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Chapter 0126 – [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace]

Yue Ying had hidden herself in a cave hidden behind a few large rocks, and was clutching a ring in her hands, she did not dare to move at all from that spot. She was brought into the Angry Axe Valley by the flowing crowd of people, she basically could not do anything at all to resist at that time.

After Yue Ying entered the Angry Axe Valley, she knew that she immediately had to find a place to hide, as she could not roam around this place freely. Moreover, she even prayed that n.o.body found her here, otherwise with her cultivation of Qi Gathering 6th Level, it would be the same as reaching a dead end.

What Yue Ying did not expect was that, after she entered the cave, she would immediately find a withered skeleton, which even had a ring on one of its fingers that were in front of her. Yue Ying immediately took the ring into her hands, after all she had lived in the Clear Heart Academy and the Falling Star Academy till now, so she knew that she really was lucky this time, as the ring that she was grasping in her hands was definitely a Storage Ring.

For the past two days, other than the few snacks that Yue Ying ate from her Storage Bag, she basically did not go out to look around, she could hear the roars of Monstrous Beasts outside which really made her heart palpitate and was afraid to even take a single step out of the cave.

After two days pa.s.sed by, she finally dared to come out and take a look at the Storage Ring in her hands with the intention to study it. What made her pleasantly surprised was that the Storage Ring in her hands was unexpectedly opened very easily by her. Moreover, she found a few things inside the ring, which made her heart completely unable to quiet down for a long time.

Yue Ying then used her pitiful knowledge about Array Formations, as she once again went into hiding inside the cave, and somehow even found a large boulder to block the entrance to the cave. Once again returning to the depths of the cave, she started to carefully cultivate, while waiting for the Angry Axe Valley to close.


Ning Cheng suddenly opened his eyes, he felt a shadow of a Great Axe approach him with his Spiritual Sense, at this time Ning Cheng did not think of anything, and immediately lifted his hand and threw out an Axe Fist.

The Axe Fist was in no way comparable to the substantial looking Axe Shadow before it simply exploded, but because it was filled with Axe Intent, as such because of the explosion caused by that invisible Axe Shadow, in the middle of his Sea of Consciousness, that had not yet fully formed, echoed a tremendous thunder like explosion.

After this thunder like sound, Ning Cheng was directly thrown a few dozen meters back. As he sprayed a mouthful of blood, staining a large portion of the stony cliff he was facing.

Ning Cheng immediately sat cross-legged, although he knew that the explosion of this Axe Shadow was not strong enough to kill him, but he could still feel the formidable power in that Axe Shadow.

The Killing Intent of the Axe Shadow, along with its traces were continuously being a.s.similated and taking shape in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, moreover even the surrounding Spiritual Qi was constantly gathering around him unceasingly. As for what was happening around him, Ning Cheng was simply not aware of it, what he did realise was that he was starting to gain a better comprehension of the Axe Shadow in his consciousness. Which caused even his cultivation level to rise continuously, moreover it was rising at a fast pace.

Ning Cheng did not open his eyes, but he could still feel that the Spiritual Qi gathered around him contained extremely minute traces of an aura that he had never come in contact with before. This type of Spiritual Qi that he was feeling was actually even much higher in quality than the Spiritual Qi that he had felt initially at the bottom of the Forbidden Cold River, in front of the entrance to the Immortal Mansion, but this kind was aura was too light, it was so light that it was equivalent of it not existing at all.

But even though this kind of Spiritual Qi was light to the extent of not existing, Ning Cheng could still feel his cultivation level rising continuously under its influence.

When he had entered this place, he only had the cultivation of Early Stage True Condensation 3rd Level, but now he could feel his cultivation quickly rising to Middle Stage True Condensation 3rd Level, then Late Stage……

Together with the Axe Shadow finally starting to take shape with the help of his Spiritual Sense, he simply could not find the words to describe the formation of this Axe, the formidable Axe Intent that was coming out of this one Axe Shadow immediately made Ning Cheng to stand up, as he immediately wanted to try this axe out. Once this axe had fully formed in his consciousness with the Axe Intent, he suddenly realized that his cultivation level had directly advanced from the Late Stage True Condensation 3rd Level, breaking through the shackles and immediately arrived at True Condensation 4th Level.

Ning Cheng suddenly issued a long and loud shout, as he immediately stood up. At this time, he could now clearly see a skeleton a few dozen meters in front of him, Ning Cheng came to realize that he had been blown back from that same spot a few moments ago.

Ning Cheng once again slowly walked towards this skeleton, before he finally discovered that there was a golden coloured Great Axe in one of its hands. The axe was almost half a meter wide, and even its body was completely golden in colour. Maybe it was because of the erosion from the Axe Intent in the Angry Axe Valley, but this Golden Great Axe did not have even a single trace of being refined by a hand, it was as if this axe was formed naturally.

