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Chapter 203 – Cloud of Ice Bats


Chen Xi’s fighting spirits soared as he stopped resisting on the spot and charged forward instead. He was immersed in the battle, causing the blood in his entire body to boil, and he seemed like an unsheathed sword with condensed and pure killing intent, and a peerlessly ferocious imposing aura.

Numerous flaming snake demons hadn’t even approached him when they were smashed into bits and had their fire essence seized away, and the scene of a single man holding back an entire army caused even the people behind him to be dumbstruck.

Seeming as if they were afraid that Chen Xi would seize away their limelight, Huangfu Chongming and Lin Moxuan snorted coldly before exerting their cultivations at full force, causing rains of sword and saber lights as Magic Treasures and techniques smashed out as if they were worthless. In an instant, over a thousand flaming snake demons were completely annihilated, and the might of their attacks was so strong that it instantly surpa.s.sed Chen Xi.

Just think about it, all these people were Core Disciples at the Golden Core Realm from famous sects in the Darchu Dynasty. Not only were their cultivations were much higher than Chen Xi, even the Magic Treasures and techniques in their possessions were existence at the top-grade earth-rank as well. Moreover, they were still suppressing their cultivations for the sake of partic.i.p.ating in the Allstar Meeting in five years, otherwise, with their natural talent, they’d probably have advanced to the Rebirth Realm long ago.


The gorgeous light rain of True Essence sprayed down in streams, causing the s.p.a.ce to shatter and the sun and moon to dim everywhere it pa.s.sed, and patch after patch of flaming snake demons weren’t able to struggle in the slightest before transforming into powder and being destroyed.

This benefitted Chen Xi, as after the flaming snake demons met their doom, the fire essence they left behind was exceedingly vast and thick. With a fierce suck from him, he was like a whale swallowing water as of the fire essence was completely drawn into his Third-Fire Shaman Markings before transforming into Shaman Energy that condensed his Shaman Marking’s Star Core.

“Hmm? f.u.c.k! This fellow actually dared to seize my fire essence!” Lin Moxuan had withdrawn a bottle gourd shaped Magic Treasure and seemed to want to absorb the fire essence in the sky, yet he never expected Chen Xi would be a step faster than him and bring all the fire essence into his body, causing Lin Moxuan’s expression to instantly become unsightly.

Actually, it wasn’t just Lin Moxuan. Huangfu Chongming, Xiao Linger, the Teng Brothers, and even Tantai Hong had withdrawn a variety of Magic Treasures with the intention of collecting the fire essences, yet they never expected that Chen Xi would be a step faster than them, and with a single breathing motion, the fire essence in the surrounding area of 300m was brought into Chen Xi’s body.

Instantly, the expressions of everyone became unsightly, and all of them looked at Chen Xi with a hostile expression.

Up to this point in the battle, the flaming snake demons that were like tidewater had already become scarce and were almost vanis.h.i.+ng, and this caused everyone to be able to see every movement of Chen Xi’s with even more clarity.

In their eyes, Chen Xi was like a bottomless pit that contained everything, and he swallowed the fire essence without the slightest worry. Not only didn’t it have the slightest side effect, the strength of his body was slowly growing instead!

What body refinement technique is this? Could it be that he isn’t afraid of the fire essence melting his body and losing his life? Xiao Linger was stunned. The cultivation technique she used was precisely of the fire element, and she had an even deeper understanding of fire essence. This type of quintessence energy that came from the heaven and the earth was overbearing and tyrannical, and it was a superb treasure for refining Magic Treasures. Yet, once a cultivator was tainted by a single trace of it, the cultivator would instantly have his flesh burnt off before the bones within the cultivator’s body melting and transforming into ash.

However, Chen Xi instead used this fire essence to temper his body and increase his cultivation, and this type of abnormal body refinement technique had already completely exceeded her knowledge.

