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Chapter 902: Imperial Father Came Too

When he heard the question, Little Qingchen’s round eyes swiveled around and he instinctively looked at Baili Shangxie, who was holding up his phone to Little Qingchen’s face. Then, turning around with his own phone in hand, he lowered his voice and asked, “Beauty Wei Wei, can I adopt a little demon? It’s an extremely obedient and well-behaved one.”




Helian Wei Wei scoffed lightly and immediately thought of the two soulless corpses in the motel. Her eyes narrowed suddenly as she asked, “That new friend of yours, is he a demon?”

Little Qingchen knew that he could not keep it from her any longer, and simply nodded his tiny head. “Yeah, he said that he really likes the chocolate cake that you baked. After we’ve finished dealing with the problems here, can I bring him home?”

Catching the words ‘chocolate cake’, emotion flashed through Baili Shangxie’s previously indifferent face. He leaned closer to Little Qingchen and stuck his ear against the screen of the handphone.

“I’ll let you bring him home, but the first meeting should be outside.” Riding on the Tomahawk, Helian Wei Wei turned slightly to look at the steel tracks beside her. She could somewhat see the rear end of a train disappearing into a tunnel in the near distance. “I’m heading in the same direction as you are. That trafficker will get on a different train halfway through the journey. So, when the time comes, you guys must alight and wait at the entrance of the interchange station. I’ll come to get both of you. In the meantime, keep an eye on your little demon friend. Make sure you stop him from randomly eating people on the train, do you understand?”

“Understood.” Little Qingchen ended the call and looked up at Baili Shangxie as he said, “Beauty Wei Wei is also on her way, she must have found the bad guys’ base. She’s probably planning to follow us to deal with them together.”

Baili Shangxie’s devilishly scarlet eyes seemed to flicker as he asked, “How did she find out about our location?”

“A quick investigation will reveal everything,” Little Qingchen said nonchalantly.

Baili Shangxie tossed him a glance as he thought to himself. Don’t make fun of the fact that I’m not book-smart. Since when have humans achieved such high rates of efficiency? What’s more, an ordinary person can never uncover another person’s train details, let alone travel routes.

After he hung up, Little Qingchen returned the phone to the train attendant. However, because he was still quite young, it had pa.s.sed the time for him to wash up and prepare for bed. Thus, it was inevitable that he felt sleepy now, as he rubbed his eyes with his little hands.

There was only one extra seat nearby, and it had just been vacated. It would probably be taken by another person at the next stop.

Baili Shangxie noticed the drowsiness haunting him, so he hoisted him up onto one of the seats. He stood on Little Qingchen’s right side to prevent others from touching him.

Once Little Qingchen was done rubbing his eyes, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Do you want to call your guardian as well?”

Usually, little demons had to be supervised. Only then, they were allowed into the human world. Otherwise, they would be taken away by the Grim Reaper from the Underworld.

Baili Shangxie nonchalantly replied, “There’s no need, my imperial father doesn’t have enough time to pay attention to me. He also has to look for my imperial mother.”

“Imperial father, imperial mother?” Little Qingchen felt that these two greetings were undeniable familiar. It was as if he had heard it before. However, even after racking his brains, he could not remember where. Then, he uttered, After we finish off the bad guys, you’ll follow me home. Then, we can have Beauty Wei Wei ask your imperial father to pick you up.”

“Alright.” The two little ones, one standing while the other seated, were periodically chatting with each other.

They talked until the younger one fell asleep, with his head dipping time after time onto Baili Shangxie’s shoulders, just like a chick pecking at grains.

Baili Shangxie was worried that he might injure his tiny nose this way, so he decided not to move at all. Using his shoulder to support the little one, his hand was still holding Little Qingchen’s back.

His expression remained unchanged as he watched the beauty of the scenery on the other side of the window panes, making his side profile appear even cooler.

His thin lips seemed to quiver, but it was not very noticeable.

As the train slid into a dark tunnel, an image of his face was reflected off the window. Only now, he realized that he seemed to be speaking to some people.

By then, nearly everyone in the carriage was nodding off, so no one had noticed it. A while ago, the train was enveloped by a dense murder of black crows. A flurry of black feathers descended from the top of the train, blanketing the track in an inky black.

This was the unique omen that forboded the demons’ arrival.

Baili Shangxie raised a tiny eyebrow as he said, “Imperial father actually came, and with such a big hullabaloo, it really is too much.”

The black crows flapped their wings twice and clung to the windows of the train, while letting out two low cries.

Baili Shangxie was afraid that it would wake Little Qingchen, hence he reached his hands out to cover Little Qingchen’s ears before saying in a hushed voice, “Got it. Once I’m done over here, I’ll look for imperial father. Can you guys keep an eye on this person at the front? I’ve made an imprint on his body, so you’d find him easily. Watch him closely, make sure he doesn’t escape.”

Upon receiving the order, the black crows left the window, but still lingered close to the train. They kept circling over the specified carriage, as if they had found someone. The whole image simply looked remarkably bizarre.

The train attendant saw this and immediately sent a message to the conductor.

“Where on earth did this many black crows come from?”

No one could answer the question, even the final theory the conductor set his mind on was this absurd statement. “When the train traveled through the tunnel, the commotion probably disturbed them and woke them all up. This is a very normal reaction. When we reach the next tunnel, they would most likely leave us. Even if they don’t, there’s nothing peculiar about that. They’re probably just deeply interested in things that glowed, so they followed the train.”

Usually, these explanations were usually used to confuse the audiences.

The ordinary people might not know it, but the conductor was fully aware.

Whenever a huge number of black crows appeared near the train after going through a tunnel, something ominous must have happened.

However, being on land was far different from piloting a plane. As long as they were careful, they could still handle the situation.

That was why he remained calm and collected.

Everyone in the carriages was fully awake, leaning against the windows and staring wide-eyed at the peculiar sight. They had never seen so many black crows forming moving together in such huge groups before.

If it were not for the fact that the sky was dimming, many people would have raised their phones to snap pictures. Such a bewildering scene was truly once in a blue moon!

At the same time, the trafficker had also awoken, with his head still pinned against the carriage door. As he peered through the gla.s.s, he saw the black crows whizzing past one after another, it was simply an unmistakable scene.

For some reason, he felt as though the black crows were staring at him.

That’s right, it’s as if they are following someone’s orders and are keeping a gawking eye on me!

The trafficker was too shocked by his own thoughts and quickly shook it out of his head. All the incidents that happened earlier today must have caused him to hallucinate!

Still, he could not bring himself to feel at ease, especially after catching sight of the black crows’ bloodshot eyes. He was so thunderstruck with fear and uneasiness.

Now, he finally understood why the black crows felt so familiar.

The color of their pupils is the exact shade of that little creature’s eyes, the one that should not have been abducted!

Suddenly, the previous uneasiness slowly crept into his heart. The trafficker smirked coldly as he produced the Chinese talisman and immediately looped it around his neck.

Now that I know what the problem is, I would make sure to ask Master to clean up all these dirty things once I get off the carriage!


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