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Chapter 169 Volume 2 Chapter 63 Eruption of a zombie tide

After hearing those words, the unconscious woman probably woke up.

Even Wu Buping who was known as the smiling tiger couldn’t maintain his smile, especially after getting their faces beat. Shao Qing said: “It’s getting late, it’s time to eat dinner.”

Shao Qing took her friends and prepared to leave. It’s like doing a good deed then not leaving behind a name thus Zhu Mochen expressed: “Let me treat you to dinner.”

From the side, Xiao Tao screamed loudly. Her hair that was dyed wine red was shivering, fully expressing her surprise: “Gosh, boss, you are usually so stingy and you are willing to pay? Don’t tell me you want to invite us to eat the noodles on East Street!”

Zhu Mochen rolled his eyes: “Did I say I’m treating you?”

Xiao Tao was even more shocked: “What! Boss were you planning on not inviting me!?”

This team was laughing and joking around and they completely did not put Wu Buping in their eyes. It’s hard to blame the smiling tiger, who was famous in Jing Du, to not be able to maintain his smiling face at this moment. He stiffened his face and sat for a long time. Once Shao Qing and the others left, he slapped the armrest violently.

The entire seat was instantly sealed by the cold air and cracked. Then with a final snap, it shattered to the ground. His b.u.t.t fell to the ground because he didn’t react.

Someone snickered immediately, and Wu Buping glanced at him immediately. His face was tinged with green as if he had found his wife cheating.

“Go!” Wu Buping gritted his teeth. He had planned to secretly attack Zhu Mochen. Everything was good, but then Shao Qing unexpectedly slapped him on the face.

But … he was full of vigilance. Shao Qing’s strength is so deep that he really couldn’t figure out where her strength lies. This was because the woman who appeared last today was already at the top of the fourth rank, but Shao Qing easily played around with her. Furthermore, she was hanging around the Qin grandson.

It was true that the women took out the drug and thought she would win thus relaxing her vigilance, but Shao Qing’s strength was absolutely terrifying! It was clear to see from her vine shield that was able to block all the attacks from the woman.

Wu Buping walked back while thinking sullenly. He touched his chin. He thought a little in horror. Wouldn’t Shao Qing be a fifth rank superhuman?

With such a thought, he immediately shuddered. It wouldn’t be impossible. The highest level that has appeared so far is the peak of the fourth rank. Fifth ranks have only appeared in zombies, mutant animals and mutant plants.

No one should have reached the fifth rank, but people always have to think towards the worst. Wu Buping whispered: “Before Shao Qing leaves Jing Du, temporarily abandon all plans against Zhu Mochen and send people to observe Shao Qing. If anything happens, report back to me immediately. “

“Yes.” His men said quickly.

On the other side, Qin Zixi sent a message to his grandfather saying that he would not come home for dinner tonight because someone was treating him, then the group of people followed Zhu Mochen to leech off a meal.

Zhu Mochen was indeed not stingy this time. The place where he invited guests was not some food cart, but a hotel. It was said to be a hotel, but there was something a little off. From its appearance, it was more like a small family restaurant.

In order to prove that he was not stingy, Zhu Mochen quickly said: “This boss lady’s skill is particularly good, much better than those five-star or six-star hotels. After you eat it once, you will never forget it.”

Zhu Mochen was probably a regular visitor. As soon as he came in, the waiter twirled around and said: “Brother Chen is here? How many? I will arrange a seat for you. Let me go call the boss, the boss is in the kitchen.”

“It’s just us. You can do the arrangements.” Zhu Mochen waved casually, and then said:” If it’s impossible, we can go to the backyard.”

With such a large group, they really didn’t have enough room in the restaurant to seat them. The waiter quickly said: “Then let’s go to the backyard. I’ll get them to clean it up first.” Then he rushed off to clean up the backyard.

The backyard was quite large, and several waiters brought out a round table that was large enough for them and brought over some benches and the like.

After several people sat down around the big roundtable, the waiter came to make tea before heading to the boss.

“The best dish here is the stir fry and she can work with all kinds of meat. Her craftsmanship is very good. She is from the northeast, and her alcohol tolerance is scary.” Zhu Mochen sat down and said: “Basically I come here every time I come back from a mission. I can never get tired of it.”

“Boss, aren’t you just covering up on how you are such a mister? “Xiao Tao looked at Zhu Mochen in disbelief. Zhu Mochen’s skin was thick, so he completely ignored her with no intention of answering.

The boss soon came over. The boss seemed to be about thirty-four to thirty five years old. She was a middle-aged woman but was still attractive, her pair of enchanting eyes made her extra alluring.

“Yo and I were guessing who it was, so it’s Leader Zhu. How do you have time to come?” The lady boss seemed very familiar with Zhu Mochen, and she showed no mercy in her words: “The other day, someone told me that he was so busy he’s dying.”

Zhu Mochen answered quickly “I was busy two days ago, but it’s fine now.”

The lady boss gave him a disdainful look and asked,“What are you going to eat this time? ”

Zhu Mochen naturally asked Shao Qing to order, since he was the one who invited the guests. Shao Qing felt embarra.s.sed if she ordered all her favorite food.

