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Mutant Brawl Part 3


Blood slid down his already torn s.h.i.+rt and pain can be seen in his expression as his face grimaced. In all of his life ever since he discovered that he is a mutant with unique ability and powers, this is the first time that he was wounded this gravely.

Dozer is a very powerful mutant with almost invulnerable skin, but he was still wounded by just some sharp nails of a small child. It was a blow to his pride and made him feel a bit mad.

As he looks at Bloorain’s red flowing dress, his expression turned grim. This is because he saw that her face has now changed. Her once cute and beautiful expression now turned into a monstrous being with a mouth full of sharp teeth as she looks at him as if she is grinning with her dark red eyes.

“Hihi… the smell of your blood is making me feel really aroused. I can’t take this aroma, this euphoria, I want you… I want to… to… eat you. Hihihihi…” Bloodrain suddenly turned crazed as she suddenly held her head while laughing like a crazy girl.


Suddenly her hand slowly grew longer along with her legs as she screams and moans in pain.

Everyone had an incredulous look on their faces.

But Dozer didn’t wait for her transformation to finish. He immediately dashed forward he lifted both his hands and clasp them together. He then brings it down towards the still squealing figure of Bloodrain.

As he was about to hit Bloodrain, she suddenly extended her long arms which are now twice its size from the original.

And with ease, she caught the two hands of Dozer.


Her figure sank on the ground as the cement broke into pieces creating a small crater.

Dozer had a look of disbelief in his eyes as he eyes the scene in front of him.

“How? How could I lose?” he muttered as disbelief is clearly written all over his face.

“Hiiii!” cried Bloodrain as she lifted him up with ease and grabs his leg in the process.

The trickling blood from the wound on his stomach fell towards Bloodrain who now looks like a girl spider with her long strong limbs.

She caught the droplets of blood with her slowly stretching tongue.

As she got a taste of the blood, her expression immediately changed once again into delight.

“Yummy!!! Eat… Me… Eat… you… now!” she cried out like a crazy person.

However, her attention was disrupted when suddenly a fireball flew towards her.

Boom!!! Boom!!!

She was. .h.i.t square to her face as she was too distracted and engrossed in the taste of blood.

Her figure flew out and hit a few trash dumpsters until she hits the floor with her body still burning.

Mary Anderson could not watch anymore and decided to help Dozer. She has the power and ability to do so. At first, she just decided to watch the show, but she can see the determination in the eyes of the large guy. So, seeing that he is in danger made her decide to break her silence, and help.

“Are you okay?” Mary and the others ran towards Dozer who slowly stood up from the ground.

“We need to leave now, that… thing is immortal. She will not die that easily.”

Hearing his words, everyone nods and decided to take another route. But this time, they are going through the busy streets as they didn’t have any other choice.

Once again they came running.

When they got on the main road, they suddenly heard the sound of siren echoing through the air.

“Police! We need to run faster… This is going to be more troublesome now.” Dozer said still clutching his wounds.

However, as soon as they turn a sudden explosion rocks the ground making all the people staggered and had a look of panic and confusion on their faces.

Boom!!! Bang!!!

The explosion seems to have come from the hotel where the other members of the Omega Squad are fighting.

Then they saw a figure flying out from the dust and smoke, then, it landed squarely on the police car’s winds.h.i.+eld that is speeding towards the location of the hotel.

Captain James Crugger had a tattered s.h.i.+rt as his body is full of wounds. Suddenly, a figure flashed through and appears beside him with a tall woman in tow.

“d.a.m.n it! They lost the fight…” Dozer muttered as he gritted his teeth.

“Let’s go!” he said as he signaled the rest to follow him.

s.h.i.+n Jiao and his group followed behind Dozer. But it didn’t take them a few steps when suddenly they halted. Once again the figure of Bloodrain appears.

She stood in the middle of the road gaining the attention of the people. The people began to take photos and videos of her, but she didn’t care as her mind is in a crazed state and all she can think of is blood.

When she saw someone walking on the road, her eyes immediately glowed as she pounces towards that person. His speed was too quick that before anyone can do anything her fangs have already sunk themselves on the man’s neck.

In a blink of an eye, the man’s body suddenly shrinks thin as the blood on his body was drained by Bloodrain. Everyone who saw this scene cried in fear while the women shrieked.

Panic began to envelop the whole street as people ran away from the monster.

But Bloodrain is not contented as she wanted more.

“Blood l.u.s.t! We must stop her. If not she is going to harm more innocent people.” Dozer said as he clenches his fist.

Mary Anderson stood beside him and nods her head. She also wanted to help and stop the crazy bloodsucker and stop running.