When cultivators of an ordinary body refinement technique absorbed energy from the outside world, all of them would absorb the energy carefully, as they were deeply afraid of injuring their Dao Foundation. But this kid is instead completely unharmed. It’s still the first time I’m seeing this level of body refinement technique. A wisp of burning greed gushed out from the depths of Lin Moxuan’s eyes as he thought in his heart. My current qi refinement cultivation is already almost at the peak, and if I want to increase my cultivation, then dual cultivating in a body refinement technique isn’t bad. If I’m able to seize this kid’s cultivation technique, then I’ll surely be able to yield unusually brilliant results in the Allstar Meeting five years from now!

What a profound body refinement technique, it seemed to even be superior to my Nine-Python Body Refinement Arts. But my Nine-Python Body Refinement Arts is a body refinement technique that the Imperial Family considers to be valuable! Huangfu Chongming’s eyes lit up as a variety of thoughts flashed within his heart.

Tantai Hong swept the expressions of the others with his gaze and understood instantly that Chen Xi was probably in danger!

Wealth shouldn’t be revealed, let alone a such a marvelous body refinement technique!

No wonder Zixuan thought so highly of him! If he didn’t follow me into the Oceanic Desert, then perhaps after a few tens of years, he would be another formidable figure whose name shook the world. But unfortunately, his current strength is unable to go against the others, and no matter how profound his cultivation technique is, it will just benefit another… Tantai Hong sighed endlessly in his heart.

Chen Xi completely didn’t know that the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts he cultivated had already aroused the greed and intention of seizing it from him in the hearts of the others, but Ling Bai had instead noticed that something was off.

“Chen Xi, these people seem to want to cause harm to you, you must watch out.” Chen Xi was carefully understanding the changes in his strength. As after this slaughter, the volume of the Star Core in the Third-Fire Shaman Marking had become larger and larger and extremely bright, and it was like flames were burning within it, and a strand of dazzling and translucent bright light had appeared within it. It wouldn’t be long before it would be able to form into a true Star Core and float atop the Shaman Marking.

When Chen Xi heard Ling Bai, he couldn’t help but be stunned and he seemingly unintentionally swept the others with his gaze, causing him to be perfectly clear in his heart. But he instead kept silent and only secretly strained his nerves to be on guard.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Right when the last flaming snake demon was killed by Chen Xi, a peculiar buzzing sound sounded out from the horizon, and then patch after patch of water clouds gushed over here in a frenzy. When looked at carefully, that group of water clouds were actually numerous crystalline monsters that looked like bats!

They were still almost a kilometer away, yet a wave of dense and bone piercing water vapor that was cold like snow a.s.saulted their faces, and it caused the surrounding air to be frozen into patches of frozen fog.

“A cloud of Ice Bats?” When Tantai Hong felt the rapidly reducing temperature in the surroundings, he cried out in shock. “We’ve just finished killing the flaming snake demons, yet another group of monsters has appeared. Based on their numbers, there’s more than 10 times the number of the flaming snake demons. Will this ever end?”

It turned out that the water cloud was actually a group formed from countless crystalline bats.

If it was said that the flaming snake demons from before were a roiling stream, then the cloud of Ice Bats that had appeared now covered the heavens and the earth, and sealed the world in ice. Everywhere the cloud of Ice Bats flew, the entire Five Element Ruins would be covered in a bone piercing fog of ice, and even the ground had a layer of thick ice frozen atop it. Some stones seemed to be unable to endure such low temperatures, and they suddenly exploded to transform into tiny bits of ice!

When this cloud of Ice Bats saw Chen Xi’s group, they instantly pounced over.

Similar to those flaming snake demons, these Ice Bats had perfection-stage Golden Hall Realm cultivations as well. Moreover, they possessed a technique that allowed them to launch two blade lights that seemed like icicles with a flap of their wing. When innumerable Ice Bats flapped their wings at the same time, it would be a few tens of thousands of ice blades tearing through the sky and blasting over, and it was like the milky way was pouring down from the sky in streaming columns. Just a glance from afar caused one’s scalp to go numb.

