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Chapter 87 – Ling Fengxiao as a Person

Edited by NZRose

Anyone familiar with the living corpse knows this corpse spot.

The demons of Northern Xia were no longer living beings, but they’re not dead. They were half dead and half alive. If they were alive, they often have large blue corpse spots on their bodies.

And now that the corpse spots appeared on the girl’s body, it means that she was transforming into the living corpse.

She’s like this. Those few people who were with her were also shaken away by the cat’s spiritual power, and it seemed that she was not immune.

He saw that those people lifted their robes one after another, and as expected, a trace appeared on everyone’s body.

Everyone looked at each other: “This…”

Lin Shu looked at the colored gla.s.s jar containing the corpse sample.

After encountering the living corpses, he once looked through relevant information about them. In the Northern Xia Dynasty, witches had made “blood poison” and applied it to a living person with secret methods. That person would be eroded by the blood poison and gradually become a living corpse manipulated by a wizard.

But the girl and her companions clearly only went to the border to collect the body fragments of the living corpse for the Academy’s research. How could they be contaminated with blood poison?

Lin Shu looked at the girl’s frightened eyes and could only think of two possibilities.

First, they encountered the Northern Xia Wizard without knowing it and were poisoned with blood.

Second was that the witchcraft of the Northern Xia Dynasty had made a great breakthrough, which made the blood poison infectious. Ordinary people could be infected only by contacting the living corpse.

If these two situations were the first, they were not very dangerous. But if it’s the second, then it’s just too scary.

Imagine that the two armies were fighting against each other, and the Northern Xia army would be led by a large number of living corpses. During the war, the Southern Xia army would gradually transform into the living corpses in the process of fighting with the living corpses, and following the instructions of the Northern Xia wizard. Then the blood poison would spread more and more widely until the whole army of the Southern Xia Dynasty would be wiped out.

Even if the war has not started yet, there is no need to consider this problem. But if the spies of the Northern Xia Dynasty sneak into the territory of the Southern Xia Dynasty and release blood poison, and the blood poison would spread from one to another, from ten to one hundred, from one hundred to one thousand, and according to the laws of physics, is it not more terrible than the most violent plague?

For a moment, the disciples at the scene also wanted to understand the key points, and they entered the Dreamscape to find Mr. Meng. After a while, five highly respected elders of the Academy came in a hurry with solemn expressions.

“All scattered.” An elder said, “All the disciples who stayed here today will go to the Academy for observation.”

Afterwards, several elders took out instruments which Lin Shu didn’t know their uses, which were similar to magic tools. They put away the gla.s.s jar using many talismans. They surrounded the disciples with a barrier of spiritual power and wind, and arranged for them to go to the Academy.

The disciples also knew the danger of having the corpse spot and obediently followed the elder to go back, though everyone was worried.

A person infected with blood poisoning is a small matter. If it affects the entire academy, it is a major event affecting the whole immortal path.

Lin Shu didn’t touch the gla.s.s jar, but he stayed around the jar. He also had to be isolated and observed, and Big Miss was not spared.

He didn’t keep up immediately but stayed at the end of the crowd.

Big Miss looked at him.

He also looked at Big Miss.

Big Miss was dressed in a gorgeous red dress, which was still the color she used to wear before she went to close door cultivation, but she was a little taller.

And the face that was originally astonishing is even more scorching at this time.

Lin Shu thought that his aesthetics had been washed to an invincible level by Big Miss previously, but today, he was shocked again. He doesn’t know how to describe it.

The silhouette of Big Miss is deeper than that of two years ago. It is more vivid and dazzling, reminding people of the national color peony that blooms happily in March. The slightly raised corners of her eyes add a third of points to this face. It can no longer be described by the term “national beauty and heavenly fragrance”. Instead, it is like the most beautiful and sharpest knife in the world. Its sharp edge is directly reflected in Lin Shu’s eyes, leaving his brain blank.

Big Miss waved her hands in front of his eyes: “I’m back.”

Lin Shu’s thoughts returned.

He thought that Big Miss was a little older than himself. She was seventeen or eighteen before her seclusion, but now she is two years older. This is when a girl’s appearance is at its peak.

Just thinking about it, he saw her compare his height.

