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Chapter 449 – Energy Of Liberation

While decrypting the Human cla.s.s Techniques, Virus came to naturally understand a lot about the internal energy that cultivators possessed in the Liberation stage.

As a matter of fact, the more techniques he deciphered and broke down, the more fascinated he became regarding the uniqueness of internal energy of the Liberation stage cultivators!

He understood that the internal energy at this stage was somewhat malleable, denoting that in case enough measures were taken and enlightenment followed, one would be able to influence the energy in a certain manner desired!

For instance, while Virus was comprehending and grasping the Twisting Tempest Thrust, at each form, he had grasped a specific attribute such as weak wind or the act of twirling the energy in a specific manner that resembled a drill which multiplied the damage by several times.

He concluded that when genius cultivators create a Human-cla.s.s technique, the creators are usually enlightened by luck or were somewhat successful in grasping an attribute that exists in the world around them as they add that characteristic and feature to the internal energy, forcing it to be influenced and result in the close imitation of those certain characteristics and attributes.

Vibrations, wind, heat, cold, hardness, softness, push, pull, wave, sound, various types of movements and attacks, and other certain properties and attributes. Virus could easily think of many of such attributes since the science world was more advanced in these fields compared to the cultivation world and that was even more true if he referred to his knowledge from the 1.49 million years into the future where such basic attributes were considered basic knowledge.

Of course, even in the cultivation world, the cultivators had their own methods of achieving and understanding some of these attributes through techniques or enlightenments, however, unlike the scientific world, they did not focus on them per se and did not develop an orderly curriculum of books, resources, and contents which taught you from the most basic concepts to the most advanced terms. 

Therefore, in the cultivation world, to learn an advanced attribute, one mostly had to rely on himself as it was merely a means to an end of power while in the scientific world it was the end itself as they focused on a step by step process through which everyone could learn them as long as they put their efforts into it.

‘Now, the main point is which attribute do I want to pick for the first form of my Peak-Human cla.s.s movement technique.’ Touching his chin casually in his mindscape, Virus deliberated while his own ideas and thoughts materialized all around him.

In fact, Virus knew since he wanted to create a movement-type technique, some of the attributes might not be compatible unless they were used in a very innovative way.

However, as Virus tried to come up with an attribute, his mind was automatically drawn to the outside world where his hand and weapon were basically still in the process of unleas.h.i.+ng its attack toward the undefended segment of his enemy’s frame. 

‘Too slow.’ That was the only opinion Virus had every time he checked the outside world. The difference between his mind and body was so exaggeratedly wide and distant that while his mind was like an omnipresent G.o.d watching from the heavens above, his physical frame was like a mortal struggling to move an inch in cement!

It was that frustrating difference and the possible attributes that might perhaps lower that terrifying imbalance even by a little bit that brought some ideas into Virus’ head. 

‘No, not that one… not that one as well… that one, no, not yet… that one, yes, that’s it!’ As he went through several concepts, Virus finally made up his mind.

What he had chosen to use in order to influence his internal energy was something simple which everyone dealt with regularly on a daily basis as a modern twenty-first-century citizen.

It was… electricity.

However, the way he was going to utilize it was rather different compared to how it’s usually employed in the Cultivation Multiverse.

Rather than that, the way Virus was going to apply it was more dependent on the knowledge of a particular field that the Technological Multiverse pursued.

To be more accurate, what Virus wanted to achieve was to use electrical pulses to mimic the action of signals coming from neurons. Taking advantage of mild to strong electrical currents, Virus wanted to target both nerves and muscles to make them contract and move faster than was possible.

The goal was to improve reaction times and the overall speed of the body by pus.h.i.+ng it beyond its limit momentarily by pulses of electricity.

What he wanted to accomplish was something similar but beyond what today’s modern world of Earth called Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

In Virus’ current Earth, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation, was a protocol that elicited a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulated one’s motor neurons. Nonetheless, Virus considered what the current Earth had achieved in the field very basic and aimed for something much more advanced.

