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The Divine Martial Stars is a web novel completed by Luan Shi Kuang Dao, 乱世狂刀, Warrying Blade, Mad Blade During Troubled Times. This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 191 It Seemed That You Understood

“What? Ask me to kneel here. You… dare to humiliate me?” The young general roared and said, “I am from the royal family of the Qin Dynasty. In my body flows the blood of the royal family, but you dare to ask me to kneel…”


Li Mu raised his hand to slap him.

“Don’t I owe you my slap? Is it still unclear? Under the monument, all the martyrs are the heroes who once defended the royal family of the Qin Dynasty and the territory of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. But you are only a mad fool who benefits from the deeds of predecessors. That I ask you to kneel should be your glory. It is reasonable for the emperor of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty today to salute before such a monument.”

When Li Mu finished his words, he looked down at the young General Qin Lin and said, “Will you kneel or not?”

“If you are brave enough, kill me,” the young General Qin Lin, with blood filling his mouth, sneered, “You can’t scare me…”

Li Mu shook his head.

“Crack, crack!”

The sound of broken bones resounded.

Li Mu directly kicked the leg bones of the young General Qin Lin, breaking them, and threw him in front of the Monument to Martyrs.

After all, there was nothing to talk with this kind of person.

“Ah… ahahah…” Qin Lin bellowed with his pale face, since he had never suffered such torment before. Thus, as his face began to be wry due to the fierce pain, with both hands on the ground, his cold and water-like sweat mixed with blood flew to the ground.

“Haha, hahaha, hahahahaha…” He smirked madly, as if he were crazy, and said with a light of hatred in his eyes, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you had better kill me today, otherwise, I will let you know what regret means.”

Upon hearing these words, the expression of everyone around them changed.

After all, this kind of sinful tone obviously showed that he hated Li Mu extremely.

The madness, malice, and bravery of the young General Qin Lin shocked all the spectators.

It was obviously a very scary thing to be hated by such people.

Even Wu Beichen and other tough border soldiers, could not help feeling fearful for a moment.

However, Li Mu wasn’t scared of him at all.

“If you say one more word, I will crush one of your bones. If you don’t believe that, you can have a try.” Li Mu stood expressionlessly before the Monument to Martyrs, looked at Qin Lin, the young general, and said clearly, “If you still speak when all of your bones are crushed, I will tear off your flesh… I don’t like violence, but I don’t mind using it.”

“You…” the young General Qin Lin screamed.


Another bone was broken and twisted.

Li Mu was still expressionless, saying, “You had better choose to believe that.”

Then, cold sweat appeared on Qin Lin’s forehead.

When looking at Li Mu’s cold face, he gradually felt a hint of fear.

If Li Mu sneered or was angry or crazy, he might not be afraid, but on the face of Li Mu, there was not any mood, as if all this was really a trivial thing for him. Thus, Qin Lin was scared of him.

He snorted and lowered his head, but in his heart, he cursed Li Mu madly.

Li Mu sneered, looking at Wu Beichen and others and saying, “Take Granny Cai for wors.h.i.+p.” The things he would do next might be terrible, so he actually didn’t want these six young enthusiastic and tough border soldiers to be implicated in it. Nor did he want Granny Cai and Caicai to be involved in it.

Wu Beichen and the others hesitated a bit, but then they took Granny Cai and Caicai into the army cemetery.

“Brother, you have to be careful,” Caicai turned back and waved to Li Mu with a little worry. With his little malnourished face covered with dirt and his big eyes clearly distinct between black and white, he seemed weak and kind.

Li Mu smiled.

In this world, it was quite unfair for those who were weak and kind.

The young General Qin Lin, lowering his head and gritting his teeth, secretly swore maliciously in his heart.

After killing Li Mu, he would cut the six d.a.m.n border soldiers and the poor grandma and grandchildren into pieces to release his indignation.

Soon after, horses clopped in the distance.

From a distance, a team of troops, like the black tide, arrived in a flash.

At the forefront were more than 20 soldiers riding horses, and one of them, riding a black beast, wearing silver armor, and aged 40 or so, looked serious. It was Jiang Bing, a security official of a sub-government organ in the western city, followed by his trusted subordinates, who led 300 elite soldiers in full.

Vicious eyes swept through like black torrents.

The elites in the guarding government organ were much stronger than Defending Warriors.


Hearing the military order, Jiang Bing and others came up.

“Who dares to create a tremendous uproar in the army tomb?”

Jiang Bing’s figure flashed like silver lightning as he jumped down from the black beast and bellowed.

In the eyes of Qin Lin, a young general, a hint of joy burst out, then he pointed to Li Mu and roared, “Seize him…”

At this time, Jiang Bing noticed that the man who knelt covered of blood in front of the monument turned out to be Qin Lin, then he was suddenly shocked. He quickly went up three or two steps and said, “Qin Prince, I am late… Please stand up.”

As he was saying this, he was supporting Qin Lin up with his hands.

“Up? He can’t stand up today,” Li Mu said while staring at Jiang Bing.

