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Chapter 320: Feng Qin

“Yes, I do. It’s a television drama, ‘Domineering CEO Falls In Love With Me’.”

“…” Yin Jiujin.

Min Ting almost spat out. The name of this television drama did not sound profound. He did not expect the number one killer to watch such a meaningless television drama.

He gave Yin Jiujin a strange look.

Needless to say, the name and reality of this television drama were quite appropriate. Wasn’t his second brother the real domineering CEO?

“You’re playing the female lead in there. I specially looked at the name of the main lead and know that your name is Feng Qin. There are other cla.s.smates in our cla.s.s who are your fans. I heard from others that you just won the Best Actress award not long ago.”

She blinked. “I’m also your fan.”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Min Ting choked on his saliva.

Yan Jinyu’s playful wink was very cute, but he wasn’t shocked by that. Instead, he was stunned by Yan Jinyu’s words.


It was more likely for others. He didn’t believe that a big shot like “Chi” would be a starlet’s fan.

Such a figure was already dazzling enough. She was feared and admired by countless people. Why would she wors.h.i.+p an actor in the entertainment circle?

What was she after?

In terms of looks, she was not inferior to Feng Qin.

Feng Qin was originally very confident in her acting skills, but when she heard Yan Jinyu mention this ridiculous show and then saw Min Ting’s reaction, she only felt embarra.s.sed.

Because there were two real domineering CEOs standing beside her.

However, Miss Yan was a young girl, so it was not strange that she liked to watch that kind of show.

Perhaps, she was really her fan. Many of her fans were at Miss Yan’s age.

However, she wasn’t smug because she had Master Nine’s fiancée as a fan. She knew her ident.i.ty very well.

If she hadn’t met Min Ting, she would have been taken away at a drinking party a few months ago.

Although she still decided to sleep with someone after a while, the person who slept with her did not have any obvious relations.h.i.+p history and was very good-looking. In addition, she really needed a backer in this circle, so it was not so hard for her to accept him.

Besides, although Min Ting was a famous playboy outside, after signing a lover’s contract with her, she was the only woman by his side. He wouldn’t be with a few women at the same time. He wasn’t that disgusting. He was much better than the rich people in the circle who were used to sleeping with female stars.

“I’ve embarra.s.sed myself in front of Eldest Miss Yan. That was my first time acting as the female lead. It’s a little melodramatic.”

“No, I think it’s very nice.”

“When did you watch it? Why didn’t I know?” Yin Jiujin lowered his eyes and looked at her.

Yan Jinyu hugged his arm and chuckled. “During cla.s.s.”

“Brother Nine, you don’t know this, but I’ve been playing games in cla.s.s for two weeks. I’m tired of it. I only found this new fun yesterday morning.”

“…” Yin Jiujin flicked her forehead gently. He was helpless and doting. “I asked you to study, not to watch television and play games in school.”

“Then what should I do if I don’t play games or watch television? Sleep on my desk like everyone else? That won’t do. It’s too noisy in the cla.s.sroom. I can’t sleep.”

“…No one wants you to sleep in the cla.s.sroom. We want you to listen to cla.s.s seriously.”

Yan Jinyu blinked and looked at him as if she was saying, Do I need to listen to cla.s.s?

Yin Jiujin was exasperated.

“Forget it. It’s up to you. Just want to see something more ‘nutritious’ in the future.”

“No, I just think the show I’m watching is rather ‘nutritious’. It doesn’t take much effort.”

“…” Feng Qin, the main lead of the television series. She felt that a little insulted.

Yin Jiujin couldn’t help but pinch her face. “Lazy girl.”

Min Ting gritted his teeth.

Feng Qin thought that the rumors were exaggerated before she saw it with her own eyes. How could a figure like Master Nine dote on a little girl so much?

After seeing it with her own eyes, she realized that the rumors were not exaggerated at all.

He was clearly doting on her.

She was a little envious. She wondered when she would meet a man who treated her so well.

“Second Brother, Second Sister-in-law, I’ve booked a private room upstairs. Shall we sit down and talk upstairs?”

“I’ll listen to Brother Nine.” Yin Jiujin let her hug his arm. He lowered his eyes and looked at her gently before walking upstairs.

The two of them were interrupted before they could eat much for lunch. Yin Jiujin re-ordered two more servings.

After ordering, she handed the menu to the waiter and looked at Min Ting, “What are you doing in North City?”

Min Ting touched his nose. “I’m just here to take a break. Look, I didn’t even alert anyone when I came over today.”

The manager of the resort didn’t know that he was here, which was enough to prove that he wasn’t lying.

“Yes.” Yin Jiujin didn’t ask further.

Yan Jinyu drank the warm water Yin Jiujin handed her as she looked at Feng Qin, “Miss Feng, where are you from?”

At that moment, Min Ting happened to get up to go to the washroom and didn’t hear their conversation.

“Water City… No, it’s Cloud City now.”

Feng Qin smiled sweetly. “Daddy is from Water City, but Daddy pa.s.sed away when I was two years old. I lived with Mommy. When I was about 10 years old, I followed my mother back to my maternal family in Cloud City.”