However, in order to achieve such a movement technique, one needed to have a very thorough understanding of how the human anatomy functioned while even a more accurate and precise control was required since even a slight error was going to ruin the entire process.

Furthermore, the pulses of electricity required were a certain type which was considered ultra-modern compared to the basic pulses utilized today.

Luckily, being an error-free Artificial Intelligence with nigh-infinite knowledge of an extremely futuristic civilization, Virus didn’t have to be concerned about any of the issues and requirements above.

All he needed to achieve was to be enlightened about that certain unique electricity pulse he required and successfully influence his internal energy to pinpoint imitate that certain type of pulse he was aiming for.

‘That’s it! That’ll be my first form.’

As Virus made up his mind, just as his consciousness was about to begin designing, comprehending, processing, compiling, and applying the intended form, he noticed that his attack was just about to hit his enemy at last, therefore, separating a very meager amount of his focus, he sent it outside.


As the longsword pierced into the gorilla’s flesh, Virus could feel the current special attributes of his internal energy attack, the drilling and the fluctuating turbulence, wreaking havoc inside the beast as its internal organs were messed up at once!

‘He’s dead.’ Although the longsword was still inside the gorilla’s torso, Virus was confident that such a wound was going to kill it briefly after his weapon was out as the fatal bleeding started.

Seconds began to pa.s.s as Virus’ distant eyes continued to battle the other remaining gorilla. After watching its comrade die, it looked like the other beast became much more vigilant as it did not dare to lower its guard at all!

‘Hmm, finally! Only one second remains and the first form will be completed!’

As it was the final second, Virus finished the first form as a load of enlightenment was already occupying his brain.

‘Done!’ Immediately stopping his time-freeze perception, Virus heaved a sigh of relief at the thought of freedom of his physique and being able to enjoy the battle rather than falling asleep in the middle of the fight and returning to the continuation of battle after a good night of rest filled with dreams.

As the terrifyingly slow-motion movements ended, Virus hacked with his longsword at the gorilla, unfortunately, the gorilla easily parried the weapon before sending a punch toward Virus’ countenance.

Thus, determining now to be the best opportunity, Virus quickly activated the first form which required the utilization of all of his five liberated pa.s.sages!

‘Unnamed Virus Technique, First Form – Impulse!’

Promptly, Virus’ internal energy went into turmoil and agitation while on the very surface of his body, occasionally, arcs of electricity would flicker in and out.

However, the main transformations were taking place within the physique as his nerves and muscles entered a hyperactive state.

‘Ahhh, so comfortable. It’s like one of the countless chains that have been holding me back was unlocked!’ Going into his stance, Virus suddenly vanished before appearing behind the gorilla.

Crackle~ Swis.h.!.+ Plomp!

Afterward, a brief noise of thunderclap was heard before the gorilla froze in its standing position until finally, its head dropped and rolled on the floor!

“Hahaha…” Roaring in laughter, Virus enjoyed the final look of shock and stupefaction still exhibiting itself in the gorilla’s eyes. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about.”

A few seconds later, not giving him any time to breathe and recuperate, four gorillas replaced the defeated enemies! Luckily, Virus didn’t need a single second to recuperate and restore his lost energy since the Origin was pumping him up with all the necessary energy every time he defeated an opponent.

‘Unnamed Virus Technique, First Form – Impulse!’

Crackle~ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

With no delay, Virus disappeared before four heads were chopped off!

As a matter of a fact, Virus was now aware that his first form was unambiguously too overpowered! 

Of course, that was only the case because the person utilizing it was Virus himself since in case it was another cultivator with five liberated pathways, that person’s mind naturally would not be capable of keeping up with their body at that stage. Therefore, ‘Impulse’ was only possible because its user was Virus himself.

By now, Virus felt the fusion rate between his eleventh and twelfth pa.s.sages had reached around seventy-five percent!

‘Only twenty-five percent more and my last entangled pathway shall be free at last!’ He was only a little far from finis.h.i.+ng the level and breaking through to the Seventh Level of Liberation.


