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Book 40, The Five Autarchs, Chapter 17 – Back to the Three Realms

Autarch Ekong furiously slammed his greataxe down again and again, each strike filled with dominating power. BOOM! The Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels seemed to sense that they were in danger, and they began to instinctively react and defend themselves. The green vortex and the black vortex simultaneously began to expand in size, almost instantly expanding to become many times greater than they were previously. A moment later, they instantly shrank to become less than half of their original size.

This sudden expansion and contract resulted in the power of both vortexes skyrocketing. Ji Ning and the others were watching from very far away, but even so Hegemon Brightsh.o.r.e and the others felt their hearts tremble with fear.

A while later, Ning’s eyes lit up: “It’s almost done.”

“Break!” Autarch Ekong roared furiously as he smote down his greataxe. The axe actually transformed into an enormous black shadow that was as large as the green vortex itself!

The green vortex let out a strange, almost ‘groaning’ sound as the greataxe caved its center in, but it quickly managed to repair itself.

“Break! Break! BREAK!” Autarch Ekong attacked with extraordinary ferocity, each strike filled with the power of annihilation. After the Autarch let out twelve furious shouts, the green vortex was beginning to tremble violently. The nearby black vortex was doing its best to devour and tear apart all of the energies around it, but it was unable to shake the Autarch at all. In the end, it could only ‘watch’ helplessly as its companion was annihilated!

BOOM! The green vortex finally disintegrated, resulting in an awesome wave of boundless life energy spreading out in every direction.

The black vortex could not survive on its own. It instantly began to collapse in on itself, with the process causing a tremendous amount of destruction to its surroundings. Even Autarch Ekong had to generate an aura of flowing black light to protect himself against the final, suicidal burst of the black vortex.

Finally, the Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels were destroyed. The only things left were a few ripples of power where they had existed.


“The Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels have finally been destroyed. The Flamedragon Realmverse is saved!”

“This is absolutely wonderful!”

“The Flamedragon Realmverse shall be able to last for countless more aeons. We won’t have to evacuate!” The Hegemons and Emperors of the six powers of the Flamedragon Realmverse had all been watching nervously. Now, they shook with excitement and their faces were covered with joy.

Hegemon Brightsh.o.r.e turned to look at Ning, who was standing next to him. He never would’ve imagined that the gravest peril the Flamedragon Realmverse faced, the unstoppable apocalypse of the Samsara Wheels, would eventually be resolved thanks to the then-World G.o.d he had abducted all those years ago. It all seemed like a marvel, a miracle. That World-level kid had skyrocketed in power at an inconceivable speed, reaching a level where everyone looked up to him.

“Thank you, Darknorth,” Hegemon Brightsh.o.r.e said.

“If you want to thank anyone, go thank Autarch Ekong.” Ning looked at Autarch Ekong, who was flying back with a rather tired look on his face.

“Don’t downplay your role. The entire Flamedragon Realmverse owes you a debt of grat.i.tude. If it wasn’t for you, almost all of the weaker beings in the entire realmverse would’ve died once the apocalypse came! Very, very few would’ve been evacuated and given the dubious honor of wandering homeless through the cosmos. In fact, most of the evacuees probably would’ve died during the wandering… and the few who survived would be hated as outsiders once they reached their new home.” Hegemon Brightsh.o.r.e sighed. “It’s hard for me to even imagine it.”

“My own homeland is located in the Flamedragon Realmverse. I was acting on my own behalf as well,” Ning said. He could sense the tremendous grat.i.tude the leaders of the six powers of the Flamedragon Realmverse felt towards him. Even the Aeonians who had once held a grudge against him such as Emperor Anchen and Emperor Islehide were staring towards him with grat.i.tude. Now that the realmverse was not going to be destroyed, the Aeonians would be able to continually benefit from the estate-world which Autarch Bolin had left behind for them.

Whoosh. Autarch Ekong came flying over, looking rather exhausted. “These Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels really were a pain to deal with. If they had been allowed to grow for another million chaos cycles, even I would’ve been gravely injured in the process of destroying them,” Autarch Ekong said with a sigh.

Ning nodded. The Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels were similar to the Wellspring Sea of the enormous Blazesun Domain. They were all bodies of natural energy that actually surpa.s.sed the Autarchs in terms of raw power. However, because they lacked true sentience, it wasn’t too hard to deal with them.

“Alright, now that I’ve dealt with the Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels, I’ll be off,” Autarch Ekong said. “If there’s anything you need, just give me a call.”

“Come to my estate and have some wine first?” Ning felt as though he was being a bad host to let the Autarch leave right away; the man had come all this way to help him out, after all.

“Haha, no need. Honestly, I have much more and much better wine than you.” Autarch Ekong bade Ning farewell, then stepped through s.p.a.cetime and departed from the Flamedragon Realmverse.