“I see.”

“Speaking of which, I’ve never been to Water City and Cloud City before. I heard that these two cities have many famous historical sites. They’re good places for sightseeing. I was thinking about when I would have the chance to visit them.”

“I’m not very familiar with Cloud City, but I know many fun places in Water City. Water City is very close to North City. We can reach it in three hours by car. Eldest Miss Yan can go there on the weekend. When you have time to go, I can recommend a few fun attractions for you. As for Cloud City, I’m afraid we can only go there when Eldest Miss Yan is on leave. The flight from North City to Cloud City takes two and a half hours.”

“However, I’m not very familiar with Cloud City’s tourist spots. If Miss Yan needs it, I can ask my mother. My mother grew up in Cloud City.”

“Alright, thank you, Miss Feng.”

She was smiling, innocent and harmless. She did not look scheming and was beautiful. It was easy for people to let down their guard and like her.

Feng Qin had a very good impression of Yan Jinyu. Looking at her innocent appearance, she was still a little worried that she would be deceived.

With this in mind, Feng Qin, who had never dared to look at Yin Jiujin since she sat down in the private room, glanced at him imperceptibly.

Did Master Nine like such a harmless little bunny?

It was fine if that was the case. If he had deceived the little bunny out of a moment of interest, then the little bunny, who was so soft and weak, would only get hurt.

Yin Jiujin was very sharp. He sensed it when Feng Qin looked over.

He frowned and looked up.

His eyes were cold and frightening.

Feng Qin was so frightened that she didn’t dare to look anymore.

She took a deep breath and smiled at Yan Jinyu. “You’re welcome.”

“By the way, did Miss Feng come to North City specially for a vacation?”

“Not really. I happen to have a show shooting here. I don’t have any scenes today. Coincidentally… Third Young Master Min came over and so I accompanied him here.”

This was the first time Feng Qin felt a little hesitant when she said this. Other than her mother, she dared to tell anyone that she was kept by someone else. This was the first time she wasn’t so confident. She was afraid that Yan Jinyu would suddenly ask her what her relations.h.i.+p with Min Ting was. She didn’t know how to answer that.

“I see.”

Obviously, Yan Jinyu had no intention of asking further.

This surprised Feng Qin.

Weren’t girls her age very gossipy? Especially since she had just said that she was her fan.

Did she think that she and Min Ting were just ordinary friends?

After all, Yan Jinyu looked so innocent.

“Then we can keep each other company. Let’s play together later.”

Yin Jiujin was naturally unwilling to accept Yan Jinyu’s suggestion. He had the intention of spending time alone with her.

Under the dining table, Yan Jinyu gently held his hand on her lap and pinched his fingertips to comfort him.

Yin Jiujin retracted his “grievance”.

He held her hand in his.

Actually, he was just a little unwilling. He didn’t really disturb the young lady. He knew that the young lady never did anything meaningless, especially when she was with him.

This Feng Qin…

The young lady paid attention to her not only because she was a member of the Feng Family.

“This…” Feng Qin looked at Min Ting, who was returning from the washroom, and asked him.

He was her sugar daddy and she was a kept woman who knew the rules. She would not go overboard.

She understood Min Ting’s gaze immediately.

“That’s naturally good. I was just worried that I didn’t have anyone to talk to.”


After dinner, they were no longer alone, so naturally they did not soak in the hot spring.

None of them had the habit of soaking in the hot spring with outsiders.

If they wanted to soak in the hot spring, they would do it in the room that they had booked for themselves.

The hot spring resort mainly focused on hot springs, but actually, other than hot springs, there were many entertainment facilities.

After picking a few random items to play with, Min Ting got someone to empty the area. Other than the service staff, there were only four of them. No one would disturb them.

The weather in North City was already warm. It was a clear day and the sun was scorching.

Yin Jiujin and Min Ting lay on two recliners not far away. Yin Jiujin held a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand. Min Ting’s wine was on the table beside him. He lay with his hands under his head.

The two of them were discussing work.

As for Yan Jinyu and Feng Qin, they were sitting on the lawn.

They took a picnic mat and spread it on the gra.s.s. There were many snacks on the mat.

Yan Jinyu ate some snacks and drank a packet of yogurt. “Miss Feng, do you have any siblings?”

Feng Qin wanted to lose weight so she drank water instead of eating snacks.

She was stunned. “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“Nothing. Isn’t this boring? Just chatting.”

“…No, I’m my parents’ only daughter.”

Yan Jinyu kept looking at her, not letting go of any subtle changes in her expression.

She smiled. “I see.”

“I’ve actually heard a little about the Feng Family in Cloud City. Although they kept a low-profile, they’re really a family with a history in Cloud City.”

“Is that so?” Feng Qin forced a smile as if she didn’t want to talk about the Feng Family. “I followed my mother to the Feng Family when I was 10 years old, but in fact, I didn’t stay in the Feng Family for long. I moved to school when I was in junior high and high school, and even got into the Imperial Capital University. Now, I’m busy with school and work, so I don’t have time to return to the Feng Family.”

“Miss Feng is still in school?”


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