Subsequently, while Virus was looking forward to his incoming battle, eight gorillas showed up and Virus was just about to charge and chop some heads off when abruptly, he paused.

‘Mid Third Order!’ This line had just flashed through his head when all eight gorillas vanished!


“I CONCEDE!” Virus roared in hurry after utilizing his movement technique’s first form.

Meanwhile, in Virus’ slow-motion perception, with his eyes wide open, he was currently watching several iron fists approaching his face at an even faster speed than his impulse!

Following that, the fists were just around ten centimeters away when Virus’ figure faded away and disappeared from the first floor of the Invisible Ancient Fortress World.

“Phew!” As he materialized in another location, without even bothering to study his surroundings, Virus first released a sigh of relief while wiping off the droplets of cold sweat on his forehead.

He was quite sure in case he did not have the ‘Impulse’ just now to a.s.sist his articulation speed, he would’ve died already!

“Trial taker number eleven, due to fighting and defeating opponents many levels stronger than your cultivation, you have set a new record for the first floor, thus, as a reward, your mark of the Invisible Ancient Fortress World shall be made even more distinct.” Suddenly, Virus heard the archaic voice resounding in all directions. Then, it was followed by a large cloud of smoke which appeared out of nowhere and entered his tattoo in the back of his right palm, making it even more clear and colorful.

Nonetheless, not caring about the tattoo on the back of his palm, Virus examined his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was exactly at the moment.

“Hmm?” No matter how hard he looked around, however, Virus noticed that nearly everywhere was covered in absolute darkness, and the only place that had some light s.h.i.+ning and brightening was a lonely cottage in the middle of all the darkness.

“Welcome to the second floor, the seal of Emissary Fles.h.!.+” The archaic sound announced before declaring the purpose of the trial.

“This trial has been developed in order to gauge the endurance of the trial takers. Remember, the longer you endure, the more valuable the reward shall be!” With that, silence and gloom descended upon the terrifying darkness surrounding the cottage.

‘d.a.m.n, this scene is one h.e.l.l of fear-inducing one, it’s like I was thrown into a horror movie!’ Grinning from ear to ear, Virus ambled toward the cottage. Even though he was thinking that line, truthfully, the view couldn’t even affect his heartbeat at all as he casually strolled toward the huge cottage and did not even hesitate to push its door open.


“This door needs some lubrication, hahaha.” Falling into a peal of laughter, Virus entered the cottage and even shut the door close behind himself.

The instant Virus entered, however, he laid his eyes upon an enormous piece of meat laid loose on the ground motionless.

‘Hmm, am I supposed to fight this dead thing?’ Wondering that, Virus strolled before the meat and kicked it several times as hard as he could.




Since it was just meat with no bones whatsoever, it could easily absorb all the shock and force behind his kick as it merely quivered back and forth like jelly.

Soon, a disappointed expression crept over Virus’ face as he sighed, “Huh, why is it still not reacting? Could this thing really be dead? Wait, could it be by the trial of endurance, they meant how much I can tolerate being left alone in a dark place with a piece of meat to stare at? Ahhh, if that’s the case, I would rather give up already, let’s leave the cottage then.” 

After murmuring these few sentences, Virus decided to leave the cottage. Therefore, turning around, he took one step after another toward the door.

Meanwhile, behind him, the big piece of useless meat started to tremble as it quickly took the shape of a giant monster made out of pure flesh. It had several legs and many arms, all of which looked like they were about to melt away. Moreover, its torso was like that of a huge meatball.


As the monster of flesh raised one of its arms, the arm began to expand and grow muscles on its own as they shot toward the leaving silhouette of Virus.

“Just kidding! There’s no way I would leave this interesting place!” Displaying a dark grin, already wielding his longsword, Virus spun around sharply as he cut off the incoming muscle flesh attack in a single slas.h.!.+

“Huh, so you’re Emissary Fles.h.!.+ Nice to ‘meat’ you!”


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