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Chapter 120


The sun has already almost set within the horizon when a figure suddenly flew out from within the thick thickets of trees. For the almost two days he has watched as the tandem of the demon beast and its master the beast-man with a head of a tiger. He has counted that the two have harvested an exuberant amount of demon beast core. More than 100 level 5 beast cores and thousands of level 4 and level 3, and then there was the last one they fought which is a level 6 Manticore. Now the two are wounded and are already feeling weak.

He didn’t want to waste this time and grabbed the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. So he decided to reveal himself to the two.

Upon seeing the shadow, both master and pet were surprised. They never would have expected that a human would enter this place and would dare to ambush them while they were wounded. For a short time, the two tensed up and became guarded. But when they saw the spiritual undulations on the human body both showed an incredulous expression.

“An ant dared to interrupt our hunt. Do you think a lowly gold core realm cultivator is a match for the both of us, a nascent realm and a level 5 beast? What a fool… you should have stayed hiding while you had the chance. But because of your greed, you will now die.” The beast-man suddenly said in human language.

The shadow stood unmoving as he watches the two. Both the beast-man and the golden-winged tiger curiously watch as the human which seems to be wearing an article of weird clothing covering his whole body seems to be observing them.

“Che, You think that we cannot kill you? You’re just an ant I can squish with my finger. But I won’t let you die that easily, it is rare for a gold core human to be in here… You, you can have this human… his core and flesh is my gift for your hard work.” the beast-man said as he pointed at the wounded demon beast beside him.

He is not worried about what would happen as his pet is a tier higher than its opponent. Thought the golden-winged tiger is wounded it can still fight against a lowly human.

But before the beast can make a move the human suddenly lifted his hand and signaled for it to stop.

“Hahaha… are you already giving up? My pet hasn’t started yet… you don’t have a chance to escape and whatever you are planning everything is for naught in front of greater power.” The beast-man jeered at the human’s action.

In the Beast clan nation, they are taught that humans are crafty beings. Though they are weaker than the beast-men they would always use crafty methods to fight and this would always cause head-ache on the battlefield. That is the reason why even though the beast clan people are stronger than the cultivators fighting in the front lines, they would always be at a disadvantage.

Then there was the new medicine the humans made which could make a cultivator almost invulnerable. Whenever they are wounded their bodies would almost always heal within seconds, even beating the healing abilities of the beast-men who can conjure healing power. Now in the front lines, humans have taken the advantage and have pushed through. They have already conquered the Death Valley and have encamped within the borders of the Beastia Empire.

The beast-men know why the humans would not push through, it’s because the humans are not interested in the wide barren desert which is the Beastia Empire. The reason why the beast-men wanted to conquer the cultivation land is because of the rich natural resources and food the land has.

But then some time ago a group of the merchant has given the beast clan people hope, a hope to gain victory against the army of cultivators and conquer the fertile land of the humans. They are now preparing something huge and the prince had asked them to gather hundreds of thousands of demon beast core.

Although the merchants are humans but they seemed to bore great hatred for their own kind. And the aura surrounding them seems to be dark and gloomy. But the emperor of the beast clan trusted the strangers and agreed to their request.

Hence many high-level beat-men are deployed to gather the exorbitant number of cores.

As he watches the human an amused expression appears on his face. The beast-man knows that no matter what tricks the human has it would not be enough to stop them from killing him. So he wanted to let the human go on with his antics.

It didn’t take too long as they noticed the hand signal of the human in front of them changed. He suddenly showed a thumbs-up signal, which greatly confused the two. They didn’t know what it means and looked at each other. But then they didn’t mull over it and the beast-man just signaled his pet to attack.

The golden-winged tiger growled ferociously and showed a magnificent posture. It would like to show the human that he is very insignificant to its eyes and wouldn’t bother to use all its strength just to deal with it.

Upon seeing this, the confidence in the beast-man was shown as he smirked.

But when he turns his gaze towards the human he was surprised, he can clearly see the smile on the only exposed part of the human his mouth. Then a sudden dangerous foreboding a.s.saulted his mind, but no matter how hard he a.n.a.lyzes the situation he can’t seem to find the answer. Then he let loose his spiritual sense up to 3 kilometers but found nothing is amiss. But then all of a sudden his expression froze.

He noticed that within the boundary of his spiritual sense an unknown object is mounted on a thick tree branch. It has a long metal stick and a curious crafted head which looks like a mace. But the thing that confuses him the most is that the barrel seems to be hallowed and a glowing object is at eh end of it.

The strange foreboding he is feeling is the object that’s within that barrel. As a level 6 beast-man, he is very strong when it comes to danger. Unlike his human counterpart which is a nascent realm cultivator, he is confident of his own senses as it is far stronger. It is even true within the beast clan army.

But then before he can react he suddenly saw the movement of the object. It suddenly disappears from within the hole and was changed by another one in almost an instant. And the same thing happened after that, but he can feel that the second one did not have the same strength as the first one. It seems that the second one is only half the power of the first.

Since he didn’t have his domain yet, he is unable to determine where those two objects went. Then his curiosity was changed into horror as he suddenly heard a sound beside him.

Puchi! Puchi!


The three distinct sounds and the silence of his pet made the beast-man petrified. He was too careless; he didn’t expect that this would happen. When he turns his gaze towards the demon beast beside him, he was stunned. The head of the golden-winged tiger was blasted open, and its blood and brain matters were scattered all over the area behind them.

“No!!! No!!! My pet!” the beast-man howled in grief.

