages between 45 and 50. She has already given birth to a baby. The cause of her death is poisoning. According to the time of death, it was definitely not her who broke into my yard that day.”

The other people looked at each other with doubts. Was she the ghost?

“No. She’s not the ghost. She had already been killed. And someone used her to play tricks.”

Lin Mengya took off the gloves that had been dyed dark red and pointed to her limbs.

“When she was still alive, her hands and feet were severely broken by others. There are still marks of rope on her hands and feet. And her tongue was also cut off. I’m sure that all these injuries were caused when she was still alive. That is to say, this woman was tortured to make a confession.”

Lin Mengya looked at the pale corpse and became silent.

She hated those who slaughtered the innocent at will. There were numerous ways to get information.

She showed no mercy to those who had committed countless crimes.

But this woman was just an ordinary person. She had been tortured so cruelly. Lin Mengya was sure that the imposter must be very cruel.

“Lin Kui, please go and find the family members of this woman. Give them some money and help them to bury her.”

“Oh, wait! Lin Kui, please buy a shroud for her. I want to st.i.tch up her body and make her look more decent.”

Lin Mengya picked up the needle and thread and st.i.tched up her body as if she did embroidery.

Everyone looked at the Princess silently. She handled the broken corpse slowly. And this broken body finally looked like a human.

“Alright. Go and buy a coffin.”

Lin Mengya put down the needle and thread and walked out of the icehouse.

All the others were touched by what she had done. And they looked at her figure with admiration.

They thought that the Princess didn’t care about other’s life. But at that moment, they saw her respect for a corpse.

Perhaps, they all misunderstood her.

“You…” Long Tianhao was absorbed in thought. He had criticized Lin Mengya for being vicious that day at the study room.

But now, everything she had done was a silent protest against him. She was protesting against him in her ways.

“Prince, is there really the disguise surgery in the world? Someone changed his or her appearance and entered my courtyard that day. And there might be many other enemy agents in our mansion. We will never know whether a servant is loyal or not.”

The Prince heard a soft voice coming from the outside. There was a gra.s.sy garden outside the icehouse.


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