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While in a daze, the killing aura willpower finally backed out, and Luo Feng quickly regained his consciousness.

“I failed, I actually failed.” Black clothed Luo Feng frowned. “I knew that getting to the 100th would be extremely difficult, but I didn’t expect to fail at the 93rd.”

“That killing aura willpower was simply too powerful, and the pain was so intense. All of this shows one thing…my willpower is still not strong enough.”

Luo Feng was extremely wrong.

Willpower not strong enough?

Even an absolute genius of a trillion years from the undying shrine, blood G.o.d Baqi, who could become undying in a short time if he wanted to, his willpower paled in comparison to Luo Feng’s! Many sector lord pinnacles were far behind him as well. Hence…in terms of willpower, Luo Feng was indeed very strong.

The true reason was…

Just how many people had even absorbed up to 93 blood river crystals? Absorbing 10 on blood river continent alone would make one the legendary black warrior. Every extra absorption had 10 times more the requirements on the body in many different aspects. To absorb 93 crystals? That was simply unrealistic.

93 blood river crystals would have an ever increasing killing aura willpower. It was absurdly insane!

“The right claw cannot absorb anymore. But, what about the other parts of the golden horned beast?” The golden horned beast grabbed the crystal, placing it in its left claw, slas.h.i.+ng through the scales, fresh blood seeped out.


The formless energy rushed into its body, simultaneously gathering the rest of the killing aura willpower from before within and swiftly coursed through. The energy clashed immediately into Luo Feng’s willpower within the golden horned beast.


“How can this be? It actually melded with the willpower from before to be even stronger?” Luo Feng was shocked.


“Kill!” The mad killing aura willpower once again rushed in. Luo Feng fought hard against it, condensing his willpower like a stone, struggling to defend against it. However, even though it was rock solid…under the rush of the endless aura, it was still reduced to ashes.

Once again he lost consciousness.

That formless energy returned into the crystal and Luo Feng regained consciousness.

Within the control room of the automaton s.h.i.+p.

The crystal ball was revolving. On it’s surface gold engravings glimmered with gold light. Suddenly in place of the crystal, black clothed Luo Feng appeared!

“I actually failed.” Black clothed Luo Feng sat in the sofa and looked ahead into the vast s.p.a.ce.

“How did it go Luo Feng?” Beside, the energy image of the demon, Babata asked.

Black clothed Luo Feng explained what happened during the process.

“Ah, that’s expected. There probably hasn’t been anything in the history of Blood River continent about absorbing 93 crystals. Even the highest level 4 Qi Niu beast only managed a little over 10.” Demon Babata smiled. “Luo Feng, don’t worry too much. As your will power gets stronger, you’ll be able to absorb them in the future.”

“I don’t care about this.” Luo Feng frowned. “The only thing is the rest of the golden horned beast is unable to absorb the crystals.”

“It’s because you are unable to withstand the kill aura willpower.” Demon Babata too sat on the sofa beside him, crossing his legs and looking a the vast s.p.a.ce ahead. “The energy within the crystal is capable of altering one’s body, its range is limited. However the killing aura willpower is different…it’s a willpower that is able to spread to any part of the entire body.”

“When you wanted to let its left claw absorb the crystal, that willpower would directly connect throughout its body and attack you.”

Black clothed Luo Feng nodded.

He understood the theory.

Every absorption had an increase in the killing aura willpower. Even if used at different parts of the body…the willpower would still increase.

“Luckily, all the blood river crystals I had before, I decided to place all of them in the right claw.” Luo Feng thought. The golden horned beast’s right claw was now his trump card, since it was extremely terrifying. If he had dispersed the crystals all over the body from the start, then every body part would have been altered about 7 or 8 times.

However that way…

The amount of power raised was limited. It was better to simply make one very terrifying right claw.

“I cannot be too greedy, as this has already been such a windfall for me. Since, I am still constantly training my willpower, I believe there’ll be a day I can absorb the 100th crystal. I have a feeling that once I absorb that 100th crystal, the incomparably complex blood red engraving will be perfected by then. It should have some special properties as well by then.” Luo Feng thought.


“Three great bodies, and all of them are training in their own ways.” Luo Feng quickly recollected his thoughts.

There were two missions for this Blood River world. The 1st was to acquire one blood river crystal, and completing that would give him a reward of 10k points. The 2nd was to become a blood warrior and acquire the blood river medal. The reward for this was 100k points. Even though this was the case…acquiring large amounts of crystals wouldn’t get more points.

However, these crystals were unique only to Blood River world, as it was a special product of this Blood River world!

And even though there were plenty of it in this world, almost all the domain lords had most of them. Some universe level elites had a few of them too, however…they were still extremely valuable.

“Since I can, I will get as many as possible. These Blood River crystals, should be worth a lot.”

Mosha Luo Feng continued on his hunting trip.

