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At this time within the fragment’s caves.

5 Lei Quan sector lords were chatting and laughing within.

“Superior, the contribution points we got this time were not bad. If this speed keeps up, within a decade, you’ll have collected sufficient contribution points. Then you can go back and be absorbed into the sacred land!” A warrior with a lion like body with 6 hooves, covered in green scales and a human like torso said.

The tallest 25 m Lei Quan race warrior laughed loudly.

“Right, those that looked down on you before will definitely regret it.”

“They will think that he actually died in the outer region wars.”

The many clansman all laughed loudly and happily.

Of which the smallest one with a height of 21m, an icy cold looking one revealed a rare smile. “Back then when I stayed in the clan I was under someone, I forced myself out of a death path… finding the only chance. Coming to the outer region wars only has two outcomes. One is to die and the other is to succeed and return, standing above others!”

In s.p.a.ce, Tai Wo and the others were 100,000 km away.

“Stop.” Tai Wo communicated.

The 9 sector lords stopped, the 10 of them were standing in s.p.a.ce.

“Don’t get anxious.” Tai Wo pointed at the distant fragment. “There are 5 sector lords within. They shouldn’t have discovered us yet, they are now within the fragment itself…let me first send the 1st attack, even if they don’t die, they’d lose half of their strength.”

“Captain, we’ll rely on you.”

“The captain’s cannon is coming.”

The old members communicated and laughed.

Luo Feng watched on curiously.

“Hmph.” Tai Wo raised his hands and immediately a torrent of ground undying energy began to gather in his hands, the G.o.d energy condensed further…it got stronger and stronger, until a yellow light ball formed between his hands. The strength of the G.o.d energy kept rising until even Luo Feng changed his expression.

This was purely overpowering the enemy with strength!

“Go!” Tai Wo rushed forward like lightning, flas.h.i.+ng over 100,000 km until he was only a few km away from the fragment. Then he waved his hands almost like tossing out a huge asteroid.


An undying energy ball became a glaring laser, rus.h.i.+ng into the s.p.a.cious cave of the fragment (For the Lei Quan clansmen to fit through, it was naturally s.p.a.cious).

Within the cave

“Not good!”

“Let’s go.” The skinny Lei Quan clansman changed his expression and ordered.

Their detection device in the superior’s hands had gone off when Tai Wo had rushed closed to them with that powerful energy ripple, he immediately ordered all of them to flee…

At the time…rumble!

The Lei Quan clansmen flew in all directions, rus.h.i.+ng into the pathways out when a huge explosion occurred.

Rumble…the powerful undying energy imploded within, large amounts of energy rippled along the caves and swiftly flew out. The powerful force had torn through s.p.a.ce itself, flowing through the caves and rus.h.i.+ng out.

It naturally hit the 5 Lei Quan warriors.

This attack was one that the undying Tai Wo had stored for long before unleas.h.i.+ng. Even though they were only hit by the ripples of the explosion, it was still more deadly than 10 sector lords’ combined attacks.

Chi! Purple blood spewed out.

The green scales tore apart.

The 5 Lei Quan warriors let out enraged roars, their 6 hooves stomping as they rushed out of the fragment.

At this time, a distant beam of light shot over.

“Kill!” The leading undying with powerful law ripples ordered.

“It’s the humans.”

“Human undying!”

“It’s the law domain.”

The 5 Lei Quan warriors changed their expressions.

The undying Tai Wo instantly unleashed his law domain, countless yellow light dots spread over the area. Every dot was like a mountain, madly rus.h.i.+ng at the incredibly huge Lei Quan sector lords. Even though the law domain couldn’t kill them, it had decreased their speeds by over half!

And Luo Feng, Poison and the others, went according to the plan…swiftly surrounding them.

“Be careful everybody.”

“Killing 5 sector lords isn’t that difficult, however we don’t want any losses here.” Tai Wo communicated.


“We understand.”

The 9 members all followed, they knew too that falling into a trap would easily be dangerous for them. They all had partners who had fallen along with the enemy despite having huge advantages.

Seeing the human sector lord team surround them, the leader being an undying, the 5 Lei Quan warriors changed their expressions.

“I’ll deal with the undying.” The skinny little warrior’s eyes gleamed with madness.



The other 4 looked nervous.

“Remember, there’s only two options, live or die! Give it your all.” The skinny warrior said. He was only skinny and small compared to the others. Compared to humans…he made the biggest Mother Flame race Hammer look like a child, he couldn’t even compare to the size of one hoof!


