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For three days consecutively, Chen Xi seemed to have transformed into a ghost of the forest that came and went like a shadow. He committed murder in every corner of the forest and made swift and direct attacks every time he made a move, causing the Sikong Clan disciples to not be in time to launch the Crimsonsun Flares before being instantly killed by his sneak attacks.

With his current strength, he possessed an extremely great certainty of annihilating cultivators like Huangfu Chongming and the others, who were at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, if he went against them. Under the cooperation of the Starsky Wing’s speed that was swift like a bolt of lightning, a.s.sa.s.sinating these Sikong Clan disciples that were only around the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm was simply extremely easy and effortless.

During this three days of time, another six Sikong Clan disciples had their lives taken away from them, and every single time Sikong Hen noticed them, the dead would have met their end and were long since devoid of any signs of life.

Sikong Hen grew more and more enraged, as well as more and more restless and uneasy. He resolutely ordered for the surviving nine disciples to converge together and gather their strength, then follow behind him as they searched all over the forest together.

But along with the pa.s.sage of time, no matter how they searched, they were utterly unable to discover the slightest track of Chen Xi, and it seemed as if Chen Xi had vanished into thin air.

Under these circ.u.mstances of being in the open while his enemy was hidden in the shadows, Sikong Hen gradually started to sense danger, and he didn’t dare take Chen Xi as a Golden Hall Realm cultivator anymore.

Amongst those nine Sikong Clan disciples that had perished, six of them were killed with a single strike of the sword, their expressions were filled with astonishment, and the scene had no traces of battle. Obviously, they were take off guard and killed with a single strike.

On the other hand, the other three people had their bodies crushed into a pool of mush, and they were obviously smashed by an extremely overbearing and ferocious heavy weapon and had similarly died from receiving a sneak attack.

This allowed Sikong Hen to confirm that his opponents were two people. One possessed unparalleled speed, an accurate grasp of the terrain and situation of the battle, and an extremely swift and skilled method of killing. The other was adept in waiting patiently and would appear harmless before attacking, yet once he attacked, it would surely be a swift and ferocious strike. The similarity of these two people was that their combat experience and viciousness in choosing the right moment to make a move far exceeded an ordinary person.

When facing such an enemy, even Sikong Hen felt a slight headache, and he utterly never imagined that the situation would unfold to such an extent. But he was already like an arrow that was pulled on the bow and had to be released. If he were to withdraw at this moment, then those disciples would have died for nothing.

“Everyone, be careful. I’ll reward each of you with 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills once we capture this kid!” At this moment, Sikong Hen could only bring out a heavy reward to raise the morale of everyone.

The effect was extremely apparent, as when they heard they would be able to obtain 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills once they captured the target, the spirits of the remaining Sikong Clan disciples were roused and they revealed murderous looks as the dispirited expression on their faces vanished completely.

Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi. I’ve promised an arm and leg for the sake of capturing you. If I allow you to escape once more, then I, Sikong Hen, can just slit my throat and commit suicide! Sikong Hen spoke fiercely in his heart, and his eyes emitted a ferocious light that seemed to desire to swallow up his enemies.

On a large tree that was over 30m tall in the dense and dark forest, Mu Kui was bent down on one knee while being covered by the layers of dense branches and leaves, and his body was like the shape of a fully drawn bow as he looked from the crevices between the leaves at the figures that appeared in the extreme distance.

His jade green eyes were calm and unmoving without emitting a trace of light, and only the depths of his eyes revealed a trace of patience and killing intent.

The figures gradually grew closer and closer, and the appearance of Sikong Hen and the others could already be vaguely seen. Mu Kui’s expression remained unchanged as if he was lifeless, and only his right hand that held the spike club grew slightly tighter before slowly loosening up.

He was a cunning and brutal wolf demon that knew it was utterly impossible to launch a sneak attack under the situation before him, so he already gave up on attacking.


The leaves on the branches emitted an extremely subtle sound that was like the sound of friction when a gentle breeze blew onto the leaves of a tree, and under normal circ.u.mstances, it would utterly not draw the attention of anyone.

But at this moment, Sikong Hen, who’d been on guard with his full concentration all along the way, had swiftly raised his head and instantly seen an enormous silver wolf with wings on its back flas.h.i.+ng out from the canopy of a tree that was over 30m high and swiftly moving into the distance.

Demon beasts could be seen everywhere in this boundless group of mountains, so the appearance of a wolf demon was nothing special. But what caused Sikong Hen to be elated was the wolf demon’s claw shockingly held a spiked club that he yearned for day and night.