“Big Brother, Prince Huangfu and the others are covetous of this kid’s body refinement technique. I’ve suddenly thought of an excellent idea. We’ll make a move and capture this kid, then we’ll take the kid’s storage Magic Treasure before forcing this kid to reveal his body refinement technique and comprehend it with the others. I presume no one will have any objections. What do you think?” Right at this moment of danger, Teng Huaxu suddenly sent a strand of thought to Teng Huaji.

“Excellent idea! These Ice Bats have appeared at an excellent moment and have sealed off his way of retreat. We’ll kill him from behind!” Teng Huaji instantly made a decision.


The Teng Brothers looked at each other and revealed a vicious and savage expression from their eyes before brazenly making a move. They took a step forward and smashed their fists towards Chen Xi who had his back towards them.

The two punches roared like dragons and black mist roiled as they moved swiftly like lightning, and everywhere they pa.s.sed, even s.p.a.ce was fiercely plowed open and shattered. This strike contained the entire strength of the Teng Brothers, and what they wanted was to kill Chen Xi with a single strike, and utterly wipe him out!

Moreover, the moment they attacked was extremely vicious and cunning as well. They’d taken advantage of the instant Chen Xi suffered the mixed attacks of the Ice Bats and launched a sneak attack from behind. This sudden scene caused Huangfu Chongming and the others to be surprised, let alone Chen Xi?

“Chen Xi! Watch out behind you! Those Teng Brothers are attacking!” But this scene was instead noticed by Ling Bai, and at practically the instant the Teng Brothers had started moving, he’d already sent a warning to Chen Xi.


Chen Xi had already strained his nerves earlier and was on guard against the Teng Brothers behind him, allowing him to react as soon as Ling Bai spoke. Without the slightest hesitation and practically instinctively, he turned his waist and sidestepped before tapping the tip of his foot on the ground and transforming into a bolt of lightning that vanished on the spot with a swish. He flew up to midair and caused the attack of the Teng Brothers to hit nothing.

“Dammit! How did he avoid it?” The Teng Brothers were anxious and doubtful.

“Survivors of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, you’re finally unable to restrain yourselves from attacking me?” Chen Xi let out a long howl into the sky, his voice like thunder as it rumbled within the entire Five Element Ruins.

There were numerous waves of cultivators and dense amounts of demon beasts battling together at other places within the Five Element Ruins, and he’s precisely seized this opportunity to expose the ident.i.ty of the Teng Brothers and allow everyone to know of it.

Moreover, he was extremely sure that even if he exposed them, they would instead not dare expose his ident.i.ty. It was none other than because Chen Xi possessed the Buddha’s PaG.o.da and Nine Syllables of Truth which were things that the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was determined to obtain. If the others were to find out, what would the Teng Brothers do if the others joined in to seize these treasures? Thus, so long as the Teng Brothers weren’t idiots, they would absolutely not expose Chen Xi’s ident.i.ty.

As he spoke, the attacks of those Ice Bats had already covered the heaven and the earth as it smashed towards them, and the person that was first to bear the brunt was Chen Xi!

But he wasn’t the slightest bit nervous, and he executed the Grand Astral Palm to head deep within the countless ice blades. With a horizontal sweep, the large palm had already blocked all the attacks, and it even possessed residual strength to crush a few tens of Ice Bats. Those Ice Bats fell like drops of rain before exploding into a ball of water essence that was completely absorbed by Chen Xi into his Ninth-Water Shaman Marking.

“Everyone has the duty to annihilate members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Teng Brothers, if you have the b.a.l.l.s then follow up and fight me!” The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into a trace of a smile when he felt the strands of growth in his Ninth-Water Shaman Energy, and then he shouted out loudly before turning around and actually charging head first into the cloud of Ice Bats that covered the heavens and the earth as they gushed over!


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