The cloths on the skeleton had already turned to ash. A Storage Bag was lying near it which was already decaying, as for the things that existed in the Storage Bag, they simply did not exist anymore, there was only a golden buckle laying under one of the palms of the skeleton. Ning Cheng picked up this Great Axe, and saw that there were several characters engraved on its shaft, Lan Yu Chen’s Golden Great Axe.

Ning Cheng could immediately tell, that this axe was a best quality Artefact. He had already guessed that this Lan Yu Chen must have come to this Angry Axe Valley to understand and comprehend the Axe Intent, but the difference was that Lan Yu Chen came here with his axe.

Thinking about how, just after he came here, he was almost killed by the terrible Axe Shadow that suddenly attacked his Spiritual Sense, Ning Cheng had already understood how Lan Yu Chen died.

Lan Yu Chen must have also arrived at this place like him. But he could not block that one Axe Shadow, as a result this Axe Shadow from the Angry Axe Valley exploded in his Zifu, which ultimately led to his death here.

After he understood this point, even Ning Cheng felt somewhat scared in his heart, if he had not comprehended a bit of the similar Axe Intent in the Daan Forest, then at this time, wouldn’t he also have met the same fate?

Ning Cheng put Lan Yu Chen’s Golden Great Axe aside, now that he obtained an axe, although the grade of the axe was very low, it would at least increase his survivability in this place. Grateful for the favour that he had received, Ning Cheng felt that, at least, he should provide a proper burial to the remains of Lan Yu Chen.

He immediately carved out a pit in that stone quarry, then carefully placed the bones of Lan Yu Chen in a Jade Box, then placed that Jade Box gently into the pit. Before he covered up the pit that was supposed to be his grave, Ning Cheng also picked up the golden buckle.

There were a few words engraved on the buckle, “To my husband Yu Cheng, hope you carefully look out for yourself outside, your wife Miao Shu will definitely wait for you day and night….”

Ning Cheng’s heart suddenly descended into gloominess, this golden yellow buckle should have been given to Lan Yu Chen by his wife Miao Shu, the meaning of the words of his wife meant that she wanted her husband to return to her side as soon as possible, so that they could cultivate together. But she did not think that even before her husband could even comprehend the Axe Intent in the Angry Axe Valley, he would unexpectedly fall here.

Ning Cheng let out a sigh, as he remembered a poem that he had learned before, those wretched white bones piled up beside the river, were still lovers longed for in a young woman’s dreams.

[TL Note – The actual Chinese poem is ‘可怜无定河边骨,犹是深闺梦里人。’ It literally translates to ‘But arisen from their crumbling bones on the banks of the river at the border, dreams of them enter, like men alive, into rooms where their loves lie sleeping.’]

Compared to Lan Yu Chen, wasn’t he also not the same? Ji Luo Fei was still waiting for him back in the G.o.d Wind Academy, he absolutely cannot be the same as Lan Yu Chen, he could not let the people who were eagerly waiting for him to lose hope.

Ning Cheng also put the buckle into the Jade Box, as he put the Jade Box back into the pit and filled it up. This buckle was the testimony of love between Lan Yu Cheng and his wife Miao Shu, there was simply no need for him to take it away, even if it was some sort of precious treasure.

Ning Cheng once again grabbed the Golden Great Axe, as a boundless Killing Intent once again poured into his mind, Ning Cheng suddenly leapt up, and swung down the huge axe in his hands.

A golden coloured Axe Shadow emerged from it out of thin air, and in just an instant it had lacerated everything that was in front of the axe, moreover without breaking its momentum, a boundless Killing Intent swept across from it that split the surroundings apart. At this moment, the Axe Shadow had such an imposing might that it felt like it could even split apart the heavens itself, this kind of imposing manner was not something that could be returned.

This kind of relentless killing potential was just like an autumn wind that sweeps away the fallen leaves, Ning Cheng thought, as the axe in his hands. .h.i.t its target producing a tremendous explosion. When the Axe Shadow was thrown out, Ning Cheng realized that the traces of Axe Shadows that he felt earlier were exactly the same, after this Axe Shadow had taken shape from the surrounding influences from before, Ning Cheng found that this Axe Shadow had its own emotions and trajectory.

“Bang….” The Golden Great Axe Shadow collided with the huge stone wall in front of him, as it immediately created an astonishingly deep crack, even the surrounding rock came flying out, this Axe Shadow had left a very deep imprint of itself on the giant rock hard cliff in front of him.

