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Chapter 181 – Two hundred and thirteen

TLchecked – Zaki, Edited – Animeart


The sky was clear without any clouds.

Four or five hors.e.m.e.n rode up the mountain ridge and looked down towards the river plain from the higher ground.

Xie Zishe looked around and said: “The vast country fields are flat and open. There is no geographical advantage. We still need to work harder.”

Yue Ruohe said, “If there are cultivators and wizards around, even if there is the advantage in terrain, it would be of no use as we can’t take advantage of it. It’s better to fight force with force.”

After saying that, he elbowed the person beside him, “Brother Baiyun, how many people have come from your Henglian Sect?”

Cangmin said, “My Henglian Sect has always been loyal to the dynasty, and the old master has been guarding the Northern Pa.s.s all his life, so I think those above the Golden Core stage will come.”

Yue Ruohe said: “In fact, in terms of contributions to the dynasty by our sects, several can be given the t.i.tle of Marquis and Minister.”

“Strange.” Xie Zishe said, “Back then, when we talked that snowy night, you all wanted to take the path of chivalry, but now that you are getting older, you want to be honored as Marquis and Minister and go towards fame and fortune.”

“Elder martial sister Xie, you don’t know this.” Yue Ruohe said, “A few days ago, I drank with Brother Baiyun. I got a little drunk and talked about this matter until midnight.”

“Oh?” Xie Zishe raised an eyebrow.

Cangmin took lead from Yue Ruohe’s words and said: “We think, a swordsman wandering in the jianghu, when he sees injustice, he would pull out the sword to help. Even if he becomes a great warrior, enjoys a reputation in the jianghu, but in his life he can only save a hundred people, at most a few thousand people. However, if you work for the dynasty, you can save all the people — for example, if we win this battle, the world will be unified, and all the people can live in peace and happiness – this is something even after a full lifetime, a swordsman can never achieve.”

“That makes sense too.” Xie Zishe nodded: “You seem to have grown from ‘private swordsman’ to ‘the warrior of great righteousness’.”

“That’s a bit embarra.s.sing.” Yue Ruohe looked at elder Martial Sister Xie and instead of the usual bickering, there was a rare sense of shame.

“Since this intention has been decided, the sword has no eyes, I am not at the front line, so you guys take care of yourselves.” Xie Zishe smiled.

Cangmin said, “Elder martial sister Xie, I’m not going to lie to you, at this time, I’m not as afraid of death as I was before.”

“A beautiful woman would easily grow old, just like how righteous warriors must eventually be martyred.” Xie Zi said, “You have your way of martyrdom, I also have my way of martyrdom, those who have the way are not afraid of death.”

Speaking of which, she smiled spontaneously and raised her eyebrows at Lin Shu: “Rather, the immortals who ignore the mortal world will also come to the battlefield, I just can’t figure it out.”

Yue Ruohe said, “Ahem, this, this… Since ancient times, even heroes have a weakness for charming beautiful women, this… Immortal Lord, now and then, they also have trouble turning away from beauty.”

Cangmin added: “Brother Lin’s family is after all the Big Miss…”

Listening to the content of their jokes, Lin Shu seemed to have been saddled with the ‘lost one’s head over l.u.s.t‘ hat.

That’s Ok.

They are not being proper, but the Big Miss is honorable.

Ling Fengxiao said, “If there is no objection, we will set up camp on the high ground here.”

Xie Zishe also returned to her serious state: “There are many cavalry in Northern Xia, and their war horses are fierce. When the two armies are in the high ground, they can neutralize the disadvantages of our cavalry, which is very suitable.”

Since the elder martial sister agreed, the others had even less objection.

“The battle of Weichuan is about morale. The key is to withstand the attack of Northern Xia cavalry.” Ling Fengxiao looked around the highland and said faintly, “The center formation should be thick, and the armor should be heavy. The two flanks should ride lightly with coordination.”

A young general beside him said, “Your Highness, under the command of General Zheng in An Ning City, there is a heavy cavalry that has traversed the northern frontier without any defeat, so it can be transferred.”

“The heavy cavalry of An Ning City cannot be moved. An Ning and Zhen Yuan, the two cities need to be prepared for any surprise attack of Northern Xia that could happen any time.”

Cangmin said, “Your Highness, My Henglian Sect, would like to support you with our skills. Henglian Internal Skills are excellent at defending. A mere cavalry charge, for sure, would not be difficult to defend against.”

Ling Fengxiao: “Many thanks.”

Cangmin: “It ought to be this way.”

“The Northern Xia cavalry, of course, can be feared, but the Northern Xia witchcraft is way more than inferior when compared to our dynasty’s orthodox Immortal Dao.” Yue Ruohe said.

Xie Zishe: “This is a great blessing.”

Lin Shu thought, although Yue Ruohe usually had his own set of distorted reasoning, this sentence was indeed very reasonable.

Even though there are tens of thousands of strange witchcraft in Northern Xia, they were only evolved from a series of foreign witchcraft, which were nothing more than the attack of yin and evil such as poison, curse, Gu insects and corpse control. However, the orthodox Immortal Dao inherited by Southern Xia is a thousands of years old heritage that had been pa.s.sed down. Large and small sects, both good and evil, each had their own unique skills.

For example, the Henglian sect where Cangmin was from was excellent at defense and can be called an iron wall.

Another example was the Dream Hall, the people in the sect were capable of personification of all things and hide their spiritual aura. The techniques could be used for detection and surprise attacks, which was like Heaven’s help in wars.

Another example was the Southern Sea Lone Mountain Sword Sect, who were best at facing the enemy head-on. The Phantom Ocean Tower that could confuse people’s minds, and the Southern Mountain Medical Valley… There were countless examples.

These sects, if they could each complement the army, Southern Xia’s combat power, without any doubt would be doubled several times.

Of course, the most crucial point was that there was no more Great Wizard in Northern Xia.

Lin Shu was thinking about this when he heard Cangmin say, “But the Northern Xia wizards are cunning and impossible to guard against, so it is really difficult to do.”

“Leave it to me,” Ling Fengxiao said, “You guys can just focus on the enemy.”

Cangmin responded in affirmative.

Lin Shu continued to think, and the person who mastered and inherited the terrible power of the Great Wizard was now Ling Fengxiao.

The key was that Northern Xia didn’t know about this matter.

If he had known, what Xiao Xuan sent would not be a letter of challenge, but a letter of surrender.

“When the disciples of the Immortal Dao fight against mortal enemies, they still have a layer of concern… The immortals who were contaminated with too much blood, it was said that they would not be tolerated by heaven and earth, and would be swept away by purple lightning … they would be wiped out and could not be reincarnated.” Yue Ruohe said.

“The war was started by me and I alone should suffer the cause and effect of it. Others have nothing to do with it.” Ling Fengxiao smiled faintly, “I will worship heaven and earth before the war and make it clear. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Yue Ruohe said, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Ling Fengxiao looked at the boundless rivers and mountains in the distance and asked Xie Zishe, “How many years has it been since the Great Xia was in turmoil?”

Xie Zishe said, “Two hundred and thirteen years.”

But seeing Ling Fengxiao’s eyes drooping slightly, he said, “It’s time too.”


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