Originally, the little fool’s body was a little short, about a head shorter than Big Miss. Seeing him today, the gap has narrowed a little by only two or three fingers.

After the comparison, Ling Fengxiao took a few steps back, looked at him, and then walked forward, and said, “You are quite tall.”

Lin Shu thought secretly, Big Miss is already a very tall girl among girls, but I am afraid she will not become taller in the future, but he has just grown up, and he can grow taller, then he will catch up with the gap in the future.

Just thinking about it, he heard her smile and say, “If you grow taller, I will not be able to hold you now.”

Lin Shu: “?”

Miss, you can’t ask me, this boy, to be held by a girl all the time.

Big Miss took his hand, and they walked slowly along with the crowd.

The cat crawled out of Lin Shu, it stepped on his shoulder, and then flexibly jumped onto Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao said: “You have gained a lot of weight. Be careful that Lin Shu wouldn’t be able to carry you anymore.”

The cat didn’t pay any attention to it. It didn’t seem to know its own weight.

They were not afraid of it being infected with blood poisoning. After all, there was such a Land Immortal. If it had been infected, it would have been shaking with anxiety.

When Big Miss asked him how he had been in the past two years, Lin Shu answered truthfully.

Answering Big Miss, it is inevitable to mention Li Yamao’s matter, and to mention Li Yamao’s matter, it is impossible not to mention the current situation of suffering in the world by forced labor.

Big Miss looked into the horizon and he didn’t know what she was thinking. After a while, she said, “Since ancient times, this has always been the case when we were facing a war.”

Lin Shu responded: “Yeah.”

“However, it is the fault of the King and Confucianism that innocent people suffer distress from hardship.”

Lin Shu looks at Ling Fengxiao unexpectedly and thinks that Big Miss still remembers the discussion on the snowy night.

Big Miss said, “In this way, it’s because of this that you’ve become uneasy and played the wrong tune twice?”

He didn’t expect that when he played the wrong tune, it was heard by Big Miss. Lin Shu was embarra.s.sed and admitted, “Yes.”

“You’re not mortal, you don’t have to worry about these things. From now on, I will be there for the safety of our friends and family.”

“Okay,” Lin Shu said.

“As for the common people in the world…” Ling Fengxiao gently pressed his hand on the handle of the knife, she looked at the sunrise among the mountains, and narrowed her eyes slightly: “The success or failure is unknown. If the old country is restored in the future, an account will be given to them. ”

“Can you win?” Lin Shu asked.

“I don’t know.” Big Miss took his hand, gently spread his five fingers, then placed them on the palm of her hand, and then slowly gathered it up, saying, “But it would be worthy.”

Lin Shu suddenly felt a lot of peace in his heart.

Ling Fengxiao is someone with a changeable temperament and superb acting skills.

However, Lin Shu felt that her words would be fulfilled without any reason.

The outcome is unknown, but there will be no regrets.

There are no grand words, but they are more trustworthy than grand words.

Then, he listened to Big Miss saying: “However, in any case, I will not let you suffer injustice.”

Lin Shu said, “Thank you very much.”

Two years had already pa.s.sed, Big Miss was still the one and only one who kept hamsters well. He didn’t know what merits he had that he could get such favor from her. He could not say anything, but could only say “Thank you very much.”.

Big Miss raised her eyebrows and smiled, “No need to thank me.”

Then, she paused and continued: “You play the zither every day, and the sound is so clear, so I feel at ease. If the sound of the zither floats, I feel a little worried, as was the case last night.”

Lin Shu: “!”

He asked: “Have you not been in concentration all the time?”

“Occasionally, I wake up for a while. At night, I can hear you playing the zither.” Big Miss said.

Lin Shu was ashamed: “Then I… delayed your cultivation.”

“It’s okay,” Ling Fengxiao said, “Your zither is clear and quiet, but it makes me feel calm.”

Lin Shu asked: “How is your cultivation level?”

Ling Fengxiao said: “I’ll show you in the evening.”

Lin Shu looked at her curiously.

He really wanted to know how Big Miss’s cultivation was, whether her sword technique had entered a new realm, and whether she had entered the period of tribulation.

But the naked eye, after all, can only see the beauty of Big Miss again.

