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Volume 06 Chapter 32 – The Sixth Investigator

Yang Zhou city’s Ming-Yue sector. Dawn, the sun was rising.

“Dad, be careful, don’t go so fast” Luo Feng held his father Luo Hong Guo, and Luo Hong Guo shakily walked on the path of the sector one step at a time.

“h.e.l.lo, representative Luo”

A young fighter in the sector saw Luo Feng and let out a face of admiration as he greeted respectfully. However, he thought to himself in his heart with shock: “Representative Luo is already an existence surpa.s.sing the warG.o.d level and is able to sit on an equal level with the leaders of the five countries, and yet, he’s personally a.s.sisting his father”

On the cobblestone path on the lawn, Luo Feng held his father.

“Feng, your ident.i.ty is different from before. You don’t need to be with me. Don’t we have servants at home?” said Luo Hong Guo quietly, “Look, quite a few old neighbors have already told me in secret. Feng, you’re already a ‘representative’. Pay attention to your ident.i.ty”

“I’m a representative, and you’re a ‘representative’s father’, so you’re still bigger than me” laughed Luo Feng.

Luo Hong Guo couldn’t help but to shake his head and laugh.

Luo Feng felt a bit helpless inside after seeing how much trouble his father had with walking. Back when Li Yao and Venina was dealing with his family, his father almost lost his life. Even though he luckily escaped death, his father’s waist and spine are heavily injured. He tried getting some medicines, but their effects weren’t that great.

And now, his father’s legs are powerless.

“If that thousand year black crow root was still there, my dad would probably fully recover after consuming it a bit. Sadly, my brother sold the ‘thousand year black crow root’ to other people” Luo Feng didn’t blame his brother. If his brother didn’t rely on the ‘thousand year black crow root’ to become the ‘eighth largest stockholder of ICBC’, his family would probably be in even worse condition”

“Even if I’m a star traveller level fighter, getting a spirit of nature is no easy task” Luo Feng was in a bind. At the same time, he was amazed at his own luck back then, being able to get so many spirits of nature in one go. After that, he exchanged most of his stars for the ‘soaring shuttle’.


“Feng, can we see your investigator ceremony on this channel?” in the living room, Luo Feng’s parents, his brother Luo Hua and Luo Hua’s girlfriend Zhen Nan, and even Zhen Nan’s parents were here.

“This specialized channel”

Luo Feng nodded and smiled, “The investigator ceremony begins at 2 PM”. Today is the day that an investigator is appointed, which is something major for the Dojo of Limits. It is a public ceremony! However, even though we say it’s public, it’s only public to the higher ups of each country.

Regular fighters and citizens aren’t too clear about the situation of ‘existences surpa.s.sing the warG.o.d level’.

“Dad, mom, I’ll be going first”

At the same time, Luo Feng turned towards Zhen Nan’s parents and smiled as he nodded. Zhen Nan’s parents’ hearts started beating faster. This young man in front of them is an ‘existence surpa.s.sing the warG.o.d level’, who has who knows how many more times authority than the CEO of the company they work at.


1/5/2059, 2 PM sharp. In a huge conference room in the Dojo of Limits world headquarters, the investigator ceremony officially began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters investigator ceremony. Today, partic.i.p.ating in this ceremony is….. head of the Dojo of Limits world headquarters, ‘Hong’” the host on the stage introduced loudly. Instantly, the camera was faced towards the one sitting in the middle seat of the front row, ‘Hong’.

“Head of the Thunder Dojo world headquarters ‘Thunder G.o.d’”

“Third chairman of the Palace of WarG.o.ds, ‘Mo Henderson’”

“Fourth chairman of the Palace of WarG.o.ds, “Eastbourne’”


The major figures quietly sat on their seats. And now, the 3D hologram on the stage started displaying the images of each guest.

“The last one I will introduce is the one to receive the position of investigator at the Dojo of Limits world headquarters, representative Luo Feng!” suddenly, the 3D hologram displayed Luo Feng’s image.

“This is the first time I had to memorize so many representatives’ names” said Luo Feng quietly.

“The investigator ceremony is a rare chance for representatives to gather together” smiled Liu He, who was sitting beside Luo Feng, “Even the two heads will partic.i.p.ate in this ceremony. The other three chairmen will partic.i.p.ate too. Most representatives….. unless they have something urgent to do, will all come”

Luo Feng nodded.

“We have invited instructor ‘Jiang Nian’ from the Yi-An region in Jiang-Nan headquarter city’s Yang Zhou city, who is Luo Feng’s first instructor” yelled the host. Suddenly, music started playing and instructor Jiang Nian, who was clearly a bit nervous, swiftly stood up from the back of the conference hall and quickly walked towards the stage.

When he saw Jiang Nian, Luo Feng was a bit stunned.

Even instructor Jiang Nian was invited?

“Liu He, what is this ceremony like?” asked Luo Feng quietly, “In the past two days, Yang Zhou city’s chief instructor ‘Wu Tong’, and my brothers Chen Gu and Zhang Ke have been invited here. Will they appear on stage today too?”

“This ceremony will introduce your ‘glorious feats’ starting from the beginning” Liu He smiled as he said softly, “Don’t rush, it’s just beginning! In the middle, some songs, dance performances, etc. will be mixed in. These are the world’s best singers, dancers, etc.”


This so called ceremony is basically an ‘introduction to an investigator’s past’.