So she ordered two dishes then stopped then Zhu Mochen ordered another few dishes, and said: “Don’t forget to bring your killer fish head tofu soup.”

The boss waved her hand, then she took the list of dishes and left to prepare the meal.

When the boss left, there were no more people around and everyone began to chat.

“The red smoke thrown out by that woman this time cannot be underestimated. Who knows how many of those medicines there are in Wu Buping’s hands or other types of medicine. Everyone has also seen the strong effects of this medicine. If they weren’t dangerous, it would be quite suitable for us.” Zhu Mochen a.n.a.lyzed.

There were no fools here. Thinking about it clearly, not even thinking about the quant.i.ty they had, there was definitely more than one kind of medicine in there.

Like the red smoke, although the effect was unclear, Shao Qing knew that the medicine was very strong. Just from that quick contact,it had caused almost all her vines to wither. That thing was indeed very powerful.

“I am most worried about them doing experiments.” Shao Qing said with a heavy face. It’s fine if it were ordinary experiments, but if they used humans in order to test the effects, that would be a form of human experiment.

Many things like chemical weapons are powerful, but they have serious environmental impacts. Even worse is that they can become diseases that can be transmitted by plagues.

For these things that the island country studied in the past, the island country did not stop researching these things. The army where Shao Qing was before had bombed a certain research inst.i.tute of this type.

Shao Qing had also seen it with her own eyes. People who were poisoned through experimentation were indescribably miserable and devastating.

Now that it was the apocalypse, morality or law, all those binding forces no longer existed. It is inevitable that some people will do unforgivable things. Shao Qing can’t help but worry.

“They wouldn’t dare risk carrying out such tests; but, they should have developed and researched quite a bit on ordinary chemical weapons.. This is probably why they had the confidence to come and secretly calculate against me.” Zhu Mochen touched his chin and said lazily: “Wu Buping is very ambitious and has no conscience. He might be able to do these things.”

“It’s better to be prepared.” Shao Qing nodded and said: “My vine contained a little bit of the red mist. Would you like to take it back to study?”

“Of course! Knowing the enemy will help ensure victory.” Zhu Mochen said with some surprise. Shao Qing stretched out her hand and there was a section of her wilting vine that appeared in the palm of her hand.

“It’s hollow, the mist is inside it.” After they finished talking, Shao Qing left the vines to Zhu Mochen. Naturally, she left a little for herself and once they returned, she was going to ask Yan Qiyue to study the ingredients.

While the people were busy chatting, the lady boss started to serve the food. The dishes she made were pretty good in terms of taste.

Moreover, the colors and flavors were complete. At first glance it looked very appetizing.

“Come try the two cold dishes, the hot dishes will come later.” The waiter was also discerning, and left after placing the dishes.

The group of people continued to speculate. Shao Qing was actually curious: “Why did Wu Buping target you?”

“Of the four mercenary regiments in Jing Du, our regiment should be the weakest in terms of overall strength. After all, we are taking the elite route. The members are spa.r.s.e, we depend on high-end force, and compared to the mercenary regiments with hundreds or thousands of people, we have lost a lot in terms of numbers.” When Zhu Mochen said this, there were no signs of sadness at all, on the contrary he looked very proud.

It was also rightly so. Being able to suppress the large military regiments with his small number of members to become the top four ranking teams in Jing Du was something he should boast about.

“Wu Buping is very ambitious. When he first started, he tried to steal members from me, but my team members were very loyal and they weren’t stolen. Later, his mercenary regiment gradually grew and started trying to undermine my group. Then it developed to a point where they tried to annex us to become the first ranking mercenary regiment in Jing Du. After all, the persimmon should be picked when they’re soft*.” When he said this, Zhu Mochen smiled to himself: “My persimmons aren’t soft, but compared to the other two of the four mercenary regiments, we are really soft persimmons. ”

* easier to pick it off when they’re ripe

Shao Qing couldn’t help laughing. She lowered her voice and said: “So Wu Buping has been targeting you?”

“You can say that. Especially recently, they have a lot of members breaking through one after another, so their ambitions are even more intolerable. Their attempt to strike me this time is a sign.” Zhu Mochen narrowed his eyes and said faintly: “I guess in the next few days they will be making their move on our mercenary team.”

“Wu Buping’s ambitions are not small and the problem was also very big. His mercenary regiment has too many people and they’re all too complex and not pure. The cohesion is not as good as the other three. Thinking about it, he should kick out the unqualified members, but … ” Qin Zixi whispered on the side: “The reputation of the mad demon squad is too unpleasant, all because of those members with low quality and poor character. If he blindly indulges and accepts them, he wouldn’t be able to create a worthy team.”

Shao Qing touched her chin: “Not necessarily. After all, Wu Buping, whether it is his leadership or strength, he is quite good. Unfortunately, he is blind. If he is given a chance, maybe Mad Demons can really climb up step by step.”

“Don’t worry, let’s not discuss this and spoil everyone’s appet.i.te.” Shao Qing picked a small pickle, and then said: “Eat first.”