This animal is surely part of Chen Xi’s group!

“I’ll go pursue that wolf demon. All of you wait here for my orders, and you’re not allowed to leave without my orders!” Finally discovering a trace of his enemies caused Sikong Hen to be excited to the point of wanting to howl into the sky, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out like a bolt of lightning and pursue the wolf demon.

His voice was still resounding in the air when Sikong Hen had already vanished in the depths of the forest, and the other Sikong Clan disciples were stunned when they saw this. Could it be that the Eldest Young Master has noticed the tracks of the enemy?

“Ah!” A miserable and shrill cry resounded out, tearing apart the silence within the dark forest, and it was like the wail of an owl that caused a chill to run down one’s spine.

It turned out that during this short period that they were stunned, a black figure seemed to have appeared out of thin air and charged into their group, and with a shake of his wrist, a cold light shot out suddenly and had instantly killed one of their companions.

“It’s him, our target this time!”“Dammit! He a.s.sa.s.sinated one more of our people! Now that his tracks have been exposed, he can wait to endure our rage!”

“Brothers! Kill him and 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills will be ours!”


The death of their companion didn’t cause much panic, and in almost an instant, the mere eight Sikong Clan disciples that remained seemed as if they’d been injected with stimulants as they shouted out loudly and moved to attack Chen Xi.

This black figure was naturally Chen Xi, and the reaction of these people was already within his plan. Actually, it wasn’t just Mu Kui that was hiding here, he himself had already been waiting silently here for a long time, and he was waiting precisely for this moment to annihilate all these people!Exactly. He wanted to annihilate all of them.

Sikong Hen’s actions of gathering all these people together caused him and Mu Kui to not have a chance to carry out an a.s.sa.s.sination any longer. If they were to allow this situation to go on, then he and Mu Kui couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t be noticed, so they decided right away to take the initiative to launch an attack!

For the sake of allowing the operation to be carried out flawlessly, Chen Xi had ordered Mu Kui to wait atop the large tree long ago, before intentionally slightly giving himself away and drawing the attention of Sikong Hen, and it was for the sake of luring Sikong Hen away from the others. Once the group was without a leader, Chen Xi would naturally be able to seize this opportunity and exterminate these small fries.

Now it would seem like 50% of the plan had already been flawlessly completely. The remaining part of the plan would be to annihilate these people in a short amount of time before swiftly moving to a.s.sist Mu Kui before dealing with leader, Sikong Hen, in the end.


A 3m long iron spear that carried blazing flames was the first to a.s.sault him, and the icy cold tip of the spear tore apart the air as it descended like a shooting star with a speed and might that could be said to be superb.

Chen Xi’s gaze didn’t move in the slightest when facing this attack that tore through the sky, as he’d experienced countless difficult battles during these past few years, and coupled with his strength that had skyrocketed ceaselessly, a situation like the one before him was long ago unable to move him in the slightest.

His wrist moved nimbly as the Talisman Armament moved like a swallow skimming on the surface of water and lightly swept out.


Numerous fierce sword lights that contained the Dao Insight of Metal appeared in midair. They emitted imposing auras that were like dragons and were breathtaking as soon as they appeared, and they were like peerlessly sharp scissors that cut open s.p.a.ce with a swish before easily crus.h.i.+ng the spear’s tip and penetrating the throat of its owner.


A m.u.f.fled groan sounded out as a Sikong Clan disciple’s body stopped moving as a wisp of disbelief gushed out in his eyes, and he seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi’s sword would be so fierce and swift.

A wisp of scarlet red and hot blood sprayed out, painting a beautiful yet tragic scene, and this Sikong Clan disciple carried perplexing frustration as he fell on the ground and died in the end.

The people that were the closest to Chen Xi instinctively took a few steps back when they saw this scene.


Without paying any attention to all this, Chen Xi wouldn’t let any feelings affect him once he started killing, and his figure flashed out to execute the Starsky Wings with his full strength as he charged into the group of people.

He was like a wolf that entered a group of sheep.

The Sikong Clan disciples noticed to their shock that they were utterly incapable of locking onto Chen Xi’s figure, and they were only capable of noticing a wisp of an imperceptible black figure that flickered swiftly. The speed of the movement technique revealed by this ant at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm was three times swifter than them, and it was almost capable of comparing to teleportation!

But compared with his weapon and sword technique, his speed could be completely ignored. Every time this young man with an indifferent expression swung his unimaginably sharp pitch black sword, it would swing out with an icy cold and bone piercing fatal aura, and the aura of slaughter shot into the sky. Any Magic Treasure that encountered the blade of his sword would be sliced into two.