This golden-winged tiger is his pet since he was a little boy. His father who is a general in the beast clan army gave this to him after he pa.s.sed the rites of pa.s.sage for the young boys of the beast clan. Since he has a tiger bloodline his agility and strength are already top-notch coupled with his strong senses, it was easy for him to pa.s.s the trial.

He grew up with the demon beast and became best friends. They have gone through many life and death encounters and have killed many of their opponents on the battlefield. With his secret ability of natural healing, he is able to heal any wounds his pet and himself would always incur during fights. Hence they are confident to survive in any mission they are sent into.

But now, in just an instant he has lost his longtime companion and friend. He didn’t know what happened but his emotion suddenly became stirred. Range and madness suddenly envelop his whole figure as the aura within his body suddenly erupted. Then his eyes turn bright red as his gaze s.h.i.+fted towards the human in front of him. He could not forgive the tiny ant who killed his own pet and brother in arms. No matter what he would take his vengeance upon him and will drink his bones to appease his anger.

“I will kill you!” the beast-man roared as he dashed towards the human.

“Test successful… But I’m not sure if the energy is enough to kill this beast-man.” The shadow muttered as he also prepares to fight the speeding beast-man.

“I will not kill you immediately… I will enjoy torturing you to appease my pet’s soul. Then I will eat you slowly until you would beg me. Then I will torture your soul until you wish you would have died without a fight.” the beast-man said as he appears in a blink of an eye in front of the human.

He immediately sent his fist with a speed that almost tore the s.p.a.ce on its path. Although the beast-man target agilely dodges his attacks but the suction force of the punch made his moves awkward.

The man wearing a suit gained his balance after dodging a couple of powerful attacks from the beast-man. Though he was having a hard time dodging yet he was still able to grasp the path of his opponent’s fist and was able to dodge it on time.

This caused the beast-man to rage more, he didn’t expect the ant to be very slippery. But still, the anger in his heart has eaten his rationality and began to rampage all over the place. The man wearing the strange suit flashed a smile on his face. He is betting on this berserk att.i.tude of the beast, as the beast-men have beast bloodlines he has calculated that the beast-man would act like one in the heat of rage. And true to his judgment the beast-man truly went berserk, unaware of the danger lurking from afar.
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Then all of a sudden, the man took out a small circular object and tosses it on the ground. The beast-man in his rage didn’t notice this and just continued sending punch after punch towards his target.

But no matter how hard the beast-man tries he it seems that he could not hit his target. Because of this situation plus the exorbitant drain of the beast-man Qi from his body made him regain his sanity a little.

But then when the beast-man saw the orb-like object on the human’s hand a threatening feeling suddenly envelops his body. He wanted to move but the beast-man found his hand being held by the human.

Then it was too late as the orb suddenly bursts and a stream of cold air suddenly envelops the beast-man body. Then he felt that his body became stiff and cold at the same time. As a level 6 beast, though already wounded, he is still able to react immediately. He circulated his cultivation and the freezing ice covering his body slowly melted.

“Do you think you can trick me with this low-level use of your tools. I’ll show you how powerful I am.” The beast-man growled.

Smoke began to rise from the beast-man body and the ice was not enough to freeze his whole body. A smirk appears on the beast-man face as he can also see the body of the human starts to freeze.

Then he noticed that the human within a few seconds is already frozen stiff. The beast-man showed a smile as he concentrated and circulate his full aura just to dissipate the freezing effect. But then his face showed a horrified look, no matter how hard he tries he is just able to melt the ice surrounding his body for a second but they would immediately freeze in just an instant. He then also finds out that the ice on his feet has become thick as the water would flow down the freeze. He tried to use his strength but it was to no avail as he has already expended too much of his Qi while fighting all day.

“Sigh… Stop struggling and just die okay?” a voice suddenly enters his ears which made the beast-man lost his concentration and his whole body immediately became frozen.

Then all of a sudden before the beast-man could thaw the ice surrounding his body, a powerful blast broke past the icebreaking it along with a part of the beast-man skin. Then an object drilled through his exposed muscle tissue and into his organs and through his beating heart. When the small object exited the beast-man heart, an expression of disbelief was displayed on his face and his Qi circulation stopped and his body shattered into pieces.

Though a nascent realm or level 6 beast’s skin is tough, yet they are not vulnerable.

Then suddenly a searing heat erupted from the frozen body of the man wearing a strange suit. The ice then exploded out while the surrounding mist spread through the area freezing the surroundings instead.

“It worked! I knew my calculations are right. Hehehe… This time my harvest would be enough.” The man said as he slowly lifted the strange thing covering his eyes.

After he removes everything covering his head to take a breather his ident.i.ty was shown, the man wore a very handsome young face with his hair properly trimmed which is not of this world.

This young man was s.h.i.+n Jiao.

For more than 2 months he has hidden and holed up inside the cave while researching for a way to strengthen his cultivation and advancing in an unconventional manner. Due to the two previous accidents, he has encountered he realized that cultivators have a very visible weakness and he aims to eliminate this weakness in him.

And so he spent more than 2 months and found a way to be able to protect himself and become strong. But due to the unconventional way of his cultivation others might not accept it. But he didn’t care; this is his path and his way.

“The core has been depleted already. Luckily I have many spare, plus the harvest now is too great, I can’t wait to see those demon cores.” s.h.i.+n Jiao said.

He then pressed something just two inches below his navel and a mechanical sound can be heard. Then the skin on his stomach suddenly parted as they open. Then a mechanical arm came out and on that small is an almost depleted level 4 demon beast core.

Then it let go and the core fell to the ground, s.h.i.+n Jiao then replaced it with another core. The arm accepted and it went inside his stomach as it mechanically closes.


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