While talking, they have already entered the territory of the Academy. In the late autumn, the red maples in the mountains are like a sea, and occasionally a few leaves fall, which is very beautiful.

Those disciples who had been in close contact with the colored gla.s.s jar were all placed in a large courtyard in the northwest to observe whether they had symptoms of blood poisoning. The focus of several daoists is on the girl and the group.

Most of the Daoists in the academy are not very good at martial arts. To prevent these people from becoming living corpses and injuring others, Ling Fengxiao, after confirming that she would not be infected with blood poison, escorted Lin Shu around the Daoist.

The girl was placed in a jade lattice as big as half a room. The jade lattice was made of cold jade from the deep lake, which could slow down the speed of the poison. There were talismans on the four walls, containing the spirit of Xun wind, which could ensure that the breath in the room would not leak out. Naturally, there was no need to worry about the blood poison spreading to the Daoist elders.

The girl frowned and her eyelashes trembled. She was very fl.u.s.tered and frightened. Seeing Lin Shu, she was embarra.s.sed and called out “Elder Martial Brother”.

Big Miss raised her eyebrows.

The girl looked at Big Miss again.

Big Miss stood by the window, looking at the girl blankly.

The two Daoist elders asked about the girl’s situation and thought about the method of detoxification–according to their original experience, it is still possible to be rescued within a short time after contracting blood poison.

After the inquiry, they asked about the details of the collection of the corpse.

Originally, some people found the living corpse in the mountains along the border. Their skin color was dark red, which was different from other living corpses before. Moreover, they have great power and are much more powerful than those seen in previous years. The Academy learned that and they were afraid of the new progress in Northern Xia’s witchcraft that it released such a task to study the living corpse.

The girl’s team came to the border, found the wandering living corpse according to the clues, killed two of them, and brought the bodies back into pieces. Some people in the team were injured and some were not. However, no matter whether they were injured or not, they were all infected with blood poison. There was even an uninjured disciple who had more corpse spots than the injured.

This matter— really is not a small thing!

If the blood poisoning was not caused by being scratched by the living corpse, but simply contacting the living corpse, then it is very likely that the blood poisoning in Northern Xia could spread out of thin air!

The Daoists frowned. After studying for a while, they shook their heads and sighed: “If there is no blood poison sample, it is useless to talk about it anymore. If you can get the sample, maybe you can know its origin.”

Another Daoist said: “Blood poison samples are carefully preserved by the great wizard of the Northern Xia Dynasty. How can we get them?”

The third Daoist said: “If you don’t find out what changes have taken place in this blood poison as soon as possible when it starts to spread among the people, we will all die!”

At first, the Daoist said, “There may be clues at that border.”

Several Daoist nodded together: “Yes.”

There is also someone who said: “If you’re going to explore the border, in case something happens again…”

Before the Daoist’s words were heard, Ling Fengxiao said indifferently: “I will go and check.”

“This…” The Daoist looked surprised and hesitated.

Lin Shu was not surprised, he knew that Big Miss was such a person.

Last night, when he was playing the zither, he thought that the rain was coming, the war was about to start, and all his life was lost. The emperor was desperate to recruit troops. Mr. Meng deplored the people and thought that the Dynasty should reform the system.

And what about Big Miss? What would she do?

At that time, he thought that Big Miss would take the same sad sword and go to take the head of the enemy’s general. The rise and fall of the Dynasty and the sorrow and happiness of the common people may be tied to that sword.

According to Lin Shu’s observation, Ling Fengxiao has never been impulsive or sentimental, but has always been doing things that can be done and might be meaningful.

He felt that she was “Guiltless”, this sword, regardless of the excessive killing, just looking at the name, if it was held by Big Miss, it would be very appropriate.

——Then it suddenly occurred to him that it was Cousin who got the worthy sword from the Treasure House of Huandang Mountain.

And Cousin is Big Miss.

Big Miss got “Guiltless”.

What about now?

Where’s the sword?

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Zaki: Even that girl wouldn’t get in trouble from the living corpse, she will definitely get in trouble to even attempt to take Lin Shu’s attention in front of the Big Miss.. hehehe a jealous LFX, coming our way ?


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