From Luo Feng living in a rental house and bitterly training in the Dojo (Jiang Nian steps on stage), to his first ‘fighter combat exam’ (Wu Tong steps on stage), to his first time into the wilderness with the fire hammer squad (the members of the fire hammer squad all come on stage), to his training in the elite training camp (teacher Jiang Fang steps on stage) …..

All of the things were positively introduced.

The entire ceremony gave Luo Feng the image of a ‘perfect genius fighter’.

“Don’t you think you’re majestic” laughed Liu He quietly.

“A bit, even I want to praise myself a bit” smiled Luo Feng.

The various performances in the middle of the ceremony were the best on earth. The masters on stage would express their praise or respects to ‘representative Luo Feng’. Some female singers even secretly expressed their admiration and love. The entire ceremony was planned to go on for about two hours or so.


The investigator ceremony was ending and entering the conclusion.

“Representative Luo, representative Luo” a voice carried from the seat behind.


Luo Feng turned his head in confusion. An old man with white hair on the seat behind him smiled as he said: “It’s me, Liu Yan”

“Old Liu, this is?” Luo Feng clearly remembered that the person sitting behind him wasn’t Liu Yan back when the seating order was arranged….. he clearly just swapped seats.

“Representative Luo, do you still remember that you wanted us to help find your parents’ relatives before you entered archaeological ruin #9?” said Liu Yan.

“Oh, yeah”

Luo Feng nodded. His father and mother’s biggest wish is to find the various relatives and friends they lost back in the Grand Nirvana period. Right when Luo Feng received the t.i.tle of examiner, he asked someone to help him. Who would’ve thought that the news would arrive after a year.

“Did you find something?” asked Luo Feng.

“We found a bit” said Liu Yan quietly. He apologized: “Because of the formation of headquarter cities, lots of data was lost. It was indeed hard to investigate. We spent quite a bit of energy to search back then….. but during our investigations, representative Luo seemed to be stuck in archaeological ruin #9, so the investigations were halted. Only until representative Luo’s ma.s.sive increase in power recently were we able to mobilize more resources for the investigation”

“I understand” nodded Luo Feng.

Of course there is no need to waste too much energy for a dead warG.o.d.

And when Luo Feng became a ‘representative level fighter’, the country’s special forces immediately used more of their resources to investigate, which led to greatly increased efficiency.

“I want to know how many of my parents’ relatives are still alive” continued Luo Feng.

His parents were both born after the year of 2000.

Both of them were orphans, so the friends his parents had were his parents’ cousins.

“We have found two of them” said Liu Yan quietly, “One of them is your father’s cousin, ‘Tang Cheng’, and the other is your mother’s cousin, ‘Gong Xin Hua’. The mother of your father’s cousin ‘Tang Cheng’ is still alive, which is your father’s aunt, ‘Luo Hong Qin’! Of course, she is representative Luo’s great-aunt”

Luo Feng froze.

When he was small, his parents frequently mention this great-aunt ‘Luo Hong Qin’ when they talk about their relatives. His great-aunt is not much older than his father ‘Luo Hong Guo’. She would frequently bring father Luo Hong Guo around to play and even bought snacks for him.

Who would’ve thought that she’s still alive.

As for mother’s cousin ‘Gong Xin Hua’, Luo Feng heard his mother talk about her before, but mother didn’t say much.

“As for the other relatives, we are still investigating” said Liu Yan.

“Thank you” nodded Luo Feng.

“I will transfer the data to representative Luo later” smiled Liu Yan.


Even though many people died in the grand nirvana period back then, his parents had quite a few relatives, so it was highly unlikely for all of them to die. And now, two of them have been found. After his parents know that, they will surely be overjoyed.


“This is the most important part of this ceremony. Representative Luo, please!” yelled the host loudly.

Luo Feng stood up and, while the music played, walked up the stage under the eyes of all the guests from all parts of the world. The host slightly bowed towards Luo Feng and then continued: “Below, we will have to invite the world’s number one person, the head of our Dojo of Limits ‘Hong’, who shall personally name Mr. Luo Feng as the sixth investigator of the Dojo of Limits”. Instantly, the applause started.

The black clothed Hong walked up the stage.

Hong stood besides Luo Feng.

“Head” Luo Feng looked towards Hong.

Hong slightly moved his hand and the ‘Limits Investigation Order’ that symbolized the authority of an investigator appeared out of thin air on his hand. When Hong looked at Luo Feng carefully, he couldn’t help but to be a little surprised: “Luo Feng, you broke through?”

Under the eyes of the various powerful fighters below the stage.

The air between Hong and Luo Feng slightly curved, completely blocking all sound.

“I just broke through recently” smiled Luo Feng as he answered.

“A star traveller level spirit reader flies extremely quickly. You also have the soaring shuttle, so your flying speed should be even more amazing. What level has your speed reached?” Hong’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

“Head, what star traveller level?” said Luo Feng curiously on purpose.

“I’ll tell you that later” followed Hong, “What is your flying speed?”

Luo Feng didn’t hide it: “Over 2,400 m/s”

“Wow, over 2,400 m/s? That’s way faster than the fourth chairman ‘Eastbourne’! In terms of flying speed, you now rank #3 on earth. Only slower than me and Thunder G.o.d” Hong slightly nodded his head, “After this ceremony, prepare to go to the misty island with me. With your speed, your life will not be endangered”

“The misty island?” Luo Feng became even more confused.

“Talk about that after the ceremony” as he said that, Hong pa.s.sed over the ‘Limit Investigation Order’ in his hand to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng accepted it seriously!

As of now, Luo Feng has become one of the six investigators of the Dojo of Limits!


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