The only person he spoke to this entire time was Ning. He didn’t say so much as a single word to the others. He was by nature a solitary and arrogant person. Those he respected, he’d view as friends and brothers; those he didn’t, he wouldn’t so much as glance at.

Word of the Yin-Yang Samsara Wheels’ destruction quickly spread across almost all of the supreme figures of the Flamedragon Realmverse. Everyone felt incredibly excited; finally, the looming, creeping apocalypse that had been a threat to all of them had been dealt with!

As for Ning, he led Su Youji, Azurefiend, and Nuwa back to the Three Realms.

“Mother Nuwa!”


“Mother!” The entire Three Realms was thrown into a state of excitement. By now, the ‘Three Realms’ actually consisted of an enormous field of s.p.a.ce that held a total of 8100 chaosworlds within it! Ning’s Primaltwin was here, and so he had already spread the word that Mother Nuwa was coming back. Subhuti, Maitreya, Kuafu, and the other major powers who had arisen during the first age were all incomparably excited.

Finally, Mother Nuwa was coming home!

Subhuti, Windfiend, Kuafu, Jade Cauldron, Lu Dongbin, and tens of thousands of other cultivators were all waiting in the emptiness of s.p.a.ce in front of the Three Realms Region, staring off into the distance.

Finally, a dimensional ripple appeared, followed by a realms.h.i.+p appearing within it. Several figures flew out of the realms.h.i.+p, led by a white-robed Ning and a silver-robed Mother Nuwa who bore a blood diamond in the center of her forehead. After binding the otherverse she had been given, Mother Nuwa’s aura had become even vaster than ever before, as it whispered of the limitless power of the otherverse itself.

“Nuwa.” Subhuti was so excited that his eyes were starting to fill up with unshed tears.

“Nuwa.” Windfiend revealed a smile. She had been an old enemy of his, but he had never been able to best her. She had been the undisputed leader of the Nuwa Alliance.

“Mother Nuwa.” Kuafu and the others were all incredibly excited.

“Subhuti, Kuafu, Jade Cauldron, Maitreya…” When Nuwa saw all of these old friends, she felt emotions surging through her breast. Many of her oldest friends were already gone, such as Daoist Three Purities, Lord Tathagata the Buddha, or the Three Sovereigns of Mankind. The dazzlingly Houyi had also perished, as had many of the younger cultivators she had held high hopes for.

However, a few of her old friends were still alive, as were some of the ‘children’.

“Nuwa.” Su Wukong was incredibly excited.

“Silly monkey.” Nuwa smiled happily. When she saw some of these familiar young faces, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. This was her home! This was the place where she had been born from the primordial chaos, and these were the friends she had slowly grown to know. She had been born out of chaos, and so these friends were like her family members.

When she had left the Three Realms, she had wished to see the wider world outside before coming back and using what she had learned to strengthen the Three Realms, making it better than ever. Alas, destiny makes fools of mortals and G.o.ds alike; she was actually teleported to the indescribably distant Blazefire Domain and had only survived thanks to Patriarch Treewind saving her. Now, thanks to Ning locating her, she had finally come back home.

Mother Nuwa’s return was an event of great joy. They naturally held an enormous celebratory banquet for her. The many Immortals and FiendG.o.ds of the Three Realms all came to take part. Not only did even the World-level cultivators come, even many of their Elder G.o.d and Ancestral Immortal disciples were permitted to take part. Millions of Immortals and FiendG.o.ds took part in this grand banquet.

Seated at the highest positions within this banquet were Mother Nuwa, Subhuti, Ji Ning, Windfiend, Kuafu, and the other ancient figures. By now, Ji Brightmoon, Ji Yichuan, and Yuchi Snow had all reached the World level, and they were all seated quite high up. They were very happy to be able to see the legendary Mother Nuwa for herself.

This was a congregation of countless Immortals and FiendG.o.ds, and Immortal wine flowed liberally. Ning was very happy, and he naturally wouldn’t be stingy with his resources. He naturally had far more treasures than anyone else by now.

“The Three Realms are truly flouris.h.i.+ng.” Ning felt a sense of joy when he saw all the cultivators present, and he couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

The Three Realms were flouris.h.i.+ng far more than in previous years. Now that an Otherverse Lord like Mother Nuwa was standing guard over it with the a.s.sistance of many powerful Sithe treasures, the Three Realms truly had reached an incredibly high level of power. Given even the Autarchs had promised to help watch over it, Ning finally felt completely satisfied with its chances.

“It really is flouris.h.i.+ng. Only… a few of our old friends are missing,” Subhuti said from next to Ning.

Ning nodded. “Yes, a few people are missing.” Many of the true, original leaders of the Three Realms were missing, as were some of his friends and his wife.

“If they could all come back and be reunited, how wonderful would that be?” Ning closed his eyes, just imagining the scene.


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