“Who are you?” Since Jiang Bing did not go to watch the battle at the Heaven Sword Martial Club that day, he did not know Li Mu. As he observed, Li Mu was dressed in ordinary and bedraggled clothes, and no internal qi fluctuated around his body. Thus, he immediately and casually ordered, “Go seize him.”

Li Mu smiled and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am a security official of a guarding government organ in the western city,” Jiang Bing replied in a threatening manner. “Surrender, or you will be killed.”

“Why don’t you ask me what happened here?” Li Mu asked again.

Jiang Bing sneered and said, “Of course I don’t need to ask. Now that our Qin Prince said that he wanted to seize you, you must be seized no matter how reasonable the things you did were. Once offending Qin Prince, you should be condemned to death even if you have numerous reasons.” As he spoke, he waved his hand impatiently, and told the other confidants, “What are you doing? Seize him.”

Today, it was a chance for him to show himself before Qin Lin, so he had to grab the opportunity.

Five or six black-armored generals pulled out their swords from their waists and dashed toward Li Mu.

Li Mu shook his head. “It seems that you are the same kind of people, so I don’t have to waste time to speak.”

He punched once.


The force of the punch was swarming like tides.

Consequently, these several black-armored generals, like rice husks in the hurricane, had no force for rebellion, and were directly beaten back and flew out and fell on the ground feebly.

“You…” Jiang Bing was shocked.

Li Mu said, “Before this monument, you should also kneel.” After he spoke, he directly punched a second time.

Jiang Bing stirred up his internal qi, causing sparkling brilliance to surround him and activate his internal qi field. He was actually a master of the Master Realm who possessed a peak cultivation level and was an equal of Cai Zhijie, the security official general of a guarding government organ in the eastern city.

But Li Mu didn’t want to waste time to appreciate this strength.

Li Mu punch was bearing down on him as if it had the weight of Mount Taishan or the force of a collapsing mountain, and Jiang Bing only felt that the force pressing down on him, which was beyond his ability to control. Then, his arms were broken, his knees bent, and he fell down in front of the monument involuntarily, smas.h.i.+ng the slate on the ground.

“Ah…” Jiang Bing screamed and roared, “You dare to attack me. You…”

Li Mu impatiently snorted, and focused his power on his tiptoes.


A stone directly flew into the mouth of Jiang Bing, smas.h.i.+ng his teeth and his mouth, and the words that Jiang Bing had not finished had all been beaten back.

“The words for those men who play a bit role are repeatedly used. If you don’t have anything more significant to say, don’t be so verbose. Otherwise, you’re just asking for an insult.”

When he finished saying this patiently, Li Mu bent down and stared at Jiang Bing, who was inexplicably stunned, and asked, “Do you understand?”

Jiang Bing certainly did not understand what a bit role meant, but he understood the meaning in Li Mu’s eyes.

He gasped. When he calmed down gradually, in his peripheral vision, he saw that Qin Li also knelt speechlessly. Then, he suddenly understood that he presented himself in the wrong aspect. He hurriedly came over without figuring out the situation first. “Even Qin Lin was defeated embarra.s.singly, so he apparently did not care about the ident.i.ty of Qin Lin as the prince. Hence, would he care about me, just a humble general of a sub-government organ?”

However, it was too late to strike him.

Jiang Bing knelt in the same place, forcing himself to withstand the pain of his arms and not daring to say a word.

Li Mu nodded with satisfaction. “Okay, it seems that you understand.”

Then, he turned to look at Qin Lin and said, “Your first helper seems to not be very good, which really disappoints me.”

Qin Lin lowered his head silently.

Li Mu laughed. “Seize him… Eh, a total of two words (seven Chinese characters), you understand what I mean, don’t you?”

Fear immediately appeared in the eyes of Qin Lin.

Li Mu pressed his palm on the ground, then seven pebbles jumped up and catapulted onto Qin Lin’s body.

“Crack, crack!”

Seven bones were broken.

Before, Li Mu had said that if Qin Lin dared to say one more word, he would smash one of his bones.

“Ah…” Qin Lin snorted, biting his teeth to support himself, and dared not even scream.

Now, he was really scared.

That was because he felt that he might have encountered a madman, who was more malicious than him. Besides, this madman had horrible strength, so when he met such a person, there was really no way for him and his head would even be smashed.

Soon after, horses clopped again in the distance.

A team of armored men rushed over.

At the forefront was a strong man riding a battle horse, who, like a giant black tower, was a bit scarily burly. If he wasn’t Cai Zhijie, a security official of the sub-government organ in the eastern city, whom would he be?

Today, since Qin Lin decided to lay his hands on Li Mu to show his energy, he ordered his subordinates to invite guarding generals of the four sub-government organs in eastern, northern, western, and southern cities, all of whom could be regarded as the men with the highest status, most power, and greatest force in Chang’an City, except for the magistrate of the prefecture, Li Gang.

When Li Mu saw Cai Zhijie, he sneered.


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