In truth, she is already used in fighting. In the mysterious island of Bail, she was raised in battle alongside many of their knights and mages, so this is not a new experience for her.

Standing beside Dozer, she chanted some words as he suddenly extended her hands towards Dozer. The later immediately feel his body becoming stronger and his wound slowly numbing. With a look of surprise in his eyes, he looks at the princess.

“What are you dozing off? Go! Attack that beast now!” she shouted.

Dozer was jolted by her shout and immediately turned his gaze towards Bloodrain who is slowly standing up. The withered body of her victim fell to the ground already lifeless.

Before Bloodrain can take another step, a large fist came cras.h.i.+ng towards her. She did the same and try to catch the fist with her bare hand, but to her surprise, Dozer’s strength was stronger and sent her flying to the ground a few meters away.


Bloodrain cried as she suddenly stood up while shaking her head. But Dozer didn’t stop his attack, he followed it up with an uppercut which sent her flying up and then he quickly jumps up and appear a few meters in the air waiting for the figure of Bloodrain to reach him.

He clenched both of his hands and immediately bash it towards the incoming figure.


A small crater appears in the middle of the road with the figure of Bloodrain embedded in the middle.

When Dozer wanted to land another hit on the unmoving figure down below, he was met in the middle by a tall man wearing a stripe prison clothes. Both of their fists met together and created a burst of energy which shattered some of the windows in the buildings around them.

In this exchange, Dozer was sent flying towards the middle of the street.

“Hey, are you alright?” Mary Anderson said as she stood beside dozer not removing her gaze on the enemy which is not three people.

Now beside Bloodrain, who is still staggering as she tried to stand up, stood two tall men.

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

The group’s attention was suddenly distracted by a series of explosions, this time it is coming from the hotel a few blocks away from them. But they can see the black smoke rising through the skies.

“The battle in that part is already intensifying. We need to escape this place.” Dozer said while patting the dust on his body.

“We have to defeat those three first to do that. I’ll take the vampire, you take her two minions.” Mary said as she tied her hair into a ponytail making her look more heroic.


“I know how to defeat her kind. I have faced them before, with your way of fighting, you cannot beat her.” Mary said with confidence as she slowly approaches.

“Hide! Now!” she said while taking a glance at s.h.i.+n Jiao who gave her a knowing nod which she also responded.

Behind her followed Dozer who has a look of worry in his eyes. He didn’t know why but he thinks that the princess looks really cool right now.

“Since you can still recover from my fireball, it means you’re fireproof. Let’s see if you are ice proof then.” She said while lifting her hand and a cold frost slowly forms.

Susan Tang and s.h.i.+ Anne Li, who is now on the side of the street along with s.h.i.+n Jiao and Park Jiyong, are looking at Mary’s figure with glowing eyes. They are trying to burn in their memories what she just did a while ago and is already having their hands move unconsciously.

s.h.i.+n Jiao on the other hand has already posted a strip of cloth on the wall of the building and on the ground.

In his memories, this is called a camouflage array which would turn those inside the array invisible to those in the outside. With this, he is now confident that their figures cannot be seen by others. He didn’t plan to just let Mary fight on her own and decided to a.s.sist her from afar.

The metal pieces of spoon and fork he took from the hotel restaurant are now formed into thin sharp needles. He tried to put his Qi in a needle and it floated with his control. A smile escapes from s.h.i.+n Jiao’s mouth as he turns his gaze towards Mary.

“Let’s fight!” Mary shouted as her figure suddenly dashed towards Bloodrain and her two bodyguard’s positions.

Behind her follows Dozer who had a serious look on his face.

While this is happening, on the other side of the street a few blocks away. Many flipped over and burning cars are on the road while a fat figure in the middle of the street is wreaking havoc throwing some sticky bombs from his hands.

Many potholes are on the ground which is the result of devastating explosions coming from the fat guy. Around him stood some people who are s.h.i.+elding him from the guns which are being shot at him.

“d.a.m.n it! This guy is crazy! We must stop him!” shouted Captain James while hiding behind a building.

Behind him are Owl and Slick who had a sorry look with their tattered clothing. However, the three of them are not wounded, courtesy of Owl’s mysterious ability to grow healing fruits.

“I hope that Dozer if faring well. I have already called for a backup but I don’t know when they will arrive.” Captain James Crugger said while looking at the rampaging fat guy.

He had tried to shot that guy a couple of times, but the thin woman calmly standing beside him seems to be able to block his energy bullets.

So the situation is in a stalemate, but the casualties on the part of the police force are slowly growing. This made Captain James Crugger felt a bit helpless.


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