The boss’s skill was indeed very good and her capacity to drink was also very good. After all the meals were served, she accompanied them for a drink, and half of it all went into her stomach.

The boss lady was very generous. She took out her private alcohol collection to share, so even Shao Qing drank a little.

After drinking and eating enough food, they went back to their homes. Shao Qing and the others followed Qin Zixi back. When they got back, they saw Grandpa Qin sitting at the door, looking at the garden in a lonely manner.

Xiao Baozi immediately pounced over and swept away the loneliness of the old man: “Yo, we’re back.” He picked up Xiao Baozi and pinched the belly of Xiao Baozi: “Let grandpa see if you are full.”

The food this time was delicious, so Xiao Baozi had a full round belly. Although he had to vomit after a while, he was still very happy. “Baby ate a lot, and I even brought some for grandfather.” He took out a candy and handed it to the old man.

The candy was clearly based on him. It was a small version of Xiao Baozi, it was like a living image. How could the old man bear to eat it. He kept looking at it in his hands and smiled. “Baby remembered to bring back something for grandpa?”

“Of course, if there are good things, grandpa will definitely get a share.” Xiao Baozi shook his head. He had never had any relatives like a grandpa or grandma. Now encountering an old man who was so good to him and even more was that this old man was his best friend’s grandpa, he had to cherish him.

He also knew that he would be leaving Jing Du in a few days. Once they returned home, he would be separated from his friend and from grandfather, he really couldn’t bear it.

Everyone went back to their respective rooms. Especially Yan Qiyue as he took the smoke from Shao Qing and went back to experiment.

This left Shao Qing, Qin Zixi, and the pair of “grandfather grandson” duo sitting in the hall downstairs.

“When are you going to leave?” The old man asked. He wasn’t chasing them away and was just making an ordinary inquiry.

“Day after tomorrow.” Shao Qing thought for a while, and then said: “Three days at the most.” This depends on how much she can torture that someone in three days.

” You shouldn’t leave Jing Du. In the past two days, there have been eight zombie tide riots. Two survivor bases have been destroyed because of them.” The old man frowned: “And the zombie tides have not completely stopped. If you return during these two days, you may be in danger.”

“Zombie tide riots? These two days weren’t even nights with a full moon.” Shao Qing was a little stunned. Zombie tides occurred on the night of the full moon, because this day of the month was when the zombies were most active and violent. Even she would inevitably be affected.

If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, unless a zombie king led the zombies, it was difficult to trigger a zombie tide. How could there be so many zombie tides suddenly?

The old man hesitated and lowered his voice: “I don’t know the specific situation, but one thing is certain, this zombie tide is premeditated.”

“Eight riots, all occurring past Jing Du by a bit. There have been several bases that were severely damaged, and two were completely destroyed. Now every day we receive requests for help.” The old man said with some uneasiness. : “For Jing Du itself, a general zombie tide definitely cannot threaten it. The height of the city wall is enough to torment those zombies, but this time the zombie tide was led by at least two zombie kings. In brief, it’s very dangerous.”

Shao Qing nodded. It seems that her dream of leaving early has been shattered, but that’s also fine. She had more time to play with that sc.u.m.

After chatting for a while, the old man led Xiao Baozi in his left hand and his grandson in his right hand, and went to the practice area outside and called a few people over.

Although the old man was over fifty, his strength was still there. Shao Qing also practiced with him for a bit and it ended with a tie.

Then the old man took the two baby grandchildren and went up to bed.

Shao Qing didn’t sleep. Instead, she found a place with a good view to sit down and began to sort out all the information she got.

The first thing to do was to dispose of Lin Qifan, that was her top priority. Before disposing of Lin Qifan, she was not going to leave Jing Du for the time being.

The second thing was the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps. This time she offended Wu Buping completely, but Shao Qing was not afraid. Instead, she was thinking about helping Zhu Mochen take down the Mad Demons.

To be honest, she was very disgusted by the Mad Demons. It was fine that they accepted anyone, even beasts and sc.u.ms or foreigners, but she has heard continuously of Mad Demon’s bad records.

Such things like bullying the weak were most common. In addition to bullying men and women, they were even killing for money or property.

Moreover, the Mad Demon people are very ‘united’. Basically if it were a fight, it wouldn’t be a one on one battle. There were a bunch of them in it together. Thus, if a person was generally strong, they would be too lazy to provoke the Mad Demons.

Those without strength can only be bullied.

Now that she has been involved in this matter, she cannot stand alone and ignore everything. Instead of waiting for revenge by the Mad Demons, she might as well take the first step.

The third thing was the zombie riots. If the zombie riots do not stop within a short period of time, they will definitely not be able to return to the survivor base in S City. Listening to the old man’s opinion, it seems that these zombie riots were not so simple.

After clarifying her thoughts, Shao Qing slowly went upstairs and was ready to take a rest. Yan Qiyue was not in her room, leaving her alone on the bed.

Shao Qing knew that Yan Qiyue was studying the mist. She took off her clothes, fell on to the bed, and turned over and over again. Somehow, she wasn’t quite used to his absence.


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