Of course he spent most of his time rus.h.i.+ng around to find these crystals, and the true hunting time itself was very short. Hence, other than hunting…the Mosha Luo feng would be in the automaton s.h.i.+p in the internal world, studying and training in the floating blood manual, time s.p.a.ce scribbles and studying the 9 universe tablet, the drizzle picture.

The golden horned beast was training Tearing Sky and Land with the three ancient pictures.

It’s right claw’s power was shocking, since it connected directly to the universe origin laws, causing its power to amplify about 9 times. This meant that, when using the right claw versus not using it, the golden horned beast’s strength had a difference of almost 10 times! Its body alone was already incomparably intrepid and powerful, but 10 times the strength on top of that? This was however a miracle Afterall, absorbing 92 crystals was an extremely absurd thing to do.

The power of the right claw was shocking, hence the it was training with the three ancient pictures…

Luo Feng emphasized on the three pictures!

The 1st was the beast’s flight, waving its tail and dispersing the huge hand in the sky.

The 2nd was it lowering its head and looking ahead, piercing forward while flying.

The 3rd was it waving its claws, attacking brutally.

“The golden horned beast’s right claw was originally very strong. After combined with this attack…and it studying Tearing Sky and land, 80% of its attention was spent to study the 1st claw of Tearing sky!” Luo Feng had long prepared to use this 1st claw technique as his true killing technique.

Since the right claw was extremely strong, naturally he had to focus on claw attacks.

Strong combinations, that meant more power!

The 1st claw of Tearing Sky…the golden horned beast began its tedious and mad training. It was studying the techniques left behind by its ancestors, and searching for the grace of that ancient beast’s claw technique, while constantly increasing the strength of Tearing Sky’s 1st claw.

The earth body would frequent the undying lessons, occasionally studying gold and s.p.a.ce combination, simultaneously spending long periods of time in the killing aura to alter his body.

Of course, all three bodies were in training!

The golden horned beast would occasionally try to absorb the blood river crystal, so that it could feel the rush of the killing aura willpower and withstanding it to train itself further!

The Mosha was training via slaughter!

The earth body was training his mind and heart from teachings of his two brothers Hong and Thunder G.o.d, while occasionally meeting them in the virtual universe and chatting. With the both of them reaching the pinnacle of chinese martial arts and indian yoga, Luo feng would get some inspiration occasionally.

Studying the origin laws, wonders, training his mind and heart.

In the long pa.s.sages of time, Luo Feng constantly improved himself.

In a flash, 30 years had gone by.

In the vast Blood River continent, in a particular territory city leader’s mansion, it was day time.

“You actually dare attack me, you must be looking to die!” A fierce roar like the rage of a G.o.d resounded throughout the skies of the city. A black silhouette rushed into the skies straight into the cloud levels, it was the black clothed Luo Feng.

“d.a.m.n, there actually was a sector lord here.”

Black clothed Luo Feng’s speed was shocking.

“You dare to attack me and wish to flee!” The voice rumbled straight into his ears, simultaneously a formless world energy pressure immediately poured over.


A white pyramid appeared before Luo Feng and he flew straight in.

The golden robed middle aged man chasing behind saw the silver white pyramid, staring wide eyed, “It’s the outsiders!” He quickly chased and simultaneously used his world energy to pressure the automaton s.h.i.+p. However, the s.h.i.+p’s speed was simply too fast, it rushed straight through the 18 cloud levels.

The golden robed middle aged man stood at the 18th level and looked up through the clouds, not daring to follow.

“It’s actually an outsider!” The man’s face was perplexed, “I have to inform the undying shrine, another outsider has descended into our Blood River continent.”

The automaton s.h.i.+p was in s.p.a.ce.

Control room.

“That was too risky.” Black clothed Luo feng sat in the sofa and let out a sigh of relief. “I didn’t expect a sector lord to be hiding in the city. Since he didn’t release his energy at all and I had no way to detect him…however his movement and use of the universe s.p.a.ce made me feel his presence.”

“Lucky I fled quickly.”

The mosha clansman could unleash over 10,000 images, making his instantaneous speed terrifying. This was even faster than many sector lords.

Fast, but this speed was mostly used just at the start for a quick burst.

The moment a sector lord’s speed truly took off, he would quickly catch up. Hence he used that outburst to create some distance and after which enter the automaton s.h.i.+p to escape.

“Walking along the river for so long, how can one’s shoes not get wet.” Luo Feng softly muttered. “After this incident, that sector lord would definitely inform the undying shrine…the shrine would probably begin to discover small patterns and traces, maybe even my entire plan! Hm, anyway, I’ve acquired enough over these 30 years, it’s time to stop.”

During these 30 years, Mosha Luo Feng’s hunt had given him a total of 9,816 blood river crystals!

Luo Feng felt…

It was savage enough, it was time to stop.


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