“Yes superior.”

The 4 warriors almost simultaneously brandished close to 15m tall s.h.i.+elds, another hand wielding 60m long pikes, their bodies covered in thunder snakes.

“Humans!!!” the skinny warrior brandished the same weapons, his s.h.i.+eld however was slightly smaller. The pike however reached a length of 80m, and it had incredibly complex engravings on it, the blood thirst emanating from it was terrifying.

“Receive my attack!” The skinny warrior roared. His 6 hooves in s.p.a.ce shook, as the surrounding s.p.a.ce instantly tore apart. The long pike seemed to become a huge lightning bolt, as he roared, the pike pierced forward!


The pike became a thunder whirlpool, turning and changing as it pierced forward.

“Hm?” The undying Tai Wo receiving the attack felt his reaction time slow down by quite a bit, and his expression changed, “Not good, it’s a genius Lei Quan warrior that’s well trained in thunder and time laws.”

The well experienced Tai Wo was very clear on this.

It was extremely hard for a human sector lord to be on par with an undying.

However the chances of that happening in the other races was much higher.

It was because their basic foundation was much higher.

“Roar!” Tai Wo instantly punched forward.

With the punch, it was like an endless mountain pus.h.i.+ng forward, infused with law comprehension bound strongly to it.


The punch and the pike clashed head on.

The huge ‘skinny and small’ Lei Quan warrior was knocked back over 1,000km. Purple blood spewed from his mouth as he roared, “Go and die, go and die!” His expression malevolent as he stomped his 6 hooves in s.p.a.ce and once again rushed at Tai Wo. The thunder pike in his hand seemed to grow even more and his arms seemed to tear because of it. His scales tore apart too, revealing his muscles, it was obvious that he had exceeded his limit.


The thunder pike actually left his hands and revolved forwards, distorting time and s.p.a.ce as it pierced at Tai Wo.

“Haha…the stronger you are, the more contribution points I’ll get from killing you.” Tai Wo smiled wide. Stepping forward, his stomp tore through s.p.a.ce and countless s.p.a.ce fragments flowed messily, he however was a steady pillar amidst the mess, once again punching forward.


Due to the huge clash between the two of them, the surrounding 100km of s.p.a.ce completely crumbled with countless slits of s.p.a.ce flowing madly about.

The huge thunder pike was actually knocked back from the punch. However as it flew, it returned back to the skinny Lei Quan warrior with an ugly expression.

“It’s a pity, I’m not the same warrior as when I just came to the outer region wars. If it were the me of back then, I may even be disadvantaged. Now however…you will die, race genius, become my contribution points.” Tai Wo’s energy soared, instantly becoming an endless majestic mountain in s.p.a.ce itself, once again punching at the little and skinny Lei Quan warrior.

This punch was more terrifying than the two punches from before.



Harsh cries resounded from the other side.

The skinny warrior unleashed his world energy, he had long discovered what had happened on the other side. Amongst his four underlings…two of them had already died.

“Ya…” One of the Lei Quan warriors stomped his hooves and pierced his pike at the illusionist Demon lady. It was actually one of her illusions…it caused two of them that had fallen under her spell to be instantly killed.

Demon lady’s expression changed.

That warrior’s eyes were filled with madness. How many years had it been? Back then, 30 underlings had followed their superior into the outer region wars. Ma.s.sacring along the way, many had fallen…now only four were left. They had finally succeeded and killed a large number of enemies, acc.u.mulating their contribution points, seeing the reward within a decade of their grasp, who’d expect them to be attacked today.


A gold light flashed.

The Lei Quan warrior first saw a gold blade from the distance, after that it vanished into s.p.a.ce and reappeared right before his eyes, as he stared with shock…

Chi! The gold blade pierced right through his head and into his body, destroying his life core, causing the source to crumble and his internal world to collapse. Some items appeared and filled up the s.p.a.ce that was filled with the aftermath of battles.

“Thanks.” Demon lady looked at the dead Lei Quan warrior and winked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng laughed.

He thought within, “This, is probably the 1st other race warrior I’ve killed since coming to the outer region wars.”

“Luo Feng, Luo Feng, you’ve got contribution points.” Babata said.

“Ah?” Luo Feng smiled.

Every battle had to be connected to the virtual universe network, only that way could the system observe the battle and give the contribution points.

“1 million points?” Luo feng looked at the screen, shaking his head, “So stingy, I killed an opponent close to sector lord general level, and they only give me 1 million? However…it’s also my 1st batch.”


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