This was one powerful axe, Ning Cheng felt that this Axe Intent, when compared to the Spear Intent that he had comprehended from the broken Spear before, was several times more powerful. With such a strong Killing Intent in the form of Axe Intent, it must be given a proper name.

Ning Cheng could not think of a better name, since he had found this axe in the Angry Axe Valley and even comprehended his first type of Axe Intent with it, moreover since it even had such a strong and formidable imposing manner, and also imprinted a deep mark in the Angry Axe Valley, he would simply call it ‘[Angry Axe, The 1st Trace]’.

[Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], this name looked very simple, but after Ning Cheng gave it that name, he actually began to like it very much. With this kind of axe in his hands, at this moment, his heart was filled with a formidable self-confidence. This Great Axe was still not refined by him, and yet it was still able to display such a formidable might, once he fully refined the Great Axe, and fired a shot with all his strength, just how scary would it be? In the future if he got his hands on an even more powerful axe, just how far would his power even rise?

Ning Cheng did not immediately refine the Great Axe in his hands, until this time, he did not have the free time to observe this place.

The place he was in was a long and deep ravine, Ning Cheng did not know when he came in, moreover he also did not know how he came in. But this ravine was filled with an incomparably formidable Axe Type Killing Intent, moreover it even was filled with Axe Charm that was everywhere in his surroundings, which made his comprehension of the Axe Intent sublimate unceasingly, and then again sublimate unceasingly.

As Ning Cheng felt the surrounding Axe Charm, he was simply delighted, he decided to refine the golden axe in his hand first and then slowly take his time to comprehend the meaning of the Axe Type Killing Intent in this Angry Axe Valley. Even if he could not obtain anything else from this Angry Axe Valley, as long as he could comprehend the meaning of the Axe Type Killing Intent here, for him, such a harvest was already extremely huge. Besides the Spiritual Qi in the Angry Axe Valley was also incomparably better than any other kind of cultivation atmosphere, although this kind of atmosphere is very thin.

Refining one of the Best Quality Artefact was not much difficult to the current Ning Cheng, but what made Ning Cheng pleasantly surprised, was that after he had refined the Golden Great Axe in his hands, he unexpectedly even obtained a new piece of information. The inside of the huge axe contained the detailed explanation about Intents.

There was an essential difference between Killing Intents and Techniques, a Killing Intent is a source of power for a Magic Weapons and Artefacts and even for the Techniques derived from the Origin. If a person had a formidable control over the Killing Intents, then he/she could simply destroy any kind of obstacles with just their Killing Intents. Whether it was Sword Intent or the Spear Intent or the Axe Intent or any other kinds of Killing Intents, they were all simply extensions of the true Killing Intent, and as such all these so called Intents were cla.s.sified as Killing Intents.

Moreover, even Killing Intents have their own levels similar to cultivation levels, not only they were graded from high to low in each level, but the Killing Intents were also cla.s.sified into 5 different realms.

When one initially feels the Killing Intent, and can make use of the Killing Intent for a short time, then it would mean that he/she had finally started to gain insights into the Elementary Realm. Ning Cheng naturally thought, that when he had seen the Spear marks and the Axe marks in the Daan Forest, it was at that time that he had comprehended the Axe Fist for the first time, and from then on had been able to feel Killing Intents.

The Killing Intent’s second Realm was the Realm of Minor Accomplishment, where one could stimulate their own Killing Intent and incorporate it into their own Magic Weapons to fight against their opponents, which would immediately increase their killing potential by almost a full level. Ning Cheng understood, that he had also similarly surpa.s.sed the Realm of Minor Accomplishment, at the time that he had battled against Meng Yu Jing, he had comprehended that single Spear, it showed that his Killing Intent had already advanced to the Realm of Minor Accomplishment.

The Killing Intent’s third realm was the Realm of Major Accomplishment, where one could stimulate their own Killing Intent to create a kind of Killing Force, this Killing Force would not only put you in an advantageous position, it can also subject your opponent to an invisible suppression and even inhibit the opponent’s fighting capabilities.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh, before when he had comprehended the [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], and when had blasted out with his axe for the first time, he could now already tell that he had stepped into the Realm of Major Accomplishments in Killing Intents.

The Killing Intent’s fourth realm was the Realm of Partial Omniscience, reaching this realm, as one’s Killing Intent rises, they can easily break free from the Killing Force, and one can conveniently use any kinds of techniques relating to Killing Intent simply with the tips of their fingers.

As for the Killing Intent’s fifth realm, it was the Realm of ‘Returning to the Void’, the introduction for this realm was extremely vague, when a cultivator cultivates their Killing Intent to this realm, the Killing Intent would simply be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


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