Moreover, the sword moves he executed every single time he attacked would carry the might of a different Dao Insight, like a surging and roaring stream, a raging and violent sea of flames, destructive and shocking lightning, mountains that were lofty and heavy, a gale that was wispy and traceless… Every single one of them was vast and pointed to the essence of the Grand Dao, causing it to be terrifying to the point of causing despair.

The peerlessly sharp sword interweaved with the variety of Grand Dao Insights that were shot out willfully seemed like a sickle that reaped lives, and it seemed like a tragic scene of death was playing out on the farmland of life.

Chen Xi’s eyes were cold and indifferent without the slightest fluctuation. He seemed like a grandmaster adept in the sword that struck with clear and precise movements, yet the variation in energy within these strikes were vast like the ocean, and every single attack would obtain the greatest result!

The eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture changed willfully and easily, and it allowed him to crush any combat expertise of the surrounding people in terms of Dao Grade martial technique.

The Divine Sense attack techniques like the G.o.dly Illusion Arts, G.o.d Shaker Arts, and G.o.d Killer Arts took them by surprise and struck their minds to affect their movements, causing them to be full of flaws, and this gave him even more opportunities to seize.

The matchless speed of the Starsky Wings and the completely capturing of every detail of his enemies’ movements by the Rippling Echo allowed him to seem like a strand of wispy smoke that was impossible to catch or lock onto in the group of people because no attack was capable of touching him.

His enemies dropped one by one.

In the blink of an eye, only a mere three people remained, and only terror, helplessness, and despair remained on every single one of their faces. Even though they’d already taken Chen Xi’s combat strength seriously long ago, but the scene at this moment caused them to deeply realize that they’d still underestimated the terrifying strength possessed by Chen Xi.

Successively killing six Golden Core Realm cultivators in a single strike with a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, yet he himself was without the slightest injury nor was he tainted by a drop of blood. Who could imagine such a level of terrifying ability?

This fellow…is simply a devil that was born to slaughter!

“Spare me! Senior, spare me…” A Sikong Clan disciple with an ashen expression knelt on the ground as he kowtowed and begged for mercy from Chen Xi. He’d already been completely terrified out of his wits, and his will to fight had completely collapsed.


His voice stopped abruptly as a wisp of sword light rose abruptly like a flowing light and extremely accurately pierced through his throat and carried out a spray of scarlet red blood.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at the corpse on the ground before turning around and moving towards the next target.

“Flee! Quickly!” The merely two remaining people’s will to fight completely collapsed when they saw this scene, and they turned around to flee for their lives and wished for nothing more than to have been born with an extra pair of legs.

A trace of ridicule arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw this. At this moment, if these two people were to detonate their golden cores, then they might be able to heavily injure him. But unfortunately, they cherished their own lives too much, nor did they have the courage to do so, so they had to die in the end.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The Starsky Wings flashed, and the Talisman Armament moved out later than them to slice out with two exquisite arcs.

Instantly, the person that was fleeing in the front emitted a shrill cry, whereas, the pupils of the companion behind him constricted as he’d seen an extremely peculiar scene. The head of the person before him had flown to the side, yet his body was still das.h.i.+ng forward! He unconsciously lowered his head to look at himself, yet noticed to his shock that his body had actually vanished as well.

So it turns out that just like him, my head has been sliced off as well… This was his last thought before death.

The battle continued for less than the time of a few breaths, yet all the nine Sikong Clan Golden Core Realm disciples present had perished, and their corpses lay in pools of blood and emitted a dense smell of blood that aroused disgust in others.

Groups of demon beasts hid far away in the forest, and their eyes revealed an extremely greedy expression as they smelled the fresh smell of blood that drifted over from afar, yet they were afraid of that tall figure and didn’t dare come forward.

Next, it’s the time to deal with Sikong Hen… Chen Xi raised his head as his Divine Sense swept the surroundings, and he instantly confirmed the direction before flas.h.i.+ng out like a bolt of lightning towards Sikong Hen.


After they confirmed that Chen Xi had left completely, the demon beasts within the forest charged out to voraciously swallow the corpses on the ground, and the scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

It has only been half a year, yet I never imagined that this fellow’s strength would actually attain such an extent… A pair of eyes looked at this b.l.o.o.d.y scene from the depths of the forest, and the gaze carried a trace of seriousness, yet in next to no time, this figure vanished without a trace and pursued in the direction